Saturday, 9:50pm ET - David Pinkham take the victory his second victory of the year, he also won at Waterford.  Here are the final results, we head away for the night at the Banknorth 250 is only hours away.  We will be back on giving you the scoop  on all the action.  Good Night!

122 David Pinkham
225 Jean Paul Cyr
328 Dwight Jarvis
473 Jon McKennedy
506  Les Hinckley
615 Chris Pasteryak
70   Mike Holdridge
843 Kirk Alexander
935 Dale Evonsion
104 Tony Ricci
119NH  Peter Jarvis
1255  Joe Doucette 
1317 Jack Bateman
1470 Andy Seuss
1577 Kenny White Jr.
1676  Shelly Perry
1710X Ed Dachenhausen
1896  Butch Perry

Saturday, 9:19pm ET - In the closing laps David Pinkham pulled away to score the win. We will have the full results in a bit.

Saturday, 9:15pm ET - The Restart with 14 to go David Pinkham made a power move on the outside to take the lead. Jean Paul Cyr is closing back in as we hit ten to go.

Saturday, 9:06pm ET - YELLOW flag is out as Ed Dachenhausen has gone off in turn two this will set up a 14 lap shootout between Jean Paul Cyr and David Pinkham.

Saturday, 9:02pm ET - With 25 laps to go Jean Paul Cyr is looking good as he leads by five car lengths. He's looking for his first TV Mod win.

Saturday, 8:58pm ET - GREEN files in the air and the battle is on again. Dwight Jarvis is working the high groove, he has led two laps before Jean Paul Cyr regains the top spot with 35 plus laps to go. 

David Pinkham used the low groove to take second spot. He's four car lengths off the lead. 
Saturday, 8:54pm ET - Just after 50 laps Cyr still leads with Dwight Jarvis, David Pinkham, Les Hinckley, Tony Ricci round out the top five.

LAP 59 Butch Perry has gone around again he is been show the black flag, it's been a rough night for Perry.  YELLOW is out again.

Saturday, 8:48pm ET - We are GREEN  again and Jean Paul Cyr gets away clean.  Kirk Alexander is 11th on the restart.  

Saturday, 8:44pm ET - Kirk Alexander has fallen back to sixth after getting kicked to the outside. 

LAP 37 Butch Perry has gone off the track in the third turn .  YELLOW is out again.

Kirk Alexander came in and make some changes.  He will be in the back on the restart.

Saturday, 8:42pm ET - Dwight Jarvis is making some noise from fourth as he goes around David Pinkham and Kirk Alexander to grab second after 33 laps.

Saturday, 8:39pm ET - GREEN is back out and the drag race is won by Kirk Alexander who inches out the lead on lap 23.  The two went door to door for two laps before Jean Paul Cyr regains the top spot.

Saturday, 8:34pm ET - Kirk Alexander makes a move on Dale Evonsion to get to second, David Pinkham comes with him a lap later.  Jean Paul Cyr still leads.

LAP 22 Butch Perry has gone around in turn two.  YELLOW is out. 

Saturday, 8:30pm ET - After ten laps Jean Paul Cyr lead by half a car length, he is one of two drivers in the field who have run the 250 the other is Tony Ricci who is running 7th.

Saturday, 8:27pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out and we are underway.  Jean Paul Cyr and Dale Evonsion lead the charge to turn one.  At the end of lap one Jean Paul Cyr leads by half a bumper.  

Saturday, 8:21pm ET - Engines have fired and cars are rolling for tonight's 100 lap event.

Saturday, 8:15pm ET - Here is the line up for the feature.

1. 25 Jean Paul Cyr
2. 35 Dale Evonsion
3. 43 Kirk Alexander
4. 0   Mike Holdridge
5. 22 David Pinkham
6. 28 Dwight Jarvis
7. 4   Tony Ricci
8. 70 Andy Seuss
9. 9NH  Peter Jarvis
10. 17 Jack Bateman
11. 15 Chris Pasteryak
12.  77 Kenny White Jr.
13.  06  Les Hinckley
14.  73 Jon McKennedy
15.  55  Joe Doucette 
16.  76  Shelly Perry
17.  96  Butch Perry
18.  10X Ed Dachenhausen

Saturday, 7:55pm ET - Mike Short wins the Strickly Street Feature, mods are up next.

Saturday, 7:40pm ET - While we’re working our way through the weekly series events, we’ll take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on a few things from today.  Here are a few random pit notes from Saturday’s activities at Oxford Plains Speedway….

