Coverage to Also Include Winternationals at Orlando SpeedWorld for the First Time
A few thousand fans will be fortunate enough to be able to take in the short track races that make up Florida Speedweeks this year.  They’ll come from all over – from the frozen Midwest to the frigid Northeast and even a few warmer locales to enjoy the racing action.  However, the majority of short track fans won’t be so lucky – they’ll be wherever home is when the Modifieds and Super Late Models thunder around New Smyrna Speedway, the ARCA RE/MAX series zip around Daytona and the Pro Challenge and Legends cars rocket ‘round Orlando SpeedWorld.
at pictures and read quotes from the drivers.  We even plan to do a little video this year.  The whole package is what makes our coverage special."

In the past, 51 has been very visible with their coverage at New Smyrna and Daytona during Speedweeks.  That won’t change this time around either.  51 is back as the official website of New Smyrna’s World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing and will be at the track for each and every evening of racing.  51 will also be all over the first ARCA RE/MAX Series race of the season at Daytona.

In addition, 2007 will mark the first time that the website forms a racing triangle of coverage in Central Florida for the month with the addition of Pro Challenge, Legends and Bandolero coverage from Orlando.

“We're going down there with all of our guns blazing and will have dedicated people at not only Daytona and New Smyrna, but Orlando as well,” said 51’s Jeremy Troiano.  “It just goes to show the type of coverage people can expect.  This will be the biggest and best Speedweeks yet."
Those fans won’t have to go without their racing fix, though, thanks to extensive coverage of Speedweeks at the popular short track racing website, Speed51.com.

"The reason we concentrate on this coverage of Florida Speedweeks is because all of us are race fans at heart," said Bob Dillner, Chief Editor of Speed51.com.  "I can remember as a kid up in the Northeast, I couldn't wait to hear who did what at New Smyrna and Daytona.  But in that day and age I had to wait nearly a week for the trade papers to come out.  Now people can go to Speed51.com and find out not only who won, but what happened to nearly everyone in the show.  They can look
Speed51.com will have all of the wild Modified action from New Smyrna.
51’s coverage of Speedweeks has already begun with previews of the upcoming events.  We’ll hit the track running on February 8th with reports from all three tracks throughout the days and nights.

Speed51.com has become a leader in online Motorsports information by focusing on the Short Track Racing realm.  51 realized nearly five years ago that there was a void in the industry for news and behind-the-scenes stories.  Now, 51 is viewed by thousands of fans per day.  The site fuels your Short Track appetite for NASCAR's Grand National Divisions, NASCAR Modified Tours, the USAR Pro Cup Series, Super Late Models from all across the country and much more.

51 Sports, publisher of Speed51.com, is continually signing up clients for its Sports Services and Web Design work for 2007 and beyond.  51 offers everything from single-time press releases to full campaigns, website development and much more.  If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us at www.speed51.com or through Jeremy Troiano at (704) 455-2051.

“Speed51.com will be living every short track fan's dream by being in three places at once this Speedweeks, and I know everyone here is amped up about bringing all the excitement of Speedweeks to the fans who can't make it down to Florida this year,” said 51’s Matt Kentfield.  “The ARCA races are always full of high speed, drama and a couple big wrecks, and there’s going to be plenty of young talent on display in the Legends, Bandolero and Pro Challenge events at Orlando and New Smyrna.  But it doesn’t get any better than the short track action of the Modifieds and Super Late Models at New Smyrna, though.  Nine wild nights on a lightning-fast new surface will be awesome to see, and we’re looking forward to bringing it to the fans on Speed51.com.”

“This is the one time throughout the whole season where the whole motorsports world is focused on one region,” said 51’s Amy Hayes.  “It should be an exciting couple of weeks with ARCA racing and my favorites – the Super Late Models, Legends and Bandolero racing.”
51 will cover the ARCA race from top to bottom.  Sometimes at Daytona, it is hard to tell which is which.