Trackside Now: Memorial Day Classic at Thunder Road
ACT Late Models and True Value Modifieds All in One Show
6:20pm ET - It's all over but the traffic jam as Kirk Alexander and John Donahue both took home victories in the 46th Annual Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic at Thunder Road Speedbowl (VT).  We're going to sign off for now.  We thank you for following along with our coverage and hope that you enjoyed it. 

6:03pm ET - Kirk Alexander started in the rear and took his time to get to the front, but when it mattered he was the leader and has won the True Value Modified Racing Series 100 lap feature at Thunder Road Speedbowl (VT).

Second through fifth were Dwight Jarvis, Peter Jarvis, Ed Dauchenhausen and Chris Pasteryak.

Sixth through 10th were Jack Bateman, Sean Bodreau, David Pinkham, Mike Holdridge and Jon McKennedy.

The remainder of the top 15, unofficially appear to be Vinnie Annarummo, Joe Doucette, Andy Seuss, Jean Paul Cyr and Kevin Iarnarelli.

6:00pm ET - Kirk Alexander has taken the lead and has pulled away from Peter Jarvis and Dwight Jarvis.  There are 10 laps to go in the race.

5:54pm ET - The yellow flag is out on lap 83.  Mike Douglas, Jr. spun again along with Dale Evonsion, in turn four.

Kirk Alexander retook second place behind Peter Jarvis two laps before the caution came out.  Not much else has changed near the front.

5:53pm ET - The green flag is out.  Peter Jarvis still leads and his brother Dwight Jarvis moved into second after a great restart.

5:50pm ET - The lineup has been sorted out and Peter Jarvis, Kirk Alexander, Dwight Jarvis, Jack Bateman, Ed Dauchenhausen, Vinnie Annarummo, Mike Holdridge, Kevin Iannarelli, Andy Seuss and Sean Bodreau will lead the field back to green on lap 80.

David Pinkham, Dale Evonsion, Chris Pasteyak and Jon McKennedy (who got his car running again) are starting deep in the field due to the latest incident.

5:44pm ET - The race's complexion changed in one moment as Chris Pasteryak made contact with the rear of Dale Evonsion's #35 in turn four while the two battled for the lead.  Evonsion spun around and the field all checked up behind them. Jon McKennedy was an innocent victim and appears to have damaged his #73.  He's okay, but his Modified will need a tow back to the pits.

David Pinkham snuck through it all to take the lead over Peter Jarvis, Dwight Jarvis and Kirk Alexander.

It is currently lap 79 at Thunder Road.

5:42pm ET - The yellow flag is out on lap 78 for a frontstretch spin by Mike Douglas, Jr.

Dale Evonsion currently leads Peter Jarvis, Chris Pasteryak, Dwight Jarvis and David Pinkham.

5:38pm ET - The green flag is out again and Dale Evonsion has taken the lead.

5:35pm ET - The third yellow flag of the day is out on lap 67 for a solo spin in turn two by Mike Douglas, Jr.

Peter Jarvis still leads over Dale Evonsion, Dwight Jarvis, Chris Pasteryak, Ed Dauchenhausen, David Pinkham, Jack Bateman, Kikr Alexander, Mike Holdridge and Jon McKennedy.

Andy Seuss pitted again and will again restart last after passing a few cars during the last green flag run.

5:32pm ET - The green flag is out.  Dale Evonsion put up a good fight on the restart, but Peter Jarvis continues to lead. Ed Dauchenhausen is now looking low to try and take second place.

Andy Seuss returned to the track, but restarted at the rear of the field.

5:30pm ET - While, we're waiting on the track clean-up efforts to conclude, let's look at the full field rundown for the 100-lap ACT Late Model race:

UNOFFICIAL FINISH – 46th Annual Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic
ACT Late Model Tour – Thunder Road Int’l Speedbowl – Barre, VT
Sunday, May 25, 2008

