Trackside Now: September 26th, 2008 - Carpenter's Campers 100
Round Five of The Blizzard Series at Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL
Friday, 11:35pm Central Time - It's all in the book and Ryan Crane is your winner and Josh Hamner is the Blizzard series champion.  Both Hamner and Scott Carlson will have starting spots in the 41st Annual Snowball Derby.

Crane returns to victory lane at Five Flags Speedway for the first time since the Snowflake 100 last December.  He along with Josh Hamner will be looking for his first ever Snowball Derby win.

Here are the results from the race and we will have more on this race next week on

110CRyan Crane
294Mitch Cobb
372Eddie Mercer
421Scott Carlson
538Josh Hamner
643Dennis Schoenfeld
71Tim Martin
882Donnie Wilson
999NWayne Niedecken Jr.
1088Roger Reuse
1173Korey Ruble
120David Hole
13112Augie Grill
1426Bubba Pollard
1599SCasey Smith
1610L Johanna Long
1791Heath Hindman
1811Donald Long
1951Alex Haase
2012Justin Drawdy
2149Stanley Smith
2216David Hodges Jr.
232John Bolen
2439Shane Sieg
2527Jason Young
2667Jeff Fultz
2736Keith Thorpe
2829Allen Karnes
DNS41Chris Davidson

Friday, 10:11pm Central Time - Ryan Crane has won the Carpenter's Campers 100. Stay tuned for more.

Friday, 10:07pm Central Time - Ryan Crane takes the lead with nine laps to go.

Friday, 10:07pm Central Time - 10 to go and it's athree car fight, Mercer, Crane and Cobb.

Friday, 10:05pm Central Time - We are back GREEN on lap 74 and the battle is on as Mitch Cobb took the lead on lap 76.  Eddie Mercer took two laps and he re-took the lead on lap 78.  Mercer is now the leader with Ryan Crane back to second.

Friday, 10:00pm Central Time -  YELLOW on lap 74 Johanna Long and John Bolen spin in turn four.

All the leaders will pit. Mitch Cobb beat Eddie Mercer off pit road and will loine up second behind Donnie Wilson. Mercer is third, Crane in fourth and Scott Carlson is fifth.

Friday, 9:51pm Central Time - Eddie Mercer has just lapped Augie Grill and is closing in on the most recent Blizzard winner Bubba Pollard.

Friday, 9:49pm Central Time - Jeff Fultz was running in the top 10 and his car lost power, he has hit pit road and looks to be done for the night. Top five, Mercer, Crane, Ruble, Mitch Cobb, and Tim Martin.

Friday, 9:45pm Central Time - Eddie Mercer retakes the top spot on lap 43, Ryan Crane came along on the pass and is now in second, Kory Ruble is third.

Friday, 9:42pm Central Time - We are back GREEN on lap 33 Ruble sets sails and pulls away.  After side-by-side battle Eddie Mercer held of Ryan Crane for second.

Friday, 9:34pm Central Time - We are YELLOW at lap 33 for oil on the track. Donnie Wilson will lead the charge to pit road and Augie Grill, Casey Smith and John Bolen will follow him down pit lane. Bolen and Wilson did get tires.

Friday, 9:28pm Central Time - At 25 laps it's Korey Ruble, Eddie Mercer, Ryan Crane, Donnie Wilson and Tim Martin in the top five. 

Friday, 9:26pm Central Time - Our point leaders Josh Hamner and Scott Carlson are running 13th and 14th on lap 15.   Ruble still leads.

Friday, 9:23pm Central Time - Lead change on lap 5 as Korey Ruble takes the top spot from Eddie Mercer. Ryan Crane is now third.

Friday, 9:21pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG we are underway Eddie Mercer leads the charge and holds the top spot after one lap.

Friday, 9:15pm Central Time - Engines have fired and we are rolling around on the pace laps here at Five Flags Speedway.

Friday, 8:35pm Central Time - The Bomber Feature is on the track and the Blizzard race is next. It will take a few minutes to stage the cars and to do driver introductions.

Friday, 8:25pm Central Time - After tonight's race the next Super Late Model event here at Five Flags Speedway will be the 41st annual Snowball Derby.  Some questions will be answered as to who could be a favorite heading in to Derby Week. It's only 72 days away

The champion of the Blizzard Series will get a guaranteed spot in the 300-lap race on Sunday December 7th.

Friday, 8:00pm Central Time - Here is the full rundown from qualifying.  Eddie Mercer shattered the track record which was 16.918 by Johnny Brazier.  Mercer's lap was a full tenth of a second faster at 16.804.  Mercer said it was a better lap then he expected and said he could still learn a thing or two at his old age.

Our two championship contenders Scott Carlson and Josh Hamner will be starting 10th and 12th.

172Eddie Mercer16.804
21Tim Martin17.045
373Korey Ruble17.092
410CRyan Crane17.170
591Heath Hindman17.200
682Donnie Wilson17.301
72John Bolen17.397
894Mitch Cobb17.408
90David Hole17.413
1021Scott Carlson17.443
1151Alex Haase17.448
1238Josh Hamner17.537
1399NWayne Niedecken Jr.17.543
1426Bubba Pollard17.557
1567Jeff Fultz17.568
1688Roger Reuse17.587
1743Dennis Schoenfeld17.597
18112Augie Grill17.625
1999SCasey Smith17.646
2016David Hodges Jr.17.659
2136Keith Thorpe17.683
2210L Johanna Long17.700
2339Shane Sieg17.753
2412Justin Drawdy17.762
2549Stanley Smith17.806
2611Donald Long17.813
2729Allen Karnes17.890
2827Jason Young17.908
2941Chris Davidson17.965

Friday, 7:41pm Central Time - Eddie Mercer with a blistering lap of 16.804 has won the pole for tonight's race.  We will have the full results shortly.

