Customized Race Car Simulators Not Just Games, But Proven Driver Training Tools
InVIRON Game Environments can be tailored to any specific need, including home use for playing video games, watching TV or surfing the web.  While the racing pods can be tailor-made to work with PC and video gaming systems such as Xbox™, PlayStation®, GAMECUBE® and several other systems, the systems can even be used for professional training of racecar drivers.  With the advanced technology available with online simulations, including the new software, “ARCA Sim Racing” from The Sim Factory, InVIRON Game Environments create a very realistic training tool for professional motorsports enthusiasts.  InVIRON Game Environments can also be used by companies looking to attract exhibitors and potential customers or clients at trade shows or events. 
“I’ve got a son who likes video games,” said Ricky Sanders, founder of InVIRON Game Environments and accomplished ARCA RE/MAX Series competitor.  “I saw him laying on his bed, on his stomach with his head cocked back like all the kids do, playing video games.  With my fabrication knowledge, I felt like I could build him something that was a little more ergonomic and better for him.  So I built a rolling cockpit that he could sit in and see all his game consoles. 

“A friend of mine saw it, wanted something similar to it, so at the end of 2005 we built some more and took a couple to the PRI show.  Since then, we’ve developed them even more to further cater to the online gaming and driver simulation markets.”

Online sim racing has exploded in recent years, as racers in the highest ranks of motorsports on down to fans who only race on their computers have honed their skills with drivers from across the country in a realistic setting through the Internet.  While fans and bench racers can enjoy the pods from InVIRON, short track racers and high-level NASCAR-level drivers can equally benefit from the realism created through the InVIRON pods. 

Michael was making a mistake and where he could improve.  It took Michael a few laps to correct it, instead of going to a racetrack and burning up a set of tires to do it on the track.  He saw immediately that he had to get one, and he’s coming up this week to get it.  It is a legitimate driver training tool.”

The pods, which resemble the tubular bars of an actual drivers’ cockpit in a racecar, make it possible for anyone, regardless of age or ability, to train in a real racing setting without having to worry about the tire bill, pit fees and other expenses that real race teams need to worry about on a weekly basis.

“It’s a good feeling that you can get seat time with this tool, but if you blow a motor or crash, you can do it over again,” said Sanders.  “There’s no tire limit in the sim and they don’t cost anything.  You can run as many tracks in one night as you want. You certainly can’t do that in a real racecar, even if you have a corporate jet to get you back and forth.”

Because Sanders is a racer, he understands what racers want in their sim racing.  That was why he worked closely with the developers of “ARCA Sim Racing” while continually adapting his InVIRON gaming environments to enhance the real-racing feel.

“The main thing that we’ve been working on with the cockpits has been putting the user in the correct position.  Two of the main things wrong with how many people sim race these days are that they are not sitting in the correct position, meaning that the pedals or steering column were not in a good position.  We’ve made our factory chassis to compensate for those problems. 

“Ninety-nine percent of people can fit in it.  The pedals are pretty much straight out in front of you.  Getting in the right position, with everything located in the right places, was our first objective, and we’ve developed it quite well to make it feel like you’re in a real cockpit.”

InVIRON Game Environments are not only for the Motorsports industry, but can be tailor-made for use with flight simulations as well.  For more information on InVIRON sim pods and more, contact them by calling (888) 274-8679 and visit them on the web at

Racers have a real racing experience inside a InVIRON pod.
The InVIRON booth at this year's PRI trade show in Orlando was a popular one.  (51 Photos)
Plus, with the upcoming release of “ARCA Sim Racing”, a state-of-the-art sim racing game scheduled for a February release in time for Speedweeks in Daytona, the InVIRON racing environments are perfect for the casual home racers and established stock car racers alike.

“When somebody really gets into it, and sees that they can run a soft-springs/big-bar setup, put in different shock packages and things like that, they will see how realistic this is,” added Sanders.  “The online racing community is established.  The general home use is available with this product.  It’s good for exhibits, too.  But the main thing that I’ve seen is that it can mainly be used for driver training. 

“Michael Pope (Georgia Asphalt Series driver) was over here during the holidays and he tried it out.  His dad came up with him and that was the first time that Michael had been in one of our simulators.  His dad watched him do it and noticed how much of an impact it had on Michael’s ability.  He was able to see where
Not everyone in the country can be the next Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Gary St. Amant, Ted Christopher or Clay Rogers.  Not everyone has the means and the talent to make it in the top levels of auto racing.  But there are plenty of fans with dreams of making it big. 

Now, thanks to InVIRON Game Environments, anyone can feel like they are racing alongside some of their favorite racers in a more authentic way… in a full-fledged “racing simulator pod.”  At the same time trained racers can continue to develop their skills in the similar environment to which they compete in.