USAR Pro Cup Series Sets Plans For Combination Events
Combination Events’ Race and Qualifying Procedures Announced
For the first time in Hooters Pro Cup history, there will be two regular-season combination races in 2008. The events at Milwaukee (Wis.) Mile and Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway will feature both the Sears Auto Center Northern Division and Aaron’s Southern Division competitors battling for bragging rights.
Though both divisions will undoubtedly be trying to one-up their out-of-division rivals, there will be a race within the race.

Both divisions will be given points based on how they finish against the drivers in their respective divisions. In other words, if a Southern Division driver finishes second in the race to a Northern Division driver but first in his division, he will receive first-place points in the Southern Division standings. If the next Southern Division driver finishes ninth, that driver will receive second-place points in the Southern Division standings.

“In essence, there will be two races going on,” said Tony Cox, USAR Series Director. “There will be a purse race and a points race.”
There will also be a race to make the race. However, both divisions will have the same number of starting spots in both events and the starting fields will be expanded to 40.

In qualifying, 20 spots will be available for each division. The top 16 on time per division will automatically lock into the field. Four provisionals will be available per division for those who don’t make it in on time.

At Milwaukee, the Northern Division competitors will make up the inside row, while the Southern Division drivers will start in the outside lane. At Bristol, the starting lanes will be reversed, putting the Southern Division in the inside lane and the Northern Division in the outside lane.

“In order to have a true combination event, we wanted to make sure that both divisions were represented equally,” said Cox. “With this format, both divisions are assured of having equal numbers in the field.”

Normally, drivers that don’t qualify an event receive 40 points, but for those that don’t qualify for the combination events, points will be given based on where their qualifying lap stacks up against the other non-qualifiers. The first non-qualifier (21st) will receive 79 points. The points will drop off in one-point increments for each position thereafter.

Drivers that do not make a qualifying attempt will be given 40 entrance points.