Sunday, 6:26pm ET - Russell Fleeman is a two-time Georgia Asphalt Series Champion.  He's won a ton of Pro Late Model races throughout the Southeast.  But one thing he had never won was the World Crown at his home track, Peach State Speedway.  Now, Fleeman can cross that one race off his to-do list by coming back from a lap down to score victory Sunday evening. 

Taylor Satterfield followed in second, with three-time and two-straight World Crown winner Paul Kelley rallying from losing a door panel on his car finishing third.  Brandon Johnson and Ryan Crane rounded out the top-five.

Head tech man Ricky Brooks did not find anything glaring wrong with any of the top finishers' cars, but Fleeman's motor has been pulled out of the winning #98 machine and will be analyzed on Monday morning.  Until the official word comes down, the results will remain unofficial.  Fleeman's motor was the only one that was taken post-race.

Should everything check out okay on Fleeman's motor, expect to hear from him on Speed51 Radio Tuesday night at 7pm ET on

We'll have more from Peach State later in the week.  Thanks for tuning in to Trackside Now from Peach State.

Unofficial World Crown 200 Unofficial Finish
Pos.    #        Driver                      Laps    
198Russell Fleeman200
240Taylor Satterfield200
323Paul Kelley        200
493Brandon Johnson       200
510Ryan Crane200
6David Hole 200
732Randy Porter     200
851Kyle Fowler       200
97--11    Max Gresham           200
1042      Bubba Pollard    200
1144      Michael Pope    200
121B      Bobby East      200
132        Dennis Wilder   200
1423      Jeremy Rice     199
1541      T.J. Reaid        199
167Ralph Karnes   198
1747      Trey Mitchell    198
1831      Tyler Millwood  198
1939      Shane Seig      198
2023      Jimmy Weller   196
2190      Rebbeca Kaston      194
2226      Kyle Mitchell    193
2318      Billy Fulson      190
244        Bryan Weimer  189
2539      Scott Patton     172
2622      Larry Jordon     155
271J      Jimmy Garmon 133
2838      Shane Sawyer   98
2989      Alex Garcia      84
30118    Zac Kittle          84
3129      James Nealis    84
3286      Jimmy Lang      82
33108    Bear Lynch       76
3422      Matt Hawkins   56
35O8      Beau Slocumb 49
3643      Richard Johns  27
37O9     John Wes Townley   23
38O4     Michael Lance  22

Sunday, 5:28pm ET - Russell Fleeman has won the World Crown 200 at Peach State over Taylor Satterfield and Paul Kelley.  Stay tuned for a full field rundown and more from trackside.

Sunday, 5:25pm ET - 10 to go.  Fleeman has a healthy lead and Satterfield can't seem to pull a whole lot closer than 12 or so carlengths.

Sunday, 5:23pm ET - 15 to go.  Fleeman is up 12 carlengths over Satterfield, who has a mirror full of Kelley.

Sunday, 5:19pm ET - Incredible.  28 to go and Paul Kelley now runs third as he passes Brandon Johnson.  Fleeman and Satterfield run first and second.

Sunday, 5:18pm ET - Kelley to Ryan Crane on lap 169.

Sunday, 5:17pm ET - When you've won three World Crowns in your career, even taped up doors can't stop you.  Paul Kelley now runs fifth after passing Randy Porter on lap 164.

Sunday, 5:14pm ET - Back under GREEN and Russell Fleeman has taken the lead on lap 157, passing Brandon Johnson on the inside in the first turn.  Paul Kelley is on the move, running seventh.

Sunday, 5:09pm ET - YELLOW is out for ash between Larry Jordan and Rebecca Kasten in turn four.  Fleeman and Johnson were side-by-side for the lead at the time of the yellow, but Johnson will be scored as the leader.

Bubba Pollard is now back on the lead lap and in 18th.

After leading much of the first segment of the race, Paul Kelley has taken his taped-up #23 to the 10th position.

Sunday, 5:07pm ET - Russell Fleeman now has Brandon Johnson in his sights for the lead.  Fleeman was side-by-side with Johnson on lap 151, but a lapped car slowed his momentum, allowing Johnson to pull away slightly.