- Two-time 250 winner Ben Rowe wasn’t here today.  He’ll be racing the yellow #10 tomorrow, but today he’s off at Orange County Speedway in North Carolina running the PASS South Orange Blossom Special.  You can even follow along with his adventures of the weekend by reading his journal on the front page of

While Ben isn’t at Oxford on Saturday, his racecar was.  But the crew didn’t take the day off – just the afternoon.  David Avery hopped into the car for practice this morning and reported back that the car is good – even quicker than it was last year and Avery led the race late in the going, so that sure says something.  Avery told that Ben Rowe is good for another 3/10th of a second off his times too – at least that is what an early week test session at Oxford showed.  So with a quick racecar and nothing to prove, the #10 team has parked their car before lunchtime.

Meanwhile, down south Ben Rowe qualified in the 13th position for Saturday night’s PASS South race at Orange County Speedway.  He’ll fly flying back to New England for the 250 tomorrow morning.

- Unofficially, there were 82 cars in the pits today, with more expected to roll in tomorrow morning.  No official practice times were kept today.  Track officials told us that they were not putting transponders on the cars for today’s optional practice sessions.

-  1995 TD Banknorth 250 winner Larry Gelinas has come back for this year’s race.  Gelinas has been racing the #37 Late Model down at New Hampshire’s Lee USA Speedway on Friday nights and is in the pits with that car today.  He reports that even though he’s been struggling a little bit at Lee, the car was pretty decent here today – especially after a gear change.  Even though Gelinas has a history in Pro Stocks/Super Late Models and the NASCAR Busch North Series, he had never raced a Late Model before this season.

- Patrick Laperle’s team already found themselves having a little bit of 250 drama this morning.  Laperle reported that after last week’s ACT Tour win at Kawartha’s Summer Sizzler 200, the team went through the car and found a failed bearing in the rear end.  They replaced that bearing, but more rear end problems surfaced in the morning practice.  Still, Laperle isn’t worried.

“If I start to get nervous today, that makes for a long day tomorrow,” said Laperle.

Before the problems, Laperle was very happy with his car.

“We have to fix the rear end, but the car is good and fast,” said Laperle with a big smile appearing on his face.

Saturday, 7:36pm ET - Justin Karkos won the feature in the Mini Stock class. Strictly Stocks are up next.

Saturday, 7:20pm ET - Joe Hutter and Zach Emerson have won the Strictly Stock heats, features are up next. 

Saturday, 7:06pm ET - Adam Polvinen won the second Mini Stock heat.

Saturday, 6:55pm ET - Dale Evonsion wins heat two as Mike Holdridge was second and Dwight Jarvis was third.

Saturday, 6:49pm ET - Butch Keene won the first Mini heat as the Modifieds are now back on track for their second feature.

Saturday, 6:43pm ET - We are in a holding pattern as the mods have hit the infield to wait for the sprinkles to pass.  The Mini Stocks are coming out for their heat race.

Saturday, 6:39pm ET - Heat race number two is rolling on the track and Dale Evonsion has the pole and Jack Bateman is on the outside.  A few rain drops are falling here on the homestretch. 

Saturday, 6:36pm ET - Jean Paul Cyr went flag to flag with Kirk Alexander coming home second and David Pinkham ending up third.

Saturday, 6:32pm ET - Heat race one is on the track, multi time ACT champion Jean Paul Cyr is starting on the pole.  Defending series champion is on the outside of the front row.

Saturday, 6:15pm ET - Looking at the Late Model list we see that there are only a few previous winners that are currently entered.  Roger Brown, Jeremie Whorff, Scott Robbins, and Larry Gelinas have all won the Banknorth 250 and Ben Rowe who of course is racing tonight in Rougemont, NC.  The 200-lap race is a tune up as he hopes to quailfy for the Banknorth 250 tomorrow. 

For more on Ben Rowe's busy weekend click here

Saturday, 5:55pm ET - True Value Modified heats will be rolling out here in just a few minutes.  We will keep you posted on the results along with some info from the pits on Late Model practice from earlier in the day.

Saturday, 5:01pm ET - The Late Models are packing up as they prep for tomorrow's Banknorth 250.  it was a pretty clean and quiet day with very little surprises.  we have 78 total entries some of which were not on the list that had 115 earlier this week.

The rest of practice before we stop at 6pm belongs to local divisions and modified's.   

Saturday, 4:25pm ET - As the day winds down for Late Model practice we are getting ready for a full card of action here tonight here in Oxford.  The headliners tonight will the True Value Midfields. We have 18 cars on hand for tonight's 100 lap main event. Point leader Chris Pasteryak will look to hold of defending winner Kirk Alexander. Les Hinckley, Mike Holdridge, David Pinkham and Andy Seuss are also in attendance.   

Saturday, 4:00pm ET - It has been a very busy day here in Oxford.  We have a unofficial car count of 77 cars in the pit area.  Driver's include Kevin Harvick, Roger Brown, Larry Gelinas, Patrick Laperle, Ricky Rolf, Travis Adams, Jean Paul Cyr and many others.  Look below for the full list.

