Trackside Now: ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour
Lakeland 125, USA International Speedway
Saturday, 10:10pm - Here are the final results. That's it from Lakeland. Be sure to check out SportSouth on Wednesday at 7pm for the ASA SAT Cordele race. for more information visit

136Tim Russell
270Jeff Choquette
326Travis Cope
45Daniel Keene Jr.
521Jason Hogan
65Preston Peltier
774Jay Middleton
82John Bolen
944Michael Pope
1007sJeff Schofield
1140sTaylor Satterfield
121Stephan McCurley
1323Paul Kelley
14O5CJeremy Colangelo
1551Kyle Fowler
1662Travis Wilson
1789Jess Mattox
1883Scotty Ellis
1931Tyler Millwood
2097Patrick Starpoli
2107WBrad Webb
2260Chad Akin
23O7Jeremy Mullinax
2407cJosh Crenshaw
2564David Jones
26O4Jarrod Foley
2747fChristopher Fontaine
2826mJessica Murphy
2944Koot Sapp
3076Jerick Johnson
318Michael Seeright
3213J.R. Garcia
33O5 Gene Kirila
3405bJoe Boyd
3538Shane Sawyer
3628Sean Bass
3723rJeremy Rice

Saturday, 8:46pm - Tim Russell has won the Lakeland 125 here at USA International Speedway. Stay tuned more to come.

Saturday, 8:42pm - Caution on lap 124... Tim Russell was less then a mile from victory, we will have a green, white, checkered.

Saturday, 8:38pm - Lap 116 Green Flag

Saturday, 8:36pm - Lap 111 a car spun on the back stretch and at the same time Tim Russell was spun by the lap car of Jessica Murphy. It looks as if Russell will keep the lead as the yellow was out when he spun.

Saturday, 8:33pm - Russell takes the lead on lap 104 he went three wide to the high side around a lap car to get it from Choquette.

Saturday, 8:30pm - 25 to go Choquette and Russell have pulled away. If we stay green then it will be settled between them.

Saturday, 8:25pm - 35 to go. No change up front.

Saturday, 8:21pm - Lap 82 it's bumper to bmper up front as Choquette and Russell check out.

Saturday, 8:19pm - Lap 76 Green Flag: Top five has Choquette, Russell, Cope, Keene Jr. and Jason Hogan in fifth. Hogan, timed in ninth fastest after going to a back up car. His primary car had engine trouble.   

Saturday, 8:16pm - Lap 67 Yellow Flag: Joe Boyd, Jeremy Mullinax, Jerick Johnson and J.R. Garcia have come together in turn four. Boyd looks to be done for the night.

Saturday, 8:14pm - Lap 66 Jeff Choquette takes the lead.

Saturday, 8:11pm - Lap 64 Green Flag

Saturday, 8:05pm - Lap  61 Yellow Flag,  Michael Seeright has slowed on the homestretch. His teammate Sean Bass has also had problems tonight as well.

Saturday, 8:01pm - Lap  55 Green Flag, Top Five has Russell, Choquette, Cope, Keene and John Bolen. Before the green Tyler Millwood spun under Yellow. He did continue.

Saturday, 7:59pm - Lap  49 Yellow Flag, J.R. Garcia spun in turn four.

Saturday, 7:56pm - Lap  39 Jeff Choquette takes the second from Travis Cope.

Saturday, 7:55pm - Lap  37 Tim Russell takes the lead from Travis Cope.

Saturday, 7:51pm - Lap  30- Things are getting closer up front Travis Cope has the lead but Tim Russell and Jeff Choquette are closing in.

Saturday, 7:49pm - Lap 23 - Tim Russell and Jeff Choquette have moved to 2nd and 3rd.

Saturday, 7:46pm - Cope, has a couple of car lengths advantage after the green flag came back out.

Saturday, 7:46pm - Chris Fontaine went to pits, he rejoined at the end of the pack.

Saturday, 7:45pm - Lap 12 Yellow Flag Sean Bass gets out of shape in turn two.

Saturday, 7:42pm - Top five at Lap 5 Cope, Bolen, Russell, Choquette, and Keene, Jr.

Saturday, 7:40pm - Birthday boy Travis Cope leads lap one.

Saturday, 7:35pm - engines have fired are cars are rolling. Stand by for the start of the Lakeland 125.

