Mackey Wins Race, Furr The Title, at Caraway
2007 UARA-STARS Season is Wrapped Up
BJ Mackey won the battle at Caraway on Saturday night....   (Langley Austin Photos)
B.J. Mackey had the perfect race going in the UARA-STARS season finale at Caraway Speedway (NC) on Saturday night, but still fell just a 20 points short of claiming the UARA-STARS 2007 championship.  Mackey will end up second in points.  Mackey and Mark Setzer both finish the season tied with 1416 points. Mackey will receive second in the final standings due to having three wins over Setzer’s two for the season.

Mackey ran the perfect race starting from the Sunoco Pole, leading every lap claiming the Sonic Most Laps Lead Award and capturing the checker and the RE Suspension winner’s award.  At one point during the event he was even leading the point race. Pre-race point leader Mark Setzer claimed the Brisco outside pole.
The day’s excitement began during qualifying.  Ryan Salomon had gone onto the track for his qualifying run when he spun out.  After the spin he commits himself to the pit access road. Ross Furr who began the day second in points enters the track to qualify.  Here is where everything takes a dramatic turn. Furr comes through turns three at full speed as Salomon is coming around the pit access road. Furr enters turn four and Salomon cuts up onto the track from the access road onto the track and contact is made.  Frustration sets in and tempers flare at this point. The UARA will gather all information about this incident and necessary penalties will be issued when all information has been reviewed

Furr and his team take his car to the pits to make necessary repairs under the eye of UARA officials and will later make his qualifying run. He will start the event in 18th position. Furr will receive the Holly Performer of the Race award after this bad luck and managing to come home with a 5th place finish.

On lap one of the event the action started in turn one as Setzer is giving his all to try to capture the lead for those coveted points.  In his attempt to overtake Mackey in turn
one and two, Setzer has a nose ahead of Mackey who is low in the turn next to the pit access road curbing.  Setzer makes contact and spins in the middle of the turn.  The stage is set from there for Mackey while Setzer has his job cut out with the cat and mouse game with Furr.  When Setzer spins his car the cars behind check up. Clay Greenfield, Ryan Salomon, Corey LaJoie and Bobby Measmer are all tangled at the end of pit road. Salomon and Measmer will end their race before they get a good start.  This is definitely not how Salomon had hoped to display his new paint scheme.

Via the Racing Electronics communications when asked by Alan Dietz did he have anything to say about the spin Mark said “Not really much to say---Man on the bottom and I just got into him.—I want to express my thanks to Carol Ann and the West racing team for this opportunity.”

Dietz then went to Clay Greenfield who said “ I’m not real sure- I saw everybody slow up and got hit from behind.  That’s what happens when you don’t qualify well.”

Dietz then went to Furr who said “You know I hate to see him up there like that.  I want to beat him on the track.  We’re going to do our best to keep him behind us and I want to win.”

In a bizarre way as the field is coming down for the restart, Paddy Rodenbeck is
prepared to go but has to spin his car to avoid the car in front of him who hasn’t
sped up yet.  This brings caution 2 out before the whole field has collected the green. 
They finally get a good green for 2 laps then the Brent Raymer car spins in turn one
after battling with Todd Goble and Roger Lee Newton for position.

Restart on lap 19 is good and Jason York is the man on the move.  York taps Lucas
Ransone just to let him know he’s coming and passes for 7th place.  He next comes
up on Todd Goble and puts the move on him claiming 6th with Jake Crum in hot pursuit
passing Goble as well.  York then passes Roger Lee Newton as Stephen Grimes
makes his move to pass Ransone and Goble respectively.

Action is all over the track.  Zeke Shell has his car trying to get away from him as he
has contact with the Shane Brafford car.  Shell will manage to keep control and no
caution comes out. Brafford will have to come to the pits for some speedy action by his
crew as the hood of his car is coming up.  Mikey Kile who has shown great improvement
this year and Roger Lee Newton put on quite a show swapping position back and forth. 
Newton will eventually claim and hold the spot with Stephen Grimes close behind overtaking Kile as well

Corey LaJoie spins in turn one on lap 35 bringing out caution number 4.  At the same time LaJoie is spinning in turn one, Paddy Rodenbeck and Lee Tissot have contact and Rodenbeck spins on the front stretch.

Dietz checks in with Setzer concerning his first lap spin and Setzer said “ Just trying to feel the car out – don’t know if we had any damage or not.”

Darrell Wallace, Jr. brings out caution five as he spins in the middle of turns one and two.

