Friday, 11:35pm Central Time - That is it for us here tonight at Five Flags Speedway.  We will be back, bright and early, tomorrow for more Snowball Derby practice, the last-chance race and the Snowflake 100 Pro Late Model event.

Friday, 11:35pm Central Time - The officials are checking the scoring to make sure everything is squared away.  We will post a link to the results on in the AM.

Friday, 11:27pm Central Time - After so many yellow flags that we lost count, Tuffy Hudson went to victory lane in the Modified feature.  Nick Diano finished second with Mike Maddox, John Heil and Mark Chrudimsky rounding out the top five.  Heil, trying hard to get another position at the end of the race, wrecked after the checkered flag, stuffing his car into the outside wall.  He appears to be ok.

Friday, 10:52pm Central Time - Well, I guess that was typed too soon.  The yellow flag came out for a jam-up in turn four on lap 29.  Before the cars could get slowed down, Kurt Jett (leader) and Nick Diano (third) spun over in turn two.  Luckily for both, since the yellow was out for the turn four deal, both got their spots back.  Did Jett use up all of his luck though?

Friday, 10:48pm Central Time - We are halfway in the marathon Modified race here at Five Flags Speedway.  Kurt Jett is in the top spot, which is a good thing since behind him the field has piled up multiple times.

Friday, 10:34pm Central Time - Hey, we have some great news from the tech area: all the Super Stocks passed tech, according to the officials, so Shannon Jackson is the official winner.

Friday, 10:23pm Central Time - The Modified feature continues here at Five Flags Speedway.  With 18 laps complete,  Kurt Jett leads Billy Melvin, Tuffy Hudson, Nick Diano and Donnie Hamrac.

Friday, 10:20pm Central Time - While there are many long faces in the pit area after Snowball Derby qualifying, Grant Enfinger has a smile on his face ear to ear after winning the pole position for the 41st Annual Snowball Derby Super Late Model event.  Enfinger told he plans to "use tire strategy" in the race and is going to just see what happens throughout the event.

Friday, 10:15pm Central Time - Another driver that went through the roller-coaster of emotions after Snowball Derby qualifying was PASS South Super Late Model driver Justin Wakefield.  The Woodstock, Georgia, native was one spot out of the Snowball Derby when qualifying was completed, but when the word came down that Augie Grill was disqualified, that bumped in Wakefield.

"I am relieved that I do not have to run the last chance race," said Wakefield.

He is scheduled to roll off from the 29th position on Sunday.

Friday, 10:13pm Central Time - Ryan Preece sure faced a roller-coaster of emotions after Snowball Derby qualifying was complete.  Originally, the Connecticut driver and NASCAR Modified standout was ranked 32nd in time trials – with only the top 30 getting locked into the starting grid for the feature.  But then there was tech.

“I was on my knees, praying that we might get in,” said Preece.  “The Lord must have heard my prayers.”

Preece ran into some good fortune next...for him at least…when both Augie Grill and Stephen McCurley were disqualified.  This bumped Preece up to 30th and got him into the field.

“I’m just happy to be in the show,” said a very relieved Preece.  “The pressure is off and now we can concentrate on the race.  I’ve got a stout car and hopefully we can just stay out of trouble and have a good race on Sunday.”

Friday, 10:10pm Central Time - For the full unofficial results of the 50-lap Super Stock event, click here.

Friday, 9:45pm Central Time - From the pole position, Shannon Jackson won the Super Stock 50-lap feature.  It wasn't a cake walk for Jackson as he lost the lead and had to work the back bumper of Chris Cotto for multiple laps, who lead through the middle part of the event.  Once he was back in the lead, he didn't look back as he claimed the victory.

Behind Jackson, the battle was for second place as John Shuffler held off Allen Pierce at the line by mere inches.  Darryl Rudd and Cotto rounded out the top five.

Next up is the 50-lap Modified feature.

Friday, 9:15pm Central Time - There are 25 laps complete of the 50 laps that make up the Super Stock feature.  We are currently under red flag conditions as a mutliple-car wreck occured in turns one and two, forcing them to use a rollback to get a car off the track.

