Bayne Dominates At Hickory, Gets First Pro Cup Win by Celita Turner
Veteran Fogleman Can't Event Keep Him Behind
Trevor Bayne's #29 was the car to beat at Hickory Motor Speedway. (Kathy Bond photos)
In a race littered with cautions, it seemed inevitable that the Aaron’s 250 at Hickory Motor Speedway could be won by any of the 33 drivers in the field.  However, 16-year-old Trevor Bayne turned out to be the only real threat.  Bayne dominated the field with a fast racecar and got his first win.
“This is a big relief,” Bayne said with a broad smile across his face.  “If you mess around at the front enough, you’re gonna get a win.  Tonight, it was just like nothing was stopping us.  We had an awesome car; pretty much dominate.  I could pass three-wide anytime I wanted. I was able to pass for the lead on the outside. What more can you ask for out of a car?”

Bayne started third, but quickly made his presence known.  By lap 30, he was giving pole sitter Caleb Holman fits as he tried to get by him for the lead.  After racing side-by-side for five laps, Bayne finally completed the pass and he was gone.  He made his pit stop for mandatory tires under the seventh caution at lap 123. 

He restarted in 10th position and racing three wide nearly every lap in every turn until he was back in lead, which was lap 182, by passing Jay Fogleman.
“They told me to ride, but I was ready to get back to the front.  Who doesn’t want to lead laps?” Bayne said with a laugh. “I passed him (Fogleman) on the high side because I couldn’t get under him, he gave me room and then the caution came out.  I told my guys I was going to pass him on the high side so I stuck it up there and it went.  Our car was awesome!  I almost felt like the field was a little bit behind tonight, the car was great.”

Fogleman started 10th and led a handful of laps, but eventually succumbed to Bayne’s wrath and took a second-place finish.  
“(Bayne) was so fast I couldn’t even block him when he went by,” Fogleman said shaking his head.  “I don’t know if he knew which way he was going to pass me he was so fast. 

Fogleman was elated to have a strong finish Saturday night. 

“I knew today when we unloaded that finally we’ve hit on something that’ll run at several different types of racetracks.  I don’t know if I could struggle through another beginning of a season like we had, it builds a lot of character is the only think I can say. I finally got to where I’m disappointed about qualifying tenth with a good race car.  For a while I was just satisfied to qualify.  We really haven’t changed anything. We’ve just got the right people in the right place.  I knew it didn’t take different people, I took what we had and getting it lined up and getting it in the right place.”
Bayne celebrates his first Pro Cup win.
Matt Carter was a man of few words after the race.  He qualified fifth and stayed close the front all night but couldn’t hold off Bayne.

“We have a good car every time we unload,” said Carter, “but it seems we have something happen that makes us have to come from the back to the front. I didn’t have anything for Trevor, though.  I may have been able to get second, but I’m not racing for points.

Fourth-place finisher Mike Garvey spun out after contact with the 01 of Brian Scott which caused the fourth caution.

“We had a pretty good car there for a while,” said Garvey.  “We were fighting a little bit of forward bite and we got together with Brian Scott and that forced us to pit earlier than we wanted to.  We didn’t have anything for Trevor; he was in a league of his own tonight.  We’ll take a fourth after the way it went, it was a tough day but we made it through.”
MIke Garvey had a tough day at Hickory, which began with this practice accident.
Scott was upset with his situation, but made the best of it.

“I think our night is a definition of short track racing at Hickory,” Scott said clearly irritated with his sixth-place finish.  “We got into the back of Garvey and spun him around.  It wasn’t on purpose.  We spent the rest of our night coming back from a penalty.  My team gave me this awesome car and we were able to get through a lot of things and experience a lot up here.  We were able to make something up and get back up to sixth.”

Scott was frustrated with the way his rookie season has progressed.

“We’ve had good runs everywhere,” he said, “and we’ve had just a little bit of bad luck which happens in racing.  It really sucks that it happens my rookie year, I really beat myself up and I’m really down sometimes but my team is great in helping me and
building me up and saying everybody experiences it and I’m like, Yeah, but damn, why my rookie season.  When we don’t have bad luck we always bring home a top ten or so.”