Trackside Now: August 15th, 2008 - Miller Chill 100
Round Four of The Blizzard Series at Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL
Friday, 11:50pm Central Time - What a wild night here at Five Flags Speedway.  Scott Carlson spun on oil in turn one and gave the lead to Grant Enfinger who held it until Eddie Mercer went for the top spot and contact from Mitch Cobb set off a five car wreck that wiped out the leaders.  [Editor's Note - Our observers thought that Cobb hit Mercer and Mercer himself felt that he got hit from behind, but a video replays seems to show that Cobb never actually touched Mercer's car in the incident] 

That paved the road for Bubba Pollard who missed the wreck and went from fourth to first in one turn.  Here are the final resutls as the top eight were on the lead lap.  We will have more on on Monday.

126Bubba Pollard
282Donnie Wilson
311Donald Long
472Eddie Mercer
551Alex Haase
60David Hole
721Scott Carlson
838Josh Hamner
999Casey Smith
10112Augie Grill
1144Michael Pope
1227Jason Young
1310Johanna Long
1488Roger Reuse
1582Grant Enfinger
1694Mitch Cobb
171Tim Martin
18114Lee Carter
192John Bolen
20O7Brad Webb
2173Kory Ruble
2239Shane Sieg
2310Ryan Crane
2443Dennis Schoenfeld
2549Stanley Smith
2628Ron Joyner
2741Chris Davidson

Friday, 10:19pm Central Time - The drama is over as Bubba Pollard sails away for the win. We will be back with more.

Friday, 10:13pm Central Time - The restart was amazing as the leaders went bumper to bumper. Eddie Mercer got under Enfinger and and the two wrecked colleceting Mitch Cobb and Josh Hamner along with Alex HaaseBubba Pollard is the leader with five to go. We are under Yellow

Friday, 10:00pm Central Time - The wild sprint lasted two laps and Scott Carlson spun by himself going into turn one. Grant Enfinger is the new leader with Mercer, Cobb, Pollard and Hamner right behind him.  looks as if something may have broken on Carlson's car.  We are under Yellow

Friday, 9:54pm Central Time - Grant Enfinger randown the leader Scott Carlson, but a Yellow come out with nine to go.  This could get really wild as Mercer is third with Hamner, Cobb and Pollard right behind.

Friday, 9:49pm Central Time - Scott Carlson took the lead on lap 77 and Grant Enfinger is now second.  Mitch Cobb and Bubba Pollard are working their ways back to the front as well.

Friday, 9:47pm Central Time - The run after the  Green was pretty clean as everyone got away single file. Grant Enfinger restarted fifth and quickly got back to third. Mercer and Carlson are trying to out run him.

Friday, 9:41pm Central Time - All leaders pitted, and Eddie Mercer beat all the cars off pit road, Scott Carlson is second, and Josh Hamner is third.  Mercer and Carlson were fifth and sixth when they came in.

Friday, 9:38pm Central Time - Mitch Cobb has reeled in Enfinger and re-passed him for the lead on lap 62.  The tires are geting pretty thin after this long run.

Just like that Brad Webb spins setting up a mad dash for the pits as the Yellow is out on lap 65.

Friday, 9:35pm Central Time - Grant Enfinger finally got by Grill.  After 50 laps Enfinger leads, Cobb, Pollard, Josh Hamner and Eddie Mercer.

Friday, 9:30pm Central Time - Grant Enfinger came up on Augie Grill and Casey Smith to lap them.  He got by Smith ok, but Grill has been giving him problems.  Meanwhile Ryan Crane has hit pit road with engine troubles. 

Friday, 9:25pm Central Time - Leaders are working lap traffic and Grant Enfinger has good sized lead over Mitch CobbBubba Pollard has moved to third as we are working lap 30.

Friday, 9:20pm Central Time - After going back Green Mitch Cobb had to deal with Grant Enfinger for several laps.  After some rubbing Grant Enfinger got by and pulled away.  Eddie Mercer is now third, with Donnie Wilson fourth, and Bubba Pollard fifth after 15 laps.

Friday, 9:10pm Central Time - The second try goes much better as Mitch Cobb gets away clean and leads the opening laps.  Augie Grill is back in the field with no hood and  minus a fender.

We have gone Yellow on lap 6.  It looks as if Ron Joyner was leaking some oil. 

Friday, 9:03pm Central Time - Green Flag is out and we are underway in the Miller Chill 100. As we got to the third turn Stanley Smith got turned around by Korey Ruble and Chris Davidson, Dennis Schoenfeld, and Tim Martin were all collected.  Grill and Davidson have major damage. We will have a complete restart. 

