Sunday, 12:10am Central Time - Goodnight from Five Flags Speedway.  We will be back in the morning for coverage of the 41st Annual Snowball Derby.

Sunday, 12:10am Central Time - We have some Snowball Derby news to close out the night's activities here at Five Flags Speedway.  Alex Haase and Benny Gordon have been added to the rear of the Snowball Derby field as a promoter's option.

Sunday, 12:07am Central Time - Good news: tech has cleared.  Brandon Carlson has been officially declared the winner.

Sunday, 12:00am Central Time - Yes, it is midnight, and we are still here.

Saturday, 11:45pm Central Time - We can say that tech cleared Ryan Crane and Casey Roderick.  They are now teching Brandon Carlson's car.

Saturday, 11:40pm Central Time - Why are we still here when just about everyone else has left?  There appears to be some massive tear downs happening in the tech area.

The chassis dyno has left though, so at least that part of the tech process is over.

Saturday, 11:35pm Central Time - Do not forget to vote for the Snowball Derby Best Appearing Car.  Voting ends Sunday morning at 11:00am Central time. 

Click here to vote now 

Also, to discuss anything that has happened or yet to happen during the 41st Annual Snowball Derby events, visit's Snowball Derby discussion forum at Motorsports Lounge by clicking here now.

Saturday, 11:30pm Central Time - Hey, while we are waiting for tech to let us know everything is clear, we did get to enjoy two ATVs drag race around the track the wrong way.  It was hard to tell who won the race as they exited the track off turn two at the cross over.

Saturday, 11:00pm Central Time - We are waiting to hear the "all clear" signal from the tech area.

Saturday, 10:30pm Central Time - After Brandon Carlson won the Allen Turner Snowflake 100, there was a very touching moment that occurred in the shadows of victory lane.  As Carlson’s crew, family and friends all celebrated on the right side of the car, Eddie Mercer stood silently on the left side of the car – about ten feet away.  Mercer had a smile on his face and was obviously enjoying the moment.

“That’s my Godson,” were the few words that Mercer offered, but the tone of his voice said it all.  He was very proud of the young driver who had just scored a big victory.

Saturday, 10:25pm Central Time - Max Gresham took the scenic route through the Allen Turner Snowflake 100 tonight.

“We went from the back to the front a couple times and when everybody would keep wrecking we would get a couple spots on them," said Gresham.  "Then we’d pit or fall back.

"Apparently now instead of Max, I’m Houdini, making my own holes through the traffic,” Gresham laughed.

Max finished in the seventh position.

Saturday, 10:20pm Central Time - Pitting early was something the Keeton Hanks' team attempted to do for their Snowflake 100 strategy.  That didn't quite work out for him.

“We thought by taking tires early that we would come out ahead," said Hanks.  "Unfortunately we didn’t anticipate all of those cautions.”

Hanks spent much of the night near the top of the leader board in his Zaxby’s machine, but faded to fifth.

Saturday, 10:15pm Central Time - We are still gathering some news from here at the track.  While we are compiling it, check out the Ryan Preece Derby Blog entry for Friday by clicking here.

Saturday, 09:45pm Central Time - Unofficial finishing order here:


Saturday, 09:36pm Central Time - After the race, the #11 crew of Logan Boyett and the #64 crew of Steven Davis had to be seperated by police after an arguement ensued.

This might not be the only post-race drama as the Ricky Brooks tech station is open for business.  We will have more in a bit.

Saturday, 09:27pm Central Time - CHECKERED FLAG: Brandon Carlson has won the Allen Turner Snowflake 100 here at Five Flags Speedway.  Ryan Crane held on to second with Casey Roderick third, Paul Kelley fourth and Keaton Hanks fifth.  Bubba Pollard, Max Gresham, Steven Davis, Logan Boyett and Drew Brannon rounded out the top 10.

We will have more in a short bit.

Saturday, 09:26pm Central Time - At lap 95, Brandon Carlson muscled his way by Ryan Crane for the lead.  Crane is trying to come back to his bumper, but Carlson is pulling away.

Meanwhile, Casey Roderick is on the move.  He has worked his way up to third, bumping Paul Kelley in the process.  Kelley is trying to return the favor ....

Saturday, 09:25pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 93

Saturday, 09:22pm Central Time - The Snowflake 100 had 38 starters, but now with seven laps to go, there are 16 cars on the track.

Saturday, 09:20pm Central Time - The top five is: Ryan Crane, Brandon Carlson, Steven Davis, Paul Kelley and Max Gresham.  Casey Roderick has worked his way up to sixth.

