Trackside Now:  USAR Hooters Pro Cup at Myrtle Beach Speedway
Trevor Bayne Wins A Wild One
Saturday, 10:18pm – Fittingly, the rain started to fall at Myrtle Beach Speedway on Saturday night just minutes after the conclusion of what was a wild race.

After a nearly 160-lap green flag run, something unheard of at Myrtle Beach, the race came down to a green-white-checkered finish between the top-four cars.  Three of the top-four cars pitted for fresh tires, making it a crazy finish.

AJ Frank, who didn't pit, couldn't hold off Ben Stancill, Trevor Bayne and Mike Garvey.  Then, as the group came to the white flag, Bayne laid the bumper to Stancill and moved him out of the way.  Bayne then held off another charge from Garvey and Stancill for the final half lap to record his second win of the season.

Stancill and Garvey were side-by-side at the line, but Stancill grabbed second.  Garvey, Frank and Richard Boswell rounded out the top-five.

Unofficial Results
1.Trevor Bayne
2.Ben Stancill
3.Mike Garvey
4.AJ Frank
5.Richard Boswell
6.Brandon Ward
7.Chase Pistone
8.Matt Hawkins
9.Benny Gordon
10.Derek Kale
11.Dange Hanniford
12.Johnny Rumley
13.Eric Corbett
14.Frank Deiny Jr.
15.Jeff Agnew
16.Shelby Howard
17.Bobby Gill
18.Michael Ritch
19.Dusty Williams
20.Woody Howard
21.Gary Helton
22.Ray Love Jr.
23.Joey Coulter
24.Mart Nesbitt
25.Clay Jones
26.Matt Carter
27.Mark McFarland
28.Jay Fogleman
29.Jody Lavender
30.James Buescher
31.Gary St. Amant
32.Caleb Holman
33.Billy Bigley Jr.
34.Kirk Leone
35.Shane Wallace
36.Tom Hessert

Saturday, 9:28pm – Trevor Bayne was able to grab the win in a wild finish at Myrtle Beach.  Bayne got into the back of Ben Stancill going into turn one on the last lap and then helf off Stancill and Mike Garvey at the finish.

Saturday, 9:28pm – AJ Frank was the only of the four lead lap cars to not pit and will lead when the green comes out.  Ben Stancill and Mike Garvey pitted on the first time around, and Trevor Bayne pitted the next time around.  Richard Boswell will be the "Lucky Dog" and will be the fifth car on the lead lap.  Brandon Ward, Chase Pistone and Matt Hawkins will also be on the lead lap as wel after not pitting and getting to come around the pace car.

Saturday, 9:23pm – Mark McFarland has brought out a caution with just five laps to go when he blew a tire and hit the wall in turn one. 

Ben Stancill leads, with Trevor Bayne in second, Mike Garvey is third and AJ Frank fourth.  Those are the only four cars on the lead lap.  The finish will be crazy.

Saturday, 9:17pm – Ben Stancill has taken the lead on lap 231.

Saturday, 9:16pm – There are some concerns on with whether or not a lot of the teams can make the finish of the event on fuel.  It will be about 160 laps for the teams to make it on one stop. 

There are 20 laps to go.

Saturday, 9:08pm – Team Clean is having some back luck. Jay Fogleman has fallen off the pace after teammate Jody Lavender fell off the pace and retired from the event.  Fogleman is behind the wall as well.

Trevor Bayne has retaken the lead on lap 206 from Mike Garvey

Saturday, 9:05pm – Mike Garvey has taken the lead from Trevor Bayne on lap 199.   Jody Lavender has retired from the race.

Saturday, 9:00pm – Jody Lavender, after leading a lot in the race early, has come to pit road after his car continue to smoke.  James Buescher has retired from the race after his car was smoking for several laps.

Saturday, 8:58pm – James Buescher, who was running in the top-10, has come to the pits after being black-flagged by officials.  Buescher was blowing smoke heavily.  Jody Lavender is smoking as well. Gary St. Amant had come back out from the pits to make a couple of laps, but has now pulled his car behind the wall on lap 181.

Saturday, 8:53pm – Big developments in the Championship chase.  Gary St. Amant just came into the pits on lap 165 under green while running fourth and moving up through the field.  He is sitting on pit road with the hood up as the race continues on under green.  The crew doesn't appear to be in much of a hurry.

Saturday, 8:51pm – Since going back green, the race has run caution-free.  Trevor Bayne still leads, with Ben Stancill still in second.  Third is now Jay Fogleman.  With Gay St. Amant fourth and Mike Garvey fifth.