(# - denotes rookie)
1. John Donahue, Graniteville, VT
2. Scott Payea, Milton, VT
3. Eric Williams, Hyde Park, VT
4. Patrick Laperle, St-Denis-sur-Richelieu, QC
5. Phil Scott, Montpelier, VT
6. # Nick Sweet, Barre, VT
7. Cris Michaud, Northfield, VT
8. Pete Potvin, III, Graniteville, VT
9. # Matt White, Northfield, VT
10. # Ricky Wolf, Jr., Northwood, NH
11. Donald Theetge, Boischatel, QC
12. Shawn Fleury, Middlesex, VT
13. Jean-Paul Cyr, Milton, VT
14. Joe Becker, Jeffersonville, VT
15. Robbie Crouch, Tampa, FL
16. Chip Grenier, Graniteville, VT
17. Glen Luce, Turner, ME
18. Brent Dragon, Milton, VT
19. Dave Pembroke, Middlesex, VT
20. Joey Polewarczyk, Jr., Hudson, NH
21. Randy Potter, Groveton, NH
22. # Jonathan Urlin, London, ON
23. Trampas Demers, South Burlington, VT
24. Scott Dragon, Milton, VT
25. Eric Chase, Milton, VT
26. Joey Laquerre, East Montpelier, VT
27. Jamie Fisher, Shelburne, VT
28. Ryan Nolin, Georgia, VT
29. Roger Brown, II, Lancaster, NH
30. Bobby Dragon, Milton, VT

5:23pm ET - The second yellow of the TVMRS feature is out on lap 52 for a big wreck on the frontstretch.  This was a multi-car tangle that ended with Andy Seuss' #70 going sliding through the infield and Stephen Maase going spinning down the frontstretch.  Maase was sitting backwards on the track when the #06 of Les Hinckley came along and ran over the left front corner.  Hinckley was launched briefly into the air and came down with a thud.  Both the #13 and #06 were heavily damaged, but their drivers were okay.  Seuss drove on, but has pitted.  His team appears to be working on the front end of their #70 Modified.

Right now, the top five runners are Peter Jarvis, Dale Evonsion, Ed Dauchenhausen, Chris Pasteryak and Dwight Jarvis.  After starting last, David Pinkham is currently in sixth place.

5:13pm ET - At lap 31, we have our first yellow flag period of the TVMRS feature.  Jimmy Dolan spun in turn four and now sits parked in the infield.

Peter Jarvis still leads, Andy Seuss had just ducked under Dale Evonsion for second place when the caution was coming out, but the pass won't count.  Ed Dauchenhausen and Chris Pasteryak are fourth and fifth.

Kirk Alexander was surprisingly among the next pack of cars to get lapped, so this caution helped him out big-time.

David Pinkham started 25th, but is already up to 12th with his Greeley's Garage #22.

5:09pm ET - 15 laps into the TVMRS feature, Peter Jarvis leads Dale Evonsion, Andy Seuss, Ed Dauchenhausen and Chris Pasteryak

5:04pm ET - The True Value Modified Racing Series is on the track and are now taking their pace laps. Dale Evonsion will lead the 25-car field to the green flag and you can find the entire starting lineup a little bit further down on this page.

4:33pm ET - John Donahue has won the 100-lap ACT Late Model event.  For your top five finishers, just look down to the last entry.  No positions within the top five changed within the final 10 laps.  We're going to gather some quotes and will be back online in a little bit.

4:31pm ET - John Donahue leads Scott Payea, Eric Williams, Patrick Laperle, Phil Scott, Nick Sweet, Cris Michaud, Pete Potvin, Matt White and Ricky Wolfe with only 10 laps to go in the ACT Late Model race.

4:22pm ET - It took 71 laps, but we now have our first yellow flag period for a solo spin by the #55vt of Brent Dragon in turn two.

John Donahue, Scott Payea, Eric Williams, Patrick Laperle, Matt White, Phil Scott, Pete Potvin, Nick Sweet, Ricky Rolfe and Donald Theetge are your top 10 runners right now.

4:18pm ET - Ryan Nolin has spun his #78 in turn one and slid through the infield grass.  He kept his foot on the throttle though and kept going without a caution.  We're working lap 60 right now and John Donahue leads Scott Payea, Eric Williams, Patrick Laperle and Matt White.

4:16pm ET - John Donahue has taken the lead as we approach lap 50.  The outside groove is working very well for him today. Eric Williams is currently second with Scott Payea, Patrick Laperle and Matt White rounding out the top five.  There has been no cautions yet and the leaders have caught lapped traffic.

4:15pm ET - Bobby Dragon has pulled off the track.  He started last with a provisional after suffering front end damage in a qualifying race.

4:10pm ET - We're 20 laps into the race and Eric Williams has taken Matt White in tow and broken away from the field.  Ricky Wolfe sits in third followed by Joey Pole and John Donahue.  The race has stayed clean and green so far and every car that started is still on the lead lap.

4:06pm ET - The green flag is out and we are now six laps into the race.  Eric Williams, who is familar to Thunder Road fans as either a hero or a villian for his aggressive driving style has out drag raced former Lee USA Speedway (NH) regular and current ACT rookie Ricky Wolfe, Jr. for the lead.