The top five at the halfway mark: 1) Chris Cotto ; 2) Shannon Jackson ; 3) John Shuffler ; 4) Paul Jean ; 5) Darryl Rudd

Friday, 9:05pm Central Time - Do you have any comments on tonight's qualifying or post-race tech action?  Visit the Snowball Derby discussion forum at Motorsports Lounge and voice your opinion.  CLICK HERE NOW

Friday, 9:00pm Central Time - Ok, so, with everything that has happened over the last few hours with qualifying and with post-race tech, here is what we have for who qualified in, who got provisionals and who will have to race their way in tomorrow to the 41st Annual Snowball Derby:


182Grant Enfinger
294Mitch Cobb
338HJosh Hamner
410LJohanna Long
510CRyan Crane
61Eddie Mercer
71Tim Martin
839Ryan Sieg
911David Rodgers
1067Jeff Fultz
1191Heath Hindman
1222Matt Hawkins
1372Scott Hantz
1499SCasey Smith
1544Gary Helton
1643Dennis Schoenfeld
1727Jason Young
1802Matt Smith
1910Joey Senter
2054Johnny Clark
2190Tim Curry
2223Paul Kelly
236Hunter Robbins
2449Stanley Smith
250David Hole
2631Tyler Millwood
2726Bubba Pollard
2811Donald Long
2998Justin Wakefield
3051Ryan Preece


112Augie Grill(Blizzard pts) (was disqualified in post-qual tech; was 2nd fastest)
84Wayne Anderson (past Snowball Derby champ)
21Scott Carlson (Blizzard pts)

DID NOT QUALIFY (will have to race last chance race to get in)

1Stephan McCurley (was disqualified in post-qual tech; was 5th fastest)
99Wayne Niedecken Jr.
12Justin Drawdy
32John Long
2John Bolen
41Chris Davidson
70Jeff Choquette
7Gary St. Amant
84Wayne Anderson
10Jack Landis
82WDonnie Wilson
00William Wambles
88Roger Reuse
66Benny Gordon
48Cecil Chunn
97John Flemming
09John Wes Townley
10Danny Bagwell
96Greg Davidson
36Doug Thorpe
51Alex Hasse
98Billy Tutchtone
92Ron McDonald
73Corey Ruble(did not attempt qualifying run)
15Brian Ickler(wrecked coming to green in qualifying)
24JR Roahrig(did not attempt qualifying run)
25Rocky Boyd(did not attempt qualifying run)
5Shane Sieg(team thrown out for soaked tires; rumored to be racing tomorrow)

Friday, 8:55pm Central Time - The Super Stock feature race is on track.  There has been a few wrecks in the event, which has caused some cleanup.  We will try to update more on the race soon.

Friday, 8:45pm Central Time - tried to talk to both Augie Grill and Stephan McCurley, following their disqualifications. 

Grill's crew members told our reporter that he was in his hauler and "indisposed" at this time, so we were not able to get a comment from him.

We were able to locate McCurley, but he declined comment as he is emotional at this time, understandably.

Friday, 8:38pm Central Time - Per the officials, tech has cleared with no more disqualifications, so even though Justin Wakefield and Ryan Preece initially didn't make it into the field, the disqualifications of Augie Grill and Stephan McCurley put them in the show.  Grill, Wayne Anderson and Scott Carlson will get the three provisionals and the top six from the qualifier race will round out the 39-car Snowball Derby field.

Friday, 8:35pm Central Time - Officials have told us that the 41st Annual Snowball Derby, if it stands as is right now, will be a 39-car field.  The top 30 will be locked in via qualifying with Scott Carlson (Blizzard points), Wayne Anderson (past champion's provisional) and Augie Grill (Blizzard points).

Friday, 8:30pm Central Time - Stephan McCurley has been disqualified in post-race tech.  According to our reporters, he was 10 pounds light.

With McCurley and Grill's DQs, that unofficially bumps in Justin Wakefield and Ryan Preece.

Friday, 8:28pm Central Time - Nathan Davis won the Modified last chance race.  Mike Brooks finished second.  Those two drivers transfer to the feature to round out the 32 car field.  Marlin Gunter was third and will miss the feature.

The Super Stock feature is next.

Friday, 8:22pm Central Time - Word from the tech area is that Augie Grill was a quarter-inch low, causing the disqualification.

Friday, 8:12pm Central Time - The word just came across the radio from the tech area to the tower: Augie Grill has been disqualified.  We have staffers down at the tech area and will have more soon.

Friday, 8:09pm Central Time - While the tech area is a busy place after Snowball Derby qualifying, the last-chance qualifier for the Modifieds is on track.  Two drivers transfer into the field from this race.  We will have more from this event shortly.

Friday, 7:51pm Central Time - Our pit reporters checked with the Brian Ickler camp.  They said they are fixing the car and will be in the last-chance race tomorrow.

Friday, 7:41pm Central Time - We are not done here at Five Flags Speedway tonight.  We are checking in with some drivers on their post-qualifying reaction and will have that and more shortly.

