Trackside Now:  Shenandoah Speedway
Virginian Mark McFarland Claims the Victory at Shenandoah
Thursday, 3:04pm ET - Shenandoah Speedway is located just outside of Shenandoah, Virginia and this week is playing host to the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series, Northern Division.  Right now, track drying is going on with the safety vehicles in an attempt to get the track dry for qualifying which is set to go off at 4:30pm. 

According to the weather map, the skies should be sunny over the speedway because there is nothing showing up on the radar but a cool mist is still falling onto the track.

Earlier this afternoon the cars were able to get in an abbreviated practice, before the mist came.  Stay tuned for more updates.
Pro Cup Practice Results
1. Woody Howard
2. Benny Gordon
3. Jack Bailey
4. Sam Fullone
5. Shane Wallace
6. Mark McFarland
7. Jody Lavender
8. AJ Frank
9. Jeff Agnew
10. Clay Rogers
11. Danny Jackson
12. Matt Carter
13. Johnny Rumley
14. Ben Stancill
15. Tim Bainey Jr
16. Lonnie Rush Jr
17. Brandon Ward
18. Derek Kale
19. Richard Boswell
20. Gary St Amant
21. Eric Corbett
22. Allen Purkhiser
23. Kris Szekeres
24. Brett Butler
25. Michael Kidd
26. Jim Crabtree Jr
27. Rick Markle
28. Ray Love Jr
29. John Wes Townley
30. Jeff Fultz
31. Sean Sauer
32. Tim Kerr
33. Craig Wood
34. Ronnie Souders
35. Joe Harrison Jr
36. JJ Pack
37. John Gibson

Track drying is underway at Shenandoah Speedway.
Thursday, 4:25pm ET - The track is slowly becoming dry.  The cars should be out on the track scuffing tires now, but the track drying process is still ongoing.  As soon as it is dry, the cars will be out on the track for qualifying and we will have the full field starting lineup.
Pro Cup Starting Lineup

1. Clay Rogers 15.493
2. Brandon Ward 15.502
3. Jack Bailey 15.622
4. Eric Corbett 15.622
5. Mark McFarland 15.623
6. Ben Stancill 15.626
7. A.J. Frank 15.652
8. Matt Carter 15.655
9. Woody Howard 15.661
10. Sam Fullone 15.732
11. Richard Boswell 15.756
12. Benny Gordon 15.765
13. Shane Wallace 15.765
14. Johnny Rumley 15.771
15. Jody Lavender 15.778
16. Allen Purkhiser 15.796
17. Tim Bainey Jr. 15.8
18. Michael Kidd 15.81
19. Jeff Fultz 15.824
20. Jeff Agnew 15.831
21. Danny Jackson 15.843
22. Lonnie Rush Jr. 15.853
23. Brett Butler 15.902
24. Derek Kale 15.91
25. John Gibson 15.924
26. John Townley 15.991
27. J.J. Pack 16.04
28. Ronnie Souders 16.042
29. Gary St. Amant PROV
30. Joe Harrison PROV
31. Jim Crabtree Jr. PROV
32. Kris Szekeres PROV
Failed Qualify
33. Rick Markle 16.093
34. Ray Love Jr. 16.205
35. Craig Wood 16.48
36. Sean Sauer 17.203
37. Tim Kerr 17.328
Brandon Ward (top) put up a pretty impressive lap and held the pole for awhile until 2006 Champion Clay Rogers knocked him off.   Ronnie Souders was still able to make the show despite his spin. (bottom photo)
Thursday, 5:53pm ET - The cars are lining up now for the on track autograph session which was originally set to start at 5:45.  Things are still a little delayed thanks to the rain shower earlier, but things are moving along at a much faster pace now that the dark clouds have rolled away.

The track is set to go green at 7:00pm with 32 drivers set to take the field. 

Thursday, 5:30pm ET - Qualifying is over and it went relatively smooth.  The cars were only given one lap of qualifying due to the fact that they were already late because of the rain and the threat of rain still in the area.  The skys are overcast, but seem to be clearing and hopefully the rain is done for today in the Shenandoah Valley.

