Trackside Now: April 11th, 2008 - Blizzard Series Amp Energy 100 at Five Flags Speedway
The First of Five 2008 Blizzard Series Events On Tap This Evening
Friday, 11:20pm Central Time - That is all for us tonight here at Five Flags Speedway, but we are not done for the weekend.  51’s Trackside Now will be back online Saturday afternoon from Mobile International Speedway (AL) for the Miller Lite Super Late Model Series season opener.  Many of tonight’s SLM racers will be making the trip to Mobile to compete in that event as well.

Friday, 11:15pm Central Time - There were three local races here tonight that took place after the Blizzard event.  Scotty Anderson won the Super Stock feature, Randy Thompson won the Sportsman feature and Pete Kitchens won the Bombers feature. event of the season:

Friday, 11:00pm Central Time - The results for the first Blizzard Series Super Late Model event of the season:

1)#38H Josh Hamner
2)#49 Joey Logano
3)#6 Hunter Robbins
4)#94 Mitch Cobb
5)#82 Grant Enfinger
6)#21 Scott Carlson
7)#44 Michael Pope
8)#99S Casey Smith
9)#73 Corey Ruble
10)#70 Jeff Choquette
11)#14M Ken McFarland
12)#27 Jason Young
13)#07W Brad Webb
14)#26 Bubba Pollard
15)#88 Roger Reuse
16)#0 David Hole
17)#2 John Bolen
18)#99L Dale Little
19)#43 Dennis Schoenfeld
20)#10 Danny Bagwell
21)#48 Cecil Chunn
22)#11R David Rodgers
23)#28 Ron Joyner
24)#10C Ryan Crane
25)#91 Heath Hindman
26)#45 Dwayne Buggay
27)#112 Augie Grill
28)#98 Billy Tutchtone
29)#92 Ron McDonald
30)#41 Chris Davidson
31)#11 Donald Long
32)#32 Jeff Scofield
33)#1M Tim Martin
34)#14 Adam Crawford
35)#82W Donnie Wilson
36)#39 Gary Sullivan
37)#52 Matthew Stichmann
38)#114 Lee Carter

Friday, 10:40pm Central Time - Word has come up to the tower from tech that all drivers passed tech, so the results stand, Josh Hamner is the winner.

We will have full results shortly.

Friday, 9:55pm Central Time - Josh Hamner has won the Amp 100 Blizzard Series 2008 season opener.  Joey Logano crossed the line second with Hunter Robbins, Mitch Cobb and Grant Enfinger rounding out the top five.

We are heading down trackside and will have more later.

Friday, 9:51pm Central Time - On the restart, Josh Hamner was all over the back of Joey Logano.  Coming through turn three, Hamner made the move, taking the lead when he crossed the stripe at lap 87.

Friday, 9:50pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG - LAP 85

Friday, 9:48pm Central Time - An interesting turn of events happened during this yellow.

Since yellows do not count, Bubba Pollard was ahead of Logano on the last completed lap, so Pollard was given the lead.  However he came to the pits once the pit area was open, giving Logano the lead. 

The right front fender on Logano's car is bent in a bit.  Under speed it might rub.  We will see shortly.

The top five on the restart will be: 1) Joey Logano; 2) Josh Hamner; 3) Scott Carlson; 4) Hunter Robbins; Mitch Cobb

Friday, 9:46pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 85: Joey Logano was under Ryan Crane going into turn one.  Crane appeared to come down the track and spin himself out across the nose of Logano.

That gives the lead to Logano.

Friday, 9:44pm Central Time - Joey Logano is slicing and dicing his way though the field with his fresh tires.  He has run his way up to the second spot behind Ryan Crane.

Friday, 9:43pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG - LAP 83

Friday, 9:41pm Central Time - Bad news for Augie Grill.  He must have had too much damage on his car or something happen during that restart.  Grill has headed to the pits and is out of the race.

The new top five: 1) Ryan Crane; 2) Bubba Pollard; 3) Jason Young; 4) Brad Webb; 5) Joey Logano

Friday, 9:38pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 83: The caution came out essentially before the green was thrown as Augie Grill spun the tires and he got hooked with a lapped car.  The whole field had to weave their way around a few cars that were slow going across the stripe.

Since it wasn't a good restart, officials are resetting the field.

Friday, 9:38pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG - LAP 83

Friday, 9:37pm Central Time - The officials are taking their time to make sure this restart has the drivers in the right order.  This caution is the pivotal moment of the race, so they do not want a scoring error to affect the outcome of the race.