Today the Late Models are just testing for tomorrow's Banknorth 250.  This is the final day of practice before the big event on Sunday.  250 morning is know for cars sailing in and out of the pits a fast as they can, each minute on the track is highly important.

11Bill Childs Jr.
22Dennis Stampel
33Bernie Lantagne
45Leon Heckbert
56Chris Michaud
66Tommy Ricker
78Nick Reno
88Tom Metcalf
910Ben Rowe
1010Bill Whorff JR
1110Jimmy Childs
1211Claude Leclec
1313Pete Shepard III
1414Phil Scott
1515Ben Ashline
1616Joe Becker
1718Jamie Fisher
1821Shane Clark
1921Josh King
2024Roger Brown
2125Shawn Knight
2226Corey Morgan
2326John Donahue
2429Kevin Harvick
2529Ricky Morse
2632Jean-Paul Cyr
2735Bruce Thomas
2837Larry Gelinas
2942Matt White
3048Robbie Crouch
3150Jeff White
3251Ricky Rolf
3355Brad Leighton
3456Dale Verrill
3559Tyson Jordan
3660Tim Brackett
3763Don Wentworth
3869Dave MacDonald
3970Darren Ripply
4071Bobby Dragon
4172Scott Robbins
4273Joey Dorion
4375Peter Fecteau
4477Pete Vandernyst
4578Quinten Welch
4680Donald Theetge
4784Matt Sanborn
4885Travis Stearns
4988Nicholas Sweet
5089Scott Payea
5191Patrick Leperle
5294Shawn Martin
5395Dennis Spencer Jr.
5496Kurt Hewins
5597Joey Polewarczyk
5615VTJoey Laquerre
5718QCKarl Allard
5822VTGary Caron
5924VTSteve Fisher
6031KTim Pendergast
6138HRicky Wolf Jr.
6241VTPete Potvin III
6355VTBrent Dragon
647ME Glen Luce
657VTEric Willams
6688MEAlan Tardiff
678NHRick Thompson Jr.
689ONJonathan Urlin
699QYvon Bedard
709VTChip Grenier
71O2Brooks Clark
72O2MADerrick Ramstrom
73O2NHRandy Potter
74O3Travis Adams
75O4TJ Watson
76O7Scott Luce
77O8Gerald Parlin
78OOJeremie Whorff

Saturday, 8:15am ET - The TD Banknorth 250 is technically only a one-day show.  It always has been, with many racers towing in late Saturday night after competing at their home tracks throughout the region for Sunday's schedule of heat races and a 250 green-flag lap feature.

However, the full weekend of racing has also tradionally included a big support race on Saturday night, which will be the True Value Modified Racing Series this evening, a number of weekly racing division features on Friday and Saturday nights and at least one full day of optional practice for the 250.

That is our schedule for Saturday - all day, there will be rotating practice between the Late Models entered for the 250, the Modifieds (starting in the afternoon) and the Oxford divisions. Practice might not pay anything, but it can provide some great 250 drama, so we'll keep you posted throughout the day as to who is fast, who wrecked, who broke and who is doing anything notable.  Stay tuned for updates starting late this morning.

Friday night's Oxford Acceleration Series races were washed out after a nasty band of storms swept through the Southern and Central Maine areas.  Today, the forecast calls for muggy temperatures, but little chance of rain.

So sit tight, go out and do a little yard work or turn some wrenches on the race car (or street car) and visit back later this morning for more news from Oxford.


July 19th-20th
TD Banknorth 250
Oxford Plains Speedway
Oxford, ME
Trackside Now: TD Banknorth 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway
The 35th Running of an Historic Race
The "250" is a big deal in Maine - check out this photo of the front gate before last year's race. (51 Sports Photo)
Kevin Harvick gets some track time here at OPS.
(51 Sports Photo)
Ben Rowe was nowhere to be found on Saturday.  He is racing in North Carolina then flying in tomorrow for the big race. (51 Sports Photo)
A lot of eye's will be on Ricky Rolf.  Can he win the Banknorth 250 to keep is great season going? (51 Sports Photo)
Fresh off his ACT win in Canada Patrick Laperle could be a serious contender this weekend. (51 Sports Photo)
The father son team of Bill (L) and Jeremie Whorff (R) got a one, two sweep in 2006, can they do it again? (51 Sports Photo)
Seven time ACT champion Jean Paul Cyr looks to win his first Oxford 250 this weekend. (51 Sports Photo)
Can Kirk Alexander make it two in a row in the Saturday night Mod show? (51 Sports Photo)
David Pinkham made sure everyone got a bath in victory lane. (51 Sports Photo)