Trackside Now: PASS South "Mason-Dixon Meltdown" At Concord Motorsport Park - Saturday
Ben Rowe Sneaks By On Last Corner For Victory; Ryan Lawler Wins Championship
Saturday, 10:49 pm ET - Things have quieted down here at Concord Motorsport Park.  The crowd has left and the teams are putting the cars and equipment in their haulers to head home for the night. 

Down at the finish line right after the race, there were a lot of confused, happy, sad and mad crew members and drivers as the finish of the second annual Mason Dixon Meltdown concluded in a shocking fashion.

Two things are for certian: Ben Rowe won the race and Ryan Lawler won the championship.  It was only fitting that both drivers had their share of odd events throughout the race to get where they ended up at the conclusion of the evening.

That is it for us tonight at CMP as we are packing it in just as confused as everyone else.  A long day of racing action at both CMP tracks, multiple winners and cash being handed out.  What a wild night.

Unofficial Results of the Mason Dixon Meltdown PASS South 200-Lap Event
1.#4 Ben Rowe
2.#47 Corey Williams
3.#54 Johnny Clark
4.#5 Preston Peltier
5.#29s Trevor Sanborn
6.#8 Cassius Clark
7.#33 Richie Dearborn
8.#98 Adam Bates
9.#2 Mike Rowe
10.#22 Perry Brown
11.#04 Joey Porciello
12.#18 Bradly McCaskill
13.#12 Mark Reedy
14.#60 DJ Shaw
15.#02 Tim Nooner
16.#10 Logan Dernoshek
17.#1 Wayne Bowen
18.#53 Brad Bischoff
19.#88 Alan Tardiff
20.#05 Alex Fleming
21.#42 Tim Pinion
22.#25 Chad Martin
23.#31 Ryan Lawler
24.#09c Dean Clattenburg
25.#48 John Batten
26.#35 Derek Ramstrom
27.#91x Heath Hindman
28.#8Q Freddie Query
29.#62 Mark Gibson
30.#47R Ryan Moore
31.#17 Darren Shaw
32.#76 Logan Ruffin
33.#79 Chris Bowers

Saturday, 9:57 pm ET - Officials have also declared Ryan Lawler the 2007 PASS South champion.

The top five in the race unofficially are Ben Rowe, Corey Williams, Johnny Clark, Preston Peltier and Trevor Sanborn.

We will have a full race rundown soon.

Saturday, 9:49 pm ET - Are you kidding me?  Ben Rowe wins the Mason Dixon Meltdown in a stunning finish.

On the restart, Rowe spun the tires and didn't make that outside lane work to get the lead from Corey Williams.  The two drivers raced nose to tail the last few laps of the race.

As Williams took the white flag, Bradley McCaskill spun in turn four.  The yellow flag came out during the white flag lap, and according to PASS South rules, the drivers race back to the checkered flag. 

Coming through turn four, Williams slowed down due to McCaskill's car sitting sideways on the exit of turn four on the inside.  Ben Rowe kept his foot in the gas on the outside, just barely sneaking by to win the race in the last stretch of the track before the checkered flag.

Williams did a burnout at the finish line, but PASS Officials gave Ben Rowe the checkered flag as he did a victory lap.

We are going to catch our breath, head down to the track and check in with the drivers.

Saturday, 9:41 pm ET - Wow.  This is getting crazy.  On the restart, Johnny Clark just didn't go right away, stacking up the field.  No one wrecked, but it was a very intense moment. 

It also let Corey Williams get to the lead with Ben Rowe sneaking into second... however a caution has come out on lap 193 for a spin in turn four by Mark Reedy

The top five with seven laps to go is Corey Williams, Ben Rowe, Johnny Clark, Preston Peltier and Trevor Sandborn.

Lights are out on the pace car.  Here we go ...

Saturday, 9:36 pm ET - Caution is out on lap 186 for Brad Bischoff slamming the turn four wall.  His car appeared to either have something break in the front or a tire go down as he went straight into the wall.  The track workers are now getting his car hooked up to get him off the track.