Saturday, 09:17pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG: LAP 93 - On the restart, there was a mess in turn four involving Tyler Millwood, Keaton Hanks, Logan Boyett, Bubba Pollard and Ryan Blaney.

During the yellow, Boyett drove up and popped Steven Davis in the rear, so that might be an indication of how the incident started.

Saturday, 09:15pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 93

Saturday, 09:12pm Central Time - The top five on the restart will be: Ryan Crane, Logan Boyett, Brandon Carlson, Steven Davis and Bubba Pollard.

Saturday, 09:11pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG: LAP 93 - Richard Johns spun off turn four, sitting sideways on the straightaway.  Sammy McMullen tried to stop, but couldn't, running into the side of Johns' car.

Saturday, 09:10pm Central Time - Logan Boyett has worked his way around Steven Davis for second.

Saturday, 09:08pm Central Time - After a whole lot of blocking and some contact between the leaders, Ryan Crane was able to work his way around Steven Davis for the lead at lap 88.

Saturday, 09:04pm Central Time - Casey Roderick has raced his way back onto the lead lap after being two laps down.  Meanwhile, Steven Davis has company in his rear view mirror as Ryan Crane is moving in for the lead at lap 75.  Logan Boyett rides third followed by Tyler Millwood and Brandon Carlson.

Saturday, 09:00pm Central Time - Steven Davis still leads after the restart, but Ryan Crane is on the move, working his way up to second at lap 61.  Logan Boyett is third, followed by Tyler Millwood.

Meanwhile, Augie Grill has slowed and headed into the pits.

Saturday, 08:56pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 54 (restart top five: Steven Davis, Drew Brannon, Zach Nessner, Ryan Crane and Logan Boyett)

Saturday, 08:55pm Central Time - The right front suspension is gone off the #51f of Kyle Fowler from the incident a few cautions ago.  He has retired from the event. 

Saturday, 08:54pm Central Time - Ronnie Smith's car has been duct-taped back together and is going back out on the track.  DJ Vanderley's car had to be hauled off the track.

Saturday, 08:50pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG: LAP 54 - As the leaders made their way past the flag stand, coming up to speed, Ronnie Smith spun.  DJ Vanderley was also involved as his car clipped and went over the front end of Smith's car, then slammed the outside wall down towards turn one.

Saturday, 08:49pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 54

Saturday, 08:47pm Central Time - The cars are back rolling. 

Keaton Hanks came in and took right side tires only during this yellow.

The top five are: Steven Davis, Drew Brannon, Zach Nessner, Ryan Crane and Logan Boyett

Saturday, 08:40pm Central Time - We have an update from the pits on the scuffle over by the tech area.  One guy was holding his wrist and had a bloodied face, however no one is in custody.

On the trip to the tech area, our pit reporter Mike Twist also discovered Five Flags Speedway officials have brought in a chassis dyno for post-race tech of the Pro Late Model event tonight.  This was also done at the Alabama 200 at South Alabama Speedway.

Saturday, 08:38pm Central Time - RED FLAG: LAP 54 - The debris on the track has put us under red once again.

Saturday, 08:37pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG: LAP 54 - A big melee occured over in turn two once again.  This time it involved Kyle Fowler, Augie Grill, Brandon Odom, Dakota Stroup, Branden Bendele, Richard Johns and Jimmy Garmon.

Saturday, 08:36pm Central Time - The first few laps after the restart have been intense.  While Casey Roderick has made his way by Keaton Hanks to get a lap back, behind them, around five or so spots back, drivers with worn-out tires and those with new rubber were battling hard.  Two and three wide racing is going on all over the track.  Hanks still leads.

Saturday, 08:33pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 49

Saturday, 08:32pm Central Time - Security and an ambulance has been called to the tech shed area.  According to the officials, a scuffle has occured and someone might have a broken wrist.

Saturday, 08:28pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG: LAP 49 - Paul Kelley spun in turn two and the Justin South also went around.  Everyone, except for those two, will be getting their spots back and we will try again to get past lap 49.

The restart will be: Keaton Hanks, Drew Brannon, Zach Nessner, Kyle Fowler and Ronnie Smith.

Saturday, 08:26pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 49

Saturday, 08:24pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG: LAP 49 - Sammy McMullen went for a spin in turn two, but no one hit him, amazingly.  Max Gresham got a bit of the wall, but nothing major.

The restart will be: Keaton Hanks, Drew Brannon, Zach Nessner, Kyle Fowler and Ronnie Smith.