Saturday, 6:55pm - The redraw puts John Bolen on the pole for tonight’s race. Birthday boy Travis Cope will role from the outside, Tim Russell is third, Michael Pope is fourth and pole winner Jeff Choquette is fifth. We are heading trackside for the pre race activities.

Saturday, 6:25pm - Here are the qualifying results for the Lakeland 125. Two cars have loaded up and gone home both Logan Boyett and Kurt Jett.

170Jeff Choquette20.952
244Michael Pope20.984
32John Bolen 21.019
426Travis Cope21.031
536Tim Russell21.039
65Preston Peltier21.066
75Daniel Keene Jr.21.066
823Paul Kelley21.148
921Jason Hogan21.172
10O5CJeremy Colangelo21.188
111Stephan McCurley21.204
1251Kyle Fowler21.211
1307sJeff Schofield21.220
1474Jay Middleton21.221
1513J.R. Garcia21.263
1647fChristopher Fontaine21.281
1783Scotty Ellis21.281
1823rJeremy Rice21.282
1962Travis Wilson21.296
2007WBrad Webb21.296
2189Jess Mattox21.301
2240sTaylor Satterfield21.321
2305bJoe Boyd21.353
2438Shane Sawyer21.407
25O7Jeremy Mullinax21.411
268Michael Seeright21.477
2726mJessica Murphy21.512
28O4Jarrod Foley21.518
29O5 Gene Kirila21.531
3076Jerick Johnson21.569
3197Patrick Starpoli21.585
3260Chad Akin21.612
3331Tyler Millwood21.704
3428Sean Bass21.786
3507cJosh Crenshaw21.841
3664David Jones21.853
3744Koot Sapp22.290

Saturday, 6:25pm - Jeff Choquette has won the pole for the Lakeland 125. Stay tuned for the full rundown.

Saturday, 5:55pm - The trip to Florida has several teams staying down south for a while. Stephan McCurley hails from Humble, Texas. He will be spending the week here as the next event is only a few hours up the road in Bronson, FL. Jason Hogan has a shorter trip home but he will also stay on the peninsula in preparation for the up coming Gator 100.  

Saturday, 5:48pm - Chris Fontaine is back after rolling his car in the last event at Cordele. Fontaine grab the spotlight in the wrong way, but even he and his crew can’t wait to see it. It airs on SportSouth this Wednesday at 7pm. Check out for more TV information.

Saturday, 5:30pm - More history will be made today as Jessica Murphy will be the first female to drive in an ASA Southeast Asphalt event. 17-year old Murphy is in her second year of Late Models, she like many of the drivers in today’s field have never raced at Lakeland.

Saturday, 4:30pm - James Bond would be proud with all the O7’s we have in this field. For those of you scoring at home here’s the clean up on having four drivers with the same number. However no car with the number OO7.

07 Jeremy Mullinax
07C George Crenshaw
07S Jeff Scofield
07W Brad Webb

Saturday, 3:50pm - The Florida boys may be tough to beat today, especially when they help each other out. Tim Russell has been fast all weekend and he is even working with younger drivers like Jeremy Colangelo. The two are both regulars to the Florida circuits.

Saturday, 3:40pm - One of the stranger names in the pits has to be Koot Sapp from Plant City, Florida. Sapp is a Late Model rookie and has been racing at Desoto Speedway here in Florida. Some people get tagged with interesting nicknames. For the record his real name is Richard.

Saturday, 3:30pm - Here are the times for each drivers fastest lap during the four practice sessions. It's a good mix of cars at the top of the chart. 

136Tim Russell21.383
244Michael Pope21.408
326Travis Cope21.454
45Daniel Keene Jr.21.464
55Preston Peltier21.501
631Tyler Millwood21.529
762Travis Wilson21.544
870Jeff Choquette21.553
951Kyle Fowler21.556
10O5CJeremy Colangelo21.571
1183Scotty Ellis21.571
121Stephan McCurley21.617
1389Jess Mattox21.653
142John Bolen 21.663
1528Sean Bass21.670
1621Jason Hogan21.701
1713J.R. Garcia21.715
1807sJeff Schofield21.722
1974Jay Middleton21.729
2005bJoe Boyd21.752
2111Logan Boyett21.763
2223Paul Kelley21.771
23O7Jeremy Mullinax21.792
2438Shane Sawyer21.816
2526mJessica Murphy21.852
2647fChristopher Fontaine21.878
2740sTaylor Satterfield21.880
2807WBrad Webb21.914
2960Chad Akin21.927
3097Patrick Starpoli21.935
31O5 Gene Kirila21.968
328Michael Seeright21.975
339KKurt Jett22.000
34O4Jarrod Foley22.035
3507cJosh Crenshaw22.037
3644Koot Sapp22.058
3723rJeremy Rice22.194
3876Jerick Johnson22.220
3964David Jones22.283

