Winchester Speedway Named 2008 Business of the Year Series PR Report
World's Fastest Half Mile Draws Thousands of Fans Each Year
Some people in Randolph County have noticed a change taking place out on State Road 32 lately. Activities at the World’s Fastest Half Mile are reminding many folks of the famous track’s hey day.

Thursday night, at the 2008 Winchester Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Banquet, Speedway Officials were presented the 2008 Business of the Year Award. As Chamber Treasurer Ruth Mills presented the award, she pointed-out that the speedway has been in existence since 1917, Mills also stated that events like the World Stock Car Festival on Labor Day Weekend and the Winchester 400, are bringing large numbers of travelers into the county, as well as providing national recognition for the community. She went on to say that while the racetrack has enjoyed many great years of success, it was not without its struggles in the last several years. The racetrack’s resurgence would not have been possible without it’s current owner, Charlie Shaw.
As the announcement was made, no one was more surprised than Charlie Shaw. Even though he was surprised, it was obvious he was also very pleased. Shaw accepted the award along with his fiancée Judy Starkey, his personal assistant Jeanie Turner, and Greg Wood of Champion Racing Association.

Upon receiving the microphone, Shaw struggled a bit to find the right words but stated, "I am very thankful to receive this award. It has been a great joy to see some drivers race at Winchester Speedway, and go on to be professional racers, and some of them even come back and race with us again."

As the emotions welled-up, and his voice became choked, he stated, "I’m surprised I’m not doing a better job than this." And concluded with, "I really am thankful for this award tonight, and I do want to recognize some of the people here with me that do most of the work, Judy, Jeanie and Greg Wood of Champion Racing Association. CRA actually manages all of the events at the Speedway, handles the marketing and so forth. They have been instrumental in the recent success of the Speedway."

With that Shaw handed the microphone to Wood, who stated, "Well, Charlie may not be very good at accepting the award, but he is definitely deserving. You would be hard pressed to find a track owner with more heart for short-track racing than him, and that is critical in this day and time. I would like to say on behalf of Glenn Luckett, R.J. Scott and myself of Champion Racing Association, that we are very proud to have the opportunity to work with Charlie Shaw, and be involved with managing Winchester Speedway."

Plans are under way for the 2009 season. For more information about Winchester Speedway log on to
Winchester Speedway Owner Charlie Shaw. (CRA Photo)