Saturday, November 1st, 6:15pm CT – We're calling it a day from here at Nashville's Music City Motorplex where Brian Campbell and Chris Gabehart both won during the two races that made up this year's version of the All-American 400 weekend.  Stay tuned for more stories on the weekend coming soon to

Saturday, November 1st, 5:36pm CT – Here are the unofficial results of the CRA Super Series race at Music City Motorplex's All-American 400 weekend:

1.  Chris Gabehart
2.  Boris Jurkovic
3.  Donnie Wilson
4.  Scott Carlson
5.  Jason Hogan
6.  Jake Ryan
7.  Johnny Van Doorn
8.  Dennis Schoenfeld
9.  Nathan Haseleu
10.  Zach Taylor
11.  Joanna Long
12.  Alex Haase
13.  Johnny Brazier
14.  Josh Bauer
15.  Keith Gardner
16.  Josh Krug
17.  Wayne Anderson
18.  Scott Hantz
19.  Justin Drawdy
20.  Logan Ruffin
21.  Gary Helton
22.  Robert Maynor
23.  Jeff Lane
24.  Jack Landis
25.  Joe Ross
26.  Eddie Mercer
27.  Kenny Tweedy
28.  John Coffman
29.  Travis Sauter
30.  Stanley Smith
31.  Heath Hindman
32.  Steve Arpin
33.  Mitch Cobb
34.  Ryan Crane
35.  Josh Vadnais
36.  Chuck Barnes

Saturday, November 1st, 5:27pm CT – Chris Gabehart has won the CRA portion of the All-American 400 at Music City Motorplex over Boris Jurkovic, Donnie WIlson, Scott Carlson and Jason Hogan.

The remainder of the unofficial top 10 finishers are Jake Ryan, Johnny Van Doorn, Dennis Schoenfeld, Nathan Haseleu and Zach Taylor.

We'll have more from the track, including full results, shortly.  But first, we are heading down to victory lane to talk with Gabehart about his victory.

Saturday, November 1st, 5:22pm CT – On lap 202, Keith Gardner spun again and brought out another caution.  This will leadto a green, white, checkered finish.

Chris Gabehart leads Boris Jurkovic, Donnie WIlson, Scott Carlson and Jason Hogan.

Saturday, November 1st, 5:18pm CT – With just a few laps remaining, Jack Landis and Wayne Anderson got together with Landis going to into a smokey spin and Anderson going to the rear for his role in the incident.  Logan Ruffin and Keith Gardner spun to avoid the incident, but will get their positions back because they were ruled to have been victims of the original incident.

Chris Gabehart currently leads Donnie Wilson, Boris Jurkovic, Scott Carlson, Johnny Van Doorn, Jason Hogan, Jake Ryan, Dennis Schoenfeld, Nathan Haselau and Zach Taylor.

There are 198 laps on the board, but the race will go into overtime so it does not end under caution.

The is currently under delay because Johnny Brazier and Alex Haase are disageeing over their spots for the restart.  The spotter for Brazier had a dead battery on his radio, so the information that Haase should go in front never got to Brazier - holding things up for several minutes before he could get the message.

Saturday, November 1st, 5:13pm CT – On lap 192, Chris Gabehart dove under Donnie Wilson to take the lead.

Saturday, November 1st, 5:10pm CT – We're at lap 182 and the caution is out for a spin by Keith Gardner after contact from Wayne Anderson.  It has been ruled a racing incident and Anderson will not be penalized.

Donnie Wilson currently leads Chris Gabehart, Johnny Van Doorn, Scott Carlson, Boris Jurkovic, Dennis Schoenfeld, Jason Hogan, Jake Ryan, Jack Landis and Nathan Haseleu.

Saturday, November 1st, 5:05pm CT – Donnie Wilson used a slick outside groove pass on lap 157 to take over the lead from Johnny Van Doorn.  Chris Gabehart also went by Van Doorn to take second place.  Meanwhile, Eddie Mercer has pulled off the track with his Super Late Model.

Saturday, November 1st, 5:02pm CT – Kenny Tweedy is out of the race.  He was several laps down when he swerved under caution at leader Johnny Van Doorn, apparantly unhappy over a previous restart.  CRA officials penalized Tweedy and he decided to just park his car and call it a day instead.

Saturday, November 1st, 4:56pm CT – Johnny Brazier, Jeff Lane and Keith Gardner have all spun in turns three and four to bring out another caution.  Joanna Long's #10 is smoking heavily under caution.

