It's the season for giving again and when it comes to those in the racing world, the best gifts don't come in a Tiffany's box, from Toys R Us or even out of the big Sears Wish Book.  There is no true off-season to being a racer, so it is only natural for a racer to put racing things on their holiday gift lists.

But just in case your favorite racer isn't good at list-making (when it doesn't involve a to-do list for their own racecar that is), we've assembled a few ideas right here at for your consideration.

Happy Holidays from the staff of and everyone at the 51 family of companies!'s 2007
Racer's Holiday Gift Guide

51 Speed Shop Merchandise
Cool Stuff to Wear to The Track

We might be a little biased, but these are the best clothes and hats that you can find anywhere.  Okay, maybe that is a little too much hype but we can honestly tell you that the stuff in the 51 Speed Shop features sharp graphics, cutting edges designs and cool logos.  We have clothes from and in there, along with BDI Racing geat, GAS and PASS series apparel and some general short track stuff.  so be sure to check it out


600 Racing
Give The Gift of a Start in Racing

So many of today's top NASCAR and short track stars have gotten their starts in cars built in 600 Racing's Harrisburg, North Carolina factory.  That is where Legend cars, Bandelaros and Thunder Roadsters are born.  Since they race Legends from Maine to Florida to California, there no doubt is a track near you where you can race one.  Bandos and Thunder Roadsters are catching on quick all over too, so buying one of these cars is a great first step in racing.


AP Racing and Performance Friction

Want to buy the racer you love something they can use in 2008?  How about some quality braking products so that they can whoa down all of the horsepower that they have on the track.  AP Racing and Performance Friction have some of the best products on the market and there's no doubt there is something that your favorite driver could use from them this holiday season.

      (AP Brakes)

Coastal 181
Plenty of Good Holiday Reading

Nothing beats a good book for Christmas and if you are a racer, or a racing fans, there is no place better to find those good books than Coastal 181.  You can read up on legends like Richie Evans, Bugsy Stevens or Eddie Flemke, or you can brush up on your knowledge of current drivers like Dave Dion.  There are books about old racetracks, current racetracks and plenty of NASCAR reading as well.  So be sure to check them out.

Website: Coastal 181 Website

Butlerbilt Racing Seats
Giving a Racer a Safe Environment

Donny Lia...Kevin Harvick...Chris Gabehart....Jeff Burton....Kyle Fowler.  Those are all drivers who won their fair share of big races in 2007 and they all do so by sitting in a seat by Butlerbilt Professional Seat Systems.  Yes, Butlerbilt seats are comfortable and provide a great work environment, but even more importantly, they will protect you, or your favorite racer, in the event of a hard impact.


Brunhoelzl Racing Jacks
Give a Gift That's All Jacked Up

Tools are always a good thing to get and recieve on Christmas morning, but the best tools for a true racer aren't always found at Home Depot, Lowe's or your local hardware store.  Instead, they come from Brunhoelzl Racing, where they build some really trick (and really light) jacks, modify pit guns to make tire changing even quicker and also have plenty of other cool tools.


Giftcards from Advance Auto Parts
A Gift With Plenty of Different Uses

No matter what type of racecar or street car that someone turns wrecnhes on, there is no doubt that Advance Auto Parts carries parts and accessories that are needed.  They've got everything from mechanical parts to fluids and oils to automotives accessories.  A giftcard is the perfect gift to give that can be used when something is needed.


a Helmet Designed by Nick Pastura
Works of Art For Your Head

While you might busy trimming a tree this holiday season, Nick Pastura will be busy with some decorating of his own.  This artist comes up with some of the coolest and most unique helmet designs out there.  You'll see his work on NASCAR Nextel Cup weekends and at tracks all across the country.  His designs are like snowflakes too - not any two of them are the same.


Impact Products
Give The Gift of Safety

Remember when you were a kid and got clothes for the holidays?  At the time, you might have been slightly dissappointed because, well....clothes just usually aren't exciting.  Well, anything that you wear from Bill Simpson's Impact Products doesn't have that problem.  Their firesuits, helmets, gloves and even apparel is plenty exciting for a racer.  It will also help protect your fanny in the case of a wreck or fire too.  That's a great gift to give.


Diecast Short Track Cars
ACT Late Models To Put on the Shelf

Countless race fans will receive diecast cars of Jeff Gordon or Dale Earnhardt, Jr. this season.  But instead of being like everyone else, how about giving the ride of a short track warrior like Jean Paul Cyr or Patrick Laperle?  There are several ACT Late Model diecast cars available from NEC Diecast, be sure to check them out!


Decals From The Decal Source
Make a Racecar Look Good in '08

How about giving the gift of a make-over for the holidays?  But not one that requires make-up or anything that can be bought at the Macy's cosmetic counter.  Instead, you can give a racecar a make-over with a new look from The Decal Source.  These are the same guys and gals who design paint schemes for NASCAR Nextel Cup racecars and haulers, and they can provide a graphic package for your short track machine as well.  Check out their new website!


Pro Challenge
3/4 Scale Racecars with 100% of the Action

The Pro Challenge Series is rapidly becoming one of the best places to start a young racing career, but the series is not just for youngsters either as proven by the trhee national titles earned by tough old racer Terry Mathis.  Por Challenge cars are built in Tennessee and raced throughout the United States and Canada.  Today, over 200 proud owners testify to the power and reliability of the Pro Challenge racer, which delivers full-throttle excitement at a fraction of the cost of other oval class racers.

Just What Every Race Team Needs for Their Tools and Gear

"If you can dream it, we can do it" is the motto of and they are right.  They can build whatever a racer needs to haul around and keep track of their tools and gear at a racetrack.  From Legends team to Cup operations, has supplied the best and more useable pit boxes out there to countless race teams. 