Saturday, 12:15pm - We are going to head down trackside for the drivers meeting and practice.

Saturday, 11:30am - Here is the rundown from practice on Friday, we will let you know if there are any late arrivals.

170Jeff Choquette21.102
236Tim Russell21.19
326Travis Cope21.274
45Daniel Keene Jr.21.336
505bJoe Boyd21.419
623Paul Kelley21.432
738Shane Sawyer21.445
82John Bolen 21.462
91Stephan McCurley21.474
1044Michael Pope21.491
1147fChristopher Fontaine21.508
1207sJeff Schofield21.545
135Jeremy Colangelo21.558
1411Logan Boyett21.593
1562Travis Wilson21.595
1621Jason Hogan21.597
1774Jay Middleton21.665
1828Sean Bass21.672
1989Jess Mattox22.065
207Jeremy Mullinax21.692
219KKurt Jett21.742
225Preston Peltier21.759
235Gene Kirila21.763
2483Scotty Ellis21.764
2551Kyle Fowler21.775
2631Tyler Millwood21.782
2713J.R. Garcia21.81
288Michael Seeright21.822
2926mMike Murphy21.869
304Jarrod Foley21.912
3160Chad Akin21.915
3297Patrick Starpoli21.919
337Brad Webb21.974
3407cJosh Crenshaw22.04
3523rJeremy Rice22.04
3676Jerick Johnson22.041
3764David Jones22.101
3840sTaylor Satterfield22.486
3944Koot Sapp22.973

Saturday, 11:00am - Good Morning from Florida! Today the RC Cola / MoonPie ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour makes their first appearance in the Sunshine State at USA International Speedway.

The tour regulars are here Like Preston Peltier, Jay Middleton, Scotty Ellis, John Bolen, Taylor Satterfield and point leader Michael Pope. They of course have some company with the finest from Florida in attendance as well. Jeff Choquette, Tim Russell, Travis Cope, Jeff Scofield, and Daniel Keene Jr just to name a few.

Here is the days Schedule:   

12:30 PMDrivers Meeting for ALL ASA Drivers and Spotters (Engines off)
12:30 PMDrivers Meeting for ALL FASCAR Drivers and Spotters (Engines off)
1:00 PM  Grandstands Open
1:00 - 3:00 PM Practice for ASA      
3:00 - 4:15 PM ASA Pre-Qualifying Tech
3:05 - 4:00 PM        Practice for FASCAR Extreme Modifieds
4:15 PM  ASA Drivers Meeting
4:30 PM  Qualifying ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour
5:15 PM  Qualifying FASCAR Extreme Modifieds
6:15 PM  Autograph Session on Track
7:30 PM  RC Cola / Moon Pie ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour 125
To Follow FASCAR Extreme Modified 50

ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour
Lakeland 125
May 3rd, 2008
USA International Speedway
Lakeland, Florida
Tim Russell Was Fast Here on Friday. (51 Photo)
Jeff Choquette Won Both Races Here in Lakeland Back in January. (51 Photo)
Michael Pope Has the Second Fastest Time of the Day. (51 Photo)
Team Florida is Looking Good Today.. (51 Photo)
Koot Sapp is Making His First Appearance in ASA SAT Competition. (51 Photo)
The Wind Has Picked a little Here in lakeland (51 Photo)
There are Four Drivers With the Number O7 (51 Photo)
Jessica Murphy Will Become the First Felmale Driver in ASA SAT History. (51 Photo)
Stephan McCurley Will Stay in Florida for Next Weeks Race. (51 Photo)
Chris Fontaine is Back After thier Big Wreck at Cordele. (51 Photo)
Tim Russell in Victory Lane. (51 Photo)