4:04pm ET - Pace laps are underway for the ACT Late Models and we'll be going green shortly.

4:00pm ET - Here is the starting lineup for the 100-lap True Value Modified Racing Series feature that will be today's grand finale:

1.Dale Evonsion
2.Peter Jarvis
3.Sean Bodreau
4.Stephen Maase
5.Andy Seuss
6.Les Hinckley
7.Jimmy Dolan
8.Dwight Jarvis
9.Ed Dauchenhausen
10.Vinnie Annarummo
11.Chris Pasteryak
12.Jack Bateman
13.Mike Douglas, Jr.
14.Jean Paul Cyr
15.Jon McKennedy
16.Shelly Perry
17.Rob Goodenough
18.Kevin Iarnnerelli
19.Mike Holdridge
20.David Roys
21.Joe Doucette
22.Kenny White, Jr.
23.David Berube
24.Kirk Alexander
25.David Pinkham
(Note - latest TVMRS feature winner starts at rear of field for next race)

3:55pm ET - Here is your starting lineup for the 100-lap ACT Late Model race, which is currently holding driver introductions and will start in a few minutes:

1.Eric Williams
2.Ricky Wolfe, Jr.
3.Matt White
4.John Donahue
5.Joey Pole
6.Donald Theetge
7.Scott Payea
8.Pete Potvin, III
9.Patrick Laperle
10.Joey Becker
11.Shawn Fluery
12.Nick Sweet
13.Roger Brown
14.Brent Dragon
15.Phil Scott
16.Eric Chase
17.Robbie Crouch
18.Chip Grenier
19.Cris Michaud
20.Ryan Nolin
21.Pete Fecteau
22.Jamie Fisher
23.Jean Paul Cyr
24.Randy Potter
25.Glen Luce
26.Jonathan Urlin
27.Dave Pembroke
28.Trampas Demers
29.Scott Dragon
30.Bobby Dragon

3:35pm ET – Rick Garand won the 30-lap NAPA Tiger Sportsman feature over 17-year-old James Hebert.  Garand has been to victory lane at T-Road before, but it has been awhile.  His last victory came the day before his 13-year-old son Connor was born.  Today, the younger Garand was on hand to see his father win in person rather than just hearing stories of his winning ways.

3:20pm ET – Glen Luce, Jonathan Urlin and Dave Pembroke were the first three finishers in the ACT Late Model B-Feature.

2:45pm ET – Robbie Crouch beat Cris Michaud and Joey Laquierre in the first ACT Late Model consi, while Chip Grenier held off Ryan Nolin and Jamie Fisher in the second consi.

2:31pm ET – Current True Value Modified Racing Series point leader David Pinkham won the third heat race.  Here are the full results:  1) Pinkham  2) Andy Seuss  3) Dwight Jarvis  4) Chris Pasteryak  5) Jean Paul Cyr  6) Rob Goodenough  7) David Roys  8) Kenny White

2:24pm ET – Here are the results of Heat Race #2 for the True Value Modifieds:  1) Peter Jarvis  2) Stephen Masse  3) Jimmy Dolan  4) Vinnie Annarummo  5) Mike Douglas, Jr.  6) Shelly Perry  7) Mike Holdridge  8) Kirk Alexander

2:18pm ET – The first ever True Value Modified Tour heat race at Thunder Road Speedbowl is in the books. Dale Evonsion won it.  Here are your results of Heat Race #1:  1) Evonsion  2) Sean Bodreau  3) Les Hinckley  4) Ed Dauchenhausen  5) Jack Bateman  6) John McKennedy  7) Kevin Iarnnarelli  8) Joe Douchette  9) David Berube

2:08pm ET – Jamie Davis won the wild and wacky 15-lap Junkyard Warrior race over Donny Yates and Neal Foster. It was Davis' first victory of the year in the popular entry-level division with his Moose River Campground (Moose River...gotta love that name) #43 Volkswagen Jetta.

1:50pm ET – Let's bring you up to speed on the ACT Late Model heat races that have taken place so far.  The top four qualified for the feature and the others will now have to race their way in through a consi or  feature.