Saturday, 8:38pm – The race is officially halfway over and official.  Trevor Bayne is leading, with Ben Stancill and AJ Frank in tow.

Saturday, 8:35pm – The red is over and the field is getting ready to go back to racing.  Michael Ritch was the "Lucky Dog" during the last caution.  The top-five going back to green are:  Trevor Bayne, Ben Stancill, AJ Frank, Jody Lavender and Jay Fogleman

A few teams came into pit, including Chase Pistone, Johnny Rumley and Michael Ritch.

Saturday, 8:23pm – The second caution is out on lap 112 when several cars got together in turn three. Billy Bigley Jr., Shane Wallace, Clay Jones, Kirk Leone and Tom Hessert.  The problems all started when Caleb Holman fell off the pace and started running up high.  That stacked the field up behind him and all the cars got together.  Bigley is the only car that was able to continue on, but he had a lot of damage.  The officials will red flag the race to clean up the damaged cars.  All drivers are ok.

Matt Carter has been on pit road with the hood up.  He was well off the pace during the last gree-flag run. He since left pit road.

Trevor Bayne is still leading the event.

Saturday, 8:15pm – As a brief sprinkle starts to fall at Myrtle Beach, most of the lead laps cars have come in to pit.  In Pro Cup, you can not change tires and fuel at the same time, so most guys have made two different stops during this caution flag period. 

Mark McFarland was going to be the "Lucky Dog," but elected to pit.  Therefore, Johnny Rumley is now the "Lucky Dog."

Trevor Bayne will be the leader following all of the pit stops. Ben Stancill, AJ Frank, Chase Pistone and Jay Fogleman are the top-five.

Saturday, 8:10pm – The racing here at Myrtle Beach is just amazing.  The first caution just happened at lap 94, the same time that Jay Fogleman took the lead from teammate Jody Lavender.  Almost all of the lead cars are expected to pit.  The caution came out when the #86 of Gary Helton spun on his own coming out of turn four.

Bobby Gill, Matt Hawkins and Benny Gordon were all saved by the caution-flag and were able to stay on the lead lap.

Saturday, 8:05pm – The man on the move here at Myrtle Beach is Gary St. Amant. He's turning laps half-second faster than everyone else and has moved from his 14th-place starting position to third.

Saturday, 8:00pm – The race is still running caution-free on lap 70 as Jody Lavender is putting a whipping on the field.  There are nine cars already a lap down, with Woody Howard and Shane Wallace being two of the biggest names.  Several other big named drivers, including Michael Ritch, Matt Hawkins and Johnny Rumley are all pretty close to going a lap down as well.

Saturday, 7:50pm – Jody Lavender took the lead away from Frank Deiny Jr. on lap 43 after a torrid battle in the midst of lapped traffic. Mark McFarland is third, with Mike Garvey and James Buescher rounding out the top-five.  Lavender is not pulling away.

Saturday, 7:45pm – Still caution-free 34 laps into the race.  Polesitter Richard Boswell has fallen back to eighth-place.  Several cars, including Mark McFarland, Woody Howard, Mike Garvey, Chase Pistone and others have moved to the top-side of the track, a favorite move for many people at the track.

Saturday, 7:41pm – The race has gone green flag through the first 20 laps.  Frank Deiny Jr. still holds the lead, with nearly a 1.5-second lead over Mark McFarland.  Deiny has a three-second lead over the third-place car of Jody Lavender.  Deiny is just starting to catch the back of the back.

Saturday, 7:35pm ET - The green flag has fallen here and Frank Deiny Jr. got the jump at the start and has led the first couple of laps, followed by Mark McFarland. The race is caution free through five laps.

Saturday, 7:25pm ET - The engines have fired on the 36-car field here at Myrtle Beach. 

Starting Lineup
1. Richard Boswell 20.509
2. Frank Deiny Jr. 20.539
3. Jody Lavender 20.54
4. Mark McFarland 20.613
5. Chase Pistone 20.653
6. Jay Fogleman 20.668
7. Mike Garvey 20.672
8. James Buescher 20.685
9. Jeff Agnew 20.691
10. Caleb Holman 20.692
11. Clay Jones 20.7
12. Matt Carter 20.709
13. A.J. Frank 20.715
14. Gary St. Amant 20.742
15. Benny Gordon 20.759
16. Trevor Bayne 20.765
17. Dusty Williams 20.774
18. Kirk Leone 20.795
19. Woody Howard 20.798
20. Bobby Gill 20.808
21. Eric Corbett 20.826
22. Johnny Rumley 20.827
23. Shane Wallace 20.83
24. Shelby Howard 20.836
25. Dange Hanniford 20.842
26. Brandon Ward 20.869
27. Ray Love Jr. 20.888
28. Mart Nesbitt 20.935
29. Michael Ritch 20.941
30. Matt Hawkins 20.946
31. Tom Hessert 20.974
32. Gary Helton 20.994
33. Billy Bigley Jr. PROV
34. Ben Stancill PROV
35. Derek Kale PROV
36. Joey Coulter PROV

Saturday, 7:05pm ET - A note that Pro Cup fans might like to know... former series champion Clay Rogers finished 15th in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series event at Talladega Superspeedway. 