Old Car Art
Really Cool Old Stock Car Prints

You can put a window to the glory days of racing right on the wall of your home, shop or office with a print from Old Cart Art.   Artist Dale Klee has done countless masterpieces with old stock cars, racing coupes or modifieds.  He's also done plenty of vintage street cars, hot rods and muscle car artwork as well. Check out the full catalog of his available work online.


Modified Memorabilia
Merchandise From CC Racing Souvenirs

If you visit the toy section of Wal-Mart, you can find diecast cars of the biggest NASCAR stars.  But those are  For a real ground pounding replica racecar, talk to the folks at CC Racing Souvenirs.  They offer a collection of recent and historic diecast Modifieds, along with a full line of other racing goodies.  They even have items from other sports as well.


McGunegill Sealed Engines
Stuff an Engine Under The Tree

Santa's engine budget has gotten a lot smaller in the past few years thanks to concepts like the McGunegill Sealed Engine.  Available in GM or Ford flavors, these engines will set you back far less than $20,000 - much less than the built engines that have ruled short tracks in the past.  The McGunnegill Sealed Engine also has a pretty stout win record as well - having been under the hood of the most recent Snowball Derby and Winchester 400 winners.

Website: Shirts
Look Sharp at Winter Heat...Or At Your Own Local Track

If you want to look cool around a Legends or Bando pit area and aren't wearing a firesuit, you need to be wearing something with the logo on it, but don't be surprised if someone comes up to you and asks you to write a story about them - what you can buy in the 51 Speed Shop is the same exact gear that our writers wear at the track.

Website: Classifieds
Everything for Your Favorite Legends and Bando Racers

Not sure what to get your favorite Legends or Bando driver this Christmas?  We don't neccessarily know either, but if you are lookign for a great deal we do know where you can find one.  That would be in the classified section of  Also, if you have some Legends or Bando stuff and need to raise money to pay for your holiday bills, this is a great place to unload it.


InViron Game Systems
The Ultimate Way to Get in the Game

Thanks to InVIRON Game Environments, anyone can feel like they are racing alongside some of their favorite racers in a more authentic way… in a full-fledged “racing simulator pod.”  At the same time trained racers can continue to develop their skills in the similar environment to which they compete in.  These racing pods can be tailor-made to work with PC and video gaming systems and can be adapted to plenty of uses other than just gaming.


Racing Electronics Goodies
Listening In....or Talking With Your Crew

Racing Electronics is the number one source for racing communications.  Whether you have a race fan on your list who would like the latest in sacnning equipment to listen to race teams at the track, or if you have a race team on your list who wants to communicate at the track, this is the best place to go.  Check out their online catalog.


a Racing School Scholarship
Be Jeff Gordon, Brett Hearn or Ken Bouchard...for a Day

Not everyone can be good enough, or well funded enough, to actually race a NASCAR Nextel Cup Series car or a NASCAR Modified, but anyone can go to school to see what it's like to wheel a big-time racecar, or you can learn tips to be a better racer yourself.  Here are a few places to go.

Websites:   FastTrackRacing.comJeff Gordon Driving Experience websiteFinish Line Racing School Website, Brett Hearn Racing School website,,

RC Cars and Parts from 360 RC and Hobbies
They're Anything But Toys

There are short tracks where some Street Stocks don't even get up to 50 miles per hour, but the modern RC Racer can do that in real speed.  Scale speed?  How about 600 miles per hour?  That is pretty impressive.  These machines are anything but toys and 360 RC and Hobbies can get go going in the sport.  The hobby shop is owned by ROAR RC National champion Donny Lia.  If that name might sound familar, it is also because he's this year's National Champion in NASCAR Modifieds as well.

Website: 360 RC and Hobbies

Season Passes to a Short Track
A Gift That Keeps On Giving

There's nothing like the sights, sounds, colors and even smells of short track racing.  Now is the time of the year that many tracks offer great deals on season passes for grandstand or even pit gate admission.  If you know someone who is going to go to the track every week, why not wrap up a 2008 season pass for them to their favorite bullring? 

Check with your local short track for availability.

Speedway Illustrated Subscriptions
The Gift That Keeps Giving...12 Months Worth to Be Exact

Every race driver, fan or crew member shoudl be getting Dr. Dick Berggren's Speedway Illustrated int heir mailbox once every month.  So if you know someone who isn't getting it, you have a simple solution to any gift-giving dilemmas.  If they are already getting it, buy them a subscription renewel.  They will thank you all year long for it.

Website: Speedway Illustrated Website

Stocking Stuffers from BSR
A One-Stop Shopping Source

If it goes on a racecar, BSR Products probably sells it.  So whether you or looking for a stocking stuffer for your favorite racer or anything for your own racecar or team, check out their website.  BSR ships all over the map and suppliers the top teams in the sport with parts and supplies, so you know that their level of service is high and their selection is vast.


Racing Photos
Gifts That Are Worth a Thousand Words

It's always good to give cool photos as a gift.  Whether you are shopping for a driver, crew member, fan or even yourself, there are great photographers all across the country who sell their work.  To get you started, here are a few of the photographers who we use at and their websites.

Websites:,   Finish Line Photography,  
Subscriptions to LM Digest and LM Racer
Two Magazines That Cover Our Kind of Racin'

We love Late Model racing here at and if you are reading this, there is a good chance that you might as well.  We're also pretty sure that you might have someone on your gift giving list who enjoys Late Modeling.  So to make them smile throughout the year, get them a subscription to either Late Model Digest or Late Model Racer.  They'll be glad that you did.