Trackside Now: ACT / TVMRS at Lee USA Speedway - Sunday April 20, 2008
One Track, Two Season Openers
Sunday, 7:30pm ET - We're sorry, but the 51 laptop crashed in the second half of the True Value Modified Racing Series feature.  We're back online and can give you the final details.

Kirk Alexander won his 27th career TVMRS feature.  He fought off David Pinkham, who never let Alexander get very far away.  Les Hinkley spun late while in the top five and dropped back in the top 10.  Joe Doucette was up to third, but spun late in the going and lost a lap.

The final top 10 finishers were Alexander, Pinkham, Dale Evonsion, Mike Holdridge, Jon McKennedy, Ted Christopher, Rob Goodenough, Les Hinckley, Ed Dauchenhausen and Jean Paul Cyr.

We're logging off for now.  Thanks for tuning in.

Sunday, 6:34pm ET - Tony Ricci spun coming out of turn four and got hit in traffic whle pointed the wrong way on the track.  The impact appears to have taken out Ricci's radiator and there is collant all over the track.  Expect a lengthy caution to clean up the mess.

Kikr Alexander still leads Ted Christopher, David PInkham, Jon McKennedy and Rob Goodenough.

We are currently working lap 44.

Sunday, 6:27pm ET - Andy Seuss has retired from the race.  His car was off the pace and black flagged for an unknown reason on lap 37.

A few laps later, Dale Evonsion spun in turn four.  He did not hit anything and is continuing on in the race.

Sunday, 6:27pm ET - Andy Seuss has pitted several times under the last two cautions to adjust the handling of his #70 car.

Sunday, 6:25pm ET - At lap 27, we are currently under caution in the True Value Modified Racing Series feature for the stalled car of Jack Bateman.

The rundown right now is Kirk Alexander, Ted Christopher, David Pinkham, Jon McKennedy, Rob Goodenough, Les Hinkley, Chris Pasteryak, Mike Holdridge, Sean Bodreau and Tony Ricci.

Sunday, 6:10pm ET - While we wait out a red flag for the track to be cleaned up on lap 17 of the True Value Modified Racing Series feature, we can now offer you a full field rundown from the ACT Late Model tour thanks to ACT PR director Justin St. Louis...who delivered this right to my e-mail box and saved my fingers from a little bit of typing.

New Hampshire Governor’s Cup 100
Lee USA Speedway – ACT Late Model Tour
Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finish-(Start)-Car No.-Driver-Hometown (# denotes rookie driver)
1. (3) 97 Joey Polewarczyk, Jr., Hudson, NH
2. (5) 17 Eddie MacDonald, Rowley, MA
3. (19) 6 Cris Michaud, Northfield, VT
4. (12) 89 Scott Payea, Milton, VT
5. (8) 02NH Randy Potter, Groveton, NH
6. (9) 38NH #Ricky Wolf, Jr., Northwood, NH
7. (13) 40 Eric Chase, Milton, VT
8. (22) 91 Patrick Laperle, St-Denis, QC
9. (30) 05 Ron Henry, New Gloucester, ME
10. (21) 55VT Brent Dragon, Milton, VT
11. (4) 26 John Donahue, Graniteville, VT
12. (11) 81 Mark Hayward, Unity, NH
13. (1) 37 Larry Gelinas, Gorham, ME
14. (6) 18 Jamie Fisher, Shelburne, VT
15. (24) 27NH Chris Bergeron, Claremont, NH
16. (10) 70 Scott Dragon, Milton, VT
17. (26) 78 Ryan Nolin, Georgia, VT
18. (20) 41VT Pete Potvin, III, Graniteville, VT
19. (29) 2 J.R. Baril, Haverhill, MA
20. (16) 8NH Rick Thompson, Jr., Derby, VT
21. (28) 71 Bobby Dragon, Milton, VT
22. (27) 19 B.J. Piekarski, Nashua, NH
23. (18) 80 Donald Theetge, Boischatel, QC
24. (17) 0 Miles Chipman, Epping, NH
25. (14) 01 Wayne Helliwell, Jr., Pelham, NH
26. (25) 11 Claude Leclerc, Lanoraie, QC
27. (23) 84 Jeff Labrecque, Jr., Rochester, NH
28. (7) 32 Jean-Paul Cyr, Milton, VT
29. (15) 82 Bobby Baillargeon, Nottingham, NH
30. (2) 88 #Nick Sweet, Barre, VT

Sunday, 6:05pm ET - The red flag is out for a big wreck in turn three on lap 17.  Ken Vogel, Jr., Vinnie Annarummo, Jean Paul Cyr and Mike Douglas, Jr. were among those involved.  Everyone looks to be okay.  Their cars....well, not so much.

