These Under 18 Year Olds Just Missed Making The Top-25 Cut
Michael Bilderback (Legends) – Michael (17) finished second in the INEX National Pro points in 2006 and is looking to move into Late Models in 2007 with the ASA Midwest Tour.

Ryan Blaney (Legends) – With a popular and talented father (Dave Blaney), Ryan has the genes and has been strong since moving up to Legends cars from Bandoleros.

Jonathan Chandler (Pro Challenge) – With the Pro Challenge Series getting stronger, so is Jonathan Chandler.  He’s still top-10 in the National points, with only three races under his belt.

Jake Crum (LMSC) – He trying to break out of his dominance in Legends and Allison Legacy by running in the UARA Late Model Stock cars in 2007.

Kyle Fowler (GAS) – Kyle just missed making the top-25 cut, but maybe that is better.
Kyle Fowler just missed making the top-25.
Matthew Stover (Legends) – Stover won everything in Orlando’s WinterNationals in Legends and is the defending National Champion in the Bandolero Young Guns Division.

JD Trenary (Legends) – The 17-year-old was the INEX Legends Pro National Champion last year, winning 25 races in 50 starts, and collecting 49 top-10 finishes.

Darrell Wallace Jr. (LMSC) – Wallace always comes out to shine in the summer with his Legends car, but right now, he wants to focus on being just as strong in Limited Late Model Stocks.

Here are some of the 13-18 year olds that didn't get enough votes to make the top-25, but did recieve some votes.

And by the way, this is in alphabetical order.
Thomas Hartensveld  (LMSC, Legends) – Hartensveld, the Mason-Dixon Meltdown winner, just missed making the top-25.  If he runs well in Late Models, he’ll be right up there next year.

Nick Hoffman (ARENA) – Hoffman blew everyone away in the new ARENA Racing Series in Charlotte last year.  How well will he be outdoors?  That is the big question.

Kyle Larson (Karts) – He’s from the West Coast and that could hurt, but in the World of Karting, he’s pretty much winning everything on dirt.  Send him East!

Duncan Molesworth (LMSC) – Molesworth has always been good in Legends, but he is proving pretty good in Late Model Stocks too, running second in points at ultra-tough Hickory Motor Speedway.

Michael Pope (GAS) – Pope has shown great improvement from last year to this, running top-five every week and being a championship threat in the Georgia Asphalt Series.

Nicholas Pope (Allison Legacy) – Pope is winning everything in the Allison Legacy Series.  He has won three races in four starts so far.  He just needs to get a little more excited about it.
Thomas Hartensveld won last year's Mason-Dixon Meltdown.
Coleman Pressley (LMSC) – Coleman is the son of former racer Robert Pressley, and he is proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, running well in Late Model Stocks.

Addison Rogers (Legends)  – Addison was last year’s INEX Semi-Pro National Champion in Legends cars, winning 29 races in 48 stars, and finishing outside the top-10 only once.

John Stancill (Legends) – A part of the Stancill racing family, John just missed the top-25, needing a couple more votes.  He hope to follow his brother Ben into the big time.
Matthew Stover
He’ll fly under the radar, has a good shot at winning the GAS rookie of the year and make a big splash.

Jonathan Gottsacker (Legends) – He’s running for Nick Pistone Racing, which will automatically help him do well.  He needs to keep winning more and more.

Ryan Glenski (Bandoleros, Allison Legacy) – His transition to Allison Legacy hasn’t been as smooth as his dominance in the Bandolero division.