Friday, 9:34pm Central Time - The new top five are: 1) Augie Grill; 2) Ryan Crane; 3) Bubba Pollard; 4) Jason Young; 5) Brad Webb

Friday, 9:32pm Central Time - All the leaders have pitted, putting Augie Grill, who pitted on one of the very early cautions, in the lead.

Friday, 9:29pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 83:  Multiple cars spun in turn three, bringing out the yellow.  Scott Carlson and Mitch Cobb were also involved.

Friday, 9:26pm Central Time - With 25 laps to go (75 in the books) there hasn't been a change yet for the lead.  Josh Hamner has about a 12 car length lead over Joey Logano for the top spot.  Logano has a little bit of breathing room ahead of Scott Carlson, Jeff Choquette and Dwayne Buggay.

Friday, 9:20pm Central Time - Joey Logano used the restart to his advantage and has now moved into the second position. 

Friday, 9:18pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG - LAP 52

Friday, 9:17pm Central Time - Ryan Crane, Bubba Pollard and a few others hit pit road during this yellow.

The new top five are: 1) Josh Hamner; 2) Mitch Cobb; 3) Scott Carlson; 4) Joey Logano; Grant Enfinger

Friday, 9:13pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 52: Danny Bagwell spun in turn four, but didn't hit anything.

After the restart scramble, the top five are: 1) Josh Hamner; 2) Mitch Cobb; 3) Scott Carlson; 4) Mitch Cobb; 5) Ryan Crane

Friday, 9:11pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG - LAP 49

Friday, 9:09pm Central Time - None of the leaders pitted during this yellow, but many in the back half of the field did.

The top five on the restart remain the same.  Behind them is Scott Carlson, Joey Logano, Jeff Choquette, Hunter Robbins and Michael Pope.

Friday, 9:05pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 49: A car was going slow into turn one, causing officials to throw the yellow.

With one lap before the halfway mark, it is about to get crazy.  The pits will be open during this yellow and there is an expectation many will come down and get a couple tires.

At the yellow, the top five are: 1) Josh Hamner; 2) Mitch Cobb; 3) Grant Enfinger; 4) Ryan Crane; 5) Bubba Pollard

Friday, 9:01pm Central Time - Mitch Cobb has worked his way around Grant Enfinger for the second position.  Hamner still leads at lap 42 with Ryan Crane and Bubba Pollard rounding out the top five.

Friday, 8:59pm Central Time - There hasn't been a change up front, but the leaders are working some heavy lapped traffic.  There have been many close calls on the track.

We are working lap 36.

Friday, 8:57pm Central Time - Joey Logano is on the move.  He is now eighth, moving in on Scott Carlson for the seventh position.

Friday, 8:54pm Central Time - Donnie Wilson's crew has pushed his car slowly back to their hauler.  They appear to be done for the night.

Friday, 8:52pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG - LAP 16

The top five on the restart: 1) Josh Hamner; 2) Grant Enfinger; 3) Mitch Cobb; 4) Ryan Crane; 5) Bubba Pollard

Friday, 8:51pm Central Time - Bad news for Donnie Wilson.  They are one lap to green and he is still sitting on pit road.  Something is wrong with the #82 machine.

Friday, 8:50pm Central Time - The #82 of Donnie Wilson has hit pit road during this yellow flag.  The crew has surrounded his car in their pit stall down by turn four.

Friday, 8:45pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 16: The #14 of Adam Crawford spun in turn two to bring out the caution.

Friday, 8:42pm Central Time - On the restart, Josh Hamner had his hands full with both #82 cars as Donnie Wilson and Grant Enfinger stuck to his back bumper like glue, but after a few laps he was able to pull out to give himself some breathing room.

Friday, 8:41pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG - LAP 6

Friday, 8:38pm Central Time - The red flag has been lifted and the cars are now circulating.  The pits were open, but the only one that appeared to hit pit road was Jeff Scofield.

Friday, 8:34pm Central Time - RED FLAG - LAP 6: Both the Stitchmann and Carter machines require assistance to get off the track, so the officials have put the red flag out while they remove the cars from the track.

Friday, 8:32pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 6: The #52 of Matthew Stitchmann and the #114 of Lee Carter spun in turn one to bring out the yellow.

Neither car is rolling and might need a tow truck to get off the track.

The top five are: 1) Josh Hamner; 2) Donnie Wilson; 3) Grant Enfinger; 4) Tim Martin; 5) Mitch Cobb

Friday, 8:30pm Central Time - One the first lap, Josh Hamner was able to squirt ahead to the lead coming off turn four.

