Trent Snyder Wins at Rockford Speedway ASA Late Model Series PR
Snyder is The King of Rockford with His Fourth Career ASA LM Win
Trent Snyder may have finally beaten the bad luck bug that has chased him all season.  Only one season removed from winning the ASALMS Northern Division Championship, Snyder has found this year plagued with misfortune.  The #88 team has been fast at virtually every stop along the circuit however untimely accidents and unfortunate circumstances have kept him out of victory lane.  Snyder’s luck would finally take a turn for the positive as he was able to lead the final 80 laps and win the King of Rockford 100 at Rockford Speedway.

Dave Gentile Jr. would start the event from the pole position after qualifying 7th.  Leading the field to the green flag, it would not take long before he would see the first caution flag of the event.  The #29 of Joey King and #64 of Griffin McGrath would make contact sending both cars spinning to the apron.  Due to the fact that one lap had not yet been completed, ASALMS officials called for the field to be repositioned for a complete restart.   Dave Gentile would once again lead the field to the green flag, however his lead would not last long as Brett Moffitt was able to pass him before the completion of the first lap.  The 15 initial laps would see the field work its way into single file formation with Moffit being chased by the machines of Snyder, Wilberg, Haseleu, Gentile, and Hintzsche. 

20 would prove to be a very unlucky number for Brett Moffitt on this particular night.  Just as the leaders were approaching a slower pack of cars to place them a lap down, a major bottle neck occurred on the race track.  Seeing the leader rapidly approaching, the group of slower cars began to scramble and run in a 3 wide formation to avoid being caught by Moffitt.  Rarely in on a short track will would 3 wide racing work, and tonight be no exception. 

A large group of cars began to clog the race track just before the 176 of Jerrick Johnson and 31 of Brent Brevak made heavy contact bringing out the second yellow of the night.   Both machines were severely tangled with the Brevak machine coming to rest on its side partially supported by Johnson’s American Legion Chevrolet.  As the wreckage was cleared it was evident that the night was through for both Johnson and Brevak. 

  Rookie of the Year leader Brett Moffitt was able to continue through the wreckage with what appeared to be only minimal contact.  The damage would prove to be more substantial than earlier anticipated, as the 5K Motorsports machine would be forced to the pit area to change a flat tire.  In true veteran form, 2007 ASA Late Model Series Northern Division Champion Trent Snyder was able to make his way through the wreckage unscathed.  After missing incident by a narrow margin, Snyder would not look back for the remainder of the event.

The caution would again fly on lap 22 for a minor incident Brett Moffitt and Joey King.  After restarting in the back of the field due to a tire change, the 5K Motorsports entry had substantial trouble picking his way back through the pack.  The competitors of the ASALMS would only manage eight more green flag laps before the third caution of the night would temporarily slow the action.  Three machines were involved on the lap 30 incident, including those of Griffin McGrath, Alec Carll, and Jeremy Miller.  ASALMS officials conferred and concluded that the 66 of Carll as well as the 64 of McGrath would be awarded their spots back in the lineup.  As a result of this decision, Jeremy Miller’s machine was sent to the rear of the field for the restart. 
2007 ASALMS Northern Division Champion Trent Snyder celebrates his victory in the King of Rockford 100.  (Chuck Gonzales Photo)
Trent Snyder would lead the field back to the green flag bringing a tough group of seven cars with him.  Vetaran driver Bobby Wilberg was close on Snyder’s bumper followed by Dave Gentile, Nate Haseleu, Troy Hintzsche, Becca Karlsen, and multiple time Rockford Speedway winner Eddie Hoffman.  The laps would begin to click of smoothly as Snyder was setting a near qualifying pace for the field.  No one on the race track was faster than Snyder on the stopwatch. 

Lap 51 would bring the next caution of the night for a spin involving Brett Moffitt’s 5 machine and the 54 of Josh Lane.  Joey King was awarded the free pas, as the top five running order remained unchanged.  The machines of Moffitt and Lane were both able to continue racing.  

Rockford Speedway favorite Michael Bilderback would find himself at the center of controversy during on of the more memorable moments of the night.  The 2 machine of Bilderback would find his way against the outside wall on the backstretch on lap 54.  Although the initial contact with the wall slowed his momentum, it was the aftermath at the hands of Griffin McGrath’s front bumper that caused him to spin.  After a long conference in the scoring tower, ASALMS officials decided that sending both Bilderback and McGrath to the rear of the field would be the best decision for all.  It was obvious to the packed grandstands at Rockford Speedway that Michael Bilderback did not agree with that decision.  After being warned more than once by Series Director Ron Varney to discontinue his protest, Bilderback was given his final flag of the evening.  The 2 machine would not live to see the checkered flag on the race track as he was pulled from the scoring lineup and parked for the evening. 

As Snyder led the field back to the green flag, Eddie Hoffman would attempt to begin his charge to the front of the field.  In only her second ASALMS race, Becca Kasten had managed to keep the veteran Hoffman in her rear view mirror for the entire race.  After attempting for several laps, Hoffman was able to get Kasten’s car slightly loose and make the pass for sixth position on lap 64.  Seemingly glued to Hoffman’s bumper, the Chris Eggleston machine was also able to slide past Kasten into seventh.  The remainder of the event would be nearly incident free, as only two minor cautions slowed the pace.

The running order would not change as the final ten laps counted down in front of a packed house at the high banked bullring.  With Tom Powell’s checkered flag in the air, Trent Snyder won his first ASALMS event of the 2008 season.

“I am so glad to get this win”, stated Snyder in Victory Lane.  “The car was great tonight, and I sure hope that this turns our luck around”.  Snyder’s crew was very emotional as the celebrated the win.  “Our car last night at Madison was pretty bad and
(top) Trent Snyder (88) narrowly avoided this early wreck involving Brent Brevak (31) and Jerick Johnson (176). (bottom) Bobbly Wilberg's Dodge (28) was in hot pursuit of Snyder (88) throughout the event.  (Chuck Gonzales Photo
we aren’t sure why”, Snyder added “We also made the long trip to Concord, NC for the southern division race a couple of weeks ago only to be involved in a first lap wreck.  This win sure does make up for those two races” 

Bobby Wilberg was also happy with the performance his Dodge machine’s second place finish.  “I had a lot of fun tonight, but the car just got too tight to catch Trent (Snyder)”, commented Wilberg.  “I am the only Dodge out here running, so hopefully the traditional Dodge guys enjoyed what they saw from us”.