Saturday, 1:30am CT - Sorry we had some Internet issues. Preston Peltier told after the race "This is it i am done, I have gone so far in debt trying to make this work I can't do it anymore."  We will have more from Peltier later this week on

So as we here the Kenny Chesney concert off in the distance we wrap things up from Nashville as Ryan Crane take the victory lane in post race tech. here are the full results good night.

110Ryan Crane
274Jay Middleton
398Russell Fleeman
42John Bolen
515David Elliott
690Kenton Hanks
7O5Gene Kirila
851CBrandon Carlson
9O4Jarrod Foley
1084Mike Alexander
1170Jeff Choquette
1297John Weston
1351Joel Anderson
14O7Jeremy Mullinax
1540MTyler Miles
1647Chris Fontaine
171Stephan McCurley
1833Dillon Oliver
1931Tyler Millwood
2044Michael Pope
2140Taylor Satterfield
2226Bubba Pollard
2347SDakota Stroupe
2471Johnny Braizer
DQ5Preston Peltier

Saturday, 11:11pm CT - Sorry thing took so long for us to get back online.  After the race Preson Peltier got the checkered flag and the guitar from the Music City Motorplex.  Post race tech revealed that Peltier had an illegal cold air box on his car.  Peltier was disqualified and the victory was given to Ryan Crane his second victory of the week.

Saturday, 9:30pm CT - Preston Peltier has won the "RC Cola / MoonPie 100" We will have more. stay tuned...

Saturday, 9:27pm CT - GREEN FLAG is back one more time this time Peltier gets away again. back in the pits John Bolen moves into fifth. 

Saturday, 9:23pm CT - GREEN FLAG is back out and Preston Peltier gets away clean on the restart. but behind them Dillon Oliver spun into the wall. 

Crane had a little run going, but the caution slowed him down.

Saturday, 9:16pm CT - The caution comes out with 11 to go and Jeff Choquette stopped in the third turn, he had been dropping back through the pack in the last twenty laps.

Preston Peltier will have one more restart to fend off the other cars.  Ryan Crane had a great start after the last yellow.

Saturday, 9:13pm CT - No change with 15 to go it's been all Preston Peltier tonight here in Nashville.

Saturday, 9:11pm CT - Lap traffic allowed Crane to close in, but Peltier pulled back out a bit as we have less then 20 to go. Peltier is going to be hard to beat.

Saturday, 9:09pm CT - Choquette has fallen back to fifth and he is in danger of losing that spot.  Up front Ryan Crane is not letting Preston Peltier get away much. with 25 to go Peltier still leads by 10 car lengths. 

Saturday, 9:05pm CT - The clean up took some time here and a few cars have gone behind the wall for the night.  One car that is still going strong is Preston Peltier again pulled away on the restart.  The passes that were made on the last restart were voided, but for a second time Ryan Crane has taken second away from Choquette.

Saturday, 8:59pm CT - The order before the restart will be Peltier, Choquette, Crane, Middleton, and Hanks.  Russell Fleeman is sixth as we get ready to go back to green.  

GREEN FLAG is back out and Peltier takes off again. Ryan Cran took second away and Jay Middleton cme around just as the yellow came out again. Michael Pope, Taylor Satterfield and Jeremy Mullinax got tangled up hard. It all started when Joel Anderson checked up and it caused a big mess.  Pope's car is tore up bad and it sits in turn three.

Saturday, 8:52pm CT - at lap 60 Crane tried the low side for third and then second. He nearly lost it coming off turn two. He can't finally clears for third.  Lap 64 YELLOW FLAG Brandon Carlson who came up from Florida spun and back it into the wall on the front stretch.

Saturday, 8:48pm CT - We are just past halfway and Preston Peltier is showing some big time power.  He has a half straight-away lead on a tight group of Choquette, Hanks, Crane, Middleton and Fleeman.

Saturday, 8:44pm CT - Russell Fleeman has fallen back as Ryan Crane and Jay Middleton take fourth and fifth.  We are approaching halfway.

Saturday, 8:42pm CT - GREEN FLAG is back out and the field is bunched up.  Peltier Pulls away as Hanks jumps out on Choquette for second, but he has to fall back in line.

Saturday, 8:38pm CT - Lap 38 YELLOW FLAG Bubba Pollard back it into the turn three wall.  Video replay shows that there was contact with Stephan McCurely.

Taylor Satterfield came to pit road and they have the hood up on on the 40 car. 

