Secret Weapon to Late Model Success Held by Bond Suss at BEC  51 Sports PR
Former ASA Championship Crew Chief Bringing Cup-Level Knowledge to Short Track Teams
Bond Suss (R) has built up an impressive resume in racing.
Many race teams and drivers have what it takes to win.  Sometimes, though, small holes are all that is keeping them from going from a top-10 competitor to a threat to win.  Those holes are what BEC is best at securing.

“Our Super Late Model program was strong before Bond came along, but with a young driver and a relatively inexperienced crew competing in a tough series like PASS South and the Blizzard Series, we needed that little extra bit.  We needed extra knowledge, and Bond has been our secret weapon,” said BDI Racing team owner Bob Dillner.  “We hooked up with Bond for the Snowflake 100, a tough Pro Late Model race at Five Flags Speedway (FL) last December, and we went out and led some laps and we were a top-five contender throughout the race.  That was pretty impressive, but ever since then, we've gotten steadily better and better every time we go to the track and it's largely thanks to Bond's knowledge and help in the shop and at the track.  He has made us a better team and Zach a better driver.”

Located in Concord, North Carolina, BEC has teamed up with BDI Racing to help bring other race teams up to speed with Suss' help, much like the #51 team underwent in recent months.  BDI Racing is developing its driver, Zach Stroupe, with a well thought out schedule this year, and that leaves plenty of opportunities for Suss to assist other drivers and teams.

Over the years, Suss has worked with ASA Champions, Snowball Derby winners and
even inside the NASCAR Sprint Cup garage.  He has acquired plenty of setup, driver
feedback and organizational knowledge that can translate well to today's short track
warriors in any Late Model series.

“You've got to be able to maximize time at the track,” said Suss.  “Whether you're
going there for a practice day or for an event, one of the things I always try to do no
matter what is have a scheduled plan of attack.  You've got to plan your event before
you get there.  You've got to think about what your goals are for the car and the setup.
  Is qualifying real important because there are 50 cars for 20 spots?  Or is qualifying
not as important because finishing up front is the only goal? 

“These are questions that need to be answered before you even get to the track. 
Everyone has different reasonable goals every race or every test.  I hope to work
with these teams to help them set these goals and hopefully accomplish them. 
Fortunately, I have worked with many different chassis and engine manufactures, so
BEC can certainly assist anyone in the Late Model community.”

BEC is available to work with drivers and teams at their Concord, NC, shop and at the track for test sessions or races throughout the year.  From chassis and body repair to full hands-on setup work and at-track organization, Suss and BEC can do it all.

For more information on Bond Suss and BEC call (704) 788-2134 ext: 7.  For more information on BDI Racing, contact Matt Kentfield at (704) 788-2134 ext: 5.

Some of the biggest names in all of short track racing had it.  Championship racers such as Mike Garvey, Kevin Cywinski and Joey Clanton had it.  Even more recently, Zach Stroupe had it when he became the youngest winner ever in Pro All Stars Series (PASS) Super Late Model history.

They all had a secret weapon.  They all had Bond Suss on their side.
Now, Super Late Model and Pro Late Model teams can have the same secret weapon that got those stars to glory through Bond Engineering & Consulting, led by Suss, a former ASA Championship-winning Crew Chief.

Suss, through BEC, is offering various types of at-track and in-shop consultation, setup help and repair services to teams looking to add that secret weapon to help them get into victory lane.

“The biggest way I can help people out is organization from top to bottom,” said Suss, who also serves as the Crew Chief on Stroupe's BDI Racing #51 Chevrolet in various Super Late Model tours around the Southeast.  “You can go out and buy the best motor and the hottest chassis and you may know you have real good talent in the seat, but I hope to offer all the steps in between.  With BEC we can put a good fundamental car under the driver, stay up with all the parts and pieces and keep up with technology that evolves every day.  Those types of aspects are all important to the success of any driver or team.”
Mike Garvey is one of the drivers who Suss has worked with through the years.