Friday, 8:55pm Central Time - Engines have fired and we are close to the green flag. We did lose one car as the 92 of Ron McDonald will not be starting the event.

Friday, 8:30pm Central Time - The Super Late Model teams are rolling to the grid for the  feature event. We should be race a little before 9pm Central Time.

Friday, 8:00pm Central Time - The Bombers are on the track for their feature, the Miller Chill 100 will be next.

Friday, 7:45pm Central Time - Here is the starting lineup for the Miller Chill 100. The field is mixed pretty good as previous Blizzard winners Augie Grill, and Scott Carlson will be rolling off 16th and 13th. 

194Mitch Cobb17.383
282Grant Enfinger17.392
382Donnie Wilson17.455
472Eddie Mercer17.536
538Josh Hamner17.537
626Bubba Pollard17.569
710Ryan Crane17.596
811Donald Long17.599
949Stanley Smith17.603
102John Bolen17.606
1173Kory Ruble17.622
121Tim Martin17.673
1321Scott Carlson17.696
1441Chris Davidson17.727
150David Hole17.795
16112Augie Grill 17.836
1739Shane Sieg17.855
1843Dennis Schoenfeld17.878
1988Roger Reuse17.884
2010Johanna Long17.916
2151Alex Haase17.924
2299Casey Smith17.962
2344Michael Pope17.964
24O7Brad Webb18.061
2527Jason Young18.228
26114Lee Carter18.264
2728Ron Joyner18.753
2892Ron MacDonald9999

Friday, 7:25pm Central Time - Mitch Cobb has won the pole for tonight's Miller Chill 100.  Grant Enfinger will be on the outside.

Friday, 6:35pm Central Time - We are heading trackside for qualifying, we will be back once the field is set.

Friday, 6:25pm Central Time - The Blizzard points are a battle for a guaranteed starting spot in the Snowball Derby in December. With two races left Josh Hamner is the leader as only a few guys really have a shot at winning the Championship.

1. Josh Hamner    460
2. Scott Carlson   430
3. Mitch Cobb      380

Friday, 6:15pm Central Time - Here are the top five speeds from the two practice sessions.  Alex Hasse looks to have a very good car as he was in the top three in both sessions.  Remember back to the Snowball Derby last year.  the 51 car had Jason Hogan behind the wheel and they could not get in the field after missing it in qualifying and then getting disqualified for a height infraction. If the 51 car is to win toinght it would be a big boost for the Kyle Busch Motorsports operation.

Practice 2
151Alex Haase17.900
226Bubba Pollard17.908
394Mitch Cobb17.925
4112Augie Grill 18.041
582Donnie Wilson18.278

Practice 1
1. 72Eddie Mercer17.629
2. 112Augie Grill 17.801
3. 51Alex Haase17.933
4. 10Ryan Crane17.941
5. 82Donnie Wilson18.056

Friday, 5:55pm Central Time - Practice is in the books and we will have some speeds for you as soon as we can get them.  One note from pit road finds that Johanna Long broke the rearend during a practice run.  They are working on the car and she should be ok for qualifying.

Friday, 5:45pm Central Time - Welcome to Five Flags Speedway, Home of the Snowball Derby.  The Derby may not be until later on this year, but the track here in Pensacola, Florida has that pre Derby buzz. We have a talented field of 28 Super Late Model drivers on hand for tonight's Miller Chill 100.

Here is the list of cars that are on hand:

Here is tonight's Schedule: (Keep in mind we are in the Central Time Zone)
  Pit Gate Opens @ 1:00
· Blizzard Drivers Meeting @ 3:45
· BLIZZARD  Practice (4:00-5:30)
· Local Practice 5:30 (Super Stock, Sportsmen, Bomber)
· BLIZZARD Cars to Pre Qualifying Tech
· BLIZZARD Qualifying @ 6:45
· Local Driver’s Meeting @ 7:30
· Pre Race Festivities   7:50
· Feature Races Begins @ 8:00
· Bomber Feature (15 Laps)
· Miller Chill  “100”   Lap Feature
· Sportsmen  Feature (20 Laps)
· Super Stock Feature  (25 Laps)

Blizzard Series #4
Miller Chill 100
August 15th, 2008
Five Flags Speedway
Pensacola, Florida
Mitch Cobb has the pole for tonight's race. (51 Photo)
Kory Ruble is here today making his first Blizzard start since April.  (51 Photo)
We have a strong field of cars in the pits tonight.
  (51 Photo)
Josh Hamner leads the points coming into tonight's event. (51 Photo)
Brad Webb spins during qualifying he ended up 24th out of 28 cars.  (51 Photo)
Bubba Pollard gets the win in the Miller Chill 100.
(51 Photo)