Saturday, 10:50pm ET - So into the record books goes a bunch of names, Jay Middleton wins the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour championship after his fifth place run.  At the same time Preston Peltier wins the Beach Tour Region title and Jason Hogan goes to victory lane for the second straight race.

The ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour will be back in action on October 18th at Watermelon Capital Speedway (GA).  That's all from Kenly goodnight. 

Check out and for more next week.

Unofficial Results
192Jason Hogan
25Preston Peltier
315Clay Jones
440Taylor Satterfield
574Jay Middleton
61Stephen McCurley
747Chris Fontaine
831Tyler Millwood
9O5FAlex Fleming
1010BRyan Blaney
1189Jess Mattox
1223BTerry Brooks
13M3Shelton NcNair
1447SDakota Stroup
1539CJ. Faison
16O5Gene Kirila
1777Rob Dubnecay
1879Chris Bowers
1970Jeff Choquette
20K7Jim Kelley
21O4Jerrod Foley

Saturday, 9:29pm ET - Jason Hogan has won the Kenly 100... Stay tuned for more. 

Saturday, 9:22pm ET - Back racing and Preston Peltier is giving his car all it will take, Jason Hogan still leads as the laps tick off.

Saturday, 9:20pm ET - YELLOW on lap 80 for a spin by Gene Kirila in turn two.

Saturday, 9:18pm ET - With 25 laps to go, Jason Hogan leads Preston Peltier by five car lengths.

Saturday, 9:15pm ET - The restart put our two fast cars nose to tail.  Jason Hogan leads, but Preston Peltier is pressuring hard.   Clay Jones has gotten by Taylor Satterfield for third and Jay Middleton is fifth as he closes in on the championship.

Saturday, 9:11pm ET - We are YELLOW on lap 58 for a car that stopped in turn four.  Jay Middleton moved up to fifth prior to the yellow.

Saturday, 9:08pm ET - On lap 47 Preston Peltier moves to second and looks to real in Jason Hogan who is has pulled out to a big lead.  Taylor Satterfield is third, Clay Jones fourth and Stephen McCurley has dropped to fifth.

Saturday, 9:04pm ET - The pack gets away clean on the restart, but Jeff Choquette has called it a night on lap 40.  Preston Peltier is up to third now, Hogan still leads McCurley

Saturday, 9:02pm ET - As we go back GREEN Jeff Choquette is at the end of the after making a pit stop.  This gives the lead to Jason Hogan.  The green run lasted only a lap as Alex Fleming and Selton McNair got together.  Fleming came down pit road with his hood up over the windshield.

At the same time Tyler Millwood pitted out of second becasue a tire issue it looks.   

Saturday, 8:55pm ET - Dakota Stroup has hit pit road on lap 37 as we go under YELLOW.  Some of the cars in the back of the pack tangled up, we're not sure who was involved.

When we came to the caution Jason Hogan was the leader, we think that Choquette checked up because of the yellow. 

Saturday, 8:50pm ET - At 30 laps it's Choquette over Hogan and Millwood.   Clay Jones and Preston Peltier are up to seventh and eighth. 

Saturday, 8:47pm ET - Jay Middleton the point leader is struggling back in 11th.  His car looks to be a handful in the turns.  Meanwhile Jason Hogan has gone from seventh to third in 15 laps.

Saturday, 8:43pm ET - As we go back GREEN the top five is Jeff Choquette, Stephen McCurley, Tyler Millwood, Jess Mattox, and Taylor Satterfield.

The pack gets away clean and Choquette and McCurley are nose to tail.

Saturday, 8:36pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out and we are racing at Kenly.  Jeff Choquette leads the first lap and sails away. 

On lap three the YELLOW has come out as Jerrod Foley, Chris Bowers and Shelton McNair have gotten together in turn three.  Foley looks to be done for the night.

Saturday, 8:30pm ET - Engines have fired and we are rolling on the pace laps here at Southern National Raceway Park.

Saturday, 8:00pm ET - The Super Stock race is in the books and Kevin Benton took the checkered flag.  The ASA SAT cars will be rolling on the track in the next few minutes.

Saturday, 7:10pm ET - The word from ASA SAT officials is the Shelton McNair will be going to the back of the pack after issues in post qualifying tech.

Saturday, 6:50pm ET - Darrell Bruson won the Rolling Thunder Modified race.  The Super Stocks are up next for 50-laps.

Saturday, 6:10pm ET - The Rolling Thunder Modifieds are on the track for their 75-lap feature.

Saturday, 5:40pm ET - Jess Mattox got the lucky draw, he will start first tonight, Jeff Choquette, Shelton McNair, Stephen McCurley, Tyler Millwood and Taylor Satterfield will be the rest of the top six.

There is an on track autograph session going on right now until 6pm, then we will start feature races.

Saturday, 5:20pm ET - Here is the full rundown after qualifying.  There will be a re-draw for the top spots and we will have that for you as soon it is available.

170Jeff Choquette14.339
2M3Shelton McNair14.470
331Tyler Millwood14.519
489Jess Mattox14.540
51Stephen McCurley14.563
640Taylor Satterfield 14.582
792Jason Hogan14.594
8O5FAlex Fleming14.602
915Clay Jones14.616
1047Chris Fontaine14.631
115Preston Peltier14.640
1210BRyan Blaney14.685
1374Jay Middleton14.687
14O4Jerrod Foley14.849
1523BTerry Brooks14.855
16O5Gene Kirila14.858
1779Chris Bowers14.893
1877Rob Dubnecay14.903
19K7Jim Kelley14.950
2047SDakota Stroup14.952
2139CJ. Faison15.410

Saturday, 5:10pm ET - Jeff Choquette has won the pole for the Kenly 100.  This is his fourth career ASA SAT pole.  Local driver Shelton McNair was second fastest.