On the prior restart, Johnny Clark was able to wrestle the lead away from Corey Williams on the outside and got in front of him entering turn three.  We might see another lead change as Williams will certianly try to make that outside work again on the restart. 

Also, right before the yellow came out, DJ Shaw slowed as he ran out of gas, coming to the attention of his crew on pit lane.

Lap 186 ... 14 to go.  It is getting intense.

Saturday, 9:24 pm ET - At lap 176, the yellow is back out for the #88 of Alan Tardiff with a hard side slap into the turn one wall.  His car now rests up against the fence, and will have to be pushed or towed off the track.

On the prior restart, Corey Williams once again got a great jump on the start, taking the lead over from Johnny Clark.  The outside groove on these restarts has been the place to be, so it will be interesting to see if Clark can do the same thing Williams did to him the prior restart.

Saturday, 9:19 pm ET - Caution has come out at lap 170 with a hard wreck in turn two.  Once again, the leaders were racing around Joey Porciello.  He bottled up the field coming down the front stretch.  Corey Williams and Preston Peltier squeezed together going into turn one, which resulted in Peltier spinning out in turn one, then got doored by Alex Fleming.  

Peltier came down pit road to the attention of his pit crew.  With a huge dent in the passenger side of the car, he is heading back out on the track to see what he can do to finish out this race.

The top five with 30 laps to go is Johnny Clark, Corey Williams, Ben Rowe, DJ Shaw and Trevor Sanborn.

Saturday, 9:12 pm ET - Johnny Clark made the move under Corey Williams in turn three, taking the lead at lap 149.  WIth just 50 laps to go now in the second annual Mason Dixon Meltdown and the 2007 PASS South season, can Clark hang on to the top spot to win the race?  Does Ryan Lawler have enough points to win the championship, even though he is out of the event.

Stay tuned ...

Saturday, 9:07 pm ET - Tim Nooner has spun his car out coming out of turn four on lap 142.  He was able to right his car and keep going, but the yellow flag came out. 

The prior restart was a bit hairy.  Joey Porciello lined up with the leaders as the last car on the lead lap, which caused a jam up for the first few laps after they went back green.  Once they got sorted out, Corey Williams got back to the front spot ahead of Preston Peltier and Johnny Clark as those three drivers will now lead the field back to the green flag.

Saturday, 8:58 pm ET - Is it a full moon tonight?  The caution is out on lap 129 for second-place runner Trevor Sandborn, who spun in two one.  He was able to continue, but he will restart back in the field a bit.

More pit stops are occuring on the track, including service being performed to Mike Rowe's #2 machine and leader Johnny Clark.  At this caution, 16 cars were on the lead lap.

After everything has shaken out, Alan Tardiff now leads Preston Peltier, Corey Williams, DJ Shaw and Alex Fleming.

Saturday, 8:52 pm ET - Another restart, another lead change as Johnny Clark put his machine in the first position. 

At lap 120, the top five competitors are all PASS North drivers.  Clark leads Trevor Sanborn, Ben Rowe, Alan Tardiff and Preston Peltier.  Mike Rowe, who was leading before the green dropped again, is now sixth.

Saturday, 8:44 pm ET - Things have just gotten a little bit more strange.  On the restart, Ryan Lawler started dropping back through the top part of the field as all the other drivers were hungry for the top spot.  Then, with a thud, Lawler's car smacked the wall in turn two backwards.  His car was pulled off the track by the wrecker as Lawler motioned towards Trevor Sandborn as he drove by.

Through all the chaos of the prior restart, Mike Rowe was able to sneak his way by Lawler and Ben Rowe to take over the top spot.

Saturday, 8:31 pm ET - Pit stops occured during this caution period as some of the leaders hit pit road.  That put Ryan Lawler in the lead with Ben Rowe on the outside for the restart.

Saturday, 8:29 pm ET - John Batten has brought out the yellow at lap 85 with a spin up to the wall in turn four. 