Saturday, 8:34pm CT - At 25 laps no change up front Peltier still leads as Choquette is 15 car lengths back. Chris Fontaine has lost a lap early on it looks as if the car is not handling to his liking.

Ryan Crane did get into fifth a little after 25 laps, he has a ways to go to chase down the leaders. Peltier is now lapping Taylor Satterfield.

Saturday, 8:30pm CT - Russell Fleeman is now fourth as Ryan Crane is hounding Mike Alexander Jr. for fifth.

Saturday, 8:28pm CT - Peltier still leads after ten laps Choquette, Keeton Hanks, Mike Alexander Jr. and Russell Fleeman round out the top five.

Saturday, 8:25pm CT - GREEN FLAG is out and the race is on.  Jeff Choquette leads the charge to turn one, he will lead lap one.  a lot of good racing in mid pack as Preston Peltier goes to second and tries for the lead on lap 3.and he will get it. 

Saturday, 8:18pm CT - Engines have fired and cars are rolling here in Nashville.  Dakota Stroupe had some issues and was late getting to the gird.  He will race and he rolls off 21st.

Saturday, 7:30pm CT - The "RC Cola / MoonPie 100" will be underway in a bit.  Right now teams are bringing their crash carts to pit road.  We will have an autograph session before we go green. we;ll be back in a few minutes.

Saturday, 7:20pm CT - Rolling off third will be Mike Alexander Jr., his dad finished 12th in the last Sprint Cup race that was held here in 1984.  Geoff Bodine won that final race here at the fairgrounds Darrell Waltrip was second and Dale Earnhardt was third.

Saturday, 7:10pm CT - We can't express how bad of a weekend that Taylor Satterfield is having.  They wrecked at Peach State on Thursday and they were 25th in qualifying this afternoon.  He did have a similar night to this at Senoia, he started deep in the field and finished in the top five.

Jay Middleton may lead the overall points, but Michael Pope leads the Blue Ridge region.  Pope had solid runs at Watermelon Capital and Senoia Speedway. Pope leads by five points over Middleton and Satterfield.

Saturday, 6:50pm CT - The support division cars are on the track, there are two features prior to the "RC Cola / MoonPie 100"

Saturday, 6:10pm CT - Well the redraw was a little uneventful Choquette keeps the pole and Hanks keeps the outside.  Mike Alexander Jr. will roll off 3rd and Preston Peltier and Russell Fleeman round out the draw. 

Saturday, 6:00pm CT - Here are the results from qualifying, again there will be a re-draw among the top five cars.  That will set the line up for the feature event.

170Jeff Choquette18.667
290Keeton Hanks18.748
35Preston Peltier18.775
498Russell Fleeman18.790
510Ryan Crane18.823
684Mike Alexander18.823
726Bubba Pollard18.897
851CBrandon Carlson18.940
974Jay Middleton18.977
1097John Weston18.978
11O7Jeremy Mullinax18.987
1233Dillon Oliver18.993
131Stephan McCurley19.011
142John Bolen 19.029
1515David Elliott19.063
1631Tyler Millwood19.066
17O5Gene Kirila19.069
1844Michael Pope19.179
19O4Jarrod Foley19.243
2047Chris Fontaine19.266
2147SDakota Stroupe 19.353
2240MTyler Miles19.447
2371Johnny Braizer19.468
2451Joel Anderson19.637
2540Taylor Satterfield19.805

Saturday, 5:50pm CT - Jeff Choquette has won the pole for tonight's race... There will be a redraw and we will all of that information in a few minutes.

Saturday, 4:30pm CT - We are heading trackside for the drivers meeting and we will be back after qualifying which is slatted for 5:15pm

Saturday, 4:20pm CT - Guys like Bubba Pollard, Stephan McCurley, Michael Pope, Gene Kirila and Taylor Satterfield are all making thier first Nashville start today.

Saturday, 3:55pm CT - Angela Ross will be performing here tonight at the Music City Motorplex.  She is a new and up coming signer and songwriter originally from Knoxville, TN.  We will give you our opinion after the pre race show. 

click on the link below for more info about Angela Ross.

Saturday, 3:45pm CT - The local division have wrapped up their practice, they will qualify at the top of the hour.

