Laperle Starts ACT Quebec Series Title Defense With a Victory by Marc Patrick Roy
Wins 100 Lapper at St-Eustache
The #19 of Brandon Watson goes into the spin cycle.  (Stéphane Lazarre Photos)
On lap 48, Patrick Laperle now in second position was letting Boissoneault know he was there.  Boissoneault is making is car as wide as he could.

Going into turn three, Boissoneault opened up the inside just enough for Laperle to squeeze in.  Coming out of four, Boissoneault moved down to block Laperle.  They touched.  Boissoneault got loose and recovered but Laperle went thru.

“I guess I gave too much room to Patrick, he put his nose in and I had to do some facing steering wheel action to keep from spinning in front of the field” said Boissoneault.

The order was now Laperle, Boissoneault, Allard, Lacombe, Urlin, Lavigueur, Leclerc, Déry, Hamel.

The field was slowed once again on lap 53 for the spinning car of Bedard in turn two.  The order remains the same at the restart.

On lap 67, Normand Lavigueur retired to the pits after having had a very impressive run.  He started 13th and ran as high sixth when his rear end failed. 

Less than 24 hours after finishing third on the ACT Tour stop at Airborne Speedway (NY) in the United States, the defending ACT Castrol Series champion, Patrick Laperle dominated and won the 100-lap event across the Canadian border at Autodrome St-Eustache.  This race was the first one of the 10 race championship series at race tracks in Quebec and Ontario.  Also on the podium were Steveen Boissoneault and Jonathan Urlin who finished second and third respectively.
Jonathan Desbiens and Spencer MacPherson started from the front row of the 25 cars field that included 22 entries from Quebec and 3 from Ontario.  Nine of those were first time starters with the ACT Castrol Series group.

On lap one, Kevin Roberge, who started third, was involved in a crash, sustained important front end damages as his car ended up against the outside wall and forcing him to retire from the race.  With just one lap in the books, once again, a caution was needed for an incident between Jonathan Desbiens and Yvon Bedard.

On lap three, you guessed it, another caution this time for the spinning car of Brandon Watson of Stayner, Ontario who was making his debut racing touring series.  Watson normally runs at Capital City near Ottawa.

At the restart the order was: Boissoneault, Patrick Hamel, Urlin, Eric St-Gelais, Karl Allard, Sylvain Lacombe, Danny Ouellet, Spencer MacPherson, Normand Lavigueur, Daniel Decoste, Martin Lacombe, Patrick Laperle, Justin Holtom, Alexandre Gingras.

On lap 10, Sylvain Lacombe, the 2005 ACT Castrol Series Champion, fifth at the time, spun and continued without a caution. 

“I was facing the oncoming traffic and praying not to get collected,” said Lacombe.  “I was lucky.  I rejoined only losing a couple positions”.

At the 20-lap mark, Boissoneault in the lead was followed by Urlin, Martin Lacombe, Karl Allard, Patrick Laperle, Stephane Decoste, Hamel, Lavigueur, Sylvain Lacombe, Claude Leclerc, Yvon Bedard, Eric St-Gelais.

On lap 24, coming out of turn four, Martin Lacombe, on an impressive run after having started 25th and running in the third position, slowed on the front stretch with an impressive trail of smoke behind him. 

“We changed the engine this morning because of problems,” said Martin Lacombe.  “This time the transmission seized and it destroyed the drive shaft in the process.  I had a great run going.  This new Dale Shaw race car is fast, the fastest car I have ever had.  I can't wait to climb back in the car”

After an aborted restart because they were not lined up to the licking of the starter Troy Germain, when the field went green Urlin jumped ahead of Boissoneault to lead the 25th circuit around the track.  Right away, Boissoneault came back showing his muscle to retake the lead on lap 26.
Patrick Laperle (#91) stalks the #31pq of Steven Boissonneault.

“At six this morning we were still working on the car.  The fact that we were competitive out of the box, without one single lap of practice is a very good feeling” said Lavigueur after the race.

On lap 70, just as Laperle was about to lap him, Bob Hudon, spun out coming out of turn two.  Laperle who jumped the binders went around him and made no contact.  The rest of the field did not have contact either.

On lap 94, the caution came out once again this time for the spinning car of Alexandre Gingras.

At the restart, once again Laperle jumps into the lead with Boissoneault, Allard, Urlin and Sylvan Lacombe in tow.  With 3 to go Jonathan Urlin moves around Allard for third.

“I was really patient with Boissoneault, he took a lot of the track and I was waiting patiently for him to make a mistake.  Maybe I was too patient and too respectful.  I

wanted to protect my third place.  Seeing how the 9ON moved me to go around me,
maybe I should of done the same” said a disappointed Allard.

At the finish the order was Laperle, Boissoneault, Urlin, Allard, Lacombe, Leclerc, Déry, Hamel, Ouellet and Gingras.

When asked about his contested pass for the lead over Steven Boissoneault, Laperle said “A couple laps before I tried him on the outside and he blocked.  Then Steven opened up and I edged my nose.  He tried to come down on me, there was no way I was going to give it up.  It's not a contested pass as far as I am concerned, some may think so, but I don't.  Off to Barre where we are setting our sights on a podium finish, we normally run well at Barre”.

Jonathan Urlin on his pass for third over Allard: “It is finally coming together.  We have a great car, a great driver and a great crew.  We just could not get it to work together.  While we intend to do the full schedule on the ACT CASTROL schedule we are not running for points, we are here to win and don't intend to stir things up.  I was real patient and do not believe in being aggressive.  But when people are competitive and going for the same space and battling for positions emotions are bound to be high.  I saw an opportunity and took it.”

“I had hoped to be more competitive at the end.  But we lost the handling.  The car was pushing.  After the contact with Karl Allard we probably lost the alignment and maybe even hurt a shock” said Sylvain Lacombe.  When asked if he is sticking to a limited schedule despite a good finish he responded: “Yes we are sticking to the plan.  All races here at St-Eustache, in our backyard, one Vallée and one other, we just don't know yet.  And helping my sons who are starting out in racing.”