On the restart, it was once again the second-place driver taking the advantage to the green flag as Preston Peltier jumped out and got in front of Corey Williams going into turn one.  During this yellow, Peltier and Williams lead Ben Rowe, Ryan Lawler and Johnny Clark.

Saturday, 8:17 pm ET - It just took a short time for the caution to come out once again.  Heath Hindman and Derek Ranstrom tangled in turn three as both cars spun towards the wall.  Hindman was second in points coming in and now has his car being taken off track on the hook.  This all but hands the championship over to Lawler ... if he stays out of trouble for the rest of the race.

During this caution, Freddie Query's team pulled his car behind the wall to look at it.  Query's team now pushed the car to their hauler as they are done for the night with rear end issues.

Corey Williams leads Preston Peltier and the rest of the field at lap 77.

Saturday, 8:12 pm ET - Right before the restart, Freddie Query dove onto pit road for service.  The field took the green flag while he was still on pit road. 

Saturday, 8:08 pm ET - This caution flag gave the perfect opportunity for the teams of the PASS South to perform their first ever live pit stops.  It was a bit chaotic on pit road as some drivers were stopped at the exit of pit road while others were trying to get to their spots.

Also, Mark Gibson's car has been cleared from the track.  We do not have word on his condition, but due to the quick nature of the cleanup, we assume everything is ok.

Top five is Preston Peltier, Corey Williams, Ben Rowe, Johnny Clark and DJ Shaw.

Saturday, 8:01 pm ET - Caution is out on lap 75 for Mark Gibson, who slammed the turn one wall hard after losing control down the front stretch.  Rescue crews have made it to his car and are checking him out now.

On the prior restart, Preston Peltier jumped out in front of Corey Williams to take the top spot in the race and is currently the leader during this caution.

Saturday, 7:51 pm ET - Ryan Moore brought out the caution at lap 53 with a spin into the turn two wall.  He was able to drive off and continue on.

Corey Williams still leads with Preston Peltier in second.  Ben Rowe, Alan Tardiff and Trevor Sanborn round out the top five.  Championship leader Ryan Lawler currently sits in the 10th position.

Saturday, 7:49 pm ET - Some very tense moments for second place Ryan Lawler and the top six took place around the 40th lap.  Joey Porciello was trying to hang on to the one-lap down position, but was holding up everyone behind the leader.  Lawler lost second to Preston Peltier, then drifted further back trying not to get wrecked as everyone was running over top each other. 

They all finally cleared Porciello’s car and continued on.

Saturday, 7:47 pm ET - On the restart, Corey Williams jumped out to the lead ahead of Ryan Lawler’s #31 machine.  With Lawler looking towards the championship,, he didn’t fight Williams hard for the top spot, settling into the second position.

Saturday, 7:35 pm ET - Ryan Lawler squirted out to an early lead over Corey Williams as the two drivers tried to distance themselves from the field.  In just 10 laps, the two drivers caught the back of the field and had to start weaving their way through the traffic.

Just one lap later, Chris Bowers spun his #79 car into the fourth turn wall, putting us under yellow for the first time this evening.

Up front Lawler leads Williams, Preston Peltier, Alan Tardiff and Ben Rowe.

Saturday, 7:28 pm ET - We are green-flag racing here at CMP.

Saturday, 7:20 pm ET - Due to the weather being a bit chilly, officials decided to move the pit party along quickly so the race can start and get the show in before the fans freeze to their chairs.

The 33 cars have now fired their engines and are getting warmed up for the start of the 200-lap Mason Dixon Meltdown.

Saturday, 6:50 pm ET - After a long caution-filled race, Billy Morris made a late-race pass for the lead and held on to win the PASS/Rolling Thunder Modified 50-lap race.  AJ Winstead crossed the line a close second with Ken Vigean, Joe Scarborough and Rodney Brooks rounding out the top five.

The PASS South drivers are now making their way onto the front stretch for the ‘pit party’ prior to the start of tonight’s race.  We are going to head down and talk to the drivers before the start of the event.

