Trackside Now: PASS South "Over the Mountain 150"
Heath Hindman Scores First PASS South Victory at Hickory
Saturday, 11:48pm ET - It takes a lot to get Heath Hindman excited.  The normally low-key driver doesn't whoop it up much, even when the young racer scores his first-career PASS South Super Late Model victory.  Hindman inherited the lead on lap 143 when Ryan Lawler, who was in search of his third-straight Hickory PASS South victory, suddenly slowed with a bad alternator in turn-one.  That left Hindman to ward off challenges from PASS North young gun Trevor Sanborn over several late-race restarts to claim victory number-one.  Stay tuned for a full race recap here on

1.Heath Hindman
2.Trevor Sanborn
3.Brian Royalty
4.Preston Peltier
5.Jason Hogan
6.Tim Nooner
7.Perry Brown
8.Tom McCann, Jr.
9.Mark Gibson
10.Brian Payne
11.Brad Bischoff
12.Dean Clattenburg
13.Cassius Clark
14.Robbie Brown
15.Ryan Lawler
16.Corey Williams
17.Rick Frenette
18.John Batten
19.Alex Fleming
20.Allen Gordon
21.Spencer Wauters
22.Lee Tissot
23.Ted Musgrave, Jr.
24.Brandon Johnson
25.Darren Shaw
26.Bradley McCaskill
27.Zach Stroupe
28.Jimmy Doyle

Saturday, 10:51pm ET - Heath Hindman has scored his first PASS South victory.  Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, 10:48pm ET - Caution is out once again as Cassius Clark was sepnt spinning on the first lap back under green.  Brian Payne had nowhere to go and was also collected.

Saturday, 10:46pm ET - Perry Brown has spun to bring out the yellow on lap 147.  Up front, it's Hindman, Sanborn, Royalty, McCann and Cassius Clark up front.

Saturday, 10:41pm ET - Big doings here on lap 143 under caution.  Leader Ryan Lawler has stopped his #31 in turn one under caution..  Not sure what the issue is...stay tuned.  Heath Hindman is in the lead now.  Lawler is being pushed to pit road.

Saturday, 10:37pm ET - Another caution on lap 142 for the spun car of Jason Hogan in turn three.  The PASS South boys have gotten a little bumper-happy here in the late stages, it seems.  Corey Williams has parked his #48 for the

Saturday, 10:33pm ET - Caution is back out on lap 140 for a spinning Cassius Clark, who was tapped by Preston Peltier for second in turn-two.  Peltier has been sent to the rear of the field for his role in the incident. 

That sets up a 10-lap dash for the checkered flag.  It's Lawler, Hindman, Royalty, Sanborn up front.

Saturday, 10:27pm ET - On the restart, Lawler held strong and continues to show the way, but another caution on lap 132 has tightened the field again.  This time, Tom McCann was sent for a ride at the start-finish line.

Saturday, 10:25pm ET - Caution is out for the spun car of Brad Bischoff in turn-one on lap 129.  The caution negates Ryan Lawler's full--straightaway lead he had, closing Cassius Clark up to his bumper.  Peltier, Hindman, Royalty and McCann follow.

Saturday, 10:21pm ET - Just 25 laps to go and it's going to be tough to keep Ryan Lawler away from his third-straight Hickory PASS South victory tonight.  He's opened up a half-straightaway lead on Caissus Clark.  Hindman still runs third, with Peltier and new fifth-place man Brian Royalty.

Saturday, 10:16pm ET - Lap 100, 50 to go, and Ryan Lawler still shows the way over Cassius Clark.  Those two appear to be the class of the field, as they race nose-to-tail about 15 carlengths ahead of new third-place man Heath Hindman.  Hindman took third when Preston Peltier and Tom McCann tangled, but both continued on only losing a few spots each.

Saturday, 10:12pm ET - Corey Williams has slapped the wall in turn two to bring out the caution flag on lap 89 as a result of a flat tire.  Up front, it's Lawler, Clark, McCann, Peltier, Sanborn and Hogan.

Saturday, 10:07pm ET - Ryan Lawler used the low groove to re-claim the lead on lap 70.  Preston Peltier lost several positions in the exchange.  At halfway, lap 75, it's Lawler, Clark, McCann, Williams, Peltier and Sanborn.

Saturday, 10:00pm ET - Cassius Clark has taken the lead from Ryan Lawler using the outside lane on the restart.  Clark now leads Lawler and Peltier up front

Saturday, 9:57pm ET - If cautions breed cautions, it’s true here at Hickory.  Just one lap after the restart from the Clattenburg wreck, Allen Gordon, John Batten, Alex Fleming, Lee Tissot, Spencer Wauters all tangled in turn one.  All drivers have taken their cars to pit road for service.  There is no change up at the front of the field.

Saturday, 9:55pm ET - It’s lap 51 and the yellow is out again after Dean Clattenburg was sent for a spin after contact from Trevor Sanborn.  Up front, it’s still Lawler, Clark, McCann, and Peltier.

Saturday, 9:54pm ET - We’ve reached the lap 50 mark of the “Over the Mountain 150” and Ryan Lawler continues to show the way.  Lawler has about a five-carlength advantage over Cassius Clark.  Tom McCann rides third, followed by Preston Peltier, Dean Clattenburg, Trevor Sanborn, Jasno Hogan and Corey Williams, who has climbed back up into the top-10 after his early damage from contact with Zach Stroupe.