Sunday, 5:01pm ET - GREEN is out and Bubba Pollard has taken his lap back after making contact with leader Brandon Johnson.  Johnson now runs in Pollard's tire tracks as second-place Fleeman trails.

Sunday, 4:57pm ET - YELLOW is out on lap 133 for former World Crown winner Jimmy Garmon's hard lick into the turn-one wall.  Garmon is okay, but his day's over.

Running order: Johnson, Fleeman, Crane, Satterfield, Hole, Wilder, Sieg, Porter, Millwood, Gresham, Fowler, Pope, Trey Mitchell, Jordan, Kelley.

Under this caution, the #18 of Billy Fulson has hit pit road.

Sunday, 4:50pm ET - Once a lap down, two-time Georgia Asphalt Series Champion Russell Fleeman is now up to second, passing Ryan Crane on lap 132.

Sunday, 4:50pm ET - GREEN is back out and Brandon Johnson has checked out up front, leaving Ryan Crane to deal with the lapped cars of Bubba Pollard and Kyle Mitchell.

Sunday, 4:47pm ET - YELLOW is out on lap 124 for the spun car of TJ Reaid in turn four. 

Kelley has brought his #23 to pit road under the caution to repair the right-side body panels.

New running order:  Johnson, Crane, Satterfield, Fleeman, East, Hole, Wilder, Gresham, Fowler.

Sunday, 4:43pm ET - On lap 123, the entire right door panel has flown off of second-place Paul Kelley's #23 car.  Kelley is keeping up his speed.

Sunday, 4:40pm ET - Brandon Johnson has powered his way by Paul Kelley on the inside of turn four on lap 107 for the first lead change since lap 11.  Johnson has pulled out over Kelley, Crane, Satterfield, Reaid and Hole.

Sunday, 4:38pm ET - GREEN is back out and Brandon Johnson has taken second place from Ryan Crane.

Sunday, 4:36pm ET - YELLOW is out for the stopped car of Bubba Pollard on the frontstretch on lap 101.  Pollard, for the second time, will get the black flag for intentionally causing a caution by stopping on the track.

Sunday, 4:32pm ET - GREEN is out for the second half of the World Crown 200.  Paul Kelley has gotten a strong jump up front, but Bubba Pollard, who restarted fifth, has not come up to speed.

Sunday, 4:25pm ET - Here's the top 20 at halfway...
1.  Paul Kelley.
2.  Ryan Crane
3.  Taylor Satterfield
4.  Brandon Johnson
5.  Bubba Pollard
6.  David Hole
7.  TJ Reaid
8.  Max Gresham
9.  Michael Pope
10.  Larry Jordan
11.  Russell Fleeman
12.  Bobby East
13.  Dennis Wilder
14.  Trey Mitchell
15.  Tyler Milwood
16.  Jimmy Garmon
17.  Kyle Fowler
18.  Billy Fulson
19.  Ralph Carnes
20.  Shane Sieg

Sunday, 4:15pm ET - YELLOW is out at the halfway break.  Kelley leads Crane, Satterfield, Johnson, Pollard and David Hole.  Stay tuned for a full field rundown.

Sunday, 4:14pm ET - GREEN is out and Kelley allowed the lapped car of Randy Porter by on the restart, tucking in behind Porter and in front of second place Ryan Crane. 

Sunday, 4:11pm ET - YELLOW is out once again as Billy Fulson spun on the backstretch on lap 98.  Ralph Carnes and Randy Porter also got collected. 

Sunday, 4:08pm ET - GREEN is out and Bubba Pollard is on the move, moving up to sixth.

Sunday, 4:06pm ET - YELLOW is out on lap 92 as the former Pro Challenge series standout Kyle Mitchell's #26K has stalled on the turn-three apron. 

Kelley still leads Crane, Satterfield, Johnson, Gresham, Pope, Reaid, Pollard, Hole and East.

Sunday, 4:02pm ET - After fighting to get his lap back earlier in the race, Bubba Pollard runs eighth.

Sunday, 4:02pm ET - GREEN is out and we've actually hit lap 85!  Paul Kelley still leads Ryan Crane, Satterfield and Johnson, as Shane Sieg's damage is keeping him from keeping up speed.

