Trackside Now: May 30th, 2008 - Blizzard Series Pepsi 100 at Five Flags Speedway
The Second of Five 2008 Blizzard Series Events On Tap This Evening

Friday, 11:28pm Central Time - Here are the final results from the Pepsi 100. 2007 Blizzard Series champion Scott Carlson took his third win Blizzard win in five races at Five Flags Speedway.

Chris Palmer won the Sportsman feature. that's all from Five Flags Speedway check back to for more trackside coverage tomorrow. Good night!

121 Scott Carlson
238 Josh Hamner
3112 Augie Grill
441 Chris Davidson
510 Ryan Crane
672 Eddie Mercer
711 Donald Long
843 Dennis Schoenfeld
982 Grant Enfinger
10 0 David Hole
1194 Mitch Cobb
1249 Stanley Smith
13114 Lee Carter
1428 Rob Joyner
1539 Ryan Sieg
1645 Dwayne Buggary
1799 Casey Smith
1888 Roger Reuse
1939 Gary Sullivan
2014 Ken McFarland
2192 Ron McDonald

Friday, 10:31pm Central Time - Scott Carlson has won the Pepsi 100. stay tuned for more!!!

Friday, 10:28pm Central Time - Hamner and Grill are now Second and third!

Friday, 10:25pm Central Time - Resetting the top five it's Carlson, Mercer, Davidson, Enfinger and Hamner with 14 laps to go.

Friday, 10:22pm Central Time - Yellow Flag it took two laps before Gary Sullivan and David Hole tangled on the frontstretch.

Friday, 10:20pm Central Time - The restart got Stanly Smith spun off the front bumper of Augie Grill, the lap doesn't count but the cars with fresh tires move up one spot.

Friday, 10:18pm Central Time - Josh Hamner got out first putting him in ninth. the rest are behind him David Hole, Ryan Crane, and Augie Grill.

Friday, 10:15pm Central Time - Yellow Flag ok things might get interesting now Dwayne Buggay blew up and several guys like Augie Grill, Ryan Crane, Josh Hamner are getting their tires now with 15 to go.

Friday, 10:12pm Central Time - 20 to go no change up front Carlson still leads.

Friday, 10:09pm Central Time - New tires have changes the top five with Carlson leading, and Grill, Mercer, Davidson and Hamner right behind them.

Friday, 10:06pm Central Time - Scott Carlson has taken the lead on lap 69.

Friday, 10:04pm Central Time - Scott Carlson and Eddie Mercer and back into the top five after only two laps.

Friday, 9:59pm Central Time - Yellow is out for a spin by Donald Long.
Scott Carlson, Grant Enfinger, Eddie Mercer pit for tires. The top five is Augie Gril, Josh Hamner, Ryan Crane, Dwayne Buggay and Stan Smith.

Friday, 9:55pm Central Time - We are back racing you can see what's left of Ryan Sieg's car to the right of the screen

Friday, 9:42pm Central Time - Offices in tower here at Five Flags Speedway are saying that was the hardest hits ever here in Pensacola. Ryan Sieg did speak to the track infield reporter, he said the throttle hung open and he got it shut down but it was way too late.

Friday, 9:42pm Central Time - Ryan Sieg went into the first turn and the throttle stuck and he went into the wall hard. The car did spit flames from the engine. He is ok and out of the car but it was a scary hit in the first turn. RED FLAG is out.

Friday, 9:37pm Central Time - Ryan Sieg leads us back to the green.   Ken McFarland is out with engine issues out.

Friday, 9:35pm Central Time - Ken McFarland is the only taker on pit stops, he had engine trouble and he looks to be out of the race.

Friday, 9:33pm Central Time - HALFWAY it's Sieg, Grill, McFarland, Hamner, and Carlson. Just as the crossed flags came out Roger Reuse slammed the wall on the front stretch. YELLOW is out.

Friday, 9:31pm Central Time - Josh Hamner has taken fourth from Grant Enfinger after some rubbing. Hamner is a ways behind the top three.

Friday, 9:28pm Central Time - Green is out again and Josh Hammner went three wide to get to filth.  Sieg still leads.