Saturday, 6:20 pm ET - We are just 18 laps into the PASS/Rolling Thunder Modified show and the pace has already been slowed multiple times for incidents on the track, including a track clogger in turn four.  Still, most of the drivers were able to drive on as the race continues.

Saturday, 5:57 pm ET - Michael Cooper took the victory in the Allison Legacy 50-lap event.  Cooper held off a late charge from Austin Hoag to win the event. 

Cody Smith jumped by Ryan Glenski on a late-race restart to snag third with Glenski bringing it home fourth. Dylan Sawyer rounded out the top five.

The PASS/Rolling Thunder Modifieds are about to start their feature event.

Saturday, 5:27 pm ET - The starting field is set for the Mason Dixon Meltdown.  Here is the starting field.

1. Corey Williams
2. Ryan Lawler
3. Ben Rowe
4. Preston Peltier
5. Freddie Query
6. Alan Tardiff
7. Trevor Sanborn
8. Heath Hindman
9. Johnny Clark
10. John Batten
11. Mike Rowe
12. Dean Clattenburg
13. Brad Bischoff
14. Darren Shaw
15. DJ Shaw
16. Tim Nooner
17. Bradley McCaskill
18. Derek Ramstrom
19. Logan Dernosheck
20. Mark Gibson
21. Perry Brown
22. Richie Dearborn
23. Chris Bowers
24. Alex Fleming
25. Ryan Moore
26. Mark Reedy
27. Chad Martin
28. Wayne Bowen
29. Logan Ruffin
30. Adam Bates
31. Tim Pinion (Southern provisional)
32. Joey Porciello (Northern provisional)
33. Cassius Clark (Northern provisional)

Missing the show is Dennis Shoenfeld, Joseph Burns and Allen Karnes,

Saturday, 5:09 pm ET - A very intense last-chance race concluded with Chad Martin taking the checkered flag.  Wayne Bowen, Logan Ruffin and Adam Bates rounded out the drivers that transfer to the feature.

We will have the complete starting grid shortly. 

The Allison Legacy Series is up next.

Saturday, 5:02 pm ET - Nine Thunder Roadsters started their feature and immediately had problems on the first lap with a spin by a couple cars.  Six cars ended up finishing the 25-lap feature with Jesse Bunnell taking the checkered flag.  Adam Welch came back from a spin within five laps to go to take second place.  Bubba Harry finished third.

Last chance race is up next.  The top-four racers out of the seven that will be starting will advance to the feature.

Saturday, 4:27 pm ET - The Dash race just concluded, and was much tamer than the heat races since all eight drivers are locked into the show.  Corey Williams ended up taking the checkered flag ahead of Ryan Lawler, Ben Rowe, Preston Peltier and Freddie Query.  Rounding out the top eight was Alan Tardiff, Trevor Sandborn and Heath Hindman.

The PASS/Rolling Thunder Mods are now on track for their heat races, followed by the Thunder Roadster feature.

Saturday, 4:20 pm ET - The third heat race started off with a spin by #18 Bradley Mcaskill in turn two.  He was able to continue, but once they went back to green a track-clogging incident occured in turn four when Mark Reedy and Darren Shaw got together and the whole field stopped.  Most cars got away without major damage.

Mike Rowe decided there was enough contact going on, so he checked out and took the third heat victory.  Also transferring was second through sixth, which were Darren Shaw, Bradley McCaskill, Mark Gibson, Chris Bowers and Mark Reedy

Saturday, 4:11 pm ET - The second heat race started out with a bang.  Caution came out on the first lap when front-row starters Cassius Clark and Ryan Moore got together.  Both cars spun and a melee occured behind as several cars received various degrees of damage.  Dennis Shoenfeld received the most damage and appears to be done for the night.  Clark will have to race his way in through the last-chance race to make it in the show.