Heat #1 - 1) Scott Payea  2) Brent Dragon  3) Patrick Laperle  4) Joey Pole  5) Robbie Crouch  6) Cris Michaud  7) Joey Laquierre  8) Jean Paul Cyr  9) Glen Luce  10) Ron Henry

Heat #2 - 1) Nick Sweet  2) John Donahue  3) Phil Scott  4) Joey Becker  5) Chip Grenier  6) Ryan Nolin  7) Jamie Fisher  8) Scott Dragon  9) Steve Fisher  10) Bobby Dragon

Heat #3 - 1) Matt White  2) Ricky Wolfe, Jr.  3) Eric Williams  4) Donald Theetge  5) Jonathan Urlin  6) Dave Whitcomb  7) Pete Fecteau  8) Leon Heckbert  9) Mark Hudson  10) Tyler Cahoon

Heat #4 - 1) Roger Brown  2) Pete Potvin, III  3) Eric Chase  4) Shawn Fluery  5) Kip Stockwell  6) Rick Thompson, Jr.  7) Dave Pembroke  8) Randy Potter  9) Trampas Demers

1:30pm ET – We have a correction to an earlier report.  The spinning white and blue #38 that we indentified as Ricky Wolfe from practice was not actually Wolfe's #38nh.  It was Tyler Cahoon's white and blue #38vt instead.  Sorry about the confusion.

1:00pm ET – Practice is now over for all divisions and it was a fairly painless activity for every team, with just a few spins and no actual wrecks.  We're going to go waking through the pits to get a few updates and will be back online when heat races start later on this afternoon.  Stay tuned.

12:50pm ET – Here are the ACT heat race lineups for today:

Heat #1 Heat #2
1. Brent Dragon1. Nick Sweet
2. Scott Payea 2. Phil Scott
3.  Glen Luce   3. Scott Dragon
4. Patrick Laperle    4. John Donahue
5. Robbie Crouch     5. Joey Becker
6. Joey Pole    6. Bobby Dragon
7. Cris Michaud7. Chip Grenier
8. Jean Paul Cyr     8. Jamie Fisher
9. Joey Laquierre     9. Ryan Nolin
10. Ron Henry 10. Steve Fisher

Heat #3 Heat #4
1. Leon Heckbert     1. Roger Brown
2. Pete Fecteau      2. Eric Chase
3. Matt White  3. Pete Potvin, III
4. David Whitcomb  4. Trampas Demers
5. Ricky Wolfe, Jr.  5. Shawn Fleury
6. Donald Theetge   6. Dave Pembroke
7. Mark Hudson      7. Rick Thompson, Jr.
8. Eric Williams     8. Randy Potter
9. Tyler Cahoon      9. Kip Stockwell
10. Jonathan Urlin

12:45pm ET - Pete Potvin, III has just looped his #41 in turn three during ACT Late Model practice.  There appears to be no damage to the car.

12:40pm ET – The #13 of Stephen Masse was also involved in the Jack Bateman wreck yesterday during TVMRS practice.  Bateman collided with the rear of Masse's car and there was heavy damage to the rear clip and fuel cell area.  Rather than return to Bellingham, Massachusetts, the #13 team enjoyed the hospitality of ACT Late Modeler Phil Scott, who allowed the team to repair their car at his local raceshop.  Masse is back on track today.

We also found out that David Roys damaged his #79 during a Saturday practice incident.  That car is also repaired on back at the track today.

12:35pm ET – Caution is out during TVMRS practice for Jean Paul Cyr, who stalled his #25 Gary Casella-owned car on the backstretch and needed a wrecker to push him back to the pit area.

12:20pm ET – Here are the practice times for the True Value Modified Racing Series first practice session held this morning. Rob Goodenough’s fast lap was 2/10th of a second quicker than the Thunder Road track record, set by a Pro Stock/Super Late Model on new asphalt here two years ago.  The Modifieds are hitting nearly 80 miles per hour down the backstretch.

Andy Seuss also took part in the session, but was not scored.

1.Rob Goodenough – 12.243 seconds
2.Dwight Jarvis – 12.379
3.Jon McKennedy – 12.401
4.David Pinkham – 12.446
5.Chris Pasteryak – 12.499
6.Peter Jarvis – 12.554
7.Joe Douchette – 12.567
8.Mike Douglas, Jr. – 12.621
9.Jack Bateman – 12.632
10.Kirk Alexander – 12.645
11.Les Hinckley – 12.650
12.Sean Bodreau – 12.659
13.Ken Vogel – 12.709
14.Mike Holdridge – 12.713
15.David Berube – 12.715
16.Stephen Masse – 12.750
17.Vinnie Annarummo – 12.783
18.Jean Paul Cyr – 12.801
19.Kenny White, Jr. – 12.806
20.Ed Dauchenhausen – 12.821
21.Jim Dolan – 12.865
22.Shelly Perry – 12.948
23.Dale Evonsion – 13.108

Noon ET – One True Value Modified that isn’t here today is the #40 Leon Holmes car usually driven by Lou Mechalides.  We have heard that Mechalides, who has won numerous races with the car, and the team have parted ways after the recent All Star Showdown race at All-Star Speedway (NH)

11:50am ET –These are the True Value Modified Racing Series machines here today that we observed to have just gone out for their practice session.  We have heard an official car count of 25, so there appears to be one car that either stayed parked or that we missed during the sessions.  If we figured out who that was, we’ll update you later on.

