Michael Phelps and DMT Motorsports Ready for 2008 Season Opener in Daytona
ARCA & Pro Cup Events On The Youngster's Radar This Year
Following a successful completion of the ARCA RE/MAX Series open test session at Daytona International Speedway in December, Michael Phelps and the Bowen Family Homes/DMT Motorsports team are focusing their attention on the season opener of the ARCA RE/MAX series.  The "ARCA 200" is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, February 9th, 2008.  The event will be broadcast live on SPEED at 4 pm eastern and will serve as a show-opener for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series All-Star race, the Budweiser Shootout.
Phelps launched his racing career in 2006 at the age of 17.  His competitiveness and raw talent helped to compile an impressive qualifying and completion record in his first 18 months of racing Super Late Models at Lanier National Speedway, Peachstate Speedway and numerous short tracks throughout the South.

His calm but confident nature proved to be successful right from the start.  Team Manager, Scott Sutherland, has confidence that Phelps is ready to take this step.  “Michael’s a great young driver with a smooth hand for the wheel.  He has an easy foot on the throttle and brake and never seems to get intimidated or rattled.  His mental make up and racing ability makes for a winning combination that you don’t see in many young drivers.”

Phelps, a freshman at Auburn University, will be switching gears from studying engineering to mastering the banks of the 2.5 mile superspeedway at Daytona.  This
Michael Phelps will be racing the #13 Bowen Family Homes car at Daytona.
finished far back, but had we pitted with the rest of them, then we would have been right in the middle of everything that was going on as far as the red flag and several cars being taken out.  Even with that mess of cars taken out, I think the strong cars survived and ended up still being out there.”

The features for SpeedFest were originally scheduled for Saturday night, but got pushed back one day due to rain.  The Sunday afternoon race, along with a few familiar names in the field, added to the big-time atmosphere for Colangelo. 

“It’s kind of neat that it panned out that way.  Here it is, a Sunday, racing against some of
the guys that race 500 laps every Sunday.  You can tell when you’re behind them that they
do that.  I have a lot of respect for Kyle Busch and David Stremme and those guys.  It was a
little intimidating at first, but I’ve always been told that they’re no different than us.”
multi talented driver knows he’ll have his work cut out for him.  “I went to Daytona not knowing what to expect but testing went well and I think we’re ready.  It’s truly an awesome experience running at a track with such a rich history and knowing that the greatest drivers in the world have all competed here.” 

In 2008, Phelps and DMT Motorsports plan to race in the ARCA RE/MAX series as well as the USAR HOOTERS Pro Cup Series.  The team will unload at Daytona with Bowen Family Homes as their sponsor. 

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