Saturday, 9:45pm ET - Caution is back out on lap 37 for a wreck involving Brian Payne, Lee Tissot and others.  It’s Lawler, Clark, McCann, Clattenburg, Jason Hogan and Trevor Sanborn.

Saturday, 9:37pm ET - Working lap 25 and Ryan lawler is out to a commanding lead over Dean ClattenburgCassius Clark has worked his way up to third, followed by Tom McCann and Preston Peltier.

Saturday, 9:32pm ET - The first caution is out on lap 11 for a spin involving Zach Stroupe.  The 14-year-old was sent for a spin across the front bumper of Corey Williams off the fourth corner.  Jimmy Doyle wrecked trying to avoid the Stroupe spin.  Williams is on pit road fixing right-front fender damage, while the Stroupe team is checking out the #51 car with no apparent hurry. 

Top five on the restart are Lawler, Clattenburg, McCann, Peltier and Tissot.

Saturday, 9:32pm ET - The green flag is out and Zach Stroupe led his first ever SLM laps at the start of the feature. Ryan Lawler made the pass for the top spot on lap three and continues to show the way over Preston Peltier, Dean Clattenburg, Stroupe and Tom McCann.

Saturday, 9:27pm ET - Engines have fired and we're ready to rock here at Hickory.  Preston Peltier, Zach Stroupe, Dean Clattenburg, Ryan Lawler, Lee Tissot and Heath Hindman will lead the field to green.

Saturday, 9:15pm ET - Jeff Sparks has taken the victory in the $500-to-win Street Stock open feature that saw only six of the original starters take the checkered flag. 

The PASS South SLM's are ready to kick off their feature.  The two PASS provisionals have gone to John Batten and Brandon Johnson.

Saturday, 9:05pm ET - We have reached a scary junction in the 50-lap Street Stock feature.  A three-car pileup on a lap 46-restart saw three frontrunners get involved in a hard crash at the start-finish line.  The middle car in the three-car sandwich was driven by James Dolan.  One car wound up on top of the driver's side of Dolan's car.  Speedway Officials were immediately on the scene.  They took some time to get Dolan out of the car, eventually cutting the roof of Dolan's racecar off to get to him.  Dolan was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation, but he is conscious according to officials. extends prayers and good wishes to the Dolan family for some good news from here.

Saturday, 8:34pm ET - Rick Frenette has taken the victory in the PASS South Dash race, earning a transfer spot.  Robbie Brown finished second to also make the show.  Among the notables not transferring are Chase Austin, John Batten, Joe Mattress and others. 

Saturday, 8:10pm ET - The Allison Legacy Series demo, feature race has taken the checkered flag.  Michael Cooper outlasted the cautions and the rest of the field for the victory over Ryan Glenski and Nicholas Pope

The PASS South consi race is next up here at Hickory.

Saturday, 7:08pm ET - Preston Peltier held off a hard-charging Zach Stroupe for the win in the Dash. Dean Clattenburg finished third, followed by Ryan Lawler, Lee Tissot, Heath Hindman, Mark Gibson and Tom McCann.  Those will be the top-eight starters in tonight's "Over the Mountain 150."

The 50-lap Allison Legacy Series feature is next up, followed by the PASS South last-chance race, the 50-lap Street Stock event and the "Over the Mountain 150."

Saturday, 7:02pm ET - Despite having to start from the rear after his post-qualifying DQ, Corey Williams made the show after all by winning the fourth and final heat race thanks to a late pass of Ted Musgrave, Jr.  It wasn't easy for Williams, though, as he had to avoid a spinning Brandon Johnson on the first lap and nearly tangled with John Batten mid-race.  Behind him late in the heat, Chase Austin made contact with Batten going for fifth. 

Behind Williams and Musgrave, Darren Shaw and Spencer Wauters made the transfer.

Saturday, 6:48pm ET - Trevor Sanborn made it back-to-back heat wins for the PASS North invaders in the third heat.  Sanborn dominated over Allen Gordon, Brian Royalty and Brian Payne.

Saturday, 6:43pm ET - Cassius Clark has taken the victory in heat race number-two.  Following him to the line were Tim Nooner, Brad Bischoff and Alex Fleming who all transer to the feature.

Saturday, 6:39pm ET - Jason Hogan won the first PASS South heat comfortably over Perry Brown.  Those two advance, as do third-place finisher Jimmy Doyle and fourth-place Bradley McCaskill.

Saturday, 6:27pm ET - PASS South Officials have announced that the 12-lap heat races have been extended to 15 laps.  The first heat race has fired engines.

Saturday, 6:21pm ET - The half-hour long pit party has concluded and we're moments away from the beginning of PASS South heat races. 

While this may be a PASS South Super Late Model race, looking around the infield, there is an unofficial NASCAR Busch East Series class reunion.  Corey Williams works for Andy Santerre Motorsports, the team that prepares the cars for Sean Caisse and Jeffrey Earnhardt on the Busch East tour, and ASM is all over Williams' #47.  Andy Santerre