Friday, 7:40pm Central Time - Results from qualifying has been posted.  See where your favorite driver timed in:


Friday, 7:34pm Central Time - Qualifying for the 41st Annual Snowball Derby has concluded.  Grant Enfinger, with a new track record, has set fast time.  Augie Grill was second, followed by Mitch Cobb, Josh Hamner and Stephan McCurley.

Donald Long was 30th fastest, just making it into the field.  Justin Wakefield and Ryan Preece were 31st and 32nd, the first two drivers getting bumped from the locked-in spots and will have to race their way in to the field.

Still though, there is the Ricky Brooks factor.  Earlier in the driver's meeting, Brooks said they were going to hold the top-35 cars after qualifying, so we will wait to see what comes out of post-qualifying tech.

Friday, 7:28pm Central Time - Doug Thorpe, Jr. brushed the backstretch wall on his qualifying lap and track workers are currently out looking things over to make sure that there is no debris on the track.  There are just a few cars left to attempt qualifying laps and there are plenty of drivers who are on pins and needles right now waiting to see if they will lock themselves into the field or have to run a last chance race tomorrow to try and get into the 41st Annual Snowball Derby.

Friday, 7:16pm Central Time - David Hole spun on his warm-up lap.  He didn’t hit anything with his #0 Chevrolet though and even made a U-Turn to allow for a little bit of a proper warm-up lap before his qualifying run.  Hole then ran two decent laps, with his lap of record being 17.06 seconds – which will be close, but should probably leave him in the all-important top 30 at the end of the night.

There isn't any changes at the top.

Friday, 7:10pm Central Time - The first Kyle Busch Motorsports entry, that of Alex Haase, had trouble on its qualifying lap.  But things got even worse for his teammate, Brian Ickler, on his time trial attempt.  Ickler, a regular in the NASCAR Camping World East Series, looped his #15 machine in turn three on his warm-up lap.  Ickler made heavy contact with the left side of his car against the wall.  He drove away, but the car was heavily damaged.  Currently, track workers are looking over the racing surface to make sure that it is in good shape for the next qualifiers.

Friday, 7:04pm Central Time - Grant Enfinger just ripped off a new track-record lap of 16.629, taking the fast qualifier spot from Augie Grill.

Friday, 7:02pm Central Time - 40 cars have dropped times on the table.  The top five hasn't changed. 

Friday, 7:00pm Central Time - Alex Haase’s #51 didn’t sound so good during his qualifying run.  His lap of record in the Kyle Busch Motorsports car was just a tick under 18 seconds and was only good enough to place 34th at the time.  During both qualifying laps, the car sounded as if it was misfiring down the straightaways.  The #51 team used a back-up car for the run after Haase wrecked in turn three during practice earlier today.

Friday, 6:49pm Central Time - A total of 30 cars have taken to the track.  Augie Grill is still the man at the point with Josh Hamner second, but Stephan McCurley has slotted himself in as third.  Johanna Long and Tim Martin round out the top five.

Since 30 cars have now timed in, the bumping process will start.  Bill Tutchtone is the 30th car on time, so he will be the first driver to get bumped when the next car goes faster than him.

Friday, 6:36pm Central Time - 20 drivers have taken time. Augie Grill still holds the top spot while Josh Hamner has placed himself second fastest.  Johanna Long, Tim Martin and Ryan Sieg are the current top five.

Friday, 6:22pm Central Time - With the first 10 drivers taking time, Augie Grill holds the top spot with Johanna Long second.  Ryan Sieg, Jason Young and Hunter Robbins are the top five.

Friday, 6:15pm Central Time - Four drivers have been penalized one of their qualifying laps for technical inspection matters.  Those drivers are Donnie Wilson, John Wes Townley, William Waubles and Casey Smith. Each of those drivers will have to put on their game face and run an impressive qualifying lap because that will be their only lap of record.

Friday, 6:09pm Central Time - The crossover gates are closed and qualifying is set to kick off at Five Flags Speedway.  The first car on the track is Donnie Wilson.

We will update periodically on how things are going.

Friday, 6:05pm Central Time - Matt Hawkins is keeping his fingers crossed for qualifying.  Making the show is hard enough, but Robbins has to make his engine live for those two laps.  That engine suffered a blown head gasket in the final practice session and has not been changed since.

Meanwhile, there is one driver with nearly no pressure on him in qualifying.  That is Josh Hamner, who is the 2008 Blizzard Series champion at Five Flags Speedway.  The highest non-qualifying points driver from that series will get a provisional start in the 41st Annual Snowball Derby, so as the champion Hamner is insured a starting spot for Sunday’s big race.