When they finally got back going again, John Batten lead the remaining laps to win the heat race.  Also transferring in was Brad Bischoff, Tim Nooner, Logan Dernosheck, Ryan Moore and Richie Dearborn.

The third heat is on the track.

Saturday, 4:04 pm ET - Johnny Clark won the first heat race with Dean Clattenburg crossing the line second.  Also making the field was DJ Shaw, Derek Ramstrom, Perry Brown and Alex Fleming.

During the race, Logan Ruffin and Alex fleming spun at lap seven, bringing out the caution.  Neither driver could get back into the top six transfer spots before the checkered flew.

The second heat is on the track.

Saturday, 3:59 pm ET - Of note, former NASCAR Busch East driver Charles Lewandoski is spotting for Corey Williams for tonight's racing action.

Saturday, 3:52 pm ET - Heat race #1 is on the track for their warmup laps.  DJ Shaw and Johnny Clark are up front for the start of the 12-lap race.

Saturday, 3:26 pm ET - PASS Officials have announced that the winner of the Easter Bunny 150 at Hickory Motor Speedway (NC) in 2008 will get an automatic starting spot in the DNK 250 at Wiscasset Speedway.  The DNK race pays $30,000 to win.

Saturday, 3:25 pm ET - The car that Ryan Lawler is racing this evening is not the original car he planned to run.  After practicing two cars on Friday, Lawler and the team decided to go with their backup car for the Meltdown. 

The car he is running tonight is the car they had planned to take to the Snowball Derby.  It is the same car that has won several races for Lawler in 2007.  It has a brand new Hamner Racing Engine's spec engine.  The car they had originally planned to run is the same one they won the Winchester 400 with.

Saturday, 3:24 pm ET - Adam Welch clocked in as the fastest Thunder Roadster during their qualifying session while Dylan Sawyer was the fastest driver in the Allison Legacy Series qualifying.

The heat races will start at 4:00 PM.

Saturday, 2:58 pm ET - Qualifying for the PASS South Series has concluded.  Current series points leader Ryan Lawler set fast time with a 15.738 second lap.  Preston Peltier clocked in second with Freddie Query timing in third.

The top-eight qualifiers are locked in the show, but will redraw for positions in their dash race to determine the first four rows of the field.

Next up is INEX Thunder Roadster qualifying.

Qualifying Results
1 Ryan Lawler (15.738)
2 Preston Peltier (15.742)
3 Freddie Query (15.763)
4 Corey Williams (15.784)
5 Alan Tardiff (15.811)
6 Trevor Sandborn (15.866)
7 Ben Rowe (15.912)
8 Heath Hindman (15.963)
9 DJ Shaw (15.991)
10 Bradley McCaskill (16.013)
11 Cassius Clark (16.013)
12 Johnny Clark (16.023)
13 Ryan Moore (16.030)
14 Mark Reedy (16.037)
15 Dean Clattenburg (16.077)
16 Richie Dearborn (16.098)
17 Mike Rowe (16.100)
18 Derek Ramstrom (16.104)
19 Dennis Shoenfeld (16.115)
20 Mark Gibson (16.132)
21 Perry Brown (16.162)
22 Brad Bischoff (16.191)
23 Chris Bowers (16.195)
24 Chad Martin (16.224)
25 Tim Nooner (16.251)
26 Darren Shaw (16.333)
27 Logan Ruffin (16.371)
28 John Batten (16.376)
29 Adam Bates (16.463)
30 Alex Fleming (16.478)
31 Logan Dernshek (16.513)
32 Joey Porciello (16.682)
33 Wayne Bowen (16.760)
34 Allen Karnes (16.913)
35 Tim Pinion (17.163)
36 Joseph Burns (17.469)

Saturday, 2:00 pm ET - The driver's meeting for today's race is all over, and it was a little confusing, but everyone left figuring things out. 

The 28 cars that will start tonight's feature will come like this...  8 fastest qualifiers, 6 from each heat race and 4 from the consi.  There will also be provisionals made available for two PASS South and two PASS North drivers. 

