Sunday, 7:00pm ET - Here are the top 10 finishers in the Milk Bowl, after all of the math was finished:

1.  Patrick Laperle
2.  Eric Williams
3.  Ryan Nolin
4.  Dennis Demers
5.  Chip Grenier
6.  Scott Payea
7.  Robbie Crouch
8.  Quinny Welch
9.  Brian Hoar
10.  Nick Sweet

The end of the day was a heartbreaker for Payea.  He looked to be safe for the championship, but got a little bit of front end damage on the late restart logjam and slipped back a few spots too many.  After the two worst finishes of the season for each title contender were dropped, Patrick Laperle won the title by just a single point.

We'll have more on Laperle's amazing day later this week on, so be sure to stay tuned.

Sunday, 6:36pm ET - There have still not been any Late Model results, official or unofficial, announced at Thunder Road.  We know that Patrick Laperle won the race over Eric Williams.  Beyond that is a mix of drivers who are having their final points tallied.  It appears that Ryan Nolin, Scott Payea, Brian Hoar and several others are in that mix.  We'll share word on who ended up where with you as soon as we know ourselves.

Sunday, 6:23pm ET - Well, we have just learned that Patrick Laperle has something else to celebrate here at Thunder Road.  It has just been announced that he will unoffically win the 2008 ACT championship by only one point over Scott Payea.

An emotional, and very surprised, Laperle was just told that news in victory lane.  He was speechless.

Sunday, 6:18pm ET - The calculators are burning here at Thunder Road - trying to figure out the math for the Milk Bowl finishing order and the 2008 ACT Late Model point standings.

We can tell you that Patrick Laperle has won the race over Eric Williams by just a few points.  Scott Payea appears to have finished in the top five, which would assure him of the ACT title...we think.  We'll let you know for sure as soon as we get more news.

Sunday, 6:15pm ET - Ryan Nolin, Patrick Laperle and Scott Payea are all winners at Thunder Road.  Nolin won the third segment of the Milk Bowl, while Laperle took the overall victory and has a date with the trophy cow in victory lane.  Laperle's victory is the third of his career.

Unoffically, Scott Payea has clinched the 2008 ACT Late Model championship.

Sunday, 6:11pm ET - Brad Leighton on to the lead until 48, when Cris Michaud got by.  Then, the two got together and spun in turn two - bringing out he caution and giving the lead of the final segment to Ryan Nolin over Jean Paul Cyr and Mike Bailey.

Patrick Laperle is running eighth and right now would win the overall race by two points over Eric Williams - who sits right in front of him in seventh with two laps to go.

Sunday, 6:02pm ET - We are 20 laps into the final segment of the Milk Bowl and Brad Leighton is still leading with his battered racecar.  Ryan Nolin is second with Cris Michaud and Jean Paul Cyr close behind.

Sunday, 5:58pm ET - On lap 14, the caution is out again for a three-car spin involving Quinny Welch, Dave Whitcomb and Robbie Crouch on the backstretch.

Sunday, 5:52pm ET - On lap seven, Joey Pole made contact with Karl Allard on the frontstretch.  Allard and Quinney Welch both hit the frontstretch wall hard.  Pole was immediately black-flagged and told to go to his hauler and pack up.

Allard's #48 was the same car that won the TD Banknorth Oxford 250 with Kevin Harvick at its controls earlier this season.

Leighton still leads.  He's out front over Joey Laquerre, Mike Bailey, Ryan Nolin and Dennis Demers.

If the race were over now, Patrick Laperle would get the overall win of the Milk Bowl.
Sunday, 5:47pm ET - We are into segment three of the Milk Bowl.  Brad Leighton has led the first two laps, despite not having a nose left on his racecar after a second segment wreck.

On lap two, Dave Whitcomb spun in front of the field.  Almost everyone got by without incident except for Quinny Welch and Gary Caron, who spun up high. Nobody had any damage though.

Sunday, 5:43pm ET - Craig Bushey is currently ranked 13th in the Milk Bowl rundown - tied with Ryan Nolin and Nick Sweet.  But that's not all that is going on this afternoon for him.  Bushey just clinched the 2008 NAPA Tiger Sportsman championship at Thunder Road.
Brendan Moodie won that feature event.

Sunday, 5:35pm ET - The NAPA Tiger Sportsmen are racing in their feature event right now, but because of showers in the area, their victory lane celebrations will be put on hold until the end of the night.  Track officials are planning on getting the third segement of the Milk Bowl started as soon as possible to get its full 50 laps into the record books.