Friday, 8:28pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG

Friday, 8:24pm Central Time - The cars have been fired up and the field is moving around the track warming up their tires.  The green flag should be in just a few laps.

Friday, 8:18pm Central Time - Driver introductions have been completed.  The national anthem will be up next.

Friday, 8:05pm Central Time - Two words dominated the thoughts of most drivers as they prepared for the start of the race tonight: tire management.  This race is a six tire event, so the drivers are able to strap on a few fresh tires sometime throughout the race.

Tires are a huge factor here at Five Flags as the track surface eats away at the rubber.  A driver with fresh tires can work his way up through the traffic like the other drivers are standing still.  The key will be where the cautions fall and when it is time to get tires or wait.

Track position is also going to be key, especially how close the times were during the qualifying session.

Friday, 8:00pm Central Time - The Super Late Models are getting lined up on the front stretch for the start of the race.  The race will be 100 green flag laps tonight, so caution laps do not count.

Friday, 7:55pm Central Time - Here is the results from qualifying, which is also the starting order for tonight's Blizzard Series Amp 100.  Keith Thorpe had problems earlier and has dropped out of the event, making a 38-car starting field.

1.#82 Donnie Wilson (17.323)
2.#38 Josh Hamner (17.368)
3.#82 Grant Enfinger (17.371)
4.#94 Mitch Cobb (17.495)
5.#1 Tim Martin (17.495)
6.#10 Ryan Crane (17.495)
7.#73 Korey Ruble (17.498)
8.#6 Hunter Robbins (17.506)
9.#26 Bubba Pollard (17.520)
10.#21 Scott Carlson (17.533)
11.#44 Michael Pope (17.537)
12.#49 Joey Logano (17.548)
13.#70 Jeff Choquette (17.577)
14.#91 Heath Hindman (17.577)
15.#11 Donald Long (17.605)
16.#2 John Bolen (17.615)
17.#45 Dwayne Buggay (17.635)
18.#27 Jason Young (17.652)
19.#14 Adam Crawford (17.668)
20.#112 Augie Grill (17.675)
21.#07 Brad Webb (17.736)
22.#48 Cecil Chunn (17.740)
23.#98 Bill Tutchtone(17.741)
24.#99 Casey Smith (17.760)
25.#14 Ken McFarland (17.800)
26.#0 David Hole (17.818)
27.#43 Dennis Schoenfeld (17.884)
28.#41 Chris Davidson (17.915)
29.#88 Roger Reuse (17.932)
30.#07 Jeff Scofield (17.932)
31.#39 Gary Sullivan (17.962)
32.#11 David Rogers (18.045)
33.#10 Danny Bagwell (18.078)
34.#99 Dale Little (18.089)
35.#52 Matthew Stichmann (18.293)
36.#92 Ron McDonald (18.356)
37.#114 Lee Carter (18.608)
38.#28 Ron Joyner (19.060)

Friday, 7:40pm Central Time - Qualifying has been completed.  Donnie Wilson, who was third fast during the final practice session, took the fast time with a 17.323 second lap.  Josh Hamner timed in second with a 17.368.  Grant Enfinger, Mitch Cobb and Tim Martin rounded out the top five.

The complete starting grid will be posted momentarily.

Friday, 6:20pm Central Time - All local practice sessions have been completed.  Up next is the qualifying session for the Super Late Models.  We will be back after qualifying with the results.

Friday, 6:05pm Central Time - Local practice is still on the track.  We are expecting qualifying coming up within the hour.

Friday, 6:00pm Central Time - There are many reasons why Tim Bryant from Five Flags Speedway won the Best Promoter of the Year award.  One reason was just shown as Bryant made the call: all 39 drivers will start the feature.

Friday, 5:25pm Central Time - At the moment, the track officials have not decided how many cars they will start tonight.  We have heard anywhere from 35 cars to just starting them all.

Friday, 5:20pm Central Time - There are 39 total Super Late Models here.  Below is the list of drivers that will attempt to race tonight in the first Blizzard Series race of 2008, in the order they will qualify:

#112 Augie Grill
#52 Matthew Stichmann
#10 Danny Bagwell
#11 Donald Long
#99 Dale Little
#0 David Hole
#94 Mitch Cobb
#1 Tim Martin
#10 Ryan Crane
#27 Jason Young
#6 Hunter Robbins
#70 Jeff Choquette
#39 Gary Sullivan
#45 Dwayne Buggary
#49 Joey Logano
#48 Cecil Chunn
#99 Casey Smith
#14 Ken McFarland
#43 Dennis Schoenfeld
#88 Roger Reuse
#91 Heath Hindman
#07 Brad Webb
#21 Scott Carlson
#2 John Bolen
#11 David Rogers
#82 Donnie Wilson
#92 Ron McDonald
#98 Billy Tutchtone III
#07 Jeff Scofield
#14 Adam Crawford
#41 Chris Davidson
#82 Grant Enfinger
#26 Bubba Pollard
#44 Michael Pope
#38 Josh Hamner
#114 Lee Carter
#73 Korey Ruble
#36 Keith Thorpe
#28 Ron Joyner

