ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour Partners With RC Cola and MoonPie
First Taste of RC Cola/MoonPie ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour Coming March 22nd at Mobile
Generations of Southerners have grown up enjoying MoonPie treats washed down with RC Cola.  Whether a treat or even as a meal, folks from the Southeastern part of the country have enjoyed their RC and MoonPies on warm summer evenings.  The combination is a true southern tradition.

Just like RC and MoonPies, generations of Southerners have grown up feeling the adrenaline of stock car racing.  That’s why the founding members of the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour, a Late Model series set to have its inaugural event on March 22nd at Mobile International Speedway, eagerly pursued the formation of the only Southern-based touring Super Late Model series in recent months.

Now, these things that Southerners love more than anything are combined into one entity with the announcement today of RC Cola and MoonPie as the title sponsors of the RC Cola/MoonPie ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour. 

“I’ve always heard the story about the way MoonPie got its name; miners in the South needed something to eat in their lunch pails that was hearty and would fill them and was good anytime.  One of the miners put his hands in the air and put his hands around the moon and said ‘it should be about this big,” said Dennis Huth, President of the American Speed Association (ASA).  “That spawned a Southern tradition of MoonPie and RC Cola was the perfect fit with it.  The tradition started there, just like a lot of people thought we were reaching for the moon when the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour was created.  Well, we’re hoping to continue Southern traditions like RC and MoonPie while starting some of our own with this Tour.  This isn’t just a fit, it’s a perfect fit.”

“Continuing Southern traditions like racing and enjoying RC Cola with a tasty MoonPie is what is most exciting for not just us, but also for the racing fans in the Southeast,” said John Kee, founder of the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour.  “RC and MoonPie are two brands that most Southerners grew up with.  Both have been enjoyed by generations of
Southerners, so we’re excited to combine their Southern traditions with our exciting brand of short track racing to make for an incredible partnership for our racers and for the fans that come out to an RC Cola/MoonPie ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour event.”

Plenty of Southerners already enjoy RC and MoonPies, but now being able to do so while watching the exciting new brand of short track racing that the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour offers in 2008 is a win-win for fans of all three.

“I’ve got to tell you, we are thrilled,” said Tory Johnston, Vice President of Marketing for MoonPie.  “Truly, there is nothing more iconic in the South than MoonPies and stock car racing.  The demographic match is perfect and the geographic match is perfect.  We know that the racing fan is a MoonPie fan and the MoonPie fan is a racing fan.  It’s a great match.  We are proud and excited to be a part of this.”

“Then you have the RC Cola component of it.  Doing this together really takes it over the top.  Since the 1950’s we have been an iconic combination in the South.  Everybody has a MoonPie and RC Cola story.  We haven’t co-promoted anything in a long time, but we are resurrecting that and using it as a platform to get back into racing.”

On a Saturday in June every year, thousands of folks from all around the world take part in a Southern tradition by attending the annual RC Cola and MoonPie Festival in the quaint Southern town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee.  Games, events and entertainment all centered around Southerners’ favorite treats are enjoyed by fans of all ages.  With the alliance with the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour, the same festive atmosphere that RC Cola and MoonPie enthusiasts enjoy every year will be extended to every one of the Tour’s events.

“We’re going to be offering combination RC/MoonPie merchandise at the tracks,” added Johnston.  “We are going to do some special promotions where we’ll have special rollback prices on an RC and a MoonPies at the tracks.  Back in the 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s, we were the biggest snack that you could buy in the store and RC was
the drink that everyone got in the store.  You could get one for a nickel and both for a dime.  We became known as the ‘Working Man’s Lunch.’  I’m not saying that we’ll have those prices again, but we’re going to definitely have some promotions.  There will be cool stuff to win or win at the tracks.”

Fans will be able to get their first taste of the RC Cola/MoonPie ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour on March 22nd at another historic staple of the South, Mobile International Speedway in Irvington, Alabama.  Just like RC and MoonPie have always stood for, the inaugural RC Cola/MoonPie ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour event will be affordable and enjoyable for the entire family.  Tickets for the inaugural ASA SAT event at Mobile are $15.00 for general admission and kids 12 and under are free.  Hospitality and Group discount tickets are available by contacting Stan Narrison or by calling (678) 910-7726.  Gates open for a pre-race concert at 3:30pm with racing beginning at 7:30.
The ASA SAT promises to have some of the best Super Late Model racing in the South.
Back-to-Back World Crown winner at Peachstate Paul Kelley is among the drivers expected to call the new RC Cola/MoonPie ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour home.  (51 Photos).