Sunday, 5:30pm ET - Here are the current cumulative standings for the Milk Bowl after two segments of racing:

1.  Patrick Laperle – 12
2.  Joey Pole – 14
3.  Eric Williams – 15
4.  Quinny Welch – 16
5.  Scott Payea – 17
6.  Brian Hoar – 20
    Chip Grenier – 20
8.  Robbie Crouch – 21
   Glen Luce – 21
10.  Cris Michaud – 22
      Dennis Demers – 22
      Gary Caron
13.   Ryan Nolin – 23
      Craig Bushey - 23
      Nick Sweet - 23
16.  John  Donahue - 25
17.  Trampas Demers - 32
18.  Brent Dragon - 35
      Jean Paul Cyr - 35
      Randy Potter - 35
21.   Scott Dragon - 36
      Karl Allard - 36
23.  Joey Becker - 38
24.  Dave Whitcomb - 41
25.  Brad Leighton - 51
      Joey Laquierre - 51
      Tony Andrews - 51
28.  Mike Bailey - 55

Sunday, 5:20pm ET - We had some technical problems for a little here at Thunder Road - blue computer screens and Windows are never a good combination, but all is well now and we'll bring you up to speed on what has been going on.

The best news of the day is that the sun has actually come out. Hopefully, the on-again/off-again showers that have plagued today are done with.

Segment two of the Milk Bowl is in the books.  John Donahue won that over Gary Coron, Quinny Welch, Nick Sweet and Craig Bushey.

First segment stars Patrick Laperle and Joey Pole fought hard for the 10th position, with Laperle getting the spot at the end of 50 laps.  Laperle was shown the "Miss Piggy" flag twice for possibly blocking Pole and "hogging" up the track.  There wasn't going to be a third time. After two warnings, a driver gets a black flag instead.  That didn't happen though.

Randy Potter and Dave Whitcomb got into it while battling for the sixth spot with 10 laps to go.  Whitcomb tagged Potter's left rear in turn four to get the spot at first, but Potter returned the favor by turning Whitcomb around on the backstretch.  There were no yellow or black flags for their activities.

It looked like Chip Grenier and Scott Payea ruffled some of each other's feathers a bit while battling within the top five late in the race too.

The other excitement came off the third and fourth turns.  Brad Leighton went for a wild ride off the banking of turn three and into the bushes of turn four with his #55. Then, Brent Dragon went for aride off turn three and into the wall between the track and the parking areas.  He drove away with only moderate damage.

And finally, below is the full rundown of the first segment.  We'll have the full rundown of segment two as soon as it is available.

Milk Bowl Segment One Finishing Order

1.Patrick Laperle
2.Joey Pole
3.Ryan Nolin
4.Cris Michaud
5.Brian Hoar
6.Dennis Demers
7.Scott Payea
8.Robbie Crouch
9.Eric Williams
10.Trampas Demers
11.Chip Grenier
12.Brent Dragon
13.Quinny Welch
14.Glen Luce
15.Scott Dragon
16.Jean Paul Cyr
17.Dave Whitcomb
18.Craig Bushey
19.Nick Sweet
20.Gary Caron
21.Joey Becker
22.Karl Allard
23.Brad Leighton
24.John Donahue
25.Joey Laquerre
26.Tony Andrews
27.Randy Potter
28.Mike Bailey

Sunday, 4:12pm ET - With two laps to go, Patrick Laperle dove under Joey Pole and took the lead for segment one of the Milk Bowl.  Laperle held on to win over Pole, Ryan Nolin, Cris Michaud and Brian Hoar.

Next, we'll have the B-Feature for the NAPA Tiger Sportsmen.  We will also have a cow chip tossing contest for various state politicians before the second segment of the Milk Bowl begins.

Sunday, 4:05pm ET - On the second attempt at a lap 45 restart, Karl Allard looped his #48 in turn two.  That did not bring out the caution.  But a spin by Craig Bushey on the frontstretch did.  We'll try it again with the lap counter stuck on lap 45.

Sunday, 4:03pm ET - John Donahue spun on the lap 45 restart, while Glen Luce and Craig Bushey spun to avoid the mess.  The caution came back out for the melee.

Off in the distance, it looks like fog...and possibly more drizzle...could be rolling in over the track shortly.

Sunday, 4:01pm ET - Second place isn't the place to be. Jean Paul Cyr spun out out of that position on the backstretch and then one lap later, Brad Leighton (who had inherited that position), spun around into the turn one Jersey Barriers after contact with Patrick Laperle. Leighton's car went into the barrier backwards and slid along the top of the barrier, but did not flip.

