The Colts or The Bears?  The Racers Make Their Best Guesses
Wade Day, PASS South, USAR Pro Cup
Pick: Indy
“I’ve been an Eagles fans since I was six years old and I don’t know why.  I think it was just because their helmets looked cool.  But I think Indianapolis will win though.  I just like Peyton Manning.  That is about the only reason why.”

Paul Warner, USAR Pro Cup Media Relations Rep.
Pick:  Indy
“Well, I'm not going to pretend that I know football, because I don't. My pick is based off of, uh, nothing really. I just like the Peyton & Eli commercial on ESPN. Maybe if Grossman had a commercial or
the Bears brought back the "Super Bowl Shuffle," I'd pick Chicago. Personally, I think the Super Bowl is the most bloated, over-hyped circus in all of sports. But like the rest of the bored race fans in the country, I'll be watching. I only hope that Prince doesn't have a "wardrobe malfunction," Joe Namath isn't interviewed and I stay awake long enough for a 'futball' player to ice the game. Go Baltimore, err, Indianapolis!”

Donny Lia, Whelen Modified Tour
Pick: Indy
“It is more a racing town, so I can relate better to the team.”

Tyler Haydt, Whelen Modified Tour
Pick: Chicago
“The Bears in a convincing victory.  Offense puts people in the seats, but defensive wins championships.”
Gary St. Amant, USAR Pro Cup
Pick:  Chicago
“This has been the year of the underdog.  Being seven-point underdogs, and the Bears having the better defense, I think they win the game.  Indianapolis, being the favorites, can go out and do the same things that won them games all year long.  Chicago has to do something different.  I just see Chicago getting up for the game.  The big upsets will continue.  I think Chicago wins 20-16.”

Tim Russell, Super Late Models
Pick:  Indy
"Well I am not too big of a football fan.  I just recently started watching it a little bit.  But I think that I would
“I’m going with the Bears, all the way.  Simple reason?  I can’t stand Peyton Manning.  I can’t stand his goofy faces that he makes make him look like he’s getting kicked in the gut all the time – win, lose or draw.  Plus he’s in too many commercials.  Play quarterback, Hollywood.  I realize, also, that no matter who I picked, it’d be a team that gave my Patriots memorable losses in recent memory (Colts in the AFC Championship two weeks ago and the Bears in the Super Bowl in ’86), but I’ve forgiven the Bears in 21 years.  Go Bears, because I would love to see Manning look miserable once again.  Plus it’d be great to see a “that guy” kind of player like Rex Grossman beat the NFL’s princess, Peyton Manning, on the biggest stage.”

Jim Cook, Redneck Racing Series
Pick:  Indy
“The only sport I follow is racing.  That’s all I’ve got time for.  But, the Super Bowl is about the only game I’ll watch all year.  I’ll probably pull for Indianapolis because it’s a big racing city and it’s close to home.  I’m from Cincinnati and was a Bengals fan, and I guess they’re not in it, so I have to go with the next closest team.”
Jeff Fultz
Wade Day knows a thing or two about end zone ...ur... victory lane celebrations.
have to go for the Colts.  One -because, the team that I drive for in the ARCA Series is from Indy and two -  they have had a good season and I think that Peyton Manning is really good and going to bring it home."

Burt Myers, Whelen Southern Modified Tour
Pick: Indy
“I had the Patriots picked, so I’m kind of undecided now.  it is going to be hard for Peyton Manning to lose this one.  I think if the Bears can keep their defense hyped up enough to where Peyton can’t pick them apart, they will be ok.  I think Peyton is probably on track.  I’m going to go with the Colts.”

John Freeman, Busch East Series
Pick:  Indy
"Well I think that I am going to have to go with Indy.  I believe that they beat the Patriots and I think that the Patriots would have had the Super Bowl if they had been in it. So if they can beat the Patriots they can definitely beat the Bears."

RJ Scott, Co-owner of CRA Super Series
Pick: Indy
“They are due and Peyton is due.  They have been too good not to have won it over the last five years and their time is now and probably again in the next five years.  Being from Indiana, and having been in school when the Colts moved to Indianapolis, it’s something that we have wanted to see for a long time.  As we all know Indiana is a basketball state, but for those of us who played football in school, the Colts where a real blessing when they arrived.”
Gary St. Amant
Alan Tardiff
Jeff Fultz, USAR Pro Cup
Pick: Indy
“Who’s in the Super Bowl?  Indy and Chicago?  Who’s never won it?  Honestly, I’m pulling for Indy.  They are close to me.  I’m from Cincinnati and I used to go there all of the time.  Indy is one of the first places I ever saw a football game.  I normally end up pulling for the underdog.  I don’t know who is the underdog, but I don’t really know anyone or anything about the Bears and I know Peyton Manning from the Colts.  I met him once and that was pretty cool.   So I guess I’ve got to pull for Indy.”

Matt “Duke” Kentfield,
Pick: Chicago
Alan Tardiff, PASS North
Pick:  Indy
“I think that the Colts are going to do it.  The team has come together and they are acting more like a team than last year.  They really showed that when they beat the Patriots.  They were down the first quarter, didn’t make any mistakes and came back.”

Joey Logano, Busch East Series
Pick:  Indy
“I guess because they beat the Patriots.  I was giving a guy on my team that is a huge Colts fan a hard time at halftime of the Patriots-Colts game when the Pats were beating the Colts.  So I guess I ended up putting my foot in my mouth.  So now, I’m going to go for the Colts and learn to keep my mouth shut.”
There recently was an actual poll on the front page of that asked Americans if Super Bowl Sunday should be an official Holiday.  More than I64 percent of the country voted “yes”.

So needless to say, there will be a lot of people sitting on their couches, watching the big game this Sunday and the commercials that go along with it. 

And as we’ve said before, football and racing mix well.  Their biggest leagues share Sunday afternoons and its participants are regarded as some of the best and most well-trained athletes in all of sports.  Plus, they may be two of the most dangerous sports in the country.

But as the big game approaches (Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears this Sunday), we thought we'd get a feel of who the racers are looking to win, why they feel that way and what some of them are going to be doing.

Doug Coby, Whelen Modified Tour
Pick:  Chicago
“I'm going to go with the Bears 23-16 for two reasons: the Bears defense is pretty much equivalent to redrawing the pole on a short track.  It's not going to guarantee that you'll win, but it's a helluva nice place to start and I kinda like that the Colts have always been THAT team that just can't get it fact, are you sure they're from Indy and they're not from Philadelphia?

Andy Seuss, True Value Modified Series
Pick:  Patriots
“The Patriots will win the Super Bowl.  They aren’t in it?  I won’t watch it then.  I’m going to be the typical New England fan and just not watch.  At this point, I wouldn’t mind either team losing the Super Bowl, so I’m up in the air.  You’ve got to have respect for Peyton Manning.  He is incredible, but the Colts put us out so you have to hate them.”

Mike Twist,
Pick:  Indy
“Because with all due respect to the Venturini family, Indianapolis is a bigger racing town than Chicago…and I know nothing about the actual football teams.”