PASS officials stressed once again that the flagman starts the race each restart at the digressions of the race director.  Also, they stressed that the initial start of the event will come rather close to the start-finish line. 

Also, there were some questions about the way people change tires.  First, there will be no dropping down at the start-finish line to come into the pits.  Drivers are supposed to stay in line until they get to the pit entrance to come into the pits.  Also, there will only be two tires allowed to be changed per pit stop.  However, teams can stop twice during the same caution if they want to change all four tires. 

Saturday, 1:30 pm ET - Qualifying for the PASS South Super Late Models will start at 2pm here today at Concord.  The PASS South cars, along with the Allison Legacy cars and the Thunder Roadsters, will qualify today. 

Saturday, 1:15 pm ET - Everyone is back over here at the big track.. as the Legends and Bandolero races are all over and we've got our first winners of the Mason-Dixon Meltdown weekend.

Christian PaHud grabbed the $600 first place check in the Legends Semi-Pro Division by passing Steven Ross on the last lap.  The $1,000 winner's check in the Pro/Masters Division went to Clay Hair, who led every one of the 50 laps.

In Bandolero action, Robert Poole won the Young Guns race, while John Holleman won the Bandits Division event.

Saturday, 12:50 pm ET - WE'VE GOT TIMES!   The second session fo PASS South practice is all done here at Concord and the North rules, with four of the five fastest times.  The quickest was Trevor Sanborn, in Jay Cushman's #29 machine.  He led Ben Rowe and Preston Peltier, the only South driver, in the top five.

There were no incidents in the second session.

PASS South SLM Practice 2
1.Trevor Sanborn  15.846
2.Ben Rowe  15.883
3.Preston Peltier  15.952
4.Johnny Clark  15.993
5.Alan Tardiff  16.026
6.Dennis Schoenfeld  16.050
7.Ryan Moore 16.093
8.Ryan Lawler 16.136
9.Mark Reedy  16.188
10.Freddie Query  16.192
11.Richie Deanborn  16.207
12.Derek Ramstrom  16.207
13.Mike Rowe  16.223
14.Adam Bates  16.250
15.Bradley McCaskill  16.261
16.Alex Fleming  16.270
17.Dean Clattenburg  16.272
18.Cassius Clark  16.286
19.Corey Williams  16.291
20.Heath Hindman  16.317
21.Darren Shaw  16.321
22.DJ Shaw  16.353
23.Chad Martin  16.387
24.Mark Gibson  16.391
25.Brad Bischooff  16.416
26.John Batten  16.441
27.Joey Porciello  16.515
28.Logan Ruffin  16.533
29.Tim Nooner  16.577
30.Logano Dernoshek  16.639
31.Chris Bowers  16.674
32.Wayne Bowen  16.798
33.Allen Karnes  17.045
34.Tim Pinion  17.320
35.Joseph Burns  17.458

Saturday, 12:30 pm ET - The second session fo PASS South practice is on the track right now... and has went caution free from the start.

PASS officials have given us a partial list of times from the first practice session.  This list DOES NOT include all of the cars that are here or that practiced.

PASS South SLM Practice 1
1. Preston Peltier 15.995
2. Ben Rowe  16.024
3. Alan Tardiff  16.099
4. Freddie Query  16.127
5. Corey Williams 16.216
6. Ryan Moore  16.219
7. Ryan Lawler  16.248
8. Trevor Sanborn  16.249
9. Mike Rowe  16.258
10. Adam Bates  16.269
11. Johnny Clark  16.314
12. DJ Shaw  16.358
13. Dean Clattenburg  16.376
14. Brad Bischoff  16.525
15. Cassius Clark  16.538
16. Tim Nooner  16.797

Saturday, 11:30 am ET - The first practice session for the PASS South Super Late models is all done.  We don't have times for you yet, as there is some technical difficulties with the scoring computer, but a lot of the same guys that were clocked fast unofficialy on Friday contiue that trend today.  Guys like Freddie Query, Johnny Clark, Ben Rowe, Mike Rowe and Ryan Lawler all looked fast on Saturday morning's first practice session.