Sunday, 6:03pm ET - Lou Mechalides has been black flagged for leaking coolant onto the racing surface.  His #40 was overheating.

Sunday, 6:00pm ET - At lap 15, The top 10 are Kirk Alexander, Ted Christopher, Lou Mechilades, Jon McKennedy, David Pinkham, Andy Seuss, Rob Goodenough, Chris Pasteryak, Les Hinkley and Mike Holdridge.

Sunday, 5:50pm ET - Kirk Alexander currently leads Andy Seuss, Jon McKennedy, David Pinkham and Ted Christopher in the True Value Modified Racing Series feature event. 

Christopher escaped damage on the first lap when he went over the front end of Sean Bodreau's #1 Modified.  Mike Douglas and Stephen Maase wrecked to avoid the mess and both suffered moderate damage.

Sunday, 5:22pm ET - Joey Pole has won the ACT Late Model Governor's Cup 100 over Eddie Macdonald, Cris Michaud, Scott Payea, Randy Potter, Ricky Wolfe, Eric Chase, Patrick Laperle, Ron Henry, Brent Dragon, Mark Haywood and Larry Gelinas. 
Those were all of your lead lap finishers.

Sunday, 5:20pm ET - With 10 laps to go, Joey Pole still leads, but now it is Eddie MacDonald who has worked his way up to second place.  Cris Michaud is third, Scott Payea is fourth and Randy Potter is fifth.

Sunday, 5:17pm ET - With 25 laps to go, Joey Pole leads Cris Michaud, Eddie MacDonald, Scott Payea, Randy Potter, Ricky Wolfe, Rick Thompson, Larry Gelinas, Eric Chase, Patrick Laperle, Ron Henry, Brent Dragon, John Donahue, Bobby Dragon Mark Haywood, Jamie Fisher

Sunday, 5:11pm ET - On lap 66, the caution is out during the ACT Late Model feature.  John Donahue spun in turn four while battling with Scott Payea for the third spot.

Sunday, 5:05pm ET - At lap 45, Joey Pole has almost a straightaway lead on John Donahue and Randy Potter.  Larry Gelinas, Scott Payea, Eddie MacDonald and Cris Michaud are next in line.

Sunday, 4:54pm ET - Joey Pole has taken the lead of the ACT Late Model race from Larry Gelinas.  Eddie MacDonald is third with John Donahue and Randy Potter in tow. 

The race is 15 laps old at this point.

Sunday, 4:50pm ET - Restarting deep in the pack didn't work well for seven-time ACT champion Jean Paul Cyr.  He got tangled with Bobby Baillargeon and then went over the front end of his car.  Both machines have heavy damage and appear to be done for the day.

Larry Gelinas is still leading.  He started on the pole and has been out front for every lap so far.

Sunday, 4:40pm ET - Jean Paul Cyr went for a spin in turn one and a few other cars spun in an effort to avoid him.  Nick Sweet, Bobby Dragon, Claude Leclerc and Donald Theetge were among those involved in that lap four mess.  Sweet has retired from the race with the resulting damage.  Cyr drove away and didn't even have to pit for any damage repair.  He is restarting deep in the pack though.

Sunday, 4:35pm ET - The ACT Late Model 100 lapper is underway.  Things turned sour in a hurry for rookie Nick Sweet though.  He started on the outside pole, but went sliding off in turn four on the first lap.  Sweet didn't hit anything and the race stayed green.

Sunday, 4:00pm ET - We just found out that JR Baril was awarded the ACT Late Model provisional for Lee USA Speedway Late Model regulars.  He'll race in the 100 lap feature later on.

We'll have a bit of a break in the action here with Legends racing, a 100 lap True Value Modified Racing Series race and the 100 lap ACT Late Model feature still to come.