Friday, 6:00pm Central Time - There is just a few minor things happening here as final preperations before qualifying starts. 

While we wait, a bit of info on qualifying.  Tonight will lock in just the top 30 into the field.  The rest have to race their way in via the last-chance race tomorrow.

Friday, 5:45pm Central Time - We are just 15 minutes away from the scheduled time of the 41st Annual Snowball Derby Super Late Model qualifying.  Donnie Wilson drew the number one qualifying spot, so he will be the first driver to roll off from pit road and onto the track.  For a complete qualifying order, click here.

Friday, 5:25pm Central Time - Billy Melvin beat out Kurt Jett for the top spot in Modified qualifying.  Modified Qualifying Results

Friday, 5:15pm Central Time - Qualifying has concluded for the Super Stocks and the Modifieds.  Shannon Jackson set fast time for the Super Stocks.  We are waiting the timing and scoring results from the Modifieds.  Super Stocks Qualifying Results

Up next is Snowball Derby qualifying.

Friday, 5:00pm Central Time - Hannah "Squirt" Baker is one of the several female drivers here. She is another racer from Texas. Her father, Graham Baker, owns Houston Motorsports Park. She is a native Australian and it's her first time racing at Pensacola.

Friday, 4:45pm Central Time - Before we took a break, we teased of a few cool features added to the Snowball Derby coverage.  What exactly are they?

In the past, we have had driver diaries, both audio and written.  That has returned, but a few are back with us in a different format.

Ryan Preece, BDI Racing's driver of the #51 Beef 'O' Brady's Chevrolet, will be writing a driver blog during the whole weekend.  CLICK HERE NOW for his driver blog.

Gary St. Amant is back with his Derby Diary.  Fans are used to either written or audio entries, but this year it is a video diary.  CLICK HERE NOW for his Derby Diary.

Wayne Anderson used to write "Wayne's World" updates for us back in the old ASA days.  Now it is back, but it video form.  CLICK HERE NOW for "Wayne's World" video updates.

Friday, 4:35pm Central Time - was joined today at Five Flags Speedway by Allison Fulson, who has been writing some race reports and stories for the site this year.  Fulson adds some great writing skills and racing knowledge to the mix, and we are glad to have her aboard for the 41st Annual Snowball Derby coverage on

Also, last night, expert photographer Jamie Williams arrived at the track here to help us out with the coverage.  Willliams has provided photography for us for a long time now.  He caught some great action on the track today, including a few of the crash photos we have displayed.

Friday, 4:30pm Central Time - Just a reminder.  Feel free to register and post in the new Snowball Derby discussion forum on by clicking here.  We are checking the forum and will be interacting periodically with the fans.

Friday, 4:15pm Central Time - Here are a few updates.

Home field advantage? 18-year-old local driver Logan Boyett is hoping that’s the case. He hopes to utilize his knowledge of Five Flags Speedway gained in this season’s Pro Late Model Blizzard Series races, where he amassed several wins, to keep the trophy in the Pensacola area.

Grant Enfinger has been absent on the track this week.  He ran only a few laps during the final practice session and posted the third-fastest time.  Enfinger says his car is very good and he thinks it’s the best ride he has had here at Five Flags Speedway.
Matt Hawkins was also absent from the track most of the day.  A broken distributor kept them in the pits most of the afternoon.  Hawkins finished second a year ago after leading several laps.  He also qualified on the outside of the front row.  We should be able to tell if they are happy after his qualifying lap.
Ryan Crane was seventh fastest in the final session.  Crane won the final Blizzard race and the final Pro Late Model race of the season here at Five Flags Speedway.

Friday, 4:00pm Central Time - Qualifying for the Super Stocks and the Modifieds are currently taking place here.  Things are a bit behind due to practice sessions running a bit late (due to some wrecks) as well as major congestion on pit road.

Friday, 3:05pm Central Time - We are going to take a break from the wild action today at Five Flags Speedway and grab some food from our master chef, Matt Dillner, in the BDI Racing pits. 

We will be back with more information and some cool new features this year added to our coverage before the Snowball Derby qualifying.

Friday, 3:00pm Central Time - The final practice session times for the Snowball and Snowflake cars have been posted.



Friday, 2:50pm Central Time - Modified practice times from the track have been posted.


Friday, 2:45pm Central Time - Snowball Derby practice has concluded without any major incidents.  We will have times once made available.

Even though we have some downtime right now from the Super Late Model realm, don't go anywhere.  We have a few cool things we will be revealing here shortly that adds to our unique coverage of the 41st Annual Snowball Derby.