Friday, 6:35pm Central Time - We are heading trackside in preparation for qualifying at 6:45

Friday, 6:25pm Central Time - We had 31 cars here today as J.R. Dudley left before practice.  We have just found out that Dwayne Buggay has loaded his car up after breaking a rear-end.  That leaves up with 29 total cars for the race.

We should also tell you that Jeff Choquette is here working on his car in preparation for the 100 lap race at Mobile International Speedway (AL). That race will be run tomorrow night. 

Friday, 6:00pm Central Time - Here are the top speeds from practice. Not one driver was in the top five in both sessions, it shows we will have a pretty good field for tonight's race. 

111Donald Long17.671
299NWayne Niedecken Jr.17.972
30David Hole17.975
439Ryan Sieg18.014
526Bubba Pollard18.065


172Eddie Mercer17.649
294Mitch Cobb17.668
382Donnie Wilson17.674
410CRyan Crane17.694
551Alex Haase17.789

Friday, 5:40pm Central Time - The points are tight as we head into the final Blizzard race of the season.  Josh Hamner has the ball in his court and hopes to lock up the title.  Hamner won the first race of the season for the SLM here at Five Flags Speedway.  Since then he has had a string of top five finishes and an eighth place finish after getting into a little tangle here in the last race.  Scott Carlson of course would love to defend his 2007 Blizzard Series Championship.

1 Josh Hamner 585
2 Scott Caarlson 560
3 Casey Smith 475
4 Augie Grill 455
5 David Hole 425

Friday, 5:30pm Central Time - Both Alex Haase and Heath Hindman are here after the PASS South race was called off at Hickory. It's good to see guys who will hall anywhere to race their Super Late Models.  Hindman wished they could have run the Hickory race as he won the event there last year. 

Friday, 5:15pm Central Time - Here is the list of the drivers on hand for the 100 lapper tonight.

10David Hole
22John Bolen
310CRyan Crane
410L Johanna Long
511Donald Long
612Justin Drawdy
721Scott Carlson
826Bubba Pollard
927Jason Young
1029Allen Karnes
1136Keith Thorpe
1238Josh Hamner
1339Ryan Sieg
1441Chris Davidson
1543Dennis Schoenfeld
1645Dwayne Buggay
1749Stanley Smith
1851Alex Haase
1967Jeff Fultz
2072Eddie Mercer
2173Korey Ruble
2282Donnie Wilson
2388Roger Reuse
2494Mitch Cobb
2599NWayne Niedecken Jr.
2699SCasey Smith
27112Augie Grill
2891Heath Hindman
2916David Hodges Jr.
301Tim Martin

Friday, 5:00pm Central Time - Good Afternoon from Five Flags Speedway (FL).  Today is the final round of the Blizzard Super Late Model Series and we are expecting a good one. We have 31 cars on hand for tonight's 100 lap event.  The big question is who will walk away tonight with the garnteed starting spot in the 41st annual Snowball Derby?  Will it be Scott Carlson or Josh Hamner?  Time will tell as cars are on the track for final practice.

Today's Schedule

Pit Gate Opens @ 1:00
Blizzard Drivers Meeting @ 3:45
BLIZZARD  Practice (4:00-5:30)
Local Practice 5:30 (Super Stock, Sportsmen, Bomber)
BLIZZARD Cars to Pre Qualifying Tech
BLIZZARD Qualifying @ 6:45
Local Driver’s Meeting @ 7:30
Pre Race Festivities   7:50
Feature Races Begins @ 8:00
Super Stock Seaason Championship (30 Laps)
Bombers Feature (15 Laps)
Carpenter's Campers  “100”   Lap Feature
Sportsmen  Feature (20 Laps)

Blizzard Series #5
Carpenter's Campers 100
Septtember 26th, 2008
Five Flags Speedway
Pensacola, Florida
Korey Ruble from Alabama and Bubba Pollard from Georgia will square off like their fellow College Football teams.  Ruble goes to Alabama, and Pollard like a true Bulldog is wearing red. (51 Photo)
Josh Hamner is the Blizzard Point leader by 25 points over Scott Carlson. He could clinch a spot in the Derby if he does.  (51 Photo)
Today is the final round of Blizzard series. (51 Photo)
Donald Long led the first practice here at Five Flags Speedway. (51 Photo)
Stanley Smith went for a spin in practice, his car was ok after he looped it.  (51 Photo)
Eddie Mercer had his eyes closed before his record setting lap here at Five Flags Speedway. (51 Photo)
Dwayne Buggay had to load up early after a broken rear-end.  (51 Photo)
72 days away, are you ready? (51 Photo)
The front row for the Carpenter's Campers 100. (51 Photo)
Josh Hamner is the 2008 Blizzard Series Champion.
(51 Photo)
Ryan Crane back in victory lane at Five Flags. (51 Photo)