Sunday, 3:56pm ET - There were 25 starters in the last chance ACT Late Model race and only four earned a starting spot for tonight's feature race.  Those three were winner Claude Leclerc, runner up Ryan Nolin, third-place finisher BJ Piekarski and Bobby Dragon.

Those not making the cut, or needing a provisional, include Ben Rowe, Ron Henry, JR Baril, Brad Leighton, Joey Becker, Dale Verrill, Joey Lovejoy, Steve Fisher, Katrina Canney, Leon Heckbert, and James Linardy.

We know that Henry is eligible for a provisional, but we're not sure who else might be making into the show based on that route.  We'll keep you posted.

Sunday, 3:45pm ET - The Allison Legacy Car North Series feature has been mercy-killed with a caution/checkered finish.  We lost count of the exact number of cautions, but the race was called short due to time constraints shy of its planned 20 lap distance.

James Logan was the survivor....uh....winner of the feature.

Sunday, 3:35pm ET - Our computer was acting up and needed a good reboot and reload. Now that we are back online, we'll bring you up to speed.

The Allison Legacy cars are currently under caution, which is how they have run much of their feature event.

Two ACT Late Model consis have been held.  The top four finishers in each one advanced into the 30-car Governor's Cup 100 ACT field.  From the first race, those four were Miles Chipman, Cris Michaud, Brent Dragon and Jeff Labrecque.  In the second race, those four were Donald Theetge, Pete Potvin, Patrick Laperle and Chris Bergeron.

There will still be a last chance B-Main where three drivers will advance.  Those drivers in that event include Ben Rowe, Ryan Nolin, Dale Verrill, AJ Begin, Trampas Demers (who actually repaired his car and got back on track), Ron Henry, Bobby Dragon, Joe Becker and Steve Fisher.

Sunday, 2:28pm ET - The race officials deserve a pat on the back so far today.  In spite of today's power outage and delayed start to practice, the show is currently running two minutes ahead of schedule.

Sunday, 2:25pm ET - The third TVMRS heat race was won by Jon McKennedy over Sean Bodreau, Rob Goodenough, Les Hinckley, Ed Dauchenhausen, Tony Ricci, Jimmy Dolan, Mike Douglas and Stephen Masse

Sunday, 2:20pm ET - We found out a little bit more about the generators that were fired up during the power outage earlier today to get the PA system and caution lights working.  They were actually lent to the track by the TVMRS team of Kirk Alexander.  Certainly, plenty of fans and competitors are appreciative to the #43 crew for that loan.

Sunday, 2:19pm ET - The second True Value Modified Racing Series heat race was won by Kirk Alexander, Chris Pasteryak, Lou Mechalides, Kenneth Vogel, Jr., Jean Paul Cyr, Jack Bateman and Chris Wentzel

Sunday, 2:12pm ET - Andy Seuss got rained out for the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour event at North Carolina's Caraway Speedway last night, but hopped on a plane to Manchester, New Hampshire this morning and got here just a little bit before Noon.  His Northern-based crew stayed home and towed the #70 Modified to the track for him and they have on been rewarded with a heat race victory.

Seuss held off David Pinkham, Ted Christopher, , Dale Evonsion, Mike Holdridge, Kenneth White, Jr., Joe Douchette and David Roys for the victory.

Pinkham gave it all that he could with the Greeley's Garage #22 (a Modified formerly owned by PASS North's Richard Moody Racing and driven by Ben Rowe) and actually spun at the finish line trying to get around Seuss.

Sunday, 2:07pm ET - A surprise entry for today True Value Modified Racing Series event is Ted Christopher in the #00 Joe Brady-owned car.

Sunday, 2:05pm ET - Unofficially, Larry Gelinas will start the ACT Late Model Governor's Cup 100 on the pole after the ACT Plus/Minus system was used to determine the grid.