With five laps to go in the first segment, Joey Pole will lead Laperle, Cris Michaud, Ryan Nolin and Scott Payea for the restart.

Nick Sweet has headed down pit road.

Sunday, 3:56pm ET - Randy Potter's problems might have been worse than a flat tire.  After 30 laps in the pits, he still hasn't returned to the track. Joey Pole still leads by a large margin over Jean Paul Cyr.

Sunday, 3:52pm ET - At halfway in segment one (lap 25), Joey Pole has pulled out to a sizable lead over Jean Paul Cyr, Brad Leighton, Patrick Laperle and Cris Michaud.

Sunday, 3:50pm ET - Randy Potter pulled off the track on lap 13. It appeared that a tire had gone down on the #02 car.  It has also started to lightly drizzle here, but the track remains dry for now.

Sunday, 3:47pm ET - Dave Pembroke spun in turn one to bring out the first caution of the day at Thunder Road's Milk Bowl.  He didn't hit anything and the lap counter is at nine right now. Joey Pole leads over Jean Paul Cyr, Brad Leighton, Craig Bushey, Brian Hoar, Ryan Nolin, Patrick Laperle, Brent Dragon, Cris Michaud and Scott Payea.

Sunday, 3:44pm ET - Joey Pole pulled out from the pole to lead the first eight laps of The Milk Bowl.  Jean Paul Cyr is close behind and Brad Leighton has moved into third place.

Sunday, 3:41pm ET - We're working the pace laps for the Milk Bowl's first segment right now.  The Thunder Road provisional (only one was awarded) went to Joey Becker by the way.

Sunday, 3:30pm ET - The drivers for the Milk Bowl are currently in the infield being introduced.  Their teams, complete with team colors and battle flags, are assembled and standing by their cars in the infield.  There are fans everywhere and the sky is gray, but not very dark. The excitement is building and we'll be racing here shortly.

Sunday, 3:10pm ET - The marching band and drill team from Norwich University are currently performing for the crowd at Thunder Road, while the starting grid for the first segment of the Milk Bowl is being lined up to hit the track.

The Milk Bowl consists of three segments, with finishing positions from each segment being added up for each driver.  The driver with the lowest score after those three segments is the winner. By the way, the starting lineup for the second and third segments is based an inverted order of finish from the segment before.  Each segment is 50 laps in length.

Sunday, 3:00pm ET - Home track hero Mike "Beetle" Bailey is one of the most popular drivers here at Thunder Road.  He's also a starter in today's Milk Bowl on the basis of winning the Last Chance race.  Runner-up Scott Dragon also cracked the starting field for the big show today.  ACT Late Model provisionals will go to Nick Sweet and Glen Luce.  The ACT Quebec Series provisional goes to Karl Allard.  There are also going to be two Thunder Road Late Model regulars who recieve provsional starting spots.

Sunday, 2:38pm ET - There has been a slight change of plans here at Thunder Road.  The Late Model Last Chance race has been pushed back and the Tiger Sportsmen are coming out onto the mostly-dry track surface.

Sunday, 2:35pm ET - The NHMS jet drier on out on the track and the Late Models in the last chance race have fired up their engines.  We expect that race to resume very shortly.

Sunday, 2:30pm ET - Once again, the rain has stopped. Once again, the Street Stocks are drying the track with an extra practice session.

Sunday, 2:14pm ET - The rain has come back.  It has actually gotten a bit heavy and the Late Model last chance race has been red-flagged.  Mike "Beetle" Bailey currently leads Scott Dragon, Joe Becker and Bobby Dragon.  All of the field has been parked in the infield while this latest shower passes.

Sunday, 2:07pm ET - No more rain.  The Late Models are out for their Last Chance race, just about a half hour behind schedule.

Sunday, 1:58pm ET - The rain has picked up and the cars for the Late Model last chance race are parked in the infield now.  But wait...the rain is dying down again and the Street Stocks have been called out to practice/dry the track.

Sunday, 1:50pm ET - We have continued to have light showers on and off here at Thunder Road. Right now, we are getting ready for the Late Model Last Chance race. It is misty, but the track appears to be raceable.

This qualifying event will be a wild one with Mike "Beetle" Bailey and Joe Becker leading the field to green.  Among those in the race are Scott Dragon, Bobby Dragon, Phil Scott, Jamie Fisher, Glen Luce, Eric Chase, Barney McRae, Donald Theetge, Alexandre Gingras, Nick Sweet and Matt White.

Sunday, 1:25pm ET - The rain is now just a drizzle, and the Street Stocks are currently working on drying the track here at Thunder Road.  Track officials have borrowed the jet drier from New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the weekend, just in case that is needed to help out.                            