Sunday, 3:54pm ET - YELLOW is out again on the restart on lap 84.  Alex Garcia took a whale of a lick on the outside retaining wall right at the start-finish line.  Bear Lynch tried to take evasive action behind him, but he spun to the inside wall.  Several cars at the back end of the field failed to check up, causing some chain-reaction damage to several of them.

We've now had four cautions on the same lap.

Under this caution, Kyle Fowler, Randy Porter and Jimmy Weller have all taken their cars to pit road for adjustments.

Sunday, 3:48pm ET - YELLOW is out for the third time on the same lap - 84.  Jimmy Garmon looped his car off the second turn.

Sunday, 3:45pm ET - GREEN is out only for the YELLOW to come out on the same lap, 84, as the leaders hit turn three.  Shane Sieg tagged the lapped car of Tyler Milwood, starting a chain-reaction crash that also included Brandon Johnson and Kyle Fowler.  Fowler slid to a stop sideways in turn four, but luckily for him, no one touched him as he spun.

Sieg has significant front-end damage, but because a lap was not completed before the caution came back out, Sieg returns to second.

Under the caution, Fowler gave a retaliatory tap to Michael Pope on the frontstretch.

Sunday, 3:40pm ET - The YELLOW is out on lap 84 for a five-car wreck off the second turn including Zac Kittle, James Nealis, Shane Sawyer, Ralph Carnes and Jimmy Lang.

Just before the caution came out, Ryan Crane had taken second place, using the inside groove to make moves from the fifth spot in the matter of two laps.  Since scoring goes back to the last completed lap, Sieg was put back in second under this caution, but Crane seems to be the lone car up front at this point that is making his car work on the inside lane. 

Sunday, 3:36pm ET - GREEN is out again and Kelley and Sieg made quick work of the lapped car of Tyler Milwood that started on the inside groove.

Sunday, 3:34pm ET - The YELLOW is out on lap 81 as Max Gresham and Dennis Wilder have made contact, sending Wilder spinning off the second turn. 

Up front, Kelley leads Sieg, Satterfield, Johnson, Crane, Fowler, Gresham, Pope, TJ Reaid, Kyle Mitchell, Trey Mitchell and Bobby East.

Sunday, 3:32pm ET - Give Ryan Crane the fifth spot with a pass of Kyle Fowler on lap 79.

Sunday, 3:30pm ET - Second-place Shane Sieg has a mirror full of Brandon Johnson and Taylor Satterfield behind him on lap 77. 

Sunday, 3:29pm ET - GREEN is out and the leaders have gotten single-file for the most part, except for a wild side-by side battle between Kyle Fowler and Dennis Wilder for fifth.  Fowler holds the spot for now.

On the restart, Russell Fleeman, who lost a lap on pit road several circuits earlier, passed Kelley to get back on the lead lap.

Sunday, 3:24pm ET - The YELLOW is out on lap 67 for the spun car of Jimmy Weller on the backstretch.  Bubba Pollard now can re-join the tail end of the lead-lap line as he got his lap back the hard way several laps earlier.

It's Kelley, Sieg, Johnson, Satterfield, Fowler, Wilder, Mitchell, Ryan Crane, Max Gresham and Michael Pope in 10th.

Sunday, 3:23pm ET - On lap 66, as the leaders approached to lap them, Jimmy Lang tagged Rebecca Kasten in turns three and four.  Lang and Kasten had to check up in the high groove as leaders got by on the inside.

Sunday, 3:21pm ET - Pre-race favorite and 2007 World Crown polesitter Matt Hawkins has hit pit road on lap 57 and the Jani-King crew is looking under the hood of the #22.

Sunday, 3:19pm ET - Back under GREEN and Bubba Pollard has gotten his lap back by passing Paul Kelley.

Russell Fleeman has taken his car to pit road on lap 53, but after assessing the car, the crew sent him back out ont he track

Sunday, 3:17pm ET - The YELLOW is out on lap 49 for debris in turn one.  The debris is actually the hood of Beau Slocumb's #08 machine.  As the caution flag flew, Jimmy Weller spun his white #23 and backed it into the turn-three wall. 