Friday, 2:40pm Central Time - If you are headed to Five Flags Speedway tonight, don’t even bother to try and park at the track…but don’t worry.  There is a very good alternative. About two miles south of the track on Pine Forest Road, across from the Fairgrounds, is a remote parking lot with about 10 acres of space.  A free shuttle is available to take everyone to the track from there and it will be a great way to avoid traffic leaving the track tonight after all of the racers are completed.

Friday, 2:35pm Central Time - Practice has started up again for the Super Late Models after a short break to allow people to cross the track.  This will be the final 30 minutes of practice before qualifying for the 41st Annual Snowball Derby takes place later today.  Only 10 cars are being released onto the track at a time now and that first group includes John Fleming, Jack Landis, Casey Smith and Benny Gordon.

There are just over a dozen more cars lined up to go out next, as the clock ticks down on practice. 

Friday, 2:15pm Central Time - A few other notes have come in from our pit reporters.

You could really feel the tension on pit road as the Super Late Model teams were preparing to hit the track for the final time before tonight’s qualifying. We saw several team members running around getting ready to send their cars on the track.  We even saw Johanna Long trade a little paint with John Fleming on pit road.  Both cars were ok and the rolled on the track with no issues.

Bubba Pollard and John Wes Townley were going to hit the track once before they make a mock qualifying run.  Jack Landis, Casey Smith, and David Hole were heading on the track to make mock qualifying runs at the start of final practice. 

Friday, 2:05pm Central Time - GAS and Lanier National Speedway Super Six Series driver Shane Sawyer is definitely satisfied with the performance of his #38 machine.

“It’s running pretty good," said Sawyer.  "I think it’s up there somewhere around seventh or eighth, which is fine with me. Now we’re just going to sit back and watch qualifying for the rest of the night.”

Friday, 2:05pm Central Time - Owensboro, Kentucky native Dakota Stroup has once again made the pilgrimage to Pensacola for the Snowflake 100. They are currently experiencing some engine issues, but are expecting to have them cleared before time to qualify tomorrow.

Friday, 1:58pm Central Time - A one-hour practice session for the Super Late Models is now set to begin.  There have been plenty of delays this afternoon thanks to numerous wrecks (several of which occurred in Modified practice) and one transporter – as explained below.

15 cars are being turned loose to start the session led by Heath Hindman.  A few of the other competitors out on the track right now include Alex Haase (in a back-up car), Justin Drawdy, Donald Long, Jeff Fultz, Gary St. Amant, Stanley Smith and Justin Wakefield.

Another two dozen plus cars are lined up on pit road to head out and practice next.

Friday, 1:50pm Central Time - Friday afternoon is only practice for various divisions that are racing on Snowball Derby week, but that hasn’t kept the people away.  From what we can tell from out of the back door of the press box, it looks like the parking lot is completely full.

Friday, 1:45pm Central Time - We have to give a call to PASS North Champion Johnny Clark.  He has been around the top of the speed charts for the last two days and said this is the best car he has ever had in Pensacola.  Clark won the $30,000 race at Wiscasset Raceway as well as a pair of $10,000 to win events.  If he wins on Sunday, it would cap off a year that may never be duplicated in Super Late Model racing.

Friday, 1:40pm Central Time - Georgia Snowflake driver, 15-year-old Max Gresham, posted an impressive practice session yesterday. The session was apparently satisfactory to the team as they packed up the jet and flew back home for Max to attend school today. They will return for tomorrow’s activities.

Friday, 1:38pm Central Time - Former Southern All Stars Late Model champion and Snowball Derby winner Ricky Turner is on the radio and in the helmet of the Late Models fielded by Bill Elliott of Mitch Cobb and Casey Roderick.  Turner is one of a few former champions we have seen in the pits. Ronnie Sanders and Jody Ridley are a few of the others. 

Friday, 1:35pm Central Time - The start of Modified practice was delayed thanks to the continuation of the Richie Wauters team removal process.  The Wauters team was finally able to get their transporter out of its infield parking spot – thanks to two teams moving their cars, equipment and one trailer. That delayed things a few moments, but then things got even hairier.  The rig went the wrong way down pit road and then got jammed up in the turn four area of the pits, where there simply wasn’t enough room to get through.  Having a ton of extra eyes to help guide the car and move a few things out of the way finally worked and now the team has left the track…but don’t worry, they will be back tomorrow with a new owner, car number and crew chief.  Hopefully, they will have a different parking spot too.

