Saturday, 10:17pm ET - Jay Middleton has won the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour's SENECA Tobaccoville USA 100 at Dillon.  Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, 10:15pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out and Middleton got one heck of a jump.  He's up four carlengths by the first completed lap, making it seven to go.

Saturday, 10:13pm ET - YELLOW FLAG on lap 92 as David Elliott and Chris Fontaine have made contact in turn four.  Fontaine spun his #47, bringing out the yellow.

The yellow flag ruined a torrid battle between Peltier and Middleton.  Peltier was all over Middleton's back bumper, looking both high and low into and off the corners, but Peltier was not able to find a way by to this point.  We'll have a restart with just eight laps remaining to settle this one.

Saturday, 10:09pm ET - 15 to go.  Peltier is still hunting for a way by Middleton.  Satterfield, Mattox, Fontaine and Elliot follow about 10 carlengths behind the top-two.

Saturday, 10:06pm ET - With only 25 to go, Middleton and Peltier still run bumper-to-bumper up front.  Satterfield now has some pressure from Mattox for third.

Saturday, 10:05pm ET - GREEN FLAG is back out and Preston Peltier is all over the back bumper of Jay Middleton up front on lap 70.

Saturday, 10:04pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out and Middleton got the jump, but John Bolen appeared to not come up to speed.  Bolen stalled his car in turn three, bringing out the YELLOW FLAG on lap 66.  With Bolen stacking the field up, there were some swapping of spots, as Middleton now leads Preston Peltier, Taylor Satterfield, Jess Mattox, Chris Fontaine and David Elliott.  Fontaine, who was third, got stuck behind Bolen on the restart and lost several spots.

Bolen has made it to pit road and the team has removed the left-rear tire, indicating a potential battery issue, then the team went to changing the right-front tire.

Saturday, 9:54pm ET - YELLOW FLAG lap 65.  Told ya there was a battle brewing between Cope and McCurley.  The two made contact, turning both sideways and leaving Mullinax, Fowler and Gene Kirila nowhere to go.  Fowler, Mullinax and Kirila were involved in a chain-reaction stackup when Cope and McCurley went sideways.  Fowler and Mullinax have taken their cars to pit road, while Kirila is going off on the hook.

The caution erases Middleton's full-straight-away lead over John Bolen.  With just 35 laps to go, it's Middleton, Bolen, Fontaine, Peltier, Satterfield, Mattox, Elliott, Altman, McCurley, Cope and Jerrod Foley.  Kyle Fowler has returned at the tail end of the field.  Those names listed are the only cars left on the racetrack.

Saturday, 9:45pm ET - There's a decent battle for ninth brewing as Travis Cope has Stephen McCurley in his radar on lap 60. Jeremy Mullinax and Kyle Fowler follow in 11th and 12th waiting to see what happens ahead of them.

Saturday, 9:45pm ET - We have quickly reached the halfway point here at Dillon and Jay Middleton continues to be the engineer of the freight-train that is the SENECA Tobaccoville 100.  Middleton is up 10 carlengths on John Bolen, while Fontaine, Peltier and Satterfield race by themselves in the top-five.

Saturday, 9:41pm ET - Taylor Satterfield has moved into the top-five by rooting Stephen McCurley out of his way on lap 36.  Other than that, it's all single-file racing throughout the field.

Saturday, 9:38pm ET - GREEN FLAG is back out after a lengthy cleanup by the, shall we say, patient DMS track crew and Middleton is still up front.

Saturday, 9:29pm ET - YELLOW FLAG lap 22 as Tyler Milwood has stuffed his #31 into the turn-one wall.  Up front, it's Middleton, Bolen, Fontaine, Peltier, McCurley, Taylor Satterfield, Jess Mattox, David Elliott, Jeremy Mullinax, Travis Cope in the top-10.  Kyle Fowler and Scotty Ellis are in the top-10 hunt behind them.

Saturday, 9:25pm ET - Swap of second-place as John Bolen has taken the low road around Chris Fontaine in turn three on lap 11. .Middleton now has about a full straight-away lead on Bolen, however.

Saturday, 9:24pm ET - Status quo up front on lap 10, as Middleton has opened up a six-carlength lead over Fontaine and Bolen up front. 

Saturday, 9:22pm ET - GREEN FLAG is back out and Middleton still shows the way on the single-file restart.  The entire field remains single-file as Eric Wallace has brought his car to pit road.

Saturday, 9:21pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out.  Jay Middleton got a jump on Chris Fontaine on the inside to take the lead at the start.

But it didn't take long for the first YELLOW FLAG of the night.  On the opening lap, Eric Wallace looped his #9 in turn one.  Running order is Middleton, Fontaine, John Bolen, Preston Peltier and Stephen McCurley in the top-five.