On the track, Kelley is ahead of Pollard, who is one lap down.  Shane Sieg is third, Brandon Johnson fourth and Matt Hawkins fifth.  Taylor Satterfield, Fleeman, Dennis Wilder, Kyle Fowler, Trey Mitchell and Randy Porter follow.

Sunday, 3:11pm ET - Pollard is wearing out the back bumper of leader Paul Kelley, trying to get his lap back, allowing Shane Sieg to catch the two of them up front.

Behind them, Matt Hawkins is on a mission having moved up to fourth position.

Sunday, 3:08pm ET - Bubba Pollard is working the leader Paul Kelley extremely hard to get his lap back at lap 30.  To this point, Pollard has not made the move yet, but he's sticking his nose under Kelley in every corner.

Sunday, 3:05pm ET - GREEN is back out and since the restart, the lapped car of Bubba Pollard has been causing fits for third-place Russell Fleeman.  Pollard's hugging the bottom, forcing Fleeman up high, but Fleeman can't keep up the momentum up there just yet.

Sunday, 3:03pm ET - GREEN is out, only for the YELLOW to come out on lap 23 for a wreck involving Jimmy Garmon, Michael Lance, Richard Johns, John Wes Townley and several others in turn four

Yes folks, John Wes Townley is now five-for-five in wrecked cars this weekend. 

Sunday, 2:55pm ET - The YELLOW is out on lap 22 for th spun car of Bear Lynch on the backstretch.  Kelley leads Shane Sieg, who has turned up the wick in the last few laps coming up from ninth, Russell Fleeman in third, Randy Porter fourth and Brandon Johnson.

Several cars have hit pit road on this caution, including David Hole, Jimmy Lang, Rebecca Kasten, and Ralph Carnes.

Sunday, 2:52pm ET - Paul Kelley has taken the lead on lap 12, passing Brandon Johnson on the inside off turn four.  Russell Fleeman now has Johnson in his sights for second.  Behind the leaders, Matt Hawkins is working hard to pass Michael Pope and Taylor Satterfield.

Sunday, 2:48pm ET - GREEN is back out and Johnson, Kelley, Porter and Fleeman are all single file up front.

Sunday, 2:46pm ET - Just as soon as the GREEN flag came out, the YELLOW has flown within a lap for the stopped #42 car of Bubba Pollard on the backstretch.  Pollard has a mechanical issue on the left-rear of his car, but track officials have given him the black flag for intentionally causing a caution, penalizing him one lap.

Sunday, 2:43pm ET - The YELLOW has come out on lap two for a flat right-rear tire on the #43 of Richard Johns.  Yellow flag laps will not count today.

Top-five under this caution are Johnson, Kelley, Randy Porter, Russell Fleeman and Michael Pope.

Sunday, 2:40pm ET - The GREEN flag is out and Brandon Johnson and Paul Kelley have gotten single-file up front with Johnson in the top spot.

Sunday, 2:33pm ET - The only other winner of the World Crown event in the field tonight besides Paul Kelley is Jimmy Garmon.  Garmon, the 1998 winner of the event, recalled his win on a day quite similar to today - chilly, but extremely sunny without a cloud in the sky.  That year, the event was a 300-lap race for Super Late Models.  Garmon told pre-race that while the day was similar, the racing itself was quite a bit different.  As a longer race with Super Late Models, it was more demanding and harder to save equipment.  Garmon raced Bobby Gill for the win late in the race, eventually taking the lead as the sun set in the marathon event.

Sunday, 2:26pm ET - David Murphy passed Hoyt Stephens with 10 laps to go to score the victory in the Outlaw Late Model feature.  Stephens held on for second, with Russell Shore, Terry Martin and Todd Vanderford rounding out the top-five.

The Pro Late Model drivers are strapping into their cars for the World Crown 200-lap feature.

Sunday, 2:10pm ET - There are 14 laps to go in the Outlaw Late Model feature.  Hoyt Stephens and David Murphy are up front and in a close battle for the win.