Saturday, 2:45pm CT - Practice is now in the books here are the speeds from the final round.  We are going to take a break as the ASA cars are off the track until qualifying at 5:15pm CT

174Jay Middleton19.124
226Bubba Pollard19.225
3O7Jeremy Mullinax19.359
41Stephan McCurley19.408
5O5Gene Kirila19.411
644Michael Pope19.472
747Chris Fontaine19.523
870Jeff Choquette19.553
940MTyler Miles19.584
1040Taylor Satterfield19.677
1171Johnny Braizer19.700
1231Tyler Millwood19.741
1351CBrandon Carlson19.777
1451Joel Anderson19.986
1547SDakota Stroupe 20.087
165Preston PeltierNo Time
1790Keeton HanksNo Time
182John Bolen No Time
1998Russell FleemanNo Time
2033Dillon OliverNo Time
2197John WestonNo Time
2210Ryan CraneNo Time
2384Mike AlexanderNo Time
2415David ElliottNo Time
25O4Jarrod FoleyNo Time

Saturday, 2:18pm CT - Here are the speeds from the third practice.  We can see now that Preston Peltier has a pretty good hot rod as he is the fastest in two of the three sessions that have been run.

15Preston Peltier19.165
290Keeton Hanks19.237
32John Bolen 19.464
470Jeff Choquette19.469
51Stephan McCurley19.471
698Russell Fleeman19.482
726Bubba Pollard19.552
833Dillon Oliver19.576
951CBrandon Carlson19.604
1074Jay Middleton19.616
1147SDakota Stroupe 19.623
1231Tyler Millwood19.649
1397John Weston19.805
1451Joel Anderson19.831
1540MTyler Miles19.841
16O5Gene Kirila19.846
17O7Jeremy Mullinax20.011
1810Ryan CraneNo Time
1944Michael PopeNo Time
2084Mike AlexanderNo Time
2115David ElliottNo Time
2271Johnny BraizerNo Time
23O4Jarrod FoleyNo Time
2447Chris FontaineNo Time
2540Taylor SatterfieldNo Time

Saturday, 1:50pm CT - John Bolen has been out in both his crate motor car and his 9:1 car as well.  Searching for speed is the name of the game here today at the Music City Motorplex. 

Stephan McCurley is knocking on the door for a top ten time here in practice, each week the youngster comes from Texas to race with the ASA Southeast Series.  This week they put at least a thousand miles on their rig getting to Nashville. 

Saturday, 1:45pm CT - Here are the speeds from practice number two.

110Ryan Crane18.985
244Michael Pope19.119
390Keeton Hanks19.150
42John Bolen 19.153
598Russell Fleeman19.254
670Jeff Choquette19.373
733Dillon Oliver19.401
831Tyler Millwood19.456
974Jay Middleton19.474
101Stephan McCurley19.528
1184Mike Alexander19.586
1215David Elliott19.597
1397John Weston19.601
1451CBrandon Carlson19.608
15O7Jeremy Mullinax19.622
16O5Gene Kirila19.659
1771Johnny Braizer19.664
18O4Jarrod Foley19.724
1951Joel Anderson19.782
2040MTyler Miles19.809
2126Bubba Pollardno time
2247SDakota Stroupe no time
2347Chris Fontaineno time
2440Taylor Satterfieldno time
255Preston Peltierno time

Saturday, 1:30pm CT - We told you that the Music City Motorplex has been in operation for 50 years.  On July 3rd the tracks first champion "Bullet" Bob Reuther passed away.  We at send on condolences to the Reuther family.

Saturday, 1:15pm CT - Here are the practice speeds after round one.  We can tell you that Keeton Hanks had a 18.904 last night in final practice.  The weather was much cooler when he broke the 19 second mark.

15Preston Peltier19.067
22John Bolen 19.283
310Ryan Crane19.372
474Jay Middleton19.401
526Bubba Pollard19.457
647SDakota Stroupe 19.460
751CBrandon Carlson19.504
8O5Gene Kirila19.565
9O7Jeremy Mullinax19.639
1084Mike Alexander19.653
111Stephan McCurley19.671
12O4Jarrod Foley19.741
1397John Weston19.777
1444Michael Pope19.803
1547Chris Fontaine19.862
1615David Elliott19.909
1731Tyler Millwood20.055
1840MTyler Miles20.129
1951Joel Anderson20.193
2040Taylor Satterfield20.421
2171Johnny Braizer22.487
2233Dillon Oliverno time
2370Jeff Choquetteno time
2490Keeton Hanksno time
2598Russell Fleemanno time

Saturday, 1:00pm CT - After the first 30 minute session we saw practically every car on the track.  We will have times as soon as we can. 

Saturday, 12:00pm CT - We are heading trackside for the drivers meeting and practice, we will back in a while.