Saturday, 11:15 am ET - We've had our first major accident of the weekend here at Concord.  Kevin Love, who was returning to the PASS South Series for the first time in quite some time, slammed hard into the turn one wall and destroyed his #6 machine.  The accident came after contact with Freddie Query as the two were practicing and heading into turn one.

Love is likely done for the day.

Saturday, 11:00 am ET - The PASS South Super Late Models are getting ready to take to the track here at Concord for their first scheduled practice session.  There are transponders on the cars today, but we are not sure if we will be able to bring you times.  Many of the PASS scorers are at the Legends and Bandolero races at the quarter-mile.  We will do our best as the day goes on.

Saturday, 10:30 am ET - All the hard work and preparation of a whole year comes down to one night... tonight at Concord Motorsport Park, for the running of the Mason-Dixon Meltdown.

It's a busy day here at Concord, thanks to some technical difficulties last evening.  The Legends and Bandolero events that were scheduled to run on Friday night were postponed until Saturday morning due to some problems at Concord's quarter-mile track and with the lighting system.  The lights in turns three and four would no turn on. 

PASS and track officials worked on the problem, but couldn't get it figured out in time to run the features, so a vote was taken to eitehr cancel the event of come back Saturday morning and the races were pushed back to Saturday morning.  The program at the quater-mile is currently underway, and we'll have the full results here when the racing is done.

Here at the big track, the pits are full and folks are getting prepared for today's activities, which includes practice, qualifying, heats and the 200-lap feature for the PASS South Super Late Models

A couple of new cas showed up on Saturday morning to compete, including former Southeast Series driver Allen Karnes, along with Logan Dernoshek.  Several more Modifieds, Allison Legacy cars and Thunder Roadsters have also showed up this morning.

It's stil pretty cool here in Concord, but the forecast says the temps could get up near 60 today.  But cooler temperatures will return when the sun goes down later.
The Legends and Bandoleros are racing this morning.
Tech is open and the cars are going through.
The pits here in Concord are full for the Meltdown.
Jay Cushman's #29 with driver Trevor Sanborn was the fastest in the second round of practice at the Mason-Dixon Meltdown in Concord.  (Jamie Williams photo)
Kevin Love's car slammed into the turn one wall after contact with Freddie Query.
Preston Peltier was fast in the first session.  (Jamie Williams photo)
PASS Officials conduct the driver's meeting.
Alan Tardiff's #88 has been fast all weekend long.. and was one of the many North cars in the top-five.  (Jamie Williams photo)
Logan Ruffin looks so young compared to PASS North Champion Ben Rowe, but the two are racing in the same division.
Christian PaHud won the Semi-Pro portion of the Legends event at the Mason-Dixon Meltdown.
Ryan Lawler showed he was ready for this weekend by being fast at the track.  (Jamie Williams Photo)
Heath Hindman looks on as qualifying is taking place.  (51 Photo)
Alan Tardiff timed in fifth fastest, the quickest of the northern contention.  (51 Photo)
Dennis Schoenfeld's car took heavy damage during the heat race.  (51 Photos)
Mike Olsen (left) helped Adam Bates (right) make the field in the second Mason Dixon Meltdown.  (51 Photos)
Cassius Clark had to take a provisional to get into the field due to an incident during his heat race.  (51 Photos)
Michael Cooper took the checkered flag in the Allison Legacy 50-lap event.  (51 Photos)
Billy Morris won the PASS/Rolling Thunder Modified 50-lap event.  (51 Photos)
Preston Peltier showed his strength in the Meltdown by getting to the lead in the first half of the event. (51 Photos)
Freddie Query's car came in to the attention of his crew.
Preston Peltier's car now has a huge dent in the passenger door after a late wreck in the race. (51 Photos)
Ben Rowe celebrates his wild win with his friends.
Ryan Lawler was crowned the 2007 PASS South champion. (51 Photos)