Trackside Now: 40th Annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway - Snowflake 100
Ryan Crane Wins Snowflake 100  (click here for Saturday PM Trackside Now)(click here for Saturday AM Trackside Now)
40th Annual Snowball Derby
Nov. 28th - Dec. 2nd
Five Flags Speedway
Pensacola, Florida
Saturday, 10:55pm CT – Ryan Crane wins the Snowflake 100.

Michael Pope crossed the line second, followed by Augie Grill, Taylor Satterfield and Jason Young.

We will have more coming up shortly.

Saturday, 10:54pm CT – Michael Pope made his move and went to second around Grill coming down to the white flag.

Saturday, 10:53pm CT – Ryan Crane got close enough to Augie Grill and took the lead from him on lap 97.

Saturday, 10:53pm CT – With five laps left, Crane is still stalking Grill, but just isn't close enough to make a move.

Saturday, 10:51pm CT – With five laps left, Crane is still stalking Grill, but just isn't close enough to make a move.

Saturday, 10:49pm CT – Green flag at lap 89.  Augie Grill still leads Ryan Crane.

Saturday, 10:47pm CT – The yellow flag is out on lap 89.  Zach Stroupe was protecting the low groove.  Paul Kelley made contact with the Stroupe car, sending him around on the back stretch. 

Stroupe grabbed a gear and kept going.

Saturday, 10:43pm CT – The green flag is back out on lap 83.  There are 21 cars still on the track.

Saturday, 10:41pm CT – The yellow has come out again right after the restart as Mitch Cobb has a little Deja Vu.  He ended up getting into the wall once again in turn three.

The top five hasn't changed.

Saturday, 10:40pm CT – Both Michael Pope and Taylor Satterfield appeared to have spun the tires a bit on the start, which jammed up the field a little.  They both kept their positions and continued on.

Saturday, 10:39pm CT – The green in back out on lap 83.

Saturday, 10:34pm CT – Mitch Cobb brings out the yellow on lap 83 by spinning in turn three.

Current top ten are Grill, Crane, Pope, Satterfield, Young, Stroupe, McMullen, Kelley, Senter and Lang.

Saturday, 10:33pm CT – Ryan Crane has been stalking the back bumper of Augie Grill since the restart.  He hasn't been close enough to make a move for the lead, but if Grill slips up he is right there.

Saturday, 10:29pm CT – At lap 75, top five are: Grill, Crane, Pope, Satterfield, Young.

Saturday, 10:29pm CT – Augie Grill has made his way by Stroupe for the lead at lap 69.  A lapped car was running up towards the front which caused a bit of a jam up.

Saturday, 10:26pm CT – Zach Stroupe made a daring move on the restart for the lead going under Vanderley into turn one.  He came out of two with the lead.

Saturday, 10:26pm CT – Green flag is out.

Saturday, 10:24pm CT – Top five on the restart at lap 65: Vanderley, Stroupe, Pugh, Crane and Grill.

Saturday, 10:23pm CT – #77 Brian Cambell and #44 Wes Burton were sent to the rear for pitting to early.

Saturday, 10:22pm CT – Steven Davis has been pushed behind the wall during this yellow.

Saturday, 10:21pm CT – About 16 cars pitted during this yellow, including most of the leaders.  That puts Vanderley and Stroupe first and second on the field.

Saturday, 10:20pm CT – Yellow is out at lap 65.  The #145 of Billy Melvin spun in turn two off possible contact from Joey Senter.

Saturday, 10:19pm CT – Zach Stroupe, who made a pitstop before the green came back out, has been flying up through the field.  He just made a three-wide move on the outside coming out of turn four and down the backstretch.

Saturday, 10:17pm CT – Bubba Pollard's bad weekend continues.  His car slowed dramatically at lap 58 and is heading into the pit area.

Saturday, 10:16pm CT – Pollard has dropped to fourth position as Crane has moved by him.  Pollard's car appears to have lost some power, but he still rides in fourth at 56 laps complete.

Saturday, 10:14pm CT – Top five at halfway is: Grill, Davis, Pollard, Crane and Vanderley.

Saturday, 10:13pm CT – Restart at lap 47. 

Saturday, 10:11pm CT – A few drivers have moved up in the race.  Ryan Crane started 32nd and has moved up to fifth.  Jason Young moved up from 31st to seventh.  Michael Pope moved from 23rd to 11th.

