"The Other Wimmer" Makes a Name for Himself in ASA MW by Lindsey Marks
Chris Wimmer Does Just Fine Outside of His Famed Brother's Shadow
Wimmer's #52 at I-94 Raceway..   (ASA MW / Doug Hornickle / Fast Lap Photo Photos).
“He raced a long time before I did,” said Chris.  “He started when he was 14 and I started when I was 18. Once he started moving up and racing more down south that's when I started racing. I started in a Pure Stock class and kindam of worked my way up. I ran the old ASA touring series for three years.”

After running the now-defunct ASA National Tourtour, Chris moved to the Craftsman Truck Series.

“In 2004, I ran 16 Truck races for Mittler Brothers (MB Motorsports); they're a low budget team. But I ended up running 16 races and we ran decent but we just had a lot of mechanical failures and just never got real good finishes. We had quite a few 15 or 16 place finishes but nothing really good. Then, the year after that I ran five Truck races for Bobby Dotter and we had some good, top-15 finishes.”

In late 2005, the younger Wimmer got a Nationwide series ride with Keith Coleman. He ran Coleman's #23 car through April 2006 but then caught a bad break when Coleman decided to shut down the team.

“I was living in Kentucky at the time, and after he (Coleman) did that I moved back to North Carolina and tried looking for a job but there was nothing really going on down there.”

This year, the 29-year-old driver is back in ASA running the ASA Midwest Tour after a
brief hiatus from racing.

“I decided late, about February, that I decided to do this deal, so we had to build a car
and get a trailer and do everything. It's been going good. We've been getting better and
better every week and haven't torn up anything.”

Currently Wimmer sits  within the top 10 of the ASA Midwest points and he is
recognized as one of the Midwest Tour's Touring Stars.

In the future, Wimmer sees himself behind the wheel of a racecar no matter what.

“I just want to race. I've been out of it for three years now so it doesn't really matter what
I race as long as I continue doing it and enjoying it. That's all I look forward to. I'd like to
be able to run a full-time Truck deal but if I can't do that this series (ASA Midwest Tour) is really good.”

His future also involves his big brother.

“He has such a busy schedule he doesn't get the chance to go to many races. But, he was at Madison recently. He came over and spent the week in Wisconsin and he actually helped out a lot. I think he's coming out next week too so hopefully I can bring him to a couple races and he can help out.”

The Wimmer brothers have each made their mark in stock car racing. The sport has benefited from their talents and it in turn has made their relationship better than ever.

“My brother and I have a real good relationship,” the younger Wimmer said. “I look up to my brother. It's an honor to be his brother.”

Chris Wimmer has a very famous last name. Unfortunately, most stock car racing fans know his name because of his older brother Scott rather than recognizing him for his own talents.
Scott Wimmer is currently in his seventh NASCAR Nationwide Series season and has also run in the Sprint Cup Series in previous years.

So, when people approach Chris, often addressed as 'The Other Wimmer', they recognize the name but not necessarily for his achievements.

Considering normal competitiveness compounded with sibling rivalry, it would be natural to assume that the younger Wimmer would resent the whole situation.
But, that is just not how Chris looks at it.

“I've gotta answer the question a lot 'are you Scott's brother?' but it doesn't matter. My brother's been real good to me and we get along real good,” said Chris.
Scott began racing in 1991 and Chris helped him with his cars until the elder Wimmer moved up.
Chris Wimmer (#52) at Iowa Speedway.