Sunday, 2:09pm ET - This has not been the weekend to mess around in the tech shed.  As we told you before, Grant Enfinger and Justin Wakefield were disqualified from the Late Model ranks yesterday, but that was not the only grumbling from the pit area.  Every single competitor brought into the tech shed in both the Sportsman and Supertruck divisions were tossed out due to various rule infractions.  In the Supertrucks, after the top three were DQ'ed, the fourth, fifth and sixth-place drivers were kicked out as well.  No drivers in either division will receive their payouts according to officials because of the infractions.  Also, several Open Wheel drivers sent home without money after failing tech.  After a while, some drivers flat-out refused to take their cars to tech after their respective races.

The answer for all the DQ's is Ricky Brooks.  No, he's not looking to throw guys out, he just runs the tech shed according to the rule books.  Brooks is the head tech inspector at several short tracks in the Southeast, including the prestigious Snowball Derby and Snowflake 100 at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida.  Brooks' notoriously tight ship has earned him the distinction as the most feared tech guy in the Southeast..

If yesterday's events set any precedent, chances are we might see more fireworks in the tech shed before the day is over.

Sunday, 1:55pm ET - The Outlaw Super Late Model's are on the track for their 50-lap feature.

Sunday, 1:32pm ET - Another driver in today's race that is pulling double-duty here this weekend is Dublin, Georgia's Michael Pope.  Pope will roll off fourth in today's race, but instead of driving in a race yesterday, he was atop the spotter's stand during the Pro Challenge Series event.  Pope spotted for BDI Racing Development Driver Chad Finchum in the PC season finale last night.  Unfortunately for Pope and Finchum, the night was over early for both as Finchum was an innocent victim in a crash that saw cars getting airborne, one of which landing right on the hood of Finchum's #151 truck.  Finchum was uninjured, as were the other drivers involved in the crash.

Sunday, 1:32pm ET - Legendary short track racer Mike Garvey has made quite a name for himself as a short track Crew Chief in recent seasons, having worked with such drivers as Ryan Crane and Matt Hawkins.  Garvey is here as the head wrench for both those drivers here this weekend, as well as Michael Pope and Kyle Fowler in the #51F.

Sunday, 1:30pm ET - Ralph Carnes pulled double-duty this weekend, competing in last night's Super Late Model event and today's Pro Late Model feature.  But, what makes Carnes's story even more interesting is that he's doing it with just one car and one engine.  The crate motor that's in his car for today's race was in his car for the SLM race last night, leaving him seemingly underpowered compared to the big-horsepower SLMs in the field.  But, at a track as abrasive as Peach State, that lower power source was not a huge detriment, as Carnes finished sixth last night.  Carnes starts 36th today.

Sunday, 1:25pm ET - Hoping to duplicate Meghan Dillner's second-place finish in last night's Pro Challenge Series event, where Dillner was the only female in that race, Wisconsin's Rebecca Kasten is the only lady racer in the field for today's World Crown 200.  Kasten will start from the 30th position.

Sunday, 1:10pm ET - The win list of the World Crown event here at Peach State reads like a who's who of short track racing.  Dick Trickle won the very first World Crown 300 race back in 1983, earning more than $51,000 for the victory.  Other big names on the win list include Gary Ballough, Darrell Waltrip, Rick Crawford, Mike Cope, Freddie Query and Ronnie Sanders.  Another name on the list familiar to short trackers these days is Micky Cain, current Operations Manager of the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour and winner of the 2000 World Crown.

Sunday, 1:00pm ET - Paul Kelley has a lot of pressure on him here at Peach State today.  The target is on his #23 Hedman Hedders Chevy today as the young driver comes into today's race as the winner of the last two World Crown events.  Kelley has three overall World Crown wins, winning his first in 2001. 

Sunday, 12:44pm ET - John Wes Townley is here at Peach State in one piece and to this point has not hit anything.  Why is that such news?  Well, Townley hasn't had a weekend to write home about to this point.  His family's company, Zaxby's fried chicken restaurants, will have to sell some more chicken this week to pay for the four (to this point) wrecked machines that Townley has gone through thus far this weekend. 