Saturday, 9:16pm ET - Engines have fired and we're rolling cars for the pace laps.

Saturday, 9:05pm ET - The ASA Southeast Asphalt Series cars are lined up on the frontstretch and we're about to begin driver introductions.

The crowd is still buzzing about the whild finish to the Pro Challenge Series feature as they await the SENECA Tobaccoville 100.  Two of the brightest young stars in the three-quarter scale stock car series put on a classic short-track racing battle at the front.  Clint King dominated the event, but Nick Stroupe battled hard in second, searching for a way around King's #07.  Stroupe tapped King late in the race, taking the lead momentarily before King retaliated and knocked Stroupe back to second.  King held strong by pinching Stroupe high on a series of late double-file restarts to claim the Pro Challenge North Region victory.

1.  Clint King
2.  Nick Stroupe
3.  Devon Haun
4.  Justin Crider
5.  Stephen Bergh
6.  Meghan Dillner
7.  Terry Horak
8.   Chris Brown 
9.  Trevor Edwards
10.  Kyle Wilson
11.  Cody Hitchens

Saturday, 8:10pm ET - Clint King has won the Pro Challenge race. We will have the results soon. This also was a first under the last yellow the pace car got a flat tire!

Saturday, 8:10pm ET - The Pro Challenge race is under red with four laps to go. It has been a back and forth battle between Nick Stroupe and Clint King.  We will let you know what happens.

Saturday, 7:40pm ET - We do have some for TV info for you about this event This race can be seen on the following TV channels and dates:

July 2nd at 7pm
July 16th at 7pm
July 30 at 7pm

Comcast Mid-Atlantic
June 28th 1pm
June 29th 5pm

Sports Time Ohio

June 28th 2pm

Saturday, 7:35pm ET - The Pro Challenge Cars are the track for their feature.

Saturday, 7:00pm ET - Preston Peltier did not fair well in the re-draw.  He will now roll off 5th with point leader Jay Middleton grabbing the pole.  Chris Fontaine will start second.  Features don't start until 7:30pm so we are going to take a break as well.

174Jay Midleton
247Chris Fontaine
32John Bolen
41Stephen McCurley
55Preston Peltier
615David Elliott
740Taylor Satterfield
889Jess Mattox
983Scotty Ellis
1031Tyler Millwood
11O7Jeremy Mullinax
1226Travis Cope
130Strom Altman
1451Kyle Fowler
1552Kevin Stephens
16O4Jerrod Foley
179WEric Wallace
18O5Gene Kirila

Saturday, 6:40pm ET - Preston Peltier becomes the first repeat pole winner in the rookie season of ASA SAT.

15Preston Peltier15.569
274Jay Midleton15.620
31Stephen McCurley15.712
447Chris Fontaine15.789
52John Bolen15.834
615David Elliott15.878
740Taylor Satterfield15.887
889Jess Mattox15.900
983Scotty Ellis15.934
1031Tyler Millwood15.950
11O7Jeremy Mullinax15.961
1226Travis Cope15.967
130Strom Altman15.996
1451Kyle Fowler16.012
1552Kevin Stephens16.103
16O4Jerrod Foley16.157
179WEric Wallace16.196
18O5Gene Kirila16.264

Saturday, 5:30pm ET - We are heading Trackside for the drivers meeting and qualifying.  We will be back soon with the results. 

Saturday, 5:15pm ET - Tonight's race is the third TV race for ASA SAT, it will be on SportSouth in July check you local listings or checkout the

Saturday, 5:00pm ET - Looking at the speeds from practice we can see that Jay Middleton and John Bolen each paced a pair of the four practice sessions.  Middleton is the points leader and he won earlier this season at Bronson Motor Speedway.  If Bolen can win tonight it would his first Late Model win and the sixth different winner in six races for the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour. 

Saturday, 4:45pm ET - No major issues in tech as all the cars are lined up for qualifying later tonight.  The local divisions are on the track with the Pro Challenge cars already having taken their practice.

Saturday, 4:05pm ET - Stories from the pits tell us that Kevin Stephens is running his first race of the season today.  Stephens will pick a choose the events he runs this season, but tonight he is making his RC Cola / MoonPie ASA Southeast Asphalt debut.

Michael Pope is here, but not racing.  He was seventh in points coming into this event. 

As far as region points go this is the first event on the Carolina Clash schedule. The other events are at Concord Motorsport Park on both 7/26 and 10/4.  As well as Hickory on 9/20 and the road race on 8/31 at Carolina Motorsports Park.

Saturday, 3:40pm ET - Qualifying is set for 6pm, here are the speeds from the final practice.

