Cuppers Show The Way at The Milwaukee Mile by Jana Jurkovich
But While Kyle Busch Won, Chris Wimmer Kept Him and Matt Kenseth Honest
“My car started tight and continued to get tighter,” says Wimmer, “So I freed it up for the second half and I could tell right away the changes helped.”

It seemed as though Wimmer's #52 was tracking down the #51 of Busch, when a caution flew with 30 laps to go.  Wimmer tried to get underneath Busch going in to turn one, on the restart, but the NASCAR Sprint Cup points leader was able to hold him off and hold on to the lead.

“I felt like I was catching him during the long green flag run,” says Wimmer, “I knew his car was good on the short runs, but mine seemed a little better on the long run.  If we had stayed green I might have been able to catch him, but his car was just so strong.”

Busch, whose car definitely was good on the short run, had no problem holding on for the finals laps to take the checkered flag. 

“I actually thought we were going to jump overboard [at the halfway point],” says Busch, “But we
hit it pretty close and got it to where the car was a lot better, so it really worked out right.”

Busch's win also served as somewhat of a birthday present for his Dad, who's enjoyed his fair
share of racing at the Milwaukee Mile.  “

My Dad's been watching races here and it's his birthday tomorrow so that was extra special,”
says Busch, “He came here many years ago with his dad and always watched races so it's
pretty cool to have him here with us. ”

Wimmer's second place finish is his best in an ASAMT event this year and also his fourth
straight top-five finish in the series.  “Anytime you get to race with guys like that is awesome,”
says Wimmer, “We've been having a pretty good run lately, but the ASA does such a good job
with the series and bringing those guys in and to race up front with them is pretty cool.”

Behind the top two, ASAMT point leads Dan Fredrickson and Kenseth battled for the third
position, but Fredrickson experienced an engine problem with 13 laps to go and was forced to
pull off the track.  That helped Kenseth to bring home a top three finish in his home state of

“Its fun to come home,” says Kenseth, “It's not near as much fun when you don't win, but it's
really nice to come back and see all these people and come and hangout with people I haven't
seen in awhile and have a good time up here.”

Fredrickson finished the race 29th allowing Donny Reuvers to close within five points in the
ASAMT overall point standings.

Cuppers Kyle Busch (#51) and Matt Kenseth (#17) tried to dominate the Milwaukee race, but Chris Wimmer (#52) did put up a good fight.  (Doug Hornickel /Fast Track Photos / ASA MW  Photos)

NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch headlined the Governor's Cup 100 at The Milwaukee Mile on Sunday and their performances didn't disappoint.  However, emerging out of their shadows was one ASA Midwest Tour driver who gave the stars a run for their money.
Busch laid down the fastest qualifying lap of the day followed by none other than Kenseth.  With the inverted start, the two began the Governor's Cup 100 from the 10th and 11th positions.  Jeff Storm and Mark Kraus began the race on the front row and each grabbed the lead for a few laps before Busch and Kenseth weaved their way to the front.

It didn't take long for Busch and his #51 NOS Energy Toyota to take the lead, and it also didn't take long for Kenseth to settle in to the second position and begin to chase down the leader.

By lap 36, Kenseth's #17 caught Busch and then 8 laps later passed for the lead and held on until the halfway mark.

Teams got a ten-minute break the 50-lap mark to fuel up, rotate tires and work on their cars.  Those ten minutes turned out to make or break the race for a few drivers.

Kenseth led the field back to green, but it took Busch just two laps to re-take the lead. 

“I was pretty loose the first half, too loose to run any quicker,” says Kenseth, “We tightened it up a little bit and it just got way too tight for some reason.  We just kind of missed it and over adjusted.”

“We changed some things,” says Busch, “We were so loose in the first half that we were able to tighten it up just a little bit and just that little bit helped us.”

Chris Wimmer, who restarted from the fourth position, made some good changes and was charging through the field as well.  On lap 57, Wimmer passed Kenseth for second place and set his sights on the leader. 
Kyle Busch in victory lane.