ASA Northwest Late Model Tour Formed by Merger of Two Series  From ASA NWLMT PR
Late Model Challenge Series & Northwest Tour Combine Into One for 2009
It was announced by Scott Ellsworth (SEE Racing Promotions Inc.) and Jerry Losch (Losch Motorsports, LLC) earlier today at a meeting of Northwest Race Track promoters that the Late Model Challenge Series and Northwest Tour have merged. The new premier Super Late Model traveling series will be known as ASA Northwest Late Model Tour This new name came about with much input between the tracks, teams and ownership. The new combined series will be sanctioned by the American Speed Association aka ASA, and will operate with rules shared from both programs. A schedule for the upcoming season will be released as soon as possible.

The race track promoters/operators are enthusiastic about this unprecedented move to align the two competing entities. Over the past several seasons, many of the regional track operators, drivers, team owners and sponsors have requested that the two entities find common ground and unite. The process of scheduling a Super Late Model Touring Series just became much easier and has the potential of being a major attended event as the only premier series.

The Late Model Challenge Series started 10-years ago and became a major factor in the development of the current spec-headed engine cars used by many of the late model race teams. Series promoter/owner Jerry Losch stated “This is an ideal time to combine our efforts to grow the sport of Late Model racing, especially with the current economic situation. It was not helping anyone involved in this sport to have two competing programs”. Losch also said “We can now fully focus on providing the best Super Late Model Touring program in the region for the teams, spectators, and sponsors. Pooling our resources, contacts and a collective team of officials, we will showcase the top drivers and teams at every race”.

Scott Ellsworth promoter/owner of the 24-year old Northwest Tour speaking with much enthusiasm, “I am so glad that a dream has come true. This was the direction that was needed to keep our style of racing alive. With the two competing for dates and drivers, it became a detriment to late model racing. There was a chance that if the merger did not happen that the two series could have disappeared over time. We can now develop better relations with tracks, teams, fans and sponsors. This merger is what many fans and teams have asked for. It was important that the rules for each series be
incorporated by the new tour allowing almost every type of racing package to compete. I want to thank Jerry for all he has done to get this accomplished. Both Jerry and I can not thank Mark Sundberg enough for his involvement and facilitating the meeting that cemented the deal”. 

Scott Ellsworth will take on the duties of Series Director, and Jerry Losch will remain Director of Competition. Both Brenda Losch and Elly Ellsworth will take on major roles with the combined series. Many officials from both prior programs will also be retained to form a united team for a strong, professional format.

The new series’ rule package will allow Super Late Model teams to not only race in their respective local track divisions but also compete within the touring series on non-conflicting race dates. The reverse is true for series regulars, as they can race at most regional tracks and special events throughout the season. The rules also keep the Northwest in alignment with the other ASA touring series around the country. This potentially could set up a season ending crossover event.

With the merger successfully completed, the new series partners equally agree that their work has just begun to provide the best entertainment value for the tracks and fans in the Northwest. The 2009 race schedule is close to being finalized. It will be released very soon to help teams and fans schedule their season.

Racers like Gary Lewis now have a new tour to call home - the ASA Northwest Late Model Tour.  ( Photo)