174Jay Midleton15.812
2O7Jeremy Mullinax15.899
389Jess Mattox15.923
483Scotty Ellis15.933
55Preston Peltier15.973
640Taylor Satterfield16.019
747Chris Fontaine16.021
81Stephen McCurley16.108
915David Elliott16.139
1031Tyler Millwood16.140
1152Kevin Stephens16.172
1226Travis Cope16.248
130Strom Altman16.297
149WEric Wallace16.318
152John Bolenno time
1651Kyle Fowlerno time
17O5Gene Kirilano time
18O4Jerrod Foleyno time

Saturday, 2:30pm ET - Here are the speeds from the first three practices, we will have the fourth latter on.  There are 18 cars here today on Father's Day weekend.  Every driver would love to score a win for their dad in the "SENECA Tobaccoville USA 100".

12John Bolen15.969
25Preston Peltier15.970
374Jay Midleton16.014
447Chris Fontaine16.024
531Tyler Millwood16.038
651Kyle Fowler16.057
789Jess Mattox16.077
815David Elliott16.111
940Taylor Satterfield16.117
1026Travis Cope16.192
111Stephen McCurley16.248
129WEric Wallace16.287
1383Scotty Ellis16.297
14O5Gene Kirila16.300
15O4Jerrod Foley16.499
1652Kevin Stephensno time
17O7Jeremy Mullinaxno time
180Strom Altmanno time

12John Bolen15.834
21Stephen McCurley15.861
389Jess Mattox15.893
49WEric Wallace16.075
540Taylor Satterfield16.090
674Jay Midleton16.16
783Scotty Ellis16.187
8O7Jeremy Mullinax16.210
931Tyler Millwood16.212
1052Kevin Stephens16.237
1126Travis Cope16.257
12O5Gene Kirila16.285
130Strom Altman16.319
14O4Jerrod Foley16.416
155Preston Peltierno time
1647Chris Fontaineno time
1715David Elliottno time
1851Kyle Fowlerno time

174Jay Midleton15.839
289Jess Mattox15.987
35Preston Peltier16.005
447Chris Fontaine16.049
51Stephen McCurley16.089
62John Bolen16.097
715David Elliott16.104
826Travis Cope16.117
952Kevin Stephens16.151
1051Kyle Fowler16.156
1131Tyler Millwood16.226
12O7Jeremy Mullinax16.243
1383Scotty Ellis16.284
140Strom Altman16.341
15O5Gene Kirila16.389
16O4Jerrod Foley16.446
179WEric Wallace16.670
1840Taylor Satterfieldno time

Saturday, 1:15pm ET - We going Trackside to get some more of the action for you.  We will be back in a while. 

Saturday, 12:45pm ET - Good afternoon from Dillon Motor Speedway in Dillon, South Carolina for the ASA SAT "SENECA Tobaccoville USA 100".  This is the first trip for just about all the drivers to this newly paved racetrack.  here is a look at today's schedule as we are currently already underway in practice.

Officials to track                   9:00 am
Pit gate opens                    10:00 am
Tech Opens         10:15 am -12:15 pm
Drivers Meeting       12:15 pm
Practice for ASA Southeast cars
12:30 -2:30 pm with brake every ½ hour

Per Qualifying tech Opens 2:30 pm
Tech closes 4:30 pm

Local Divisions Practice  4:30 -5:30 pm
Pro Challenge, 4 Cylinders,
Chargers in this Order

ASA Southeast Drivers,
Spotters And Crew Chief  Meeting              5:30 pm  MANDATORY

Qualifying                           6:00 pm
Pro Challenge, 4 Cylinders, Chargers

Opening Ceremonies  7:30 pm
Pro Challenge
4 Cylinders

"SENECA Tobaccoville USA 100"
June 14th, 2008
Dillon Motor Speedway
Dillon, SC
Trackside Now: ASA SAT "SENECA Tobaccoville USA 100"
ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour Action From Dillon Motor Speedway
Kyle Fowler is racing today with support from BDI racing.  BDI is owned by Speed TV's Bob Dillner. (51 Sports Photo)
Kevin Stephens is running his first race of 2008, he spent the last few season running Late Models in Georgia.
(51 Sports Photo)
John Bolen is very fast here at Dillon. Notice the big dirt banks left over from the dirt days. (51 Sports Photo)
Taylor Satterfield is second in points, he hopes to close in on Jay Middleton with a good finish tonight.
(51 Sports Photo)
Travis Cope testing the high banks at Dillon Motor Speedway for the first time. (51 Sports Photo)
Taylor Satterfield leads Chris Fontaine in practice at Dillon Motor Speedway. (51 Sports Photo)
David Elliott is back after his top five run at Senoia.
(51 Sports Photo)
Dillon Motor Speedway a new track for all ASA SAT drivers. (51 Sports Photo)
Preston Peltier won the pole for tonight's 100 lap main event.  (51 Sports Photo)
Nick Stroupe won the pole for the Pro Challenge feature.
(51 Sports Photo)