The only incident in qualifying that occured was the No. 55 of Ronnie Souders who went around on his warmup lap.  He was still able to make the show however when he claimed the last qualifying position.

And the pole winner was no surprise, 2006 Champion Clay Rogers will take the green flag first later this evening.
The clouds that were hanging over the speedway and the surrounding mountains have moved along.
Thursday, 6:36pm ET - The on track autograph session is wrapping up now, and the drivers are getting set for the feature event which will start at 7:30pm.   Some familar faces were in the pit area and the front stretch for the autograph session as NASCAR Busch Series driver and former Pro Cup competitor Danny O'Quinn was here helping out Johnny Rumley.  Fellow Gong Show participant Matt McCall was also in attendance.
Thursday, 6:49pm ET - For the second Northern Division race in a row the Pro Cup Series is racing in the state of Virginia, and the recent tragic events that occured at Virginia Tech are in everyone's minds and hearts. It is the first time since the event that the Pro Cup series has raced in the state. So in support of the school all of the Pro Cup cars are carrying stickers in honor of the school and the victims.

JJ Pack and his team took it a step further.  His team is based out of Manassas, Virginia and the team wanted to be able to do something to show support for the school.  So in honor of the college, he has the logo prominantly displayed on the hood and on the sides of the cars.
The clouds that were hanging over the speedway and the surrounding mountains have moved along.
Thursday, 8:14pm ET - Lap 169 - The red flag is out for an incident on the backstretch that started with John Wes Townley when he spun and everybody began to check up, but just not quick enough.  Caught up in the accident were Jeff Fultz, JJ Pack, Ben Stancill, and Brett Butler in addition to Townley.  

Butler, Pack, and Stancill were able to drive away from the backstretch, but the red flag is out so that the two trucks can remove the cars of Townley and Fultz.

Jack Bailey is the leader going into this redflag.  Now he just has to try and hold on for 80 more laps but he has some competition, as Clay Rogers has rebounded from his penalty and is back in the top-10.

Thursday, 7:50pm ET - Lap 125 - HALFWAY - Rain is in the area, but so far the track is still dry and we have reached the halfway point.  Sam Fullone is leading the race followed by Jack Bailey.

Thursday, 7:12pm ET - Lap 38 - It's lap 38 and the caution has came out for Mark McFarland and Jack Bailey who made contact in turn 2 and went spinning.   Clay Rogers was still leading Ward but Rogers along with several of the leaders have decided to pit with Ward choosing to stay out.  Rogers and several other cars were dealt a penalty while they were in the pits because they dropped down to pit too soon.  They will have to restart at the end of the longest line.

Thursday, 7:00pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Rogers leads the first lap at Shenandoah, followed by Brandon Ward.
It was a Virginia boy battle between Mark McFarland and Jack Bailey, but one only could be in victory lane and it was McFarland.
Thursday, 9:00pm ET - CHECKERED FLAG - Mark McFarland has won the USAR Hooters Pro Cup event at Shenandoah Speedway, followed by Jack Bailey and Gary St. Amant, after a green white checkered finish.

1. Mark McFarland
2. Jack Bailey
3. Gary St Amant
4. Jody Lavender
5. Eric Corbett
6. Clay Rogers
7. AJ Frank
8. Sam Fullone
9. Johnny Rumley
10. Richard Boswell
11. Lonnie Rush Jr
12. Michael Kidd
13. Jim Crabtree Jr
14. Derek Kale
15. Jeff Agnew
16. Ben Stancill
17. Danny Jackson
18. Tim Bainey Jr
19. Kris Szekeres
20.Joe Harrison Jr
21. Shane Wallace
22. Brett Butler
23. Woody Howard
24. Jeff Fultz
25. JJ Pack
26. John Wes Townley
27. Matt Carter
28. John Gibson
29. Alle Purkhiser
30. Benny Gordon
31. Ronnie Souders
32. Brandon Ward