Townley used up two trucks in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series event at Phoenix International Raceway, wrecking in both qualifying and the race.  In the Nationwide event, Townley crashed in qualifying and in the race yesterday.  So far, Townley is four-for-four in wrecked racecars.  Needless to say, Tonwley is hoping for a better result in today's World Crown event.  He will roll off 38th, last on the grid.

Sunday, 12:39pm ET - In the driver's meeting track promoter Vince Whitmire went over today's procedure.  The Pro Late Model feature will be a 200-lap race with a five-minute halfway break.  The field will be frozen at lap 100 and all cars must come to pit road during that break, meaning drivers can not gain positions by staying out at that point.  Drivers must start the race on the sticker tires that they qualifed on yesterday.  Throughout the race, teams only have six tires - four sticker tires and two scuffs, with the scuffs only being able to be used in the case of a flat tire.  Teams do not have to change tires nor do they have to do any work at all if they so choose during the break, but they can not gain positions during the break, either. 

A green-white-checker finish, if necessary, will be used to decide a winner today.  All restarts will be single-file with the lead lap cars on the outside groove.  Lapped cars will be able to pull up to the inside groove if they so choose. 

Sunday, 12:26pm ET - The driver's meeting has concluded down in the infield and the fans are making their way onto the track for a meet and greet with the drivers.

Last night, there was a slew of on-track action here at Peach State.  After Grant Enfinger set fast time for the World Crown event, qualifying and feature events were held for the Super Late Models and the Pro Challenge Series, as well as a host of local divisions.  Ryan Crane, one of the favorites for victory in today's Pro Late Model World Crown 200, scored the victory in the 75-lap SLM feature.  Justin Wakefield followed in second, but he was disqualified in post-race tech due to a left-side weight infraction, bumping Joey Senter up to second.

In the Pro Challenge feature, Clint King clinched the 2008 series championship in grand fashion with a late-race pass for the win.  King was followed across the line at the finish by Meghan Dillner, who scored her best career Pro Challenge Series finish in the BDI Racing #51. 

1.  Ryan Crane
2.  Joey Senter
3.  Dwayne Buggay
4.  Jeremy Rice
5.  Allen Karnes
6.  Ralph Carnes
7.  Hoyt Stephens
8.  Jason Hogan
9.  Scot Smith
10.  Ryan Sieg
11.  Fredrick Moore
DQ  Justin Wakefiled

1.  Clint King (2008 Champion)
2.  Meghan Dillner
3.  Kyle Wilson
4.  Kyle Plott
5.  Shane Roberts
6.  Stephen Bergh
7.  Trevor Edwards
8.  Chris Brown
9.  Rob Hall
10.  Terry Horak
11.  James Auld
12.  Brandon Williamson
13.  Justin Crider
14.  Chad Finchum
15.  Kyle Mitchell

Sunday, 12:08pm ET - As mentioned earlier, Brandon Johnson will start from the pole in  today's 200-lap Pro Late Model feature, but he was only second-quick in qualifying.  Grant Enfinger, driving the Brothers Racing Team #09 Zaxby's car normally piloted by John Wes Townley, set fast time yesterday, but his time was disallowed.  World Crown tech director Ricky Brooks, never one to shy away from tossing people out of the tech room, discovered a mixture of Torco Race Fuel with the Sunoco fuel that is mandated at the World Crown, thus dis-allowing Enfinger's time.

Townley was in Phoenix earlier this weekend, competing in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and Nationwide Series events, but is flying in this morning to compete in the World Crown event.  As of noon ET, Townley had not made it to the track, so Enfinger is still on the property ready to fill in if necessary.

We'll have more on Townley's - shall we say...difficult - weekend in a bit, but here's how they'll go to green in the 200-lap World Crown event later today.