Sunday, 2:03pm ET - The fourth ACT Late Model heat race was won by Ricky Wolfe over Larry Gelinas, Bobby Baillargeon, Eddie MacDonald, Donald Theetge, Patrick Laperle, JR Baril, Joey Becker, Ron Henry, Steve Fisher, Stephane Decoste and Katrina Canney

Sunday, 1:57pm ET - When the dust settled on a busy third heat for the ACT Late Models, it was Randy Potter who took the checkered flag over Jamie Fisher, Joey Pole, John Donahue, Bryan Kruczek, Glen Luce, James Lindardy, Brent Dragon, Claude Leclerc, Mike Gosselin and Joey Lovejoy

Sunday, 1:48pm ET - Mike Gosselin and Tyler Fiscus have wrecked in the third ACT Late Model heat race.  It looks like Gosselin's car is pretty heavily damaged.

Sunday, 1:43pm ET - There was a big tangle in the third ACT Late Model heat race.  A backstretch wreck collected the cars of Trampas Demers, James Lindary, Mike Gosselin and Glen Luce were all involved.  Demers got the worst of the incident, heading into the backstretch wall head-first.  He's okay, but his car isn't.  The #85 needed a wrecker to get back to pits and appears to be finished for today.

Sunday, 1:38pm ET - Heat #2 is now in the books for the ACT Late Model tour.  Scott Payea won over Eric Chase, Brad Leighton, Wayne Helliwell, Jr., Nick Sweet, Pete Potvin, III, Jonathan Urlin, Chris Bergeron, Gary Caron, Bobby Dragon, Oren Remick, Leon Heckbert and Tyler Cahoon.

Sunday, 1:35pm ET - Heat #2 is now in the books for the ACT Late Model tour.  Scott Payea won over Eric Chase, Brad Leighton, Wayne Helliwell, Jr., Nick Sweet, Pete Potvin, III, Jonathan Urlin, Chris Bergeron, Gary Caron, Bobby Dragon, Oren Remick, Leon Heckbert and Tyler Cahoon.

Sunday, 1:30pm ET - Heat #1 for the ACT Late Models is complete - the order of finish was Scott Dragon, Mark Haywood, Jean-Paul Cyr, Rick Thompson, Miles Chipman, Jeff Labrecque, AJ Begin, Ben Rowe, Cris Michaud, BJ Pieskarski, Dale Verrill, Ryan Nolin and Dean Webber - who spun harmless near the end of the 10-lap heat race.

Sunday, 1:25pm ET - By the way, there are officially 49 ACT Late Models here today to attempt to qualify for the Governor's Cup ACT opener.

Sunday, 1:20 pmET - It appears that the power is back on at Lee USA Speedway.  Practice for all four divisions here today is now complete, but with the electrical outage, we really don't think that anyone official times were kept.  Heat races are next and we'll bring you the action shortly.

Sunday, 12:05pm ET - Practice is set to begin.  Still no word on the electrical situation, but apparantly generators can power everything essential to on-track activity.

Sunday, Noon ET - We're off to a little bit of a slow start here at Lee USA Speedway.  The track has no power currently.  Officials have been on the phone with the local utility company and are working through the problem.  There are some back-up generators on the property and whether they could provide enough juice to power up caution lights and anything neccessary for on track activity remains to be seen.  We're working off battery power with the 51 laptop, so until the power is going again, we're going to just post a few quick updates to conserve our electricity.

Here is the planned schedule for today.  Again, there is no word as to what (if any) changes will need to be made to it.

Noon - Practice, ACT Late Models (20 Minutes), TVMRS Modifieds (20 Minutes), Allison Legacy Tour (10 Minutes), Legends (10 Minutes)

1:00pm - ACT Heat Races

1:50pm - TVMRS Heat Races

2:30pm - Allison Legacy Heat Races

2:50pm - Legends Heat Races

3:10pm - ACT Consi/B-Main

3:30pm - TVMRS Consi

4:00pm - Allison Legacy Feature, 20 laps or 15 minutes

4:30pm - National Anthem

4:50pm - ACT Feature (100 Laps)

5:30pm - TVMRS Feature (100 Laps)

Kirk Alexander (Top - Jim Dupont Photo) and Jean Paul Cyr are starting their title defenses today at Lee. 
Scott Payea won his heat race with the #89.  (51 Photo)
David Pinkham goes for a spin after his TVMRS heat race.  (51 Photo)
Andy Seuss (#70) leads David Pinkham (#22) and Ted Christopher (#00) in their TVMRS heat race.  (51 Photo)