Saturday, 4:10pm ET - The local division are on the truck for their qualifying laps.  ASA SAT qualifying will be up next.

Saturday, 3:15pm ET - 14-year-old Ryan Blaney will be making his second ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour Start today at Southern National Raceway Park.  Blaney finished 12th in his first start at Hickory a few weeks back.  Blaney is the son of Sprint Cup driver Dave Blaney who will be racing tomorrow at Talladega.  The elder Blaney will start 29th, Ryan hopes for a top ten starting spot.  

Saturday, 3:00pm ET - As the local cars practice goes on, the field is ready to go for qualifying for 4pm.  Championships are the big topic today.  Jay Middleton needs to finish 5th or better to lock up the Series Title.  That is of course is Taylor Satterfield wins the race, leads the most laps and leads at halfway.  Middleton needs to leave Southern National Raceway Park with a 166 point lead to claim the series championship.  Satterfield needs some help to keep his title hopes alive.

Saturday, 2:30pm ET - ASA SAT teams are going through pre-qualifying tech right now.  looking at the line up on pit road we see that Preston Peltier will be one of the first cars to go off for qualifying.

Peltier leads the Beach Tour points over John Bolen and Jay Middleton.  Bolen is not here today, we expect that the team in regrouping after some recent bad luck.  We expect to see them at Watermelon Capital Speedway (GA) in a few weeks.

Beach Tour Points
1 Preston Peltier  389
2 John Bolen       375
3 Jay Middleton   365

Saturday, 2:15pm ET - We have couple of local drivers running with the ASA SAT boys today.  Jim Kelley, Chris Bowers and Shelton McNair are just a few of those drivers.  McNair was in the top five in two of the four practice sessions.

Saturday, 2:05pm ET - Here are the rest of the top speeds from practice:

Round Four
1. 31 Tyler Millwood 14.585
2. 89 Jess Mattox  14.687
3. 47 Chris Fontaine 14.723
4. 92 Jaosn Hogan  14.800
5. M3 Shelton McNair 14.848

Round Three
1. 5 Preston Peliter 14.654
2. 10B Ryan Blaney 14.692
3. 92 Jason Hogan  14.798
4. 31 Tyler Millwood  14.815
5. 1  Stephen McCurley 14.853

Round Two
1. 31 Tyler Millwood 14.724
2. 89 Jess Mattox    14.793
3. 1  Stephen McCurley 14.821
4. 47 Chris Fontaine  14.833 

Saturday, 1:30pm ET - A swing through the pits during practice found that Jason Hogan broke a clutch and had to sit out the first session.  Jess Mattox broke a rear-end gear and lost some time as well.  Both would get back on the track to make laps in the final session. 

Saturday, 1:00pm ET - Here are the top speeds from the first practice.  Preston Peltier leads the Beach Tour regions points.  So we could have two championships wrapped up as Jay Middleton basically just has to start tonight's race to win the title. 

15Preston Peltier    14.624
274Jay Middleton    14.782
331Tyler Millwood   14.803
4M3Shelton NcNair 14.809
540Taylor Satterfield       14.867

Saturday, 12:00pm ET - Good Afternoon from Kenly, NC.  Today is the next to the last race for the RC Cola / MoonPie ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour.  It also will be the final time that the tour visits a new track in 2008.  We have 21 cars on hand for today's 100 lap feature event here at Southern National Raceway Park. 

Here is the schedule:

9:00am  Pit Gates open
9:00- 10:45 ASA Pre-Tech
10:45ASA PRE Practice drivers meeting
11:00 - 1:00 ASA only Practice
1:00 – 3:00 ASA Pre Qualifying Tech
1:00  Pit Gates Open For local Classes
1:30– 3:30      Practice
4:00  Grandstands Open
3:30  Mandatory Drivers Meeting- Roll Call
4:00  Qualifying
5:30  Pre Race Pit Passes Out of the Pits
5:15  On Track Autograph Session -ASA and Rolling Thunders
6:00  Pre– Race Ceremonies/ Racing Commences

Practice Order:

Super Stock
Limited Late Models
Rolling Thunder

Qualifying Order:

Super Stock
Limited Late Models
Rolling Thunder Modifieds
ASA Southeast  Asphalt Tour


Rolling Thunder Modifieds        75 Laps
Super Stock       50 Laps
ASA Southeast  Asphalt Tour     100 Laps
Limited Late Models   75 Laps

"Kenly 100"
October 4th, 2008
Southern National Raceway Park
Kenly, NC
Trackside Now: ASA SAT "Kenly 100"
ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour Action From Southern National Raceway Park (NC)
The hotel even offered a flavor for the RC Cola / MoonPie ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour.  (51 Sports Photo)
Jay Middleton could wrap up the title today with a strong finish.  (51 Sports Photo)
Stephen McCurley made the trip from Texas for today's race. (51 Sports Photo)
Gene Kirila promoting the series big time with a trailer decal on his rear deck lid.  (51 Sports Photo)
Tyler Millwood has been quick in each of the last two ASA SAT events.  (51 Sports Photo)
Jason Hogan spent the first part of his day under the car instead of in the car.  (51 Sports Photo)
Jess Mattox gives the thumbs up.  He got the lucky draw and will roll from the pole.  (51 Sports Photo)
Fans were treated to this Dale Earnhardt show car as they entered the track tonight. (51 Sports Photo)
The view from the TV truck. The magic behind the screen of ASA SAT.  (51 Sports Photo)
Jason Hogan gets career win number two in ASA SAT.  (51 Sports Photo)