Saturday, November 1st, 4:56pm CT – Wayne Anderson has passed leader Johnny Van Doorn anow back on the lead lap.

Saturday, November 1st, 4:55pm CT – The 51 laptop crashed during the early stages of the CRA portion of the All-American 400 weekend at Nashville’s Music City Motorplex.  We apologize for the lack of updates during that time and we’re back online again now.  Here is what you missed while we were away:

Currently, Johnny Van Doorn leads on lap 147 over Donnie Wilson, Dennis Schoenfeld and Eddie Mercer.

Chris Gabehart dominated the early stages of the race with his #17.

Several leaders pitted on lap 110, under caution, including Chris Gabehart, Justin Drawdy, Scott Hantz, Wayne Anderson, Boris Jurkovic and Jason Hogan.

Defending race winner Johnny Van Doorn took over the lead after those pit stops, with Dennis Schoenfeld moving up to second place at the time.

With 55laps to go, Alex Haase got tapped while getting lapped by the lead cars and went for a long slow slide through turn one.  Somehow, the young driver managed to save the car and not spin.  Boris Jurkovic, who was running behind the incident, did spin while trying to avoid several cars that had checked up to avoid any incident.

Steve Arpin dropped out of the race with transmission problems.

Polesitter Mitch Cobb pitted under green and the hood went up on his #94. After several laps on pit road, the team pushed the car behind the wall.  The official reason out is “suspension”.

Several drivers, including Stanley Smith, Joanna Long, Wayne Anderson, Alex Haase, Josh Krug all went a lap down on the racetrack during at various points during two long green flag runs.  Long got back onto the lead lap thanks to a lucky dog award .

Ryan Crane dropped out of the race with brake problems.

Johnny Brazier’s #71 suffered some heavy front end bodywork damage.

Jeff Lane and Logan Ruffin tangled in turn four.  Lane is back on the lead lap thanks to the lucky dog award.

Josh Vadnais and John Coffman tangled in between turns three and four.  Vadnais then hit the tire on the end of pit road while trying to make it back to the pits.  The damage to his car from that second incident was severe enough to end his tire.

John Coffman dropped out of the race several laps later for a seemingly unrelated problem.

We obtained unofficial full field results from the ASA RC Cola /Moon Pie Southeast Asphalt Tour event and they are as follows -

1.Brian Campbell
2.Chris Wimmer
3.Jason Hogan
4.John Eilen
5.Colt James
6.Andrew Morrissey
7.Griffin McGrath
8.Kyle Calmes
9.Paul Kelley
10.Chevy White
11.Casey Roderick
12.Weston Griffith
13.Dakota Stroup
14.Nick Neville
15.Greg Heave
16.Daniel Victory
17.Gary Pedley
18.Jeff Storm
19.Tyler Miles
20.Tommy Martins
21.Russell Fleeman
22.Derek Strong
23.Jimmy Lang
24.Dillon Oliver
25.Ryan Crane
26.Preston Peltier
27.Nicholas Formosa
28.Josh Weston
29.Mark Kraus
30.Eddie Hoffman
31.Max Gresham
32.Boris Jurkovic
33.Dan Frederickson
34.Jerrod Foley
35.Clay Alexander

Saturday, November 1st, 3:58pm CT – The #27 of Joe Ross is back on the track after spending time in the garage area with a broken axle early on.

Saturday, November 1st, 3:57pm CT – Chuck Barnes has gone to the garage area, John Coffman has fallen off the lead lap again and Chris Gabehart still leads in the CRA portion of the All-American 400 weekend.

Saturday, November 1st, 3:51pm CT – The caution is out on lap 13 for an incident involving Chuck Barnes.  The #55 of Barnes does not appear to have any damage, but made a pit stop anyways.  He is still on the lead lap.

The #58 of John Coffman was the only car one lap down, so he received the lucky dog award.

Chris Gabehart, Josh Vadnais, Mitch Cobb, Eddie Mercer and Boris Jurkovic.

Saturday, November 1st, 3:47pm CT – The green flag is out and Chris Gabehart has taken the lead int he CRA feature at Music City Motorplex.

Saturday, November 1st, 3:45pm CT – We are working pace laps for the CRA Super Series portion of the All-American 400 weekend.  The cars of Heath Hindman and Dennis Schoenfeld are both starting in the rear after their drivers missed the autograph session earlier today.