Saturday, 11:55am CT - We have a lot of good stories to tell you from the pits.  Ryan Crane is here after winning on Thursday night at Peach State Speedway (GA).  ASA SAT regular John Bolen was one of the fastest cars in practice last night, he looks to win after he was stripped of his victory last week in Pensecola, FL.

List of drivers here today

11Stephan McCurley
22John Bolen
35Preston Peltier
410Ryan Crane
515David Elliott
626Bubba Pollard
731Tyler Millwood
833Dillon Oliver
940Taylor Satterfield
1044Michael Pope
1147Chris Fontaine
1251Joel Anderson
1370Jeff Choquette
1471Johnny Braizer
1574Jay Middleton
1684Mike Alexander
1790Keeton Hanks
1897John Weston
1998Russell Fleeman
2040MTyler Miles
2147SDakota Stroupe
2251CBrandon Carlson
23O4Jarrod Foley
24O5Gene Kirila
25O7Jeremy Mullinax

Saturday, 11:45am CT - Good Morning from Nashville, TN!  We don't need a jaunty tune to get this day started because we are in the heart of county music!  Today history meet youth as the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour invades the Music City Motorplex for their seventh race of the season.  ASA SAT is the new kid on the block, while the Music City Motorplex has been in operation for 50 years. 

Here is a look at today's schedule: 

Pit Pass/Registration opens                  9:30am
Pits Open           10:00am
Tech Opens (Mandatory)        10:15am
Pre Practice Drivers Meeting    12:15pm

Practice for ASA Cars Only12:30-2:30pm Break every Half hour to clear Gate.
Clear Infield  2:30-2:45pm


Legends Semi Pro      2:45-3:05pm
Legends Pro/Master               3:05-3:20pm
Thunderstox       3:20-3:50pm

Legends Semi Pro      4:00-4:10pm
Legends Pro/Master               4:10-4:20pm
Thunderstox             4:20-4:40pm


Pre Qualifying Tech ASA         2:45-4:15pm
Chapel Service               4:40pm
Drivers Meeting (MANDATORY)            4:55pm
Qualifying ASA         5:15pm
Clear InfieldImmediately Following ASA Qualifying

Opening Ceremonies       6:00pm




National Anthem

Feature Events6:30pm
LAST CHANCE ASA 25 laps (if necessary)
Legends Semi Pro 20 laps
Legends Pro/Master 25 laps
Thunderstox 20 laps

           **** INTERMISSION- CHANGE WALLS****

Driver introsApprox 8:30-9:00pm

                       DRIVERS START YOUR ENGINES

"RC Cola / MoonPie 100"
July 5th, 2008
Music City Motorplex
Nashville, TN
Trackside Now: ASA SAT "RC Cola / MoonPie 100"
ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour Action From Music City Motorplex, TN
David Elliott flying the nation's colors on car.
(51 Sports Photo)
Today he's back with the same car and a new body.  He also got a top five at Peach State earlier in the week.
(51 Sports Photo)
Russell Fleeman wrecked his car hard at Senoia.
(51 Sports Photo)
Jay Middleton was on track friday, he looks to give Mike Cope racing a fourth straight win. (51 Sports Photo)
Taylor Satterfield has already had a long weekend.  He wrecked his primary car at Peach State on Thursday and had to roll out the back up car for Nashville. 
(51 Sports Photo)
Tour owner John Kee was working on his tan yesterday at one end of pit road.
(51 Sports Photo)
The Pits are busy today in Nashville (51 Sports Photo)
Michael Pope took some early laps in his other four wheeled vehical. (51 Sports Photo)
Two guys who have had some hard luck this season 2-John Bolen and 47 - Chris Fontaine (51 Sports Photo)
Preston Peltier show all that he and his crew are in a good mood.  (51 Sports Photo)
Taylor Satterfield has not had much to smile about this weekend.  He did crack the top ten in the final practice.
(51 Sports Photo)
Jeff Choquette won the pole in his only other ASA SAT start.  He's been around the top of the speed chart all afternoon. (51 Sports Photo)
Choquette rolls to his second career pole.  (51 Sports Photo)
Russell Fleeman will roll of fifth as looks for redemption after rolling the last time out in ASA SAT.
(51 Sports Photo)
Angea Ross performed the National Anthem prior to the racing tonight in Nashville. (51 Sports Photo)
Ryan Crane ended up with the win for the second time this weekend.
(51 Sports Photo)
Preston Peltier won the race on the track, but it was changed in the tech line.. (51 Sports Photo)