1.  Brandon Johnson
2.  Paul Kelley
3.  Randy Porter
4.  Michael Pope
5.  Taylor Satterfield
6.  Russell Fleeman
7.  Trey Mitchell
8.  Richard Johns
9.  Shane Seig
10.  Kyle Fowler
11.  Dennis Wilder
12.  Kyle Mitchell
13.  Matt Hawkins
14.  Jeremy Rice
15.  Bubba Pollard
16.  Tyler Millwood
17.  T.J. Reaid
18.  Ryan Crane
19.  Beau Slocumb
20.  James Nealis
21.  Jimmy Garmon
22.  Max Gresham
23.  Shane Sawyer
24.  Michael Lance
25.  Zac Kittle
26.  Alex Garcia
27.  David Hole
28.  Bryan Weimer
29.  Larry Jordon
30.  Rebbeca Kasten
31.  Bobby East
32.  Billy Fulson
33.  Jimmy Weller
34.  Bear Lynch
35.  Jimmy Lang
36.  Ralph Karnes
37.  Scott Patton
38.  John Wes Townley
Withdrew: Wes Burton (timed 34th fastest), Scott Patton (timed 39th fastest)

Sunday, 11:10am ET - Ladies and gentlemen, we're live here at Peach State Speedway for 25th running of the World Crown event on a crisp and sunny Autumn day here in Jefferson, Georgia.

The World Crown was scheduled to be a 300-lap Pro Late Model feature of sorts today, with two 100-lap qualifying "heats" to set the field for a 100-lap feature event.  But, because of the car count of 40 (two have since withdrawn), the field was set in time trials yesterday and the new starting field of 38 will take the green in a 200-lap main event with a five-minute halfway break for tire changes.

Peach State Officials will start every Pro Late Model in attendance today with Brandon Johnson starting from the pole.  But, Johnson was not the fastest car in qualifying...we'll have more on that story in just a little bit.

There's all kinds of other news around the Peach State pits here today and we'll do our best to bring it all to you live throughout the day. 

For now, here's today's schedule.

10am - Spectator gates open
12pm - On-track pit party
2pm - Green flag for Outlaw Super Late Model feature
3pm (approx) - Green flag for World Crown 200 PLM feature

World Crown 200
Pro Late Models
November 9, 2008
Peach State Speedway
Jefferson, GA
Trackside Now: World Crown 200 at Peach State Speedway
Russell Fleeman Wins His First World Crown
World Crown polesitter Brandon Johnson's car gets pushed to the grid for today's pit party.  (51 Sports Photo)
Grant Enfinger qualified John Wes Townley's car on the pole, but the time was disallowed in post-qualifying tech..  (51 Sports Photo)
Clint King clinched the Pro Challenge Series championship last night with a victory at Peach State. (51 Sports Photo)
Ryan Crane was crowned the victor in the Super Late Model feature Saturday night. (51 Sports Photo)
John Wes Townley's #09 gets towed away from a crash in the Nationwide Series race Saturday at Phoenix. 
President of the Paul Kelley Fan Club. (51 Sports Photo)
Track Promoter Vince Whitmire shows off the World Crown winner's trophy that is nearly as tall as he is. (51 Sports Photo)
The Pro Late Models lined up for pre-race introductions. (51 Sports Photo)
The Pro Challenge cars had a big wreck early, where Trevor Edwards (#3) got airborn and landed atop Chad Finchum's #151 truck.  Kyle Plott (#4) and Brandon Williamson (#20) were the first two cars to spin in oil on the track, setting off a chain reaction crash. (51 Sports Photo)
With a little downtime, what's better than a little game of pigskin on a crisp Sunday afternoon?  (51 Sports Photo)
Call him Goose or Maverick in his aviators, but Michael Pope is a favorite here tonight.  (51 Sports Photo)
2008 ASA Late Model South runner-up Colt James is here at Peach State spotting for the driver that beat him in the ASALM tour, Jimmy Lang.  (51 Sports Photo)
Brandon Johnson leads the field on the opening lap. (51 Sports Photo)
Shane Sieg shows front-end damage from a lap 84 caution. (51 Sports Photo)
Bear Lynch has had a tough day here at Peach State. (51 Sports Photo)
Alex Garcia's car heads off the track on the rollback. (51 Sports Photo)
Paul Kelley's crew goes to work during the halfway break. (51 Sports Photo)
Second-place Taylor Satterfield's team makes adjustments to the 40s machine. (51 Sports Photo)
Paul Kelley shows off the damage to the body of his once-dominant #23 (51 Sports Photo)
Russell Fleeman hoists the World Crown trophy in Peach State's victory lane. (51 Sports Photo)