Friday, 1:25pm Central Time - The Hoosier tire company is putting in some serious work in this weekend at the Snowball Derby.  We dug up some information and can report that they will mount close to 3,000 tires this weekend.  Of course, all the rubber pulled from the tire truck are non-soaked racing tires. 

Back in the day the track record was set on soaked tires, but Five Flags Speedway Officials reset the track records a few years back.  So tonight when the Super Late Model cars hit the track they will all be gunning Eddie Mercer’s 16.804 mark from the last Blizzard race.

Will the record fall tonight?

Friday, 1:05pm Central Time - Track owner Tim Bryant is walking around this afternoon with his hand all wrapped up. 

“Just a little cut,” he said.  “It was pretty unspectacular.”

It turns out that Bryant got his hand caught in a gate while working this morning.  We already knew that Bryant gave his sweat and tears into making the Snowball Derby a success…now we can add his blood to that list as well.

Friday, 12:55pm Central Time - The Richie Wauters saga continues.  Wauters’ team is being escorted from the track, so after Pro Late Model practice, they tried to pull their transporter out of its parking space and out of the track.  Their first attempt failed.  One team beside of them actually moved their whole rig ahead to clear a little room, while the team on the other side moved their racecar three stalls down to get out of the way.  Still, the rig couldn’t get out of its tight parking space.  After a few minutes of blocking pit road and holding up practice for the Super Stock division, the Wauters team gave up for the time being and parked right back in their space.

Friday, 12:43pm Central Time - The Snowflake Pro Late Model practice has concluded for the day.  We will have times shortly.

Friday, 12:38pm Central Time - Josh Bragg escaped damage in an earlier incident on the track, but just a few minutes later he wasn’t as lucky.  Bragg looped his #22 on the frontstretch and came to rest against the outside wall.  There is a good amount of damage on the car and the Mississippi driver needed a wrecker to get back into the pits.

Friday, 12:38pm Central Time - Here is another update on the Richie Wauters situation.  Wauters has sold his team not to Eddie Mercer, but to Mercer’s car owner James Finch instead.

Friday, 12:35pm Central Time - Josh Bragg brought out the caution during practice for the Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100.  Bragg had an incident in turn three with his #22 Super Late Model.  We’re not sure if he actually hit the wall or not, but if not, he sure came close.  There appears to be little, if any, damage to Bragg’s car and he’ll continue on practicing without even a pit stop to assess the situation.

Friday, 12:30pm Central Time - Modified practice times from the track have been posted.


Friday, 12:25pm Central Time - For those looking for photos from today, they are on the way.  We have been busy chasing down stories this morning since it has been pretty intense.

Friday, 12:15pm Central Time - We have some late-breaking news here at the Snowball Derby including a new entry…of sorts.

According to Richie Wauters, what was his #5 team will be allowed to take a shot at getting into the Snowball Derby after all.  Wauters has sold the team to Eddie Mercer, who promptly re-entered the race with driver Shane Sieg.  There are a few conditions that go with the deal though according to Wauters.

First off, the team will not be allowed to practice at all today.  Their rig will have to leave speedway property as well and then come back in after gates open on Saturday morning.  They will have to change their number as well.  Wauters will not be allowed to serve in the role of the crew chief, but will have to pay a $1,000 fine.  Finally, the team will have to start at the rear of the last chance race.

Friday, 12:05pm Central Time - Yesterday, Dennis Schoenfeld was in the middle of the pack on the speed charts with his #43 Super Late Model.  The car was quick and handled well, but he just couldn’t get on the gas without upsetting it too much.  The team went to work and found something last night that they changed today though – and they expected better results today.  The changes apparently worked because Schoenfeld moved up to 27th on the rundown that included both Snowball Derby and Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100 cars.

Friday, 12:00pm Central Time - The big black transporter of Richie Wauters’ team is still sitting in the fronstretch pits at Five Flags Speedway.  The team wants to leave the premises and is all loaded up, but a tractor with 53 feet of Featherlite trailer behind it is not easy to back out of a crowded pit area.  With practice going on full song, it doesn’t look like the Wauters team will be hitting the road anytime soon either.

Friday, 11:50am Central Time - So, what does Ricky Brooks, Richie Wauters and Shane Sieg have to say about Brooks booting the Wauters #5 team out today for the weekend for soaked tires?  Read what each had to say, which includes some harsh comments and a possible lawsuit being filed by Wauters by clicking the story link below:

Wauters Team Tossed Out of 41st Annual Snowball Derby - click here for the story

Friday, 11:30am Central Time - Tim Curry (SLM) set fast time in the first Super Late Model / Pro Late Model practice session of the day.  He was followed by Scott Hantz (SLM), Wayne Anderson (SLM), Brian Ickler (SLM) and Mitch Cobb (SLM). Casey Roderick had the fastest time for the Pro Late Models.