Saturday, 6:45pm ET - The autograph session here for the Pro Cup Series is wrapping up and pre-race intros will be beginning soon.  The race is currently scheduled to take the green at 7:30, but the officials might hurry that up incase there is rain in the area.

Saturday, 6:05pm ET - A couple of more notes from the Pro Cup area... rumor is Brett Butler will return to the series for the final two events of the year, driving the car that Tim Bainey qualified for the Championship Series but has yet to run.

Also, Pro Cup officials told us that the schedule will hopefully be released by South Georgia, if not at the finale in Lakeland.  The schedule will be similar to the 2007 schedule, but there will be a few changes as well.

Saturday, 5:55pm ET - Allison Legacy Series points leader Michael Cooper got into the back of pole sitter and race leader Cody Smith to pick up the win in the shortened 45-lap Allison Legacy Series race at Myrtle Beach. 

Bandolero regular Ryan Gelenski finished second, with Austin Hogue coming home third.

Saturday, 5:15pm ET - Ben Stancill, Derek Kale, Billy Bigley Jr. and Joey Coulter all got provisional starting spots for tonight's race.  Bill Plemons, Jeff Fultz, Tim Kerr, Michael Kidd, Danny Jackson and Joe Harrison Jr. will all miss the show.

The Allison Legacy Series is on the track for their 50-lap event.

Saturday, 5:10pm ET - Qualifying is over here at Myrtle Beach and the move to Mike Laughlin proved a good one for Richard Boswell.  Boswell, who went out early in qualifying, won the pole for tonight's Myrtle Beach 250-lap Pro Cup event. 

Fellow rookie and former Myrtle Beach Speedway regular in the Late Model Stock Division, Frank Deiny Jr., was the second quickest to make it a all-rookie front row.  Jody Lavender, Mark McFarland and Chase Pistone rounded out the top-five qualifiers.

Qualifying Results
1.Richard Boswell  20.509
2.Frank Deiny Jr.  20.539
3.Jody Lavender  20.540
4.Mark McFarland20.613
5.Chase Pistone  20.653
6.Jay Fogleman  20.668
7.Mike Garvey20.672
8.James Buescher20.685
9.Jeff Agnew20.691
10.Caleb Holman20.692
11.Clay Jones20.700
12.Matt Carter  20.709
13.AJ Frank20.715
14.Gary St. Amant20.742
15.Benny Gordon20.759
16.Trevor Bayne20.765
17.Dusty Williams20.774
18.Kirk Leone20.795
19.Woody Howard20.798
20.Bobby Gill20.808
21.Eric Corbett20.826
22.Johnny Rumley20.827
23.Shane Wallace20.830
24.Shelby Howard20.836
25.Dange Hanniford20.842
26.Brandon Ward20.869
27.Ray Love Jr.20.888
28.Mart Nesbitt20.935
29.Michael Ritch20.941
30.Matt Hawkins20.946
31.Tom Hessert20.974
32.Gary Helton20.994
33.Ben Stancill21.014
34.Derek Kale21.015
35.Bill Plemons21.038
36.Billy Bigley Jr.21.049
37.Jeff Fultz21.051
38.Joey Coulter21.096
39.Tim Kerr21.146
40.Michael Kidd21.181
41.Danny Jackson21.278
42.Joe Harrison Jr.21.623

Saturday, 4:50pm ET - Qualifying is halfway done and Richard Boswell is still the fastest car on the track. And Jody Lavender still holds down the second spot.

Saturday, 4:40pm ET - After 10 cars in qualifying, Richard Boswell currently holds the top spot.  Jody Lavender is second.

Saturday, 4:20pm ET - Cody Smith won the pole for the Allison Legacy race here on Saturday night.  Officials are moving the program right along, getting the Pro Cup cars out on the track for qualifying right now.

Saturday, 4:00pm ET - After some off and on rain showers came through the track, cars are back on the speedway.  Allison Legacy practice was cut short because of the spotty showers, but the series just wrapped up their qualifying efforts.