0 – Mike Holdridge
1 – Sean Bodreau
04 – David Berube
06 – Les Hinckley
6 – Rob Goodenough
9nh – Peter Jarvis
10 – Ed Dauchenhausen
12 – Vinnie Annarummo (commonly known as Vinnie Who)
13 – Stephen Masse
15 – Chris Pasteryak
17 – Jack Bateman
22 – David Pinkham
23 – Mike Douglas, Jr.
25 – Jean Paul Cyr
28 – Dwight Jarvis
35 – Dale Evonsion
43 – Kirk Alexander
55 – Joe Douchette
69 – Jimmy Dolan
70 – Andy Seuss
73 – Jon McKennedy
76 – Shelley Perry
77 – Kenny White, Jr.
79 – David Roys

11:33am ET – The Modifieds are practicing and the #04 of David Berube just went for a half-spin on the backstretch.  He guided his car to the infield grass right away though and continued on after a moment with no caution period.

11:20am ET – Today’s first practice incident has taken place during the ACT Late Model session.  Leon Heckbert took his #5 for a solo spin in turn three with a gaggle of cars stacking up behind him.  The #38 of Ricky Wolfe spun to avoid the sudden parking lot on the track as did Mark Hudson, who looped his purple #82 right off into the turn three dirt.  Amazingly, it doesn’t look like anyone hit anything, or each other, and they all drove away no worse for the wear.

11:15am ET – Here is today’s full schedule of events:
11:00am – 1:00pm – Rotating Practice
1:15pm – Pre Race Ceremonies
1:30pm – ACT Late Model heat races
2:00pm – Power Shift Junkyard Warrior feature (18 laps)
2:20pm – True Value Modified Racing Series heat races
2:45pm – ACT consi races
3:00pm – Allen Lumber Street Stock feature (25 laps)
3:20pm – ACT “B” feature
3:40pm – NAPA Tiger Sportsman feature
4:00pm – ACT Driver Intros
4:15pm – Mekkelsen Memorial Day Classic 100-lap ACT feature
5:00pm – ACT Victory Lane
5:15pm – TVMRS Driver Intros
5:30pm – TVMRS feature (100 laps)
6:15pm – TVMRS victory lane
(All schedules subject to change)

Sunday, 9:30am ET - Welcome to Thunder Road Speedbowl for today's 46th Annual Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic featuring the ACT Late Models and True Value Modified Racing Series.  This will be the first time in 40 plus years that the Modifieds have tackled this tricky quarter-mile oval and we already know what a great show the Late Models put on here every time out, so today ought to be one of those really special racedays.

Yesterday, the ACT and TVMRS teams had an optional practice session with 15-20 Modifieds taking part and 30-something Late Models.  Those numbers will grow today as more Mod teams tow into the track for the first time and because many of the locally-based Late Model teams don't need the extra practice because they've figured out T-Road as est as they ever will.

The biggest incident in Saturday practice was a wreck by the Modified of TVMRS founder Jack Bateman.  Bateman's car was heavily damaged and the team brought it home to their New Hampshire shop to try and get it fixed for today.

The Thunder Road Junkyard Warriors raced here yesterday with Fred Schroeder winning the feature event ina Dodge Spririt.  We can't ever seem to remember a Dodge Spirit winning a stock car race before, although we're sure it has happened somewhere at sometime, so we figured we would share that nugget of information.

Racing starts here at 1:30pm with practice starting at 11am.  We're going to take a break for now, but we'll be back later in the morning to tell you what the latest happenings are.

May 25, 2008
ACT Late Models
True Value Modifieds
Thunder Road Speedbowl
Barre, VT
Can't make it to Thunder Road to be one of these faces in the crowd?  Well, stay tuned to's Trackside Now and we'll keep you up to speed.
Robbie Crouch (#48) sneaks by the spinning car of Tyler Cahoon during ACT Late Model practice.  (51 Photo)
It's a beautiful day in the Modified pit area at T-Road.  (51 Photo)
Brent Dragon (L) talks with Glen Luce (R) before their heat race started.  (51 Photo)
Rob Goodenough was quicker around the Thunder Road oval with his #6 Modified than anyone ever has gone before.  (51 Photo)