Friday, 11:20am Central Time - Due to the extensive yellows during the first practice session for the Late Models, the times for practice sessions are being shifted.  Here is the current schedule now:

11:00am-11:30am: Super Stock practice
11:30am-12:00pm: Modified practice
12:00pm-12:30pm: SnowFlake Pro Late Model only practice
12:30pm-1:00pm:  Super Stock practice
1:00pm-1:30pm: Modified practice
1:30pm-2:30pm: Snowball Super Late Model only practice (final before qualifying)

Friday, 11:15am Central Time - Brandon Johnson is here trying to make the Snowflake 100 after a solid top-five run a few weeks back at Peach State Speedway (GA) in the World Crown 300 Weekend.  Johnson has run with the ASA Late Model South series in the past and hopes to make a splash in this years Allen Turner Snowflake 100.

Friday, 11:10am Central Time - While yesterday's practice sessions were a bit tame, this first session for the Super Late Models and Pro Late Models is anything but.  The session was marred by multiple incidents on the track.

A few cars spun in turn four, but the one that got the most damage out of an incident was Korey Ruble in his Super Late Model.  The damage to his car was too much as he told us the car is done for the weekend and it will not see the track again.  He is still planning on running in the Pro Late Model event.

Rodney Benefield went for a loop on the front stretch, but didn't appear to hit anything, so he was one of the fortunate drivers.

Alex Haase took a trip into the third-turn wall after blowing a tire, doing heavy damage to the right front on his car.  His team is rolling out a back-up car and they are currently taking the carburetor and shocks off the primary car to put on the back-up.

JR Roahrig from Bremen, Indiana, doesn’t have a back up and looks to be done after hitting the front stretch wall hard.  The crew told that they think something broke because it just snapped right on Roahrig.  The driver was upset with the situation and went into his trailer to cool down.  Tough luck for the Indiana native.

Friday, 10:30am Central Time - While the racing action was still on the track at Five Flags Speedway for the Sportsman and Bomber divisions last night, many drivers, crew and media headed over to Fast Eddie's Fun Center for the ninth-annual Snowball Showdown, and the action on the track lived up to the billing.

There were three featured events throughout the evening.  First up was the celebrity / media race.  Bob Dillner's daughter Meghan Dillner (a Pro Challenge Series racer) looked like she was going to take the victory, but after she was spun out from the bumper of Michael Pope (crew member for BDI Racing this weekend),'s Editor Mike Twist got to the lead and took the victory.

In the Snowball / Snowflake driver's feature, Ryan Preece jumped to a large early lead, but he was caught by Josh Hamner.  As the two went side-by-side for the lead coming out of turn four, Justin Drawdy cut hard left, made it three wide down the front stretch and took the lead.  Drawdy, who won a heat race to get into the driver's race feature, won the event.

After 16 heat races and three semi-final events, the big Snowball Showdown feature started 10 cars, ranging from race car drivers to crew members and members of the media. co-owner and BDI Racing owner Bob Dillner jumped out to the lead early in the event.  He held serve up front while his Snowball Derby driver Ryan Preece, who went a lap down on purpose, ran blocker behind Dillner and helped his car owner take the ninth annual Snowball Showdown title.

There was too much action and fun to just wrap up everything from Fast Eddie's here on Trackside Now.  We will have more from this event in the coming weeks on

Friday, 10:08am Central Time - Practice has started for the day.  We will have times from the various divisions as well as some news bits from the pits throughout the day.

Friday, 9:25am Central Time - The driver's meeting has concluded.  The standard discussions from yesterday's meeting held serve today, with the exception of more emphasis on not using soaked tires.

We will have more on the Richie Wauters / Shane Seig / Ricky Brooks issue soon.

Friday, 8:50am Central Time - Up next is the driver's meeting.

Friday, 8:35am Central Time - We told you just a few moments ago about some early drama.  How about one of the fastest drivers from yesterday's practice being told to go home?

Rumors floated in to late last night (after we left the track) that the #5 Victor Ford owned by Richie Wauters and driven this weekend by Shane Seig was caught with soaked tires.  This morning, Ricky Brooks and Wauters were in a discussion meeting right in front of their hauler.  We have been told that Wauter's team is being escorted off the premises this morning and the Seig / Wauters combination will not be in the 41st Annual Snowball Derby. 

