Track management has been hard at work throughout the winter making improvements to just about every corner of the grounds.  From the track surface itself to landscaping to concessions, just about everything is new at New Smyrna.

“There’s been a lot of work going on, we’re doing a lot before Speedweeks” said NSS Promoter and General Manager Terry Roberts.  “The new partners at this track have really stepped up to improve the facility and we are very excited.”

Milling has begun this week on the track surface, with repaving up next.  The job will be done in plenty of time for the February 11th start of Speedweeks.

“The paving company has told us it that it will take nine to ten days.  They originally paved the track in the 1970’s.  They also do work for ISC over at the big track in Daytona, so they know what they are doing.”
Teams and Fans Will Be Greeted With New Pavement, Pits and More Come February
When fans and competitors pull up to Florida’s New Smyrna Speedway for the 41st Annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing next month, they might feel like rechecking their maps and navigation systems.  The troops of visitors who come every year for a packed racing card headlined by Super Late Models and Tour-type Modifieds might not recognize the place.

And then there is the food.  The track has opened a new concession area, dubbed the Smiling Tomato.  The eatery will feature some healthier concessions than race fans might be used to – with menu items such as wraps, salads and smoothies.

The 41st Annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car runs nightly from February 9th through the 17th. will be on hand throughout that time to bring you the latest action from the track.  We’ll also lead up to our Speedweeks coverage with plenty of preview stories, so stay tuned for more.

Other improvements that competitors will notice include changes to the infield pit area, as well as how they enter and exit the pits.

“What they are doing right now is milling about two inches off the track,” said Roberts.  “That milling is being prepped and will go into the infield.  Then it will be rolled and packed, so the infield will be paved.

“Also, when you go onto pit road, instead of going right on the track there will be a blend lane where you can come onto the backstretch out of turn two.  On turn three, there will now be an apron when you can drop down and head to pit road.  As it is now, you have to turn right in off turn four.  Those will be big differences.”

With Super Late Models, Tour-type Modifieds, Florida/IMCA Modifieds, Limited Late Models, ASA/Crate Late Models, Pro Challenge cars, SK Modifieds, TBARA Winged Sprint Cars and FASCAR Pro Truck races all scheduled for Speedweeks, there will be plenty of action that is both hot and fast.
There will be a new track surface at New Smyrna in time for Speedweeks.
“The fact that it has been repaved will get the speeds up and everyone will be excited about that.  It will be fast.”

Fans have more to get excited about than just quicker lap times though.  There have been plenty of improvements outside the pit gates at New Smyrna Speedway too.

“The fencing is being fixed around the track.  Outside, the fans will be treated to a new landscaping arrangement when they drive into the racetrack.  There is a new sign going up front with an electronic message board on it.  It’s going to be a big graphic board that can show video.  We replaced the old lap counter and that has been up since last July, so the fans who come down just for
Speedweeks haven’t seen that yet.  The pit area PA system has also been reworked.”
There are so many improvements at the track this year that fans might want to stock around even when the races are over!