Change in Approach Makes Frderickson an ASA MW Title Contender by Jana Jurkovich
Midwestern Driver is On a Hot Streak
For Dan Frederickson, racing has always been fun.  But, a recent change in attitude could be the secret behind his recent great start to 2008 on the ASA Midwest Tour.  Dating back to the end of last season Frederickson has won four of the last six races, and two of the others, he finished as the runner-up. 
Things have gone so well that you could almost argue that his recent fourth place finish in the ASA Midwest Tour event at Jefferson was an “off” performance.

Fredrickson has worked hard at bettering his racing skills and that seems to be working.

“It used to be fun to do what I wanted,” says Frederickson., “Now it's all about going where I struggle and doing what I can conquer that.”

Last season, Frederickson conquered one of his problem areas when he took the checkered flag at Grundy County Speedway.  Then this season he pulled his #36 Ford in to victory lane at Madison International Speedway and bettered his 30th performance from a year ago. 

Says Frederickson, “Grundy was a bad area of ours and we won that. [Madison International Speedway] was a bad area of ours and we won there.  I kinda like the challenge more now.”
Dan Frederickson's #36  (ASA MW / Doug Hornickle / Fast Lap Photo Photos)
This new mentality wasn't something that happened overnight, but can be attributed to the saying 'older and wiser.' 

“I just got older I guess,” says Frederickson, “Before I had kids it was just fun to go racing all the time.  Now I have family and I want to spend as much time with them as I can and I guess when you race and it's more serious, you want to do well even more.
If there's anything Frederickson has shown lately it's that he can run “well” on a consistent basis.  The fact that he's a smaller budget team is why it can be so important to finish at the top. 

“We have in the car itself some of the best things we think we can buy, the best that we know of,” says Frederickson, “But we're certainly a small money team and winning these races is real important to the budget alone. “

While Frederickson continues to add top place dollars to his #36 budget, it boils down to more than that.  “I wouldn't say it is a David vs. Goliath type deal, but there's a lot more pride in winning when you're under funded,” says Frederickson.

If there's one thing the 30 year old wishes though, it's that he could have had this success a few years ago. 

“I guess it's frustrating,” says Frederickson, “I wish I could have done this when I was 23 or 24 because I thought I could have had a shot down South.  I don't think I'm too old actually to race down south, but I guess they're looking for guys a little younger. “
So for now, Frederickson will just stay busy chasing checkered flags and the 2008 ASA Midwest Tour championship.

Frederickson (C) is enjoying his winning ways.