Saturday, 08:22pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 49

Saturday, 08:19pm Central Time - A bunch of cars came down pit road, including Augie Grill, Ryan Blaney and a host of others.  Grill and Blaney though both had some issues as they both tried to leave pit road without tires properly attached.  Blaney stopped midway down pit road without a right front tire while Grill was down the backstretch before stopping with a right rear missing.  Blaney's crew put a tire back on while on pit road while Grill was pushed around the track by a tow truck.  Grill might have some damage from that incident, even though he hasn't lost a lap since yellow laps do not count.

Top five: Keaton Hanks, Drew Brannon, Zach Nessner, Kyle Fowler and Sammy McMullen. Ronnie Smith is sixth, and all of those cars did not pit.  The first two cars with fresh tires are seventh and eighth, which is Steven Davis and Ryan Crane.

Grill has come back out onto the track.

Saturday, 08:12pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG: LAP 49 - Tyler Millwood went for a spin and Johanna Long clipped the wall over in turn four. 

The top five at this yellow: Augie Grill, Keaton Hanks, Steven Davis, Drew Brannon, Logan Boyett ... but that will change ... with pitstops expected.

Saturday, 08:06pm Central Time - Casey Roderick lined up inside of the leaders as the only car one lap down that was on the track.  He didn't get his lap back though from Augie Grill and has dropped back a bit from the leaders.

Grill leads Keaton Hanks, Steven Hanks, Drew Brannon and Max Gresham with 35 laps complete.

Saturday, 08:03pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 23: Augie Grill leads Keaton Hanks, Steven Davis, Drew Brannon and Max Gresham.

Saturday, 08:00pm Central Time - The cars are now back circulating the track.

Josh Hamner declined to comment to at this time.  He was dejected and heartbroken after the accident.  He felt he had a good chance at winning both races this weekend.  He will start third in the Snowball Derby tomorrow.

Dakota Stroup's team is rebuilding part of his damaged car.  The driver is up inside the wheelwell, helping his crew.

Saturday, 07:55pm Central Time - The word is that everyone is ok. 

Saturday, 07:53pm Central Time - RED FLAG: LAP 3 - The field has been put under red to clean up the mess. 

Officials have also stated that the #93 of Kyle Sirizzotti will be parked for five laps for "punting" John Long.  They said he can either take the five lap penalty or load it up and go home.

Saturday, 07:50pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG: LAP 23 - Well, we have a new leader, but not the way anyone wanted.

Jason Young was approaching two cars trying to hang on to the lead lap.  Kyle Sirizzotti had been beating the back end of John Long's car for a few laps.  Once the leaders got to them, Sirizzotti drilled Long in the back bumper, sending him into leader Jason Young, who was trying to pass the two slower cars on the outside.  Young spun and slammed the wall hard as well as second-place driver Josh Hamner creaming the wall. 

Augie Grill is now the leader.

Saturday, 07:48pm Central Time - Casey Roderick had a flat tire on the restart, forcing him to pit road.  He has lost two laps to the field. 

Saturday, 07:47pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 12: Jason Young leads Josh Hamner into turn one.

Saturday, 07:41pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG: LAP 12 - Ronnie Smith spun in turn four.  Cody Smith (no relation) has hit pit road, so we are not sure if he was involved.

Saturday, 07:40pm Central Time - Jason Young still has the lead after the restart, but with a few bumps, Augie Grill has made it known he wanted by Keeton Hanks for third.  He was able to get around him, but Hanks is about getting run over by everyone behind him.  Up ahead though, Young still leads Josh Hamner with 11 laps complete.

Saturday, 07:37pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG: LAP 3 The field comes back up to speed with Jason Young leading Josh Hamner, Keeton Hanks, Augie Grill and Drew Bannon.

Saturday, 07:35pm Central Time - Taylor Satterfield is back on the track with a car looking like a Modified.  Kyle Fowler is also returning to the track after his pit crew worked on is car during the red flag (which is allowed).  Dakota Stroup as well as Clay Alexander and Dillon Oliver came into the pit area on the hook or a flatbed.

We are back to yellow flag conditions as the cars are now back circulating around the track.

Saturday, 07:28pm Central Time - According to our pit reporters, the incident started with contact between Taylor Satterfield and Matt Smith.

It was a rough start for those that transferred out of the last chance races.  Four of the six drivers were involved in that incident.

Saturday, 07:24pm Central Time - Some news during this red flag.  The / BDI Racing Bar Stool Racer that we advertised on the earlier Trackside Now updates has been sold.  The person that bought it is already one for one as it beat out another Barstool Racer on the back pit road earlier this evening.