Saturday, 10:10pm CT – Yellow flag at lap 47 for the #72 of Greg Leachman spinning in turn three.  He was able to continue on.

Saturday, 10:05pm CT – There are currently 28 cars on the track of the 39 that started at lap  35.

Saturday, 10:04pm CT – Green flag at lap 30.

Saturday, 10:01pm CT – The Cars are rolling again and we should be back to green shortly.  The current top five are: Grill, Davis, Pollard, Vanderley and Fowler.

Saturday, 10:58pm CT –'s Steve Neely checked in with the Johanna Long and Richard Johns crews, which are both in the pits with damage.  Both are going to try to make it back out on the track.  Johns' car is being held together with bungie cords and duct tape.

We are still under the red flag as cleanup continues.

Saturday, 10:52pm CT – The drivers involved are: Ryan Cambell, Billy Melvin, Ronnie Sanders, Brandon Bendele, Johanna Long, Brent Seely, Chris Davidson and Mike Williamson.

The good news is that all drivers are ok according to the officials.

Saturday, 10:47pm CT – The "big one" has happened at lap 30.  A huge pileup occured in turn one involving more than eight cars.  The red flag is out to clean up the mess.

Saturday, 10:47pm CT – Shane Sawyer pulled his car into the pit area.

Saturday, 10:46pm CT – Cale Gale has pulled his car in behind the wall with heavy body damage.

Saturday, 10:45pm CT – At lap 20, the top five is: Grill, Davis, Pollard, Vanderley and Fowler.

Saturday, 10:42pm CT – The green has come out, but on the start Cale Gale spun the tires, jamming up the field.  The green is still waving, but Gale's car is now falling apart as the panels are flapping on his car.

Saturday, 10:41pm CT – At 11 laps complete, the yellow is out.  #96 Chris Davidson spun after contact from #61 Joey Watkins.

The current top five: Grill, Gale, S. Davis, Vanderley and Sawyer.

Saturday, 10:37pm CT – The green flag is out at lap seven.  The top five are: Grill, Gale, Vanderley, S. Davis and Sawyer.

Saturday, 10:30pm CT – The caution came out on lap seven with a multiple-car pileup in turn one.  Involved in the wreck is David Hole, Brian Cambell, Andy Pugh, Kyle Martin, Stephan McCurley and Brent Downey. 

We are under the red flag while the cars are being removed from the track.

Saturday, 10:26pm CT – Augie Grill took the lead from Gale on the seventh lap.

Saturday, 10:26pm CT – Cale Gale took the lead on the start from DJ Vanderley.

Saturday, 10:24pm CT – The green flag is out for the complete restart of the race.

Saturday, 10:22pm CT – The yellow flag has come out on the first lap as Hal Martin has spun in turn three.  There will be a complete restart.

Saturday, 10:20pm CT – The green flag is out for the Snowflake 100.

Saturday, 10:17pm CT – The cars are completing their pace laps and are lined up ready to go. DJ Vanderley and Cale Gale are about to lead them down to the start of the race.

Saturday, 10:10pm CT – The National Anthem has been sung, the cars have fired and fireworks are exploding in the sky off turn two.  We are close to the start of the Snowflake 100.

Saturday, 10:05pm CT – We have some updates from the latest disqualifications. 

Benny Gordon told that the team had a wrong wheel on the car which made the car too wide, failing post-race inspection.  Gordon agreed with the ruling by the officials and accepted the penalty.

Kyle Busch on the other hand wasn't too happy.  He was tossed from the event due to a height infraction.

Both Busch and Steven Wallace were very irate in the pit area and told that they are displeased with Ricky Brooks (head tech inspector) and his philosophies.

We have interviewed both drivers and will have more on this situation over the coming days.

Saturday, 10:00pm CT – Driver introductions have started for the Snowflake 100.

Saturday, 9:57pm CT – The three big NASCAR names that were planning on racing the Snowball Derby are not going to be in the show. 

The #49 team decided to load up the car that Joey Logano was going to attempt to get in the field after Stanley Smith spun it in qualifying. 

Steven Wallace and Kyle Busch's cars were both disqualified in post-qualifier tech after initially making it into the field.

Saturday, 9:55pm CT – There is more post-qualifier fallout.  Officials just notified us that both the #51 of Jason Hogan (the car Kyle Busch was going to drive) and the #1 of Benny Gordon were disqualified.  We haven't heard what for at this time.