Saturday, 2:40pm ET - Here are a few notes from around the garage here today. Lonnie Rush Jr., who has run so well in the Pro Cup Series near the end of the season, isn't in a car.  Instead, he's helping rookie Danny Jackson.  Also, Richard Boswell, who drove the #88 for much of the season for JR Motorsports, is once again driving the #7 for Mike Laughlin Jr. There are questions of if the JR Motorsports operation (owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr.) will continue running in the Pro Cup Series now that Earnhardt's operation has merged with Hendrick Motorsports.

The Pro Cup cars are scheduled to qualify at 4:30pm.

Saturday, 2:30pm ET - The Allison Legacy Series is here as well at Myrtle Beach.  There are 30 cars in attendance.  They are currently on the track for their first and only practice session.

Saturday, 2:20pm ET - Here are the practice times from the two-hour practice session.

Practice Results
1.Jay Fogleman  20.880
2.Chase Pistone  20.893
3.Frank Deiny Jr.  20.919
4.Johnny Rumley  21.043
5.Clay Jones  21.086
6.Shane Wallace  21.090
7.Matt Carter  21.100
8.Benny Gordon  21.102
9.Mark McFarland  21.104
10. Gary St. Amant  21.108
11. Trevor Bayne  21.120
12. Mike Garvey  21.133
13. Matt Hawkins  21.135
14. Jeff Agnew  21.147
15. Jody Lavender  21.187
16. Dange Hanniford  21.187
17.Brandon Ward  21.201
18.Caleb Holman  21.206
19.Kirk Leone  21.220
20.AJ Frank  21.250
21.Billy Bigley Jr. 21.252
22.Bobby Gill  21.254
23.Shelby Howard  21.266
24.Mart Nesbitt  21.271
25.Michael Ritch 21.284
26.James Buescher 21.288
27.Dusty Williams  21.309
28.Derek Kale  21.313
29.Woody Howard  21.316
30.Bill Plemons  21.374
31.Tom Hessert  21.417
32.Richard Boswell  21.428
33.Gary Helton  21.430
34.Joey Coulter  21.465
35.Eric Corbett  21.502
36.Ben Stancill  21.557
37.Tim Kerr  21.572
38.Michael Kidd 21.599
39.Danny Jackson 21.655
40.Ray Love Jr.  21.737
41.Jeff Fultz  21.794
42.Joe Harrison Jr.  22.568

Saturday, 2:00pm ET - Practice for the Pro Cup Series is over and Jay Fogleman is on top.  He is just a few hundredths ahead of Chase Pistone. Frank Deiny Jr. and Johnny Rumley were third and fourth.

Ray Love Jr. and Woody Howard each brought out cautions in the two-hour session.  Love broke an oil line, while Howard's problems looks to be more serious.  The team is currently changing and engine.

Saturday, 1:00pm ET - The sun is out and any fears of some rain coming off of the shore here at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is being put to rest, as the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series is here at the track for their third Championship Series event.

Mrytle Beach Speedway always draws the biggest crowds of the year for the Pro Cup Series.  There have been times in the past where the start of the race has been delayed for several minutes just to allow people to get into the speedway from the parking lots.

And things look primed to do that once again tonight. 

There are 42 cars in attendance here today looking to make the 36 starting spots for tonight's race. 

One bit of news... the Pro Cup officials have said the 2008 schedule might be released as soon as the next Championship Series race, which is at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Practice for tonight's USAR Hooters Pro Cup race at Myrtle Beach Speedway is underway

The weather is holding out and the racing will go on at Myrtle Beach Speedway.
Richard Boswell is once again racing for Mike Laughlin in the #7 car at Myrtle Beach.
Woody Howard blew an engine in practice at Myrtle Beach.
Chase Pistone was second-quick in the practice session.
Frank Deiny Jr. (#5) is a former regular at Myrtle Beach and is sitting on the front row.
Richard Boswell won the Southern Division Rookie of the Year win JR Motorsports... but he's no longer with that team.  Maybe its for the better.
Joey Coulter (#1) was the last car to make it into the show.
Michael Cooper won another Allison Legacy Series event.
Michael Ritch won the last time at Myrtle Beach...  can he do it again?
It's good to be young, talented and fearless... Trevor Bayne picked up his second Pro Cup Series win of the season on Saturday night at Myrtle Beach Speedway.  Bayne won the event on a green-white-checkered finish by getting around Mike Garvey, AJ Frank and Ben Stancill in the final two laps.