Friday, 9:25pm Central Time - Yellow Flag on lap 35 Rob Joyner spun, then Mitch Cobb and Stan Smith piled in in the first turn. Casey Smith and other near the back of the pack game into the pits.

Friday, 9:22pm Central Time - Eddie Merecer went from fourth to seventh after getting freight trained by Enfinger, Chris Davidson and Josh Hamner

Friday, 9:20pm Central Time - At 25 laps it's Sieg, Grill, McFarland, Mercer, Enfinger

Friday, 9:17pm Central Time - Lap traffic isn't slowing Ryan Sieg he blew by some laps cars and leads by half a straightaway.

Friday, 9:15pm Central Time - Ryan Sieg takes the lead on lap 13, he blew by McFarland who dropped to third. Augie Grill is second.

Friday, 9:13pm Central Time - Ryan Sieg led lap two but Ken McFarland led lap three and has pulled out in front.

Friday, 9:09pm Central Time - Green is out and Ken McFarland leads lap one.

Friday, 9:05pm Central Time - Rob Joyner hits pit road before the green, he has rejoined the line up at the tail end.

Friday, 9:00pm Central Time - Engines have fired and we are three laps from the green flag!

Friday, 8:35pm Central Time - Brandon Harris has won the Super Stock race, the Pepsi 100 is next.

Friday, 8:00pm Central Time - The Pepsi 100 will follow the Super Stock race which is being lineup right now. looking at the lineup we the the inside line has Birmingham Early Bird winner Ken McFarland, 2007 Derby Winner, 2008 Rattler 250 winner Grant Enfinger, last weeks Mobile winner Chris Davidson and 2007 Snowflake winner Ryan Crane. Don't be fooled by the field tonight it's full of talent.

Friday, 7:45pm Central Time - Ryan Sieg timed in 2nd fastest as his brother Shane finished 14th today in the Craftsman Truck Race. It was his best finish this season 

Friday, 7:40pm Central Time - Here is the line up for tonight's race.

114 Ken McFarland17.328
239 Ryan Sieg17.355
3112 Augie Grill17.403
472 Eddie Mercer17.439
582 Grant Enfinger17.453
621 Scott Carlson17.465
741 Chris Davidson17.488
838 Josh Hamner17.525
910 Ryan Crane17.544
1049 Stanley Smith17.594
1188 Roger Reuse17.642
1299 Casey Smith17.655
1311 Donald Long17.671
1443 Dennis Schoenfeld17.692
1594 Mitch Cobb17.729
1639 Gary Sullivan17.768
17 0 David Hole17.852
1845 Dwayne Buggary18.070
19114 Lee Carter18.220
2028 Rob Joyner18.348
2192 Ron McDonaldno time

Friday, 7:30pm Central Time - Ken McFarland has won the pole for tonight's Pepsi 100. full results to come soon.

Friday, 7:10pm Central Time - Qualifying is underway we will have results a soon as we can, 2007 Snowball winner Augie Grill is out first.

Friday, 6:20pm Central Time - We are going to take a break before time trial. We will be back at the top of the hour.

Friday, 6:05pm Central Time - Here are the speeds for the two practice sessions. Eddie Mercer was the only driver under the 18 second bracket in both sessions.

172 Eddie Mercer17.743
299 Casey Smith 17.960
341 Chris Davidson    18.013
494 Mitch Cobb   18.058
539 Shane Sieg   18.143
610 Ryan Crane   18.207
743 Dennis Schoenfeld18.208
882 Grant Enfinger18.227
9112 Augie Grill    18.352
1049 Stanley Smith      18.361
1139 Gary Sullivan       18.364
12114 Lee Carter          18.445
13 0 David Hole            18.585
1445 Dwayne Buggary    18.721
1511 Donald Long   no time
1614 Ken McFarlandno time
1721 Scott Carlson   no time
1838 Josh Hamner   no time
1988 Roger Reuse   no time
2092 Ron McDonaldno time
2128 Rob Joyner     no time

