Robbie Pyle Victorious Again at Madison International Speedway ASA Late Model Series PR
Pyle Holds Off Carlson in Madison
Madison International Speedway has been good to Robbie Pyle.  The first night of Border Wars was no exception.   After  a late race pass on lap 97, Pyle was able to pass then leader Andrew Morrissey to win the Mayor of Madison 100.  Following Pyle, Steve Carlson was also able to pass during the thrilling battle on the final laps.

The quickest field of cars in ASALMS history at Madison International Speedway took the track for ARP Bodies qualifying.  During the qualifying session, 10 cars in total would break Travis Dassow’s ASALMS track record on the Wisconsin Speedway.  Quick qualifier for the event would be Steve Carlson breaking the previous track record by over 3 tenths of a second.  After the ASALMS invert, Carlson would find himself relegated to starting ninth placing Travis Dassow on the pole position.
With the potential of inclement weather ahead, ASA Late Model Series officials hurried prerace activities in an attempt to ensure the night’s event could be completed.  Much to the delight of the fans the area thunderstorm never reached the track, however there would be plenty of fireworks ahead during the 100 lap event. 

Andrew Morrissey grabbed the lead on lap one, and for most of the race his car was nearly unbeatable.  Determined to make the race official at the half-way point, the drivers of the ASALMS managed to race under green flag conditions until lap 58.  The machine of Chuck Mactrinder lost traction bringing out the first of four yellows of the night.  Iowa racer Griffin McGrath was certainly happy to see the caution as he was awarded the free pass and placed back on the lead lap.  Besides a quick yellow on lap 66, the race would go back to green until the final 10 laps of the evening. 

With only 9 laps remaining in the contest, Troy Hintzsche and defending ASALMS Northern Division Champion Trent Snyder would make contact.  As a result, the 76 of Hintzsche would find himself spun between turns one and two.  After careful consideration, Hintzsche would be awarded his pre-caution position on the racetrack while Snyder was sent to the tail of the lead lap for rough driving.  The action in the top three heated up as Morrissey, Pyle, and Carlson ran nose to tail on the restart. 

The final restart of the night would come on lap 95, as a quick caution had temporarily slowed the pace.  The top three cars of Morrissey, Pyle and Carlson would take the green flag in a tightly formed group with 5 laps remaining in the race.  Lap 98 would provide a turning point in the night’s event.  Using a veteran maneuver, Pyle was able to nudge his way inside the Morrissey machine as
Robbie Pyle hoists the trophy after winning Part One of Border Wars.  (Chuck Gonzales Photo)
the white flag was displayed by chief starter Tom Powell.  As the cars entered turn one for the final time, Pyle and Carlson were able to clear Morrissey as they headed for the checkered flag.  Robbie Pyle is the winner of the Mayor of Madison 100 at Madison International Speedway. 

“I came here back in 2000 with the old ASA National tour and wrecked half of the field on the first lap. “, stated a visibly exhausted Pyle in Victory Lane. “Winning 2 ASALMS races in a row at this track will hopefully make up for my embarrassing moment in that race”. 

Driver Drew Morrissey would experience a range of emotions throughout the night.  After leading 97 of the 100 laps, he would find himself disappointed in not winning yet satisfied to have a top 3 finish.  “Leading was a lot of fun.  When we were out front we could set our own pace and just kind of ride”, stated Morrissey.  “When Robbie got to my back bumper he loosened me up exiting turn four and that cost us a win.  This is good example of good hard racing”. 

Andrew Morrissey (39), Robbie Pyle (21) and Steve Carlson would battle nose to tail throughout the 100 lap event at Madison International Speedway (Chuck Gonzales Photo)