Furr Grabs First Win In Concord UARA Event by Celita Turner
Setzer And Furr Trade Paint On The Track For The Win
Ross Furr was able to win his first UARA event at Concord Motorsport Park on Saturday night.  (UARA photo)
“I’ve thought about it all week long and I wanted it bad,” Furr said of the win.  “We’ve been close so many times and to finally come down here and win it and my sponsor also being the race sponsor, that’s just awesome.  It’s just like a dream come true.”  

Furr started on the pole but didn’t lead the first lap.  Setzer, who started on the outside pole, took the lead and led the next 100 laps. 

For those 101 laps, it looked like follow the leader as far as Setzer and Furr were concerned.  Only once did Furr really challenge Setzer for the lead, but it came to no avail he fell back into line and waited for another perfect opportunity. 

“Setzer was holding me up there a little bit and I was trying to run him as hard as I could without burning my tires up,” Furr said of his strategy to get the lead.  “He usually goes away and I figured he might go away tonight, so just let him get out there and do what he wanted to do.  I was just trying to push him as hard as I could to get by him.  When I got by him, he raced me hard but he raced me clean.”
Setzer didn’t see things quiet the same way.

“It took us about two or three laps to get away from [the pack] and it was just too many restarts and he [Furr] kept me jacked up on a lot of them,” Setzer said.  “You can see on the side of the car he kinda got up into me.  Once he got me out of the groove there was nothing else I could do about it.”   

When Furr finally went for the pass, he wasn’t alone.  Shane Bradford and Roger Lee Newton were right on his bumper in hot pursuit.

“We just wanted to come home with a top-three finish,” Newton said.  “Shane, he’s got a lot of laps around this place and he knows how to hold people off.  I needed about 50 more laps there at the end of the race and I would have had a shot to win.”

Bradford wound up second and Newton third.
The UARA-Stars were at Concord Motorsport Park on Saturday night for the Fairborn 150 and perhaps none shone as bright as Ross Furr.  In a race bogged down by cautions and heated battles, Furr prevailed getting the first win of his career and inched closer to Mark Setzer, who finished fourth, in the championship standings.
From his fifth place position, Payne Pickles had a bird’s eye view of the heated battle between the top four guys. 

“We were a little better on long runs and all these cautions at the end of the race held us up a little bit,” Pickles said. “We were good, but apparently not as good as the rest of those guys.  I’m not disappointed but if we’d had some more laps we probably could have won.  It’s a top five in UARA; we’ll take it.”

B.J. Mackey, third in the championship standings, had a quiet night.  In his new ride, he finished seventh and stayed close Setzer and Furr who lead him in the championship standings, respectively. 

The next race up for the UARA Stars will be the season finale and championship deciding race at Caraway Speedway on November 3.  
Setzer still leads the point standings and his strategy for the finale is the same as it has been all season long. 

“We’re going to keep doing what we’ve been doing all year, race hard, try to lead the most laps and get as many bonus points as we can.  We’ve done everything we can do and that’s all we can ask for.”

Furr, off the momentum of his first win is excited about his chances going into the finale.

“This win is a big confidence booster,” Furr said.  “We’re gonna go [to Caraway] and see if we can’t lead every lap and try to run off with it and maybe win that points championship.” 

Ross Furr's #25