Our pit reporters Mike Twist and Elgin Traylor are on top of the situation and we will have more on this developing story soon.

Friday, 8:15am Central Time - It might be early, but we have plenty of news to talk about this morning, including some hard-core racing action at Fast Eddie's last night.  Stay tuned for details on that event, coming up shortly.

Friday, 8:10am Central Time - This week, and opened up the official Snowball Derby discussion forum.  View and join the discussion on this week's racing action here at Five Flags Speedway.  We will be poking in there from time to time, and if we can, we will answer your questions about the happenings at the track.  Click here now for the discussion forum (or click the link at the top of the Trackside Now pages).

Friday, 8:05am Central Time - This morning is a bit chilly here at the track, so everyone is bundled up pretty tight this AM.

Thursday, 8:00am Central Time - Good morning from Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida, for the third day of Trackside Now coverage for the 41st Annual Snowball Derby event.  Here is today's schedule:

8:00 AM Pits Open
9:00 AM Late Model Drivers Meeting
10:00 AM Rotating Practice (LM, SS, MOD)
1:00 PM Late Model Practice only
SS to Pre-Qualifying Tech
1:30 PM Modified to Pre-Qualifying Tech
2:00 PM Late Model Practice & Tech Ends
2:30 PM Super Stock Qualifying (Lock in 30)
3:00 PM Modified Qualifying (Lock in 30 )
Snowball Cars to Tech (in order of draw)
5:00 PM SS & Mod Driver’s meeting
6:00 PM Snowball Derby Qualifying (Lock in 30)
7:45 PM Pre Race Festivities
8:00 PM SS & Mod B Mains (if necessary) 15 Laps
Super Stocks Feature (50 Green Laps)
Modified Feature (50 Green Laps)

Thursday, Dec. 4th - click here now
Wednesday, Dec. 3rd - click here now

Snowball Derby Weekend
Five Flags Speedway
Pensacola, Florida

Friday, Dec. 5th, 2008
Trackside Now: 41st Annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway
Friday, December 5th, 2008 Action (Pensacola, FL)
The Richie Wauters hauler is attempting to exit the track. (51 Sports photo)
The big winners at Fast Eddie's ninth annual Snowball Showdown on Thursday night were Mike Twist (celebrity / media race - top), Justin Drawdy (Snowball/Snowflake driver's race - middle) and Bob Dillner (Snowball Showdown feature - bottom).  (51 Sports Photos)
Eric Wallace Lead the pack in practice. (Jamie Williams Photo)
Jimmy Garmon works the turns. (Jamie Williams Photo)
Josh Hamner will test his Super Late Model today for the first time this week. (51 Sports photo)
Kyle Fowler has arrived, he has been in school for the last two days while his dad has been working on the car here at the track  (51 Sports photo)
John Fleming is the only Canadian driver at this year’s Derby. (51 Sports photo)
Alex Haase pounds the turn three wall. (Jamie Williams photo)
Korey Ruble after running into Dillon Oliver. (Jamie Williams photo)
"Junior" Niedecken attends to his #99 Super Late Model. (51 Sports photo)
Car Owner Bob Dillner (Left) and his driver Ryan Preece (Right) show off their shirts. (51 Sports photo)
The rules for fans at Five Flags are simple – especially the last one. (51 Sports photo)
JR Roahrig smashed his car hard into the front-stretch wall.  He was ok, but the car wasn't.  (51 Sports photo)
John Long had an incident, but not on the track.  The team golf cart got into the left front of one of the cars causing damage to the left front.  (51 Sports photo)
Look at all the tires.  (51 Sports photo)
The removal of the Richie Wauters rig tried the patience of everyone today.  (51 Sports photos)
Former Snowball Derby Winner Ricky Turner.  (51 Sports photo)
Grant Enfinger with Speed51’s Allison Fulson.  (51 Sports photo)
Justin Drawdy hoping to follow up the Fast Eddies Go-Kart win with a pole in tonight’s Snowball Derby qualifying.    (51 Sports photo)
Casey Smith at speed.    (51 Sports photo)
Alex Haase using “stickers” tires for a mock-qualifying run.    (51 Sports photo)
Wayne Anderson is back here at with "Wayne's World" updates, this time in video format..  (51 Sports photo)
Texas racer (and Australia native) Hannah Baker is here for the first time in her career.  (51 Sports photo)
Grant Enfinger set fast time during Snowball Derby qualifying.  (51 Sports photo)
The sun setting over the horizon means that it is just about time for Snowball Derby qualifying.  (51 Sports photo)
Not everyone in the Super Stock race had a good night.  (51 Sports photos)