Mitch Cobb leads the field to the green after a qualifying lap that he was even surprised with.

"It felt slow actually."  Cobb said in a story posted on his website.  "My spotter called out 18.03 after the first lap and I thought he said 19.03.  Then on the final lap he called out 17.96 and I thought he meant 18.96.  I never had any idea the 17 second range could be attained."

Saturday, November 1st, 3:03pm CT – Brian Campbell has won the ASA portion of the All-American 400 weekend at Music City Motorplex.  The remainder of the top five were Chris Wimmer, Jason Hogan, Jonathan Eilen and Colt James.

We're going to take a walk down to victory lane and get some of the thoughts of the top finishers.  In the meantime, Oliver Kelley is going to give the crowd another short concert and preparations for the CRA Super Series event are going to take place.  We expect a green flag for that race in apporximately 30-45 minutes.

Saturday, November 1st, 3:01pm CT – Russell Fleeman has pulled into the garage area with less than 10 laps to go.

Saturday, November 1st, 2:59pm CT – On lap 188, Brian Campbell passed Chris Wimmer on the outside to take the lead of the ASA race. Wimmer is running back in second placewith Jason Hogan and Jonathan Eilen in pursuit.

Saturday, November 1st, 2:54pm CT – On lap 178, the caution came out for a spin by Dillon Oliver on the backstretch.  There was some contact between him and Gary Pedley to start the incident.

Jimmy Lang had to serve a green-flag stop and go penalty before the incident.  It was apparently due to jumping the restart.

Chris Wimmer currently leads Jason Hogan, Brian Campbell, Jonathan Eilen, Andrew Morrissey, Griffin McGarth, Colt James, Paul Kelley, Casey Roderick and Chevy White.

Saturday, November 1st, 2:49pm CT – We're back under caution on lap 167 and again it's because of Preston Peltier. This time, his #5 shot up into the turn two wall after apparantly having a tire deflate on him.  That really was not a surprise since it had been rubbing for several laps prior to that.

Saturday, November 1st, 2:45pm CT – Preston Peltier's top five run is now over.  He made an agressive move for third and that didn't work out too well.  Peltier lost the handle on his #5 Super Late Model, spun coming out of turn two and slid down into the inside wall and hit pretty hard.  His car almost went over the wall rear-end first, but Peltier bounced off instead and was able to drive away.  He made some repairs and stayed on the track, but as the race goes green now, he is smoking heavily and probably won't last long.

Chris Wimmer now leads the race under heavy pressure from Jason Hogan.  Brian Campbell runs in third and Jonathan Eilen is free-falling through the field.  He's fourth currently.

Saturday, November 1st, 2:43pm CT – The race has restarted on lap 151.  The top five remains the same.

Saturday, November 1st, 2:38pm CT – The caution is out on lap 144 after Ryan Crane spun by himself in turn four while working heavy lapped traffic.  While Crane went around solo, he may have have some help from Dillon Oliver to start it.  The officials appear to think so and have held Oliver on pit road as a penalty.

The #180 of Nicola Formosa has pulled to the garage area. 

Jonathan Eilen is still leading over Chris Wimmer.

Saturday, November 1st, 2:35pm CT – Chris Wimmer tried to sneak under leader Jonathan Eilen a few times, but has retreated to watching him from about seven car-lengths back now.  Jason Hogan has closed the gap slightly to Wimmer with Preston Peltier, Brian Campbell, Andrew Morrissey, Griffin McGarth and Colt James behind him.

Saturday, November 1st, 2:25pm CT – The caution is out on lap 116 for a turn two tangle between the #51 of Tommy Martins and the #97 Josh Weston.

Jonathan Eilen still leads Chris Wimmer, Jason Hogan, Preston Peltier and Brian Campbell.  Are you surprised?

Saturday, November 1st, 2:20pm CT – The second half of the ASA SAT feature is starting out with a familar story line.  Jonathan Eilen and Scott Wimmer are starting to pull away from the rest of the field. Behind those two are Jason Hogan, Preston Peltier and Brian Campbell.

We've also gotten word that Eddie Hoffman has officially withdrawn from the event.

Saturday, November 1st, 2:06pm CT – The caution is out for the halfway break of the ASA SAT race.  The top 15 runners are listed in our 2:05pm update.  Can Chris Wimmer finally get by Jonathan Eilen?  Does anyone else have anything for those top two?  Well find out in the next 100 laps, so stay tuned.

