McCarson Survives to Win at Greensville-Pickens
Early Wreck Thins Out UARA-STARS Field
McCarson in victory lane.  (UARA Photo)
The hopes and dreams of several drivers were dashed just about the time the green flag flew in the UARA-STARS  “Hometown Superette 150” presented by Reynolds Insurance Agency race on Saturday night at Greenville Pickens Speedway.  Brandon McCarson eventually took the checkered flag, but not before an accident took out several drivers on the frontstretch at the beginning of the race.

Darrell Wallace, Jr., who started on the inside of the second row, appeared to miss a shift as the field raced under the green to begin the nights action.  Wallace dove to the inside at the flagstand as soon as he realized he missed a shift but the field behind were already in the green, green, green, /go, go, go mode and the results were horrific. There was just not enough time to change over to the whoa, whoa, whoa mode before more than 12 cars were piled up right in front of the grandstand. The field was stopped until the wrecks could be towed away and the fluids dried up.
Local Greenville Pickens racers were both lucky, and unlucky, in the accident. Anthony Anders, who was the fastest qualifier claiming the Sunoco pole along with 2005 UARA-STARS series champion Matt McCall landing the Brisco outside pole were in front of the pileup. Brandon McCarson, who has a lot of experience at GPS, also was ahead of the accident.

2006 UARA race winner at Greenville Pickens Marty Ward was not as lucky and ended up right in the middle of things, along with RA Brown, Randy Porter, and Blair Addis. Ward suffered damage, but eventually finished 14th. Brown, Porter, and Addis were damaged too severely to continue. Addis did make two more laps on the track but was penalized two laps for working under the red flag conditions.  Addis quickly retired to the pits along with UARA-STARS regulars Matt Leicht, Jake Crum and Barry Andrews.

David Roberts, who was crowned Greenville Pickens Speedway track champion just one week ago, had clutch problems during qualifying, and had to enter a second-chance race to make the field. Roberts started ninth in the heat race and won it securing himself a starting position in the main event. Roberts and Jimmy Mann, Jr. started 23rd and 25th in the main race.
When the field took the green after the first lap mishap, Greenville’s Anthony Anders appeared to set sail. Anders led the first 75 laps of the race before falling victim to a blistered right rear tire and ending up 37 laps short of a victory. Another Greenville Pickens regular, Kenneth Headen took the point for the next 21 laps but he too had tire problems but managed to hang on for a 7th place finish.

In the end it was Brandon McCarson who grabbed the checkered flag. Young Darrell Wallace, Jr. gave the front runners plenty of work having stayed in the thick of things all night long.  Wallace captured second place followed by fellow UARA-STARS regular Roger Lee Newton in third.  Newton came home as the “Holley Performer of the Race” having gained 24 positions throughout the night just proving to the locals how tough the UARA-STARS can be.

David Roberts had worked his way all the way up to second, but with the extra 25 laps on his tires due to the last-chance race, he faded to fourth after a late caution.  Another UARA-STARS regular Ross Furr came home with the fifth place finish and gained points on championship point leader Mark Setzer who came home in twelfth place.  Unofficially Furr could be in second place in the points battle one point ahead of B.J. Mackey who would fall to third.  The championship will clearly go down to the wire.

“We rolled this car out, swept the dust off of it, and here we are." McCarson said. "It sure is good to run like this here at Greenville Pickens."

After Roberts finished fourth, he said he had just been through a long day. “We were racing a Dodge engine I hadn’t run in over a year, and I was just lucky to miss that big wreck at the start of the race. If I hadn’t had to use up my tires, maybe I could have done better, but we are very happy with the way the night went.”

In the first Charger race, Andy Norris made his move in the last two turns of the race to pass Robin Darnell for the victory. Norris had pressed Darnell for much of the race and was successful by waiting until the time was exactly right. Andy Norris was the winner in the second Charger race and Greg Darnell came home victorious in the Renegade event.

The UARA-STARS will be in action again at Concord Speedway on October 20, 2007