The three that will make it in the Snowball Derby from the second qualifier race is Ryan Foster, JR Rohrig and Chris Gabehart.

Saturday, 9:45pm CT – The cars are getting lined up on the front stretch for the start of the Snowflake 100.
Saturday, 9:45pm CT – We have switched over to a new Trackside Now for the Snowflake 100 race coverage.  Click on the links below for the two other Trackside Now pages for today's earlier action.

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Saturday, 9:45pm CT – Here is the starting lineup for the Snowflake 100.
1.2 - Daren "DJ" Vanderley
2.33 - Cale Gale
3.112 - Augie Grill
4.38 - Shane Sawyer
5.23 - Paul Kelley
6.96 - Steven Davis
7.4 - Kyle Fowler
8.44 - Mike Williamson
9.40 - Taylor Satterfield
10.86 - Jimmy Lang III

11.26 - Bubba Pollard
12.36 - Keith Thorpe
13.18 - Ronnie Sanders
14.51 - Brandon Carlson
15.12 - Joey Senter
16.43 - Richard Johns
17.6 - Brandon Bendele
18.44 - Wes Burton
19.14 - Brent Seeley
20.94 - Mitch Cobb

21.72 - Greg Leachman
22.145 - Billy Melvin
23.44 - Michael Pope
24.61 - Joey Watkins
25.10 - Johanna Long
26.11 - Logan Boyett
27.16 - Andy Pugh
28.83 - David Wilson
29.77 - Brian Campbell
30.96 - Chris Davidson

31.27 - Jason Young
32.10 - Ryan Crane
33.14 - John Wilikinson
34.51 - Zac Stroup
35.25 - Brent Downey
36.1 - Stephan McCurley
37.51 - Sammy McMullen
38.39 - Hal Martin
39.0 - David Hole

The fireworks explode in the sky as the fireworks are getting ready to start on the track for the Snowflake 100.
Sunday, 12:12am CT – Here is the unofficial finish of the Snowflake 100.
1.#10 Ryan Crane
2.#44 Michael Pope
3.#112 Augie Grill
4.#40 Taylor Satterfield
5.#27 Jason Young
6.#51C Brandon Carlson
7.#2 Daren "DJ" Vanderley
8.#12 Joey Senter
9.#86 Jimmy Lang III
10.#77 Brian Campbell

11.#44 Wes Burton
12.#61 Joey Watkins
13.#51M Sammy McMullen
14.#4 Kyle Fowler
15.#36 Keith Thorpe
16.#16 Andy Pugh
17.#23 Paul Kelly
18.#43 Richard Johns
19.#51 Zach Stroupe
20.#145 Billy Melvin

21.#11 Logan Boyett
22.#94 Mitch Cobb
23.#14 John Wilkinson
24.#96 Steven Davis
25.#26 Bubba Pollard
26.#72 Greg Leachman
27.#10 Joanna Long
28.#18 Ronnie Sanders
29.#96 Chris Davidson
30.#44 Mike Williamson

31.#14 Brent Seeley
32.#6 Brandon Bendele
33.#38 Shane Sawyer
34.#33 Cale Gale
35.#83 David Wilson
36.#1 Stephan McCurlely
37.#25 Brent Downey
38.#39 Hal Martin
39.#0 David Hole

Sunday, 1:45am CT – That is it for us tonight, or should I say this morning.  We are going to head to the motel, get some rest and come back in the morning for another full day of coverage of the 40th Annual Snowball Derby.

Sunday, 1:45am CT – The call has come in from the tech area.  All Late Models passed tech so the Snowflake 100 is in the books with Ryan Crane as the official winner.

Sunday, 1:19am CT – After a long race filled with multiple cautions, red flags and torn-up race cars , Kurt Jett won the Modified feature, closing out Sunday night's racing action.

We are still waiting to hear if tech has cleared.

Sunday, 1:00am CT – The Modified race is still on the track after multiple yellows for wrecks.

We are still on site at Five Flags Speedway and are awaiting the "all clear" word from tech from the Snowflake 100.

Sunday, 12:13am CT – We are not finished here at Five Flags Speedway.  We are checking with drivers on their post-race reaction.  Also, since teching has been a big deal over the Snowball Derby week, it isn't over until the tech man says it is.

The Modified 75-lap feature is on track as well.
Ryan Crane won the Snowflake 100.