Sunday, 1:20pm ET - We are currently under a rain delay at Thunder Road.  The Tiger Sportsmen were out on the track practicing when the rain began. They followed the pace car around to keep heat in the track for awhile, but the rain picked up and they have been retired to the pits.  There are light skies on the horizon though, so hopefully this is just a short delay.

Sunday, 1:00pm ET - Hello from Vermont’s Thunder Road Speedbowl, where the ACT Late Model Milk Bowl is scheduled to take place this afternoon.  It will be a competition against Mother Nature, as we have had two brief delays in practice for very light rain.  We have also seen blue skies today too here and the forecast is very promising. It may be raining everywhere else in New England (a fact proven by our wet drive over from Maine this morning), but central Vermont is possibly going to be spared from most of the inclement weather today.

At 1:30pm, there will be a last chance race of 30 Late Models competing for two remaining spots in the Milk Bowl field.  Four provisionals will also be awarded.  The front part of the field was determined yesterday by time trials and races.  Here is what has been determined so far:

Here is what consists of the starting grid of The Milk Bowl so far:

Chittenden Bank Milk Bowl starting lineup (first 22 of 28 starting positions)
Row Pos # Driver/Hometown Sponsor/Car
1 1 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr./Hudson, NH Pole’s Automotive/ Chevrolet
2 32 Jean-Paul Cyr/Milton, VT Ehler’s RV/RPM Racing Engines Chevrolet

2 3 05 Craig Bushey/Cambridge, VT Vermont Life Safety Dodge
4 55NH Brad Leighton/Center Harbor, NH Irving Oil/Subway Ford

3 5 45 Brian Hoar/Williston, VT Burnett Scrap Metals/Goss Dodge Dodge
6 78 Ryan Nolin/Georgia, VT Mountain Air Systems/Champ 101.3 Chevrolet

4 7 91 Patrick Laperle/St-Denis, QC Systemes Interieurs Descoste Chevrolet
8 89 Scott Payea/Milton, VT Ouellette Plumbing & Heating/Leahy Press Ford

5 9 55VT Brent Dragon/Milton, VT Beverage Mart/Furniture World of VT Chevrolet
10 85VT Trampas Demers/S. Burlington, VT Jiffy Mart Chevrolet

6 11 6 Cris Michaud/Northfield, VT Merchants Bank/Burrell Roofing Ford
12 26 John Donahue/Graniteville, VT National Guard Ford

7 13 48VT Robbie Crouch/Tampa, FL Shearer Chevrolet/Pete’s RV Chevrolet
14 86 Dennis Demers/Shelburne, VT Shelburne Limestone Corp. Chevrolet

8 15 22VT Gary Caron/Colchester, VT VT Wholesale Lumber Chevrolet
16 15VT Joey Laquerre/E. Montpelier, VT Domino’s Pizza/Laquerre’s Marine Pontiac

9 17 9VT Chip Grenier/Graniteville, VT Douglas for Governor/Streeter Concrete Ford
18 02NH Randy Potter/Groveton, NH P&R Excavating/Caron’s Stove Shop Chevrolet

10 19 25 Dave Whitcomb/Essex Jct., VT Ferguson Waterworks/SunRay Security Chevrolet
20 7VT Eric Williams/Hyde Park, VT Unicel/Ward’s Systems Chevrolet

11 21 1VT Tony Andrews/Middlebury, VT E.A. Grandfield/Hallstrom Excavating Chevrolet
22 76 Quinny Welch/Lancaster, NH Mulleavey Electric Dodge

Positions 23-24 and will be the top-two finishers of the last-chance “B” Feature on Sunday. Two ACT Late Model Tour provisionals will be awarded, along with one Thunder Road provisional and one Serie ACT-Castrol provisional—28 total starters.

ACT Late Model Tour
Milk Bowl
September 28th
Thunder Road Speedbowl
Barre, VT
Trackside Now: ACT Late Model Milk Bowl
A Fall Classic on Vermont's Famed Quarter Mile Oval
Patrick Laperle got the kiss the trophy queen after winning the 2007 Milk Bowl.   (Jamie Williams Photo)
Nick Sweet (#88) and Glen Luce are among those who have to run the Last Chance race.   (51 Photo)
Scott Dragon (#70) made it into the Milk Bowl after finishing second in the Last Chance race.  (51 Photo)
Scott Payea and Patrick Laperle are battling for the 2008 ACT Late Model championship today.  They were also introduced together and make up the fourth row of today's race.  (51 Photo)