Saturday, November 22nd, 6:30pm ET - Despite the cold weather (mid 40's with the wind chill) Augie Grill found enough grip to take the pole for the CRA Southern Slam 250.  Jack Landis, Justin Drawdy, Shane Seig and Corey Williams rounded out the top five. 

This closes out the on track activity for the Late Models today, we will be back with our Trackside Now coverage on Sunday. Good Night.

No.  Name    Best Tm
1112Augie Grill17.645
210Jack Landis17.770
312Justin Drawdy17.868
439Shane Seig17.902
547Corey Williams17.903
691Heath Hindman17.985
717nChris Gabehart17.986
892Jason Hogan17.986
916nJohnny Van Doorn18.010
1067Jeff Fultz18.118
1151Alex Haase18.118
127Darryl Shelnut18.183
1372Scott Hantz18.185
1461Chase Austin18.203
1516David Hodges, Jr18.216
1614Ben Rowe18.230
1728Don Hale18.250
1829Allen Gordon18.326
1949Stanley Smith18.540
2029sAllen Karnes18.630
21407Jason Vail18.715
228Eddie Gainey18.905
2323Donny Kelley18.959
2487Nevin Gainey19.244
2558John Coffman20.279
26       4n        Josh king              DNQ
27       01        Fain Skinner          DNQ
28        6         Billy Ammons        DNQ
29       84S      Wayne Anderson   DNQ

Saturday, November 22nd, 6:06pm ET - Augie Grill has won the Hamner Racing Engines pole award, we will ave the full rundown shortly.

Saturday, November 22nd, 4:55pm ET - The modified drivers are on the track for qualifying.  The Late Models are up next for their Southern Slam 250 time trials.

Saturday, November 22nd, 4:30pm ET - We apologize for not giving you a full list of cars that are here, but it keeps changing.  Some drivers have had mechanical problems while others like Wayne Anderson might return for the race tomorrow. Here is the list we have.

16Billy Ammons
27Darryl Shelnut
38Eddie Gainey
410Jack Landis
512Justin Drawdy
614Ben Rowe
716David Hodges, Jr
823Donny Kelley
928Don Hale
1029Allen Gordon
1139Shane Seig
1247Corey Williams
1349Stanley Smith
1451Alex Haase
1558John Coffman
1661Chase Austin
1767Jeff Fultz
1872Scott Hantz
1984Wayne Anderson (Might return tomorrow)
2087Nevin Gainey (wrecked in practice)
2191Heath Hindman
2292Jason Hogan
23112Augie Grill
24407Jason Vail
2516nJohnny Van Doorn
2617nChris Gabehart
2729sAllen Karnes
284nJosh Krug
29O1Fain Skinner

Saturday, November 22nd, 3:55pm ET - Qualifying will be at 5:30pm, teams are making their final preparations for time trials.  Alex Haase was the quickest in the final practice session today.  Chris Gabehart has been consistently at the top of every practice session. We will have full results after qualifying. 

Saturday, November 22nd, 3:30pm ET - Here are the times from the second practice.

PosNo.NameOverall BestTm
151Alex Haase17.837
210Jack Landis17.909
317nChris Gabehart17.929
439Shane Seig17.945
512Justin Drawdy17.955
672Scott Hantz17.991
767Jeff Fultz18.021
8112Augie Grill18.038
916nJohnny Van Doorn18.053
1091Heath Hindman18.058
1192Jason Hogan18.091
1247Corey Williams18.095
1314Ben Rowe18.121
1449Stanley Smith18.124
157Darryl Shelnut18.192
1661Chase Austin18.409
1729Allen Gordon18.440
18407Jason Vail18.452
1916David Hodges, Jr18.557
2028Don Hale18.573
2129sAllen Karnes18.616
2223Donny Kelley18.755
238Eddie Gainey18.827
2487Nevin Gainey18.905
256Billy Ammons19.576
264nJosh Krug19.940

Saturday, November 22nd, 2:55pm ET - Justin Drawdy has rolled out a back up car to help change the brakes on the primary car.  Drawdy was second fastest in the first session, but he has had to watch all of the second session from pit road.

Saturday, November 22nd, 2:45pm ET - Here are the speeds from the first practice, some cars did not take time.  We can tell you that Wayne Anderson was here yesterday and broke a motor, series officials say that he runs well tonight at the Governor's Cup in New Smyrna, FL he will make the trip back up to South Georgia.

No.NameBest Tm
117nChris Gabehart17.929
212Justin Drawdy17.995
339Shane Seig18.033
4112Augie Grill18.038
591Heath Hindman18.058
616nJohnny Van Doorn18.070
792Jason Hogan18.091
847Corey Williams18.099
951Alex Haase18.104
1010Jack Landis18.130
1149Stanley Smith18.163
1267Jeff Fultz18.189
137Darryl Shelnut18.217
1414Ben Rowe18.233
1572Scott Hantz18.304
1661Chase Austin18.409
1729Allen Gordon18.440
18407Jason Vail18.452
1928Don Hale18.573
2016David Hodges, Jr18.574
2129sAllen Karnes18.763
2223Donny Kelley19.035

Saturday, November 22nd, 2:00pm ET - Good afternoon from South Georgia Motorsports Park. Today we are on hand for practice and qualifying for tomorrow's Southern Slam 250.  The Champion Racing Association (CRA) has done a great job in putting on this event, only a few weeks back this race was not even on the schedule.  Today we are proud to report that nearly 30 Super Late Models are on hand for the weekend festivities.  

Here is the rundown for today's events:

Saturday, November 22

10:00am Pit Gate/Tech Line Opens
Haulers Must Leave Infield ASAP,
Teams May Leave Equipment in Pits

11:15am Qualifying Tire Selection Begins
Noon Drivers Meeting
1:00pm CRA Practice (60 min.)
2:15pm CRA Practice (45min.)
3:00pm Support Division Practice Begins
3:30pm Qualifying Tires Released
4:15pm Break
4:30pm Modified Qualifying

5:30pm CRA Super Series Qualifying
(2 Laps – Top 24 locked in)
(Teams Return Tires to Impound)
7:00pm Racing Begins
CRA Last Chance Race
Party Following Local Races

CRA Super Series
Southern Slam 250 Weekend
South Georgia Motorsports Park
Cecil, GA
Trackside Now: Southern Slam 250 Weekend, Saturday
Practice and Qualifying on Tap for Today in South Georgia
Teams line pit road prior to practice. (51 Sports Photo)
Think 72, Scott Hantz won the 2008 CRA Championship and he was fast in yesterday's practice.  (51 Sports Photo)
Johnny Van Doorn was just outside the top 10 in practice yesterday.  (51 Sports Photo)
Justin Drawdy was second fastest in practice, but brake problems have forced them to go under the hood in the second practice. (51 Sports Photo)
Chris Gabehart led the first practice session.(51 Sports Photo)
Hang on Corey!  The 47 of Corey Williams had close call in the first practice. (51 Sports Photo)
CRA has drawn the best from all the Late Model series around the country. (51 Sports Photo)
Nevin Gainey wrecked in the final minutes of the last practice session. (51 Sports Photo)
Augie Grill will start on the pole tomorrow for the Southern Slam 250. (51 Sports Photo)
One of Alex Haase's crew members tries to keep warm on pit road. (51 Sports Photo)