Saturday, 07:19pm Central Time - RED FLAG: LAP 3 - Due to the amount of carnage in turn two, the red flag has been displayed to clean up the mess.

Saturday, 07:17pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG: LAP 3 - A multiple car incident in turn two has us under yellow.  Some of those involved were Taylor Satterfield, Kyle Fowler, Dakota Stroup, Clay Alexander, Nathan Davis, Matt Smith, Keith English and John Long, as well as last chance winners Branden Bendele and Dillon Oliver.

Saturday, 07:16pm Central Time - One lap is in the books with Jason Young getting the jump over the field with Josh Hamner jumping into second.

Saturday, 07:15pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG: Jason Young and Keeton Hanks lead the field past the flag stand for the start of the Snowflake 100 Pro Late Model event.

Saturday, 07:13pm Central Time - Two laps to go before the green flag drops.  The intensity has picked up and the stands are packed from side to side, including the new grandstands in turn one.

Saturday, 07:08pm Central Time - A couple notes before the race starts:

Kyle Fowler will have BDI Racing #51 Super Late Model team coming over to pit his Pro Late Model car for this event. 

Augie Grill can win some big cash tonight if he wins.  He won the season-opening Pro Late Model race here at Five Flags Speedway, which was also sponsored by Allen Turner Hyundai.  If he wins tonight, a cool $10,000.00 will be his on top of the $7,000.00-to-win purse.

Saturday, 07:05pm Central Time - The engines have been fired, and we are about to get this party started here at Five Flags Speedway.

Saturday, 06:55pm Central Time - Make sure to register, login and post to the Snowball Derby discussion forum at Motorsports Lounge to discuss the Snowflake 100 race and all the action here at Five Flags Speedway. click here for the forum

Saturday, 06:52pm Central Time - The cars are on the front stretch as the drivers are being introduced to the fans.

Saturday, 06:50pm Central Time - Here is the starting lineup for tonight's Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100 Pro Late Model event:

1) 27 - Jason Young
2) 09 - Keeton Hanks
3) 4 - Josh Hamner
4) 112 - Augie Grill
5) 08 - Drew Brannon
6) 64 - Steven Davis
7) 23 - Paul Kelley
8) 711 - Max Gresham
9) 11 - Logan Boyett
10) 43 - Justin South
11) 10 - Ryan Crane
12) 2 - DJ Vanderley
13) 9 - Casey Roderick
14) 151 - Brandon Carlson
15) 42 - Bubba Pollard
16) 10 - Johanna Long
17) 43 - Richard Johns
18) 02 - Matt Smith
19) 40s - Taylor Satterfield
20) 15 - Cody Smith
21) 93 - Brandon Johnson
22) 81 - Brandon Odom
23) 10 - Ryan Blaney
24) 97 - Jimmy Garmon
25) 31 - Tyler Millwood
26) 84 - Clay Alexander
27) 08 - Andy Pugh
28) 47 - Dakota Stroup
29) 1 - Nathan Davis
30) 51f - Kyle Fowler
31) 6 - Branden Bendele
32) 33 - Dillon Oliver
33) 93 - Kyle Sirizzotti
34) 40 - Keith English
35) 32 - John Long
36) 5 - Zach Nessner
37) 51 - Sammy McMullen
38) 27 - Ronnie Smith

Saturday, 06:45pm Central Time - We have switched our Trackside Now coverage to a new page, specifically for the Snowflake 100 event.  For all the day's action prior to the start of the event (and the other Trackside Now days), click the link below.

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Snowball Derby Weekend
Five Flags Speedway
Pensacola, Florida

Saturday, Dec. 6th, 2008
Trackside Now: 41st Annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway
Brandon Carlson Wins Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100
Johanna Long received a loud cheer from the crowd when introduced. (51 Sports photo)
Kyle Fowler waves to the crowd. (51 Sports photo)
The Snowflake 100 starting grid. (51 Sports photo)
Jason Young will start tonight's race from the pole position. (51 Sports photo)
Early leaders Jason Young (left) and Josh Hamner (right) ended up in the wall after some slower cars put them there. (51 Sports photo)
Brandon Carlson won the Snowflake 100. (51 Sports photo)
Tyler Millwood and Ryan Blaney both had good runs go bad. (51 Sports photo)
Cars were trashed in the Snowflake. (51 Sports photos)
Taylor Satterfield was driving what resembled a Modified. (51 Sports photo)
Casey Roderick watches as his car goes up on the chassis dyno. (51 Sports photo)