Saturday, November 1st, 2:05pm CT – At halfway, it is currently Jonathan Eilen and Chris Wimmer into tight formation and then a large margin back to Jason Hogan, Preston Peltier, Brian Campbell, Nick Neville, Griffin McGarth, Andrew Morrissey, Paul Kelley, Russell Fleeman, Casey Roderick, Colt James, Ryan Crane, Dillon Oliver and Jimmy Lang.

Saturday, November 1st, 2:02pm CT – The #7-11 of Max Gresham, a recent winner on the Georgia Asphalt Series, has been retired to the garage area. 

Jonathan Eilen still leads and Chris Wimmer is close behind.  Those two have nearly an entire straightaway over third-place Nick Neville.

Saturday, November 1st, 1:56pm CT – The caution is out on lap 71 for a spin in turn four by the #21 of Gary Pedley.  Jonathan Eilen (who else?) is still in the lead with Chris Wimmer the only other driver who can seem to stay int he same zip code.

Saturday, November 1st, 1:53pm CT – Race officials have directed Brian Campbell to the tenth position and Jason Hoagn to eleventh.  Weston Griffith, Jr. pitted under caution and when he did, Boris Jurkovic's crew made sure to point down pit road at the guy who caused their driver to wreck out of the race.

Saturday, November 1st, 1:49pm CT – The #41 of Derek Strong made a green flag pit stop and then promptly got booted into the frontstretch wall on his first lap back on the track.  So we're working lap 61 right now and we are under caution.

Jonathan Eilen currently leads Chris Wimmer, Nick Neville, Griffin McGrath, Andrew Morrissey, Preston Peltier, Jimmy Lang, Paul Kelley and either Jason Hogan or Brian Campbell.  Those two drivers do not agree who should line up tenth and they are running side-by-side under caution.  It appears that it will take some official intervention to settle that dispute.

Saturday, November 1st, 1:46pm CT – On lap 49, the #33 of Weston Griffith, Jr. got into the left rear corner of Boris Jurkovic's #53 while coming out of turn two.  Jurkovic spun and hit the inside wall hard.  He's okay and drove his badlydamaged car away.  It appeared that while doingso, Jurkovic might have tried to turn right to catch Griffith's car under caution, but the #53's front end and steering were too heavily damged to make such a sharp turn.  We don't fgure Boris is too happy right now though.

Meanwhile, up front it is still Jonathan Eilen leading the way.

Saturday, November 1st, 1:43pm CT – Eddie Hoffman has returned to the track, but is several laps down.

Saturday, November 1st, 1:40pm CT – We are working the 40th lap of the ASA SAT race. Jonathan Eilen leads Chris Wimmer currently.

Eddie Hoffman is sitting on pit road with his crew looking his #8 over.  They had the rear end jacked up and were looking underneath it for awhile.  The team has lost several laps with their problems.

Saturday, November 1st, 1:38pm CT – Jonathan Eilen has taken the lead and Eddie Hoffman is free-falling through the top five currently. 

Willie Allen and Dan Frederickson have both gone behind the wall. 

Saturday, November 1st, 1:35pm CT – Willie Allen has dropped off the pace while running in the top five. He is now pitting under green, the hood has gone up on his #10 machine and the crew is does not appear to be in the hurry. 

Eddie Hoffman leads Jonathan Eilen and those two have pulled away from the field.

Saturday, November 1st, 1:30pm CT – The caution is out again on lap 17.  There was a quick debris caution on lap 12 and on the restart, Dan Frederickson got caught in a logjam and heavily damaged his #36 machine. That mess caused the caution to come out for the third time today.

Up front, it is currently Eddie Hoffman, Jonathan Eilen, Nick Neville, Willie Allen and Griffin McGrath.

Saturday, November 1st, 1:21pm CT – On lap 2 of the ASA race, the caution is out.  The reason is that Clay Alexnader has parked his #84 against the outside retaining wall in turn two.  Up front, it's currently Eddie Hoffman over Jonathan Eilen, Nick Neville, Dan Frederickson, Willie Allen, Griffin McGrath, Chris Wimmer, Andrew Morrissey, Preston Peltier and Jimmy Lang.

Saturday, November 1st, 1:10pm CT – Carolyn Fisher has sung the National Anthem and Europe's "The Final Countdown" is being played over the PA system. We're almost ready to go racing.