110 Ryan Crane 17.781
272 Eddie Mercer     17.961
3 0 David Hole   17.974
4112 Augie Grill 18.035
514 Ken McFarland   18.130
638 Josh Hamner      18.204
799 Casey Smith 18.205
845 Duane Buggary   18.351
941 Chris Davidson    18.369
1094 Mitch Cobb 18.498
1121 Scott Carlson     18.503
1243 Dennis Schoenfeld     18.523
1349 Stanley Smith    18.561
1439 Gary Sullivan      18.647
1588 Roger Reuse 18.685
1639 Shane Sieg no time
1782 Grant Enfinger no time
18114 Lee Carter   no time
1911 Donald Long no time
2092 Ron McDonald      no time
2128 Rob Joyner   no time

Friday, 5:48pm Central Time - Josh Hamner is here racing after winning the first Blizzard event of 2008.  He gave up a Cruise to Mexico to be here tonight.  He hopes to be cruising into victory lane again tonight. 

Friday, 5:40pm Central Time - Another late entry adds the 92 on Ron McDonald to the field making it a lucky 21.

Friday, 5:10pm Central Time - Grant Enfinger is here today, he won the Rattler 250 earlier this season and had a great run going last year during the Snowball Derby.  Tonight might be the night he figures out the Five Flags Oval.

Friday, 5:00pm Central Time - We have two names to add to the list to make an even 20. the number 28 of Rob Joyner and another 39 of Gary Sullivan.

Friday, 3:55pm Central Time - We are heading trackside for practice we will be back in a while. Stay tuned for more.

Friday, 3:40pm Central Time - This is what we have counted in the pits 18 Super Late Models are here for tonight's event.  As we mentioned earlier some guys told Speed51 this week they could not race here this weekend.

0 David Hole
10 Ryan Crane
11 Donald Long
14 Ken McFarland
21 Scott Carlson
38 Josh Hamner
39 Shane Sieg
41 Chris Davidson
43 Dennis Schoenfeld
45 Duane Buggary
49 Stanley Smith
72 Eddie Mercer
82 Grant Enfinger
88 Roger Reuse
94 Mitch Cobb
99 Casey Smith
112 Augie Grill
114 Lee Carter

Friday, 3:10pm Central Time - Our rough count finds nearly twenty cars in the pits today, we will have the official list for you as soon as we get it.

Friday, 2:40pm Central Time - We are working on a car list for the event, we do know that some drivers like Michael Pope, John Bolen and Bubba Pollard have not returned for tonight's race.

Friday, 2:30pm Central Time - Good Afternoon and welcome to Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida. Today is the second round of the Blizzard Series, a spot in the 41st annual Snowball Derby is on the line for the top two finishers in the Blizzard Series. We spent the night here in Pensacola and took a trip to the beach to see the Gulf of Mexico and the National Naval Aviation Museum. (see pics) Here is the rundown for the schedule of events.  

• Pit Gate Opens @ 1:00 
• Late Model Drivers Meeting @ 3:45
• Late Model Practice 4:00 - 5:30
• Late Models to Pre Qualifying Tech 
• Local Practice 5:00 -6:30 (2 Rounds)
• Late Model Qualifying Begins @ 6:45
• Pre Race Festivities @ 7:50
• Feature Races Begins @ 8:00
• Super Stock  Feature (25 Laps)
• Late Model Blizzard Series #1 Pepsi“100”  Feature
• Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)
• Bomber  Feature  (15 Laps)

Blizzard Series #2
Pepsi 100
May 30th, 2008
Five Flags Speedway
Pensacola, Florida
A beautiful sunset over Pensacola  (51 Photo)
The Gulf of Mexico. (51 Photo)
Next time your in Pensacola stop by the National Naval Aviation Museum (51 Photo)
Eddie Mercer and Ryan Crane will be contenders tonight at Five Flags.  (51 Photo)
The place that ever driver fears about the third turn, the tech shead.  (51 Photo)
Mr. Birmingham Ken McFarland is here looking to add another win to his impressive 2008 season.  (51 Photo)
Scott Carlson won two races and the championship in the Blizzard Series in 2007.  (51 Photo)
Josh Hamner won here in April and he gave up a cruise to Mexico to race tonight.  (51 Photo)
Ken McFarland will lead the field to the green later on tonight.  (51 Photo)
The remains of Ryan Sieg's car..  (51 Photo)
Scott Carlson in victory Lane.  (51 Photo)
Ryan Sieg's car will need a lot of work before it's next race.
  (51 Photo)