Friday, 5:10pm Central Time - The officials split the practice times into three segments.  While we do not have the first and second practice times available at this time, we can tell you that Jeff Choquette turned the fastest lap during the third and final practice session with a 17.652 second lap. Hunter Robbins was second fast with Donnie Wilson, Roger Reuse and Jason Young rounding out the top five.

Friday, 5:05pm Central Time - Earlier, during the driver's meeting, officials announced a schedule change for this evening due to weather concerns.  The Blizzard SLM race will now be moved up to the first feature at 8:00pm.  The local division races will then follow.

That means there will be a very tight turnaround time between qualifying and the race.

Friday, 5:02pm Central Time - Practice has now completed for the Super Late Models.  There weren't any major incidents during the practice session.

We are working on getting some practice times and a complete driver roster from the track officials.  We will post them once we have them available to us.

Local division practice will begin shortly.

Friday, 2:50pm Central Time - We are going to head down for the driver's meeting, which is running just a little behind.  We are going to stay down in the infield during most of the practice session.  We will be back after practice with some news and notes from the pits.

Friday, 2:40pm Central Time - David Hole's hauler just pulled into the track as most of the teams are already inside the facility.

Friday, 2:30pm Central Time - The weather could be an issue tonight as the dreaded four-letter "R" word is forcast around the area throughout the day and into the evening.  Right now it is overcast with some dark clouds working their way across the sky, but not a drop has been felt yet, so hopefully it will hold off for a great event this evening.

Friday, 2:15pm Central Time - Just a quick reminder to those following along on the East Coast.  Five Flags Speedway is in the Central Time Zone, so the times of the updates will reflect local track time (1 hour behind Eastern time).

Friday, 2:00pm Central Time - Good afternoon from Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida.  We are here for the first of five Blizzard Series races in 2008, the “Amp Energy 100” Super Late Model event.

A solid group of SLM racers are here to compete in this event today.  We are going to get a head count, but names like Jeff Choquette, Grant Enfinger, Josh Hamner, Scott Carlson and Bubba Pollard can be seen in the pit area getting their cars ready to go through tech before practice. Joey Logano, Augie Grill, Hunter Robbins and others are expected to compete this evening in the Blizzard opener.  Track officials are expecting more than 30 SLM drivers here today.

Here is the schedule for today’s events:

• Pit Gate Opens @ 1:00 
• Late Model Drivers Meeting @ 2:45
• Late Model Practice 3:00 - 5:00
• Late Models to Pre Qualifying Tech  All Cars Must Be In Line By 6:15 p.m.
• Local Practice 5:00 -6:30 (2 Rounds)
• Bombers
• Sportsman
• Super Stocks
• Late Model Qualifying Begins @ 6:30
• Feature Races Begins @ 8:00
• Super Stock  Feature
• Late Model Blizzard Series #1 AMP “100”  Feature
• Sportsman Feature
• Bomber  Feature

Blizzard Series
Amp Energy 100
April 11th, 2008
Five Flags Speedway
Pensacola, Florida
Jeff Choquette was the fastest driver during the final practice session.  (51 Photo)
Clouds line the skies for the Blizzard Series season opener at Five Flags.  (51 Photo)
Hunter Robbins not only has a cool-looking car, but it is fast on the track as well.  (51 Photo)
Jeff Scofield straps in for practice.  (51 Photo)
Scott Carlson (left) and Ron McDonald (right) getting their cars up to speed during practice.  (51 Photo)
Josh Hamner streaks past the Pensacola markings on the wall.  (51 Photo)
Michael Pope (left) and Joey Logano (right) listen in during the driver's meeting.  (51 Photo)
Donnie Wilson paid attention to the drivers taking time before he strapped in and stole the pole.  (51 Photo)
Tim Martin timed in fifth fastest.  (51 Photo)
Augie Grill is hoping to head back to victory lane after taking the checkered flag first in last year's season opener, only to lose the win in post-race tech.  (51 Photo)
Josh Hamner celebrates his win with his team.  (51 Photo)
The right front on Joey Logano's car showed some damage after late race contact with Ryan Crane.  (51 Photo)