Scott Carlson Holds off Josh Hamner and Augie Grill for Blizzard Win 51Sports / Series PR
Older Tires Give 2007 Blizzard Champion Carlson First Win of 2008 Season 
Ask anyone in the big leagues of NASCAR and they will tell you the best racing in the country comes at racetracks with gritty pavement.  Five Flags Speedway fits that mold to a tee.  The story behind the latest Blizzard Series event Friday at the Pensacola, FL, facility was much of the same, great racing, great drivers and he who saved the best for last wound up in victory lane. 

Scott Carlson was that man in round number two of the series that sets up the annual Snowball Derby at the Five Flags Speedway, but what is most interesting about his accomplishment is that Carlson held off the guys with the fresher tires at the conclusion of the 100-lap event.

The veteran Carlson took the lead on lap 69, just ten laps after making a stop for right-side tires.  He drove from outside the top five to the lead and looked like superman as the laps ticked off. 

“It could have gone either way,” said Carlson, who is a former Blizzard Series champion.  “The way they are doing it this year by not counting caution laps, it makes you have to be ready for anything.  We could have been in a lot of trouble if we had gotten some more yellows there at the end.”

In fact, a caution on lap 84 for Dwayne Buggay’s blown engine could have changed the race dramatically.  Carlson stayed out as strong competitors Josh Hamner and Augie Grill came in for new tires.  With nine laps to go, Hamner and Grill got to second and third, but they used up their fresh rubber during the course of several restarts.

Hamner and Grill closed in on Carlson but could not get close enough as the checkered flag flew over Carlson’s number-38.  Hamner, Grill, Chris Davidson and Ryan Crane rounded out the top five.
Scott Carlson took home another win in Blizzard Series action at Five Flags Speedway.  (51 Photo)
“It feels good to win,” added Carlson.  “It takes a good car to win here, and it also takes a good pit crew as well; my guys in the pits did their jobs and I did the rest on the track.  We have won our fair share of races here, but sometimes you have to go against the odds.”

“I am glad to see Scott (Carlson) win,” said Hamner, who won round one of the Blizzard Series a month ago.  “If I can’t win, I don’t mind if it’s one of my dad’s customers (Josh’s father, Jeff, is owner of Hamner Racing Engines).  I can’t share anymore speed secrets with Mr. Carlson.  The pit stop really got us back to second, and my guys got it done in the pits.  We were a little off tonight, so we have to work on our summer package a little bit.  We raced smart tonight, and we had a good time.”
Joey Logano's car crossed the line second with damage after contact with Ryan Crane.  (51 Photo)
Earlier in the race, Ryan Sieg was leading as the field went back to green right before the halfway mark.  As Sieg went into turn one, the throttle stuck on his number-39, and the machine slammed into the wall.  The car was destroyed, but Sieg was ok after the hard impact. 

“That was one of the hardest hits I have ever seen in my life,” said Hamner.  “I’m glad he’s ok, because that scared me to see him hit the wall like that.” 

“I felt the thud in my car when he hit the wall,” said Carlson.  “The hit was so big I could feel it from fourth place; it was a wild ride.”

Sieg, himself, was shaken but fortunately unhurt by the accident.  

“It knocked the heck out of me, and I am sore now, but I bet it will be worse in the morning,” said Sieg.  “That was a hard hit, but everything did its job.”

Round three of the Blizzard Series at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL, is scheduled for Friday, June 27th.  The Allen Turner Hyundai Pro Late Model Challenge Series will resume this Friday, June 6th.  Super Stocks, Sportsmen and Bombers will also be in action.

The 41st annual Snowball Derby for Super Late Models will be held at Five Flags Speedway from December 4th – 7th.  Advance purchase ticket forms and entry blanks for competitors in all divisions are all online.  For more information, please visit

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Blizzard Series “Pepsi 100” Results
Five Flags Speedway
Pensacola, FL

1)         21         Scott Carlson
2)         38         Josh Hamner
3)         112       Augie Grill
4)         41         Chris Davidson
5)         10         Ryan Crane
6)         72         Eddie Mercer
7)         11         Donald Long
8)         43         Dennis Schoenfeld
9)         82         Grant Enfinger
10)        0          David Hole
11)        94         Mitch Cobb
12)        49         Stanley Smith
13)        114       Lee Carter
14)        28         Rob Joyner
15)        39         Ryan Sieg
16)        45         Dwayne Buggay
17)        99         Casey Smith
18)        88         Roger Reuse
19)        39         Gary Sullivan
20)        14         Ken McFarland
21)        92         Ron McDonald