Dietz goes to Mackey about the first lap contact with Setzer and Mackey said “ We were both running in there pretty hard—I felt the right front jerk pretty hard—maybe I should have given him more room—I didn’t mean for things to go like that.  I’m not worried about that, just trying to win the race.”

Jason York and Stephen Grimes are really on the move.  York takes third position on lap 50 after starting 2oth.  Caution 6 flies on lap 54 as the second place car of Travis Swaim finds the backstretch wall.  It appeared as if he has suffered some kind of engine problems.

In the pack Furr is right ahead of Setzer.  Matt McCall is putting his moves on Daniel Pope II for 10th place.  Furr is close behind and overtakes Pope as well.  Setzer will have his hands full trying for several laps to take the spot from Pope.  Roger Lee Newton and Jake Crum are putting on a good show for position as well.  Mikey Kile, Todd Goble, Matt McCall and Ross Furr are like a freight train roll on down the line.  Goble and Kile battle with McCall hanging in the wings.  Goble claims the spot.  Kile and McCall have some good clean side by side racing but it will be former champ McCall who claims the spot with Furr linked to his rear bumper.

Lee Tissot makes contact with second place runner Jason York on the backstretch and causes York to spin bringing out caution 7 on lap 90.  As the field is back to green Crumb, Ransone and Newton are every way but straight fighting for position.  Ransone performs some unbelievable driving by keeping his car from hitting every wall inside and out.  Ransone will be the Tri County Graphic Solutions “Smooth Move of the Race” award winner for this show he put on.

Paddy Rodenbeck will spin in turn two bringing out caution 8 on lap 99.  On lap 111 Stephen Grimes takes the second spot from Melling Select Rookie of the Race Matt DiBenedetto. DiBenedetto was recognized as Melling Select Rookie of the Year in pre-race activities.
Shortly thereafter Grimes is all out of shape in turn four and he and DiBenedetto are both loose in turn one but they both maintain and continue on.

While all the excitement is going on throughout the field B.J. Mackey is out on what looks like a Sunday ride.  He has that machine on a string and appears to be able to do no wrong.  Mackey is letting that Darrell Poe engine show its strength. Poe will be the Comp Cam engine builder of the race

Pope and Rodenbeck are doing some serious rubbing swapping back and forth for position.  Setzer and Furr are doing some extreme racing and both are really getting loose. Setzer takes 8th place from Furr.

First time UARA competitor Matthew Godley and Paddy Rodenbeck spin in turn one bringing out the ninth caution on lap 131.  Todd Goble crosses over the front tire of Rodenbeck.  Shortly after the restart Mikey Kile and Lucas Ransone spin in turn two on lap 139 for caution 10. 
Setzer and Furr are racing hard and several times contact is made.  Furr tells Dietz, “Going to have to outrun him.  We ain’t got the best car but a good car.”  Setzer says, “If we’re gonna have to beat and bang then I guess that’s what we’ll have to do.”  Furr makes the pass on Setzer.

Todd Goble spins out of turn two for the eleventh caution on lap 149 bring the field to a green white checker finish.  Race director has his hands full as Goble, Rodenbeck and Toby Parese are playing bumper tag under the caution.  When all is settled and the green falls Jake Crum and Claude Kelly wreck on the backstretch.  Furr escapes with his car just getting a little loose but Setzer is not so lucky and has hard contact with the Crum car.  The contact knocks the right front wheel and tire off of Setzer’s car and he is full throttle down the backstretch, goes down below pit access road, bounces across it and hits the wall head on in turn three ending the Championship hopes for Setzer and the West Racing Team.  Setzer will definitely be the ARP Hard Luck driver for this event.

Caraway Marlowe Racing Chassis 150 Results

  1. B.J. Mackey
  2. Matt DiBenedetto
  3. Roger Lee Newton
  4. Matt McCall
  5. Ross Furr
  6. Zeke Shell
  7. Daniel Pope II
  8. Lucas Ransone
  9. Paddy Rodenbeck
10. Clay Greenfield
11. Stephen Grimes
12. Matthew Godley
13. Todd Goble
14. Toby Parese
15. Mark Setzer
16. Jake Crum
17. Shane Bradford
18. Mikey Kile
19. Mike Swaim, Jr.
20. Jason York
21. Lee Tissot
22. Travis Swaim
23. Darrell Wallace, Jr.
24. R.A. Brown
25. Corey LaJoie
26. Brent Raymer
27. Claude Kelly
28. Ryan Salomon
29. Bobby Measmer

...but it was Ross Furr who won the war for the 2007 UARA title.