Saturday, November 1st, 1:00pm CT – Driver intros are now complete, so after the National Anthem s sung and the the CRA cars are removed from display on the frontstretch, today's races will be ready to begin.  The ASA SAT feature is up first, with Jonathan Eilen leading the field to the green flag.

Saturday, November 1st, 12:30pm CT – The Oliver Kelley concert has just wrapped up for now, he'll return later on during the break between the ASA SAT and CRA features.  Right now, driver intros for the ASA SAT race are next on the lineup and in about 30 minutes, we should be racing.

Saturday, November 1st, 12:15pm CT – Winners of the All-American 400, or any big race at Nashville’s Music City Motorplex, already get a nice keepsake for winning the race with one of the track’s unique trophies – an electric guitar.  But today, one of the race winners will get an added fringe benefit for their victory.

The race winner today who leads more laps than the winner of the other event will get a ride to race in one undetermined ARCA RE/MAX Series event next season as part of their victory package.

Saturday, November 1st, 12:10pm CT - Some big news here…if you are into this kind of thing….is that Robbie Knievel is coming back for a return engagement of car jumping after today’s races.  Knievel jumped 11 Kia Rios with his motorcycle last night and was supposed to wrap up his weekend after that.  But he’ll back to do it again today as well in front of the main grandstand area.

Short track fans might remember that Knievel almost competed in the NASCAR Busch North Series several years ago, but plans to race as a teammate to Jamie Aube fell through.

Saturday, November 1st, 12:05pm CT - Tommy Joe Martins is starting 31st in the ASA SAT feature.  The young driver from Mississippi announced this week that he will move up to the NASCAR Camping World East Series next season, driving for the Baker/Curb Motorsports team.

Saturday, November 1st, 11:50am CT - Today’s ASA race is technically an ASA RC Cola/Moon Pie Southeast Asphalt Tour event, but it has attracted plenty of other champions from other ASA tours into the starting field as well.  There are at least four 2008 tour champions in the field for today’s race – ASA Midwest Tour champion Dan Frederickson, ASA Late Model North champion Eddie Hoffman, ASA Late Model South champion Jimmy Lang and Georgia Asphalt Series champion Russell Fleeman.

Ironically though, the ASA SAT champion for 2008 is not here racing.  Jay Middleton is reportedly considering retirement after he won the title this year and then got penalized with a fine and probation for on on-track incident with Taylor Satterfield in the season finale.  Satterfield is not here either today.  Since this race is a non-points one, neither driver (who finished first and second in the standings) will backslide any in those standings

There have been a few Jay Middleton sightings here at the track this weekend, but he didn’t bring a racecar with him and has been walking around in his street clothes.

Saturday, November 1st, 11:00am CT - Here are the starting lineups for today's two races:

ASA RC Cola/Moon Pie Southeast Asphalt Tour
1. Nick Neville
2. Eddie Hoffman
3. Dan Frederickson
4. John Eilen
5. Willie Allen
6. Griffin McGrath
7.  Paul Kelley
8. Chris Wimmer
9. Preston Peltier
10. Andrew Morrissey
11. Brian Campbell
12. Jimmy Lang
13. Mark Kraus
14. Russell Fleeman
15. Ryan Crane
16. Jason Hogan
17. Dakota Stroup
18. Dillon Oliver
19. Gregg Haese
20. Max Gresham
21. Kyle Calmes
22. Boris Jurkovic
23. Josh Weston
24. Jeff Storm
25. Jerrod Foley
26. Chevy White
27. Casey Roderick
28. Weston Griffith
29. Nicholas Formosa
30. Colt James
31. Tommy Martins
32. Clay Alexander
33. Gary Pedley
34. Daniel Victory
35. Derek Strong
36. Tyler MIles

Will Not Start - Preston Peltier, Eddie Van Meter, Eddie Hoffman, Drew Turner, Jeff Berg

CRA Super Series:
1. Mitch Cobb
2. Chris Gabehart
3. Josh Vadnais
4. Justin Drawdy
5. Boris Jurkovic
6. Eddie Mercer
7. Alex Haase
8. Stanley Smith
9. Scott Carlson
10. Donnie Wilson
11. Chuck Barnes
12. Johnny Van Doorn
13. Wayne Anderson
14. Josh Bauer
15. Ryan Crane
16. Johnny Brazier
17. Jason Hogan
18. Nathan Haseleu
19. Zach Taylor
20. Joanna Long
21. Jake Ryan
22. Keith Gardner
23. Travis Sauter
24. Jack Landis
25. Heath Hindman
26. Steve Arpin
27. Scott Hantz
28. Jeff Lane
29. Robert Maynor
30. Kenny Tweedy
31. Logan Ruffin
32. Dennis Schoenfeld
33. Josh Krug
34. Gary Helton
35. Joe Ross
36. John Coffman

Saturday, November 1st, 10:05am CT - We are heading down to the pit area to gather a few photos and pit notes.  We'll be back with some more updates in about an hour.

Saturday, November 1st, 9:55am CT - We want to give a "shout-out" to a few of our readers from yesterday.  We're told that out at Texas Motor Speedway that short track car owners Kyle Busch and David Stremme were both following along with developments from Music City Motorplex on how their teams were doing. 

We even promise to use a few more photos today for Stremme, who we are told wanted to see more of what is going on here today.  We'll do that for him and even try to get a shot or two of the #35 CRA Super Series car that he owns and Travis Sauter is driving this weekend. Of course, we know Stremme hasn't forgotten how to get around a short track as he just won the Winchester 400 a few weeks ago while driving his own car.

We're also told that there is a large gathering of 51 fans up in the Coopersville, Michigan area following along with our coverage to see how their native son Johnny Van Doorn is doing down here.  Van Doorn is the defending winner of the CRA of the race and there is no doubt that his fan club would like to read about a repeat performance today. 

Saturday, November 1st, 9:25am CT - Good morning from Nashville's Music City Motorplex, where the All-American 400 race weekend continues.  Today is raceday for both the CRA Super Series race and the ASA RC Cola/Moon PIe Southeast Asphalt Tour and ASA Midwest Tour combination event.  Both the CRA and ASA events are 200 laps in length.

Right now, the driver's meetings are getting ready to begin and crews are making final preparations to their cars.  Workers are breaking down the massive ramp where Robbie Knievel likely set a Central Tennessee record for number of Kia Rio sedans jumped on a motorcycle while wearing glow in the dark halloween gear last night..and no, we're not really kidding.

Here is today's raceday schedule at Nashville's Music City Motorplex, and therearen't any planned motorcycle jumps today.  Keep in mind that all times are Central.

8:00am   Registration Opens
8:30am   Pit Gate Opens
8:30am   Tech Lines Open
9:30am   ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour Drivers’ Meeting
10:00am  CRA Super Series Drivers’ Meeting
11:15am   All Cars must be through tech and On-Grid on Track
11:30am   On-Track Autograph Session
12:00pm    Concert by Oliver Kelley
12:30pm   Pre-Race Ceremonies- National Anthem by Carolyn Fisher
1:00pm   Racing Begins - ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour 200 Laps
TBD   Intermission concert by Oliver Kelley
(Approx)  3:00pm   CRA Super Series 200 Laps


CRA Super Series
ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour
All-American 400 Weekend
Music City Motorplex
Nashville, TN
Trackside Now: All-American 400 Weekend, Saturday
All of the Action from Raceday at Nashville's Music City Motorplex
The pit area at Nashville.  (Jamie Williams Photo)
Skip McCord wrecked during his qualifying warm-up lap on Friday and will not be racing in the ASA feature today as a result of that wreck. (Jamie Williams Photos)
Tommy Joe Martins   (Jamie Williams Photo)
Jimmy Lang leans on his #86 before it goes through tech inspection on Saturday morning.  (51 Photo)
The David Stremme-owned #35 of Travis Sauter  (51 Photo)
The Kia Rio sedans that Robbie Knievel plans to jump after today's races.   (51 Photo)
The drivers get ready for their introductions to the fans at Music City Motorplex.  (51 Photo)
A pair of 2008 champions - Dan Frederickson (ASA Midwest Tour) and Alex Haase (PASS South).  (51 Photo)
Jake Ryan (#19n) and Eddie Hoffman (#8) in practice on Friday for the CRA race.  Ryan will start 21st today, while Hoffman had to withdraw with engine problems.  Hoffman will compete in the ASA race however.  (Jamie Williams Photo)
Mitch Cobb will start on the pole for the CRA race after setting fast time in qualifying on Friday.  (Jamie WIlliams Photo)
Jonathan Eilen's #77 ASA car.  (Jamie WIlliams Photo)
Brian Campbell in victory lane after the ASA SAT feature.  (51 Photo)
The starting grid of the CRA Super Series race.  (51 Photo)