Song That Pumps You Up
Hannah Montana Is...
Person You'd Most Like to Play Twister With?
Movie That Makes You Cry?
Favorite Cartoon Character?
Spongebob Squarepants
Everbody says "The Notebook" makes them cry, but it didn't make me cry.
Jessica Biel.  Nobody knew who she was until lately, but that would work.
Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter. The only reason I know that is I have been seeing this girl and she has kids.
"The Final Countdown?"  I don’t know? Static-X is pretty crazy too.
Woody Pitkat
#79 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
Jeff Choquette
#70 ASA Late Models South
Bugs Bunny
Nothing makes me cry!
My girlfriend.  She may read this.
I have no idea.
Johnny Cash, "Folsom Prison Blues."
Justin Larson
#88 Goodyear Challenge Series
Scooby Doo
I didn't cry, but I almost cried during "John Q"
Pamela Anderson
Heck I don't know
Lately it's been Chris Daughtry songs.
Burt Myers
#1 NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour
Tom from "Tom and Jerry"
"Rudy," because he's the underdog that triumphs
I wouldn't mind playing with Pamela Anderson
Appealing to children because she's not appealing to adults.
Several, depends on the time of year. "Back In Black," "Iron Man.". Depends on what race track you are at.
Casey Smith
#99 Blizzard Series Super Late Model
That cat...uh, Heathcliff!
"Remember the Titans"
Jessica Simpson
Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter.  That's about all I know.
Anything Bob Seger.  Probably "Like a Rock."'s Five On Five 
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