Chris Wimmer Welcomes The Challenges of ASA Midwest Tour by Kevin Ramsell, ASA MW Tour PR
Wisconsin Native Heads Back to Midwest to Go Racing
With less than ten days until the season opener at Elko Speedway, the list of short track stars registered for the 2008 ASA Kwik Trip Midwest Tour presented by ECHO Outdoor Power Equipment continues to grow. Former ASA National Tour competitor, Chris Wimmer, is the latest to enter his hat into the ring.
The Wausau (WI) native and nephew of the late Larry Detjens, is coming back to the Midwest for many reasons, “I decided to compete in the ASA Midwest Tour this year to hopefully continue my racing career,” Wimmer recently stated. “I moved down South a few years ago and struggled to find a full time ride. During the summer I came back to Wisconsin and started racing some of the local tracks again. I saw some of the Midwest Tour races last year and thought it was a really neat deal. I really want to continue racing and I thought the ASA Midwest Tour would be a good fit for me. I've raced a lot of the tracks before and it's nice to be involved with my family.”

Wimmer’s name is well known with those who competed in the original American Speed Association National Tour. In 2001, he finished 15th in points and was 17th in 2002. In 2003, he won his first pole while setting a new track record at Elko Speedway in Elko, MN, the site of the first ASAMT event on Saturday, April 19th.

He finds a lot of comparisons with the former National Tour to what the ASAMT is doing today, “When I ran the ASA National Tour it was all top notch drivers, many who went on to NASCAR careers. That's the same thing I see with the ASA Midwest Tour,” Wimmer explained. “I think many of the drivers in this series are capable of a future NASCAR career. Some have tried and found more fun and success racing in a series like the ASAMT. The ASA National Tour also had an excellent group of tech officials and owner and from the little exposure I have had with the ASA Midwest Tour, I am already seeing the same great foundation.”

That little exposure came when Wimmer competed at the 2007 season finale at La Crosse (WI) Fairgrounds Speedway. “I've ran Oktoberfest quite a few times before and I just struggled to get my car right all weekend,” Wimmer recalled. “My dad had a car that had been sitting around for a few years and when I came back to Wisconsin in the summer I wanted to get it back on the track and take it to some of the local tracks. I ran really well at a race in Marshfield, but a few
weekends later I struggled at Oktoberfest. What I learned was that these ASA Midwest drivers and teams are on top if their game. They have the best equipment and a lot of the technology has changed over the past few years and they make sure to keep up with it. Those made me realize that if I hope to compete this year, I'll have to do the same. I've been working on my car for the past two months trying to update it and get it the best I can to run the full ASA Midwest Tour and stay competitive.”

And he has had plenty of help during those two months, “I've gotten great help from my parents and friends during this process. I obviously hope to be competitive in the ASA Midwest Tour, but I am working on a lower budget. I am still searching for a primary sponsor for the season, so there's been a lot of time put in by myself, my family and my friend Dave Meyer trying to get this car ready for the first race in Elko,” Wimmer explained. “While it's been a lot of work the past few months, Dave and I have developed a good working relationship and it will be fun to hopefully see all the hard work pays off on the track. I want to thank my girlfriend for all the help and support she gives me. Dave and I put in some long hours, and she is very understanding and knows what an important part of my life racing is. Also, my brother has been a lot of help as I try to continue my race career. It's nice to have someone to turn to for advice who knows the ups and downs of racing.”

But Wimmer is ready for what is ahead of him this season, “The competition will be extremely tough. There are a lot of top name drivers that are going to run the full series,” a rejuvenated Wimmer stated. “All the teams are top notch and put some of the best equipment around in their car. Each week will be a challenge to compete. The challenge though is exciting to me. It's always nice to be able to push other teams and drivers to be their best while they constantly push you to stay on top of your game.”

“The Wimmer family has been an integral part of the history in short track racing in
and around the Midwest. Scott and Chris along with the whole Wimmer family relations
(Larry Detjens) are pure proof of the quality of people that they are,” Steve Einhaus,
ASAMT VP stated. “When we heard Chris was considering the ASAMT, it makes you
realize just how exciting this series is and how many true veterans are in our series.
This announcement is just another example of the depth of veterans in our series. This
is another reason why race track owners want us racing at their track, we are bringing
them the true veterans and future stars of the sport, it’s a win-win for everyone involved
from the competitors, the tracks to the fans.”

Over 30 paid entries have already been received for the season opening event on
Saturday, April 19th at Elko Speedway. Defending race winner and 2007 Rookie of
the Year, Jonathan Eilen, along with 2007 ASAMT Champion, Nathan Haseleu, and
the rest of the ASAMT Touring Stars are preparing to challenge the 1/3 mile oval. It will
be, “Certified Super Late Model Excitement!!!”

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Midwest Tour office at (262) 514-388
Chris Wimmer  ( Photos)
Chris Wimmer has run limited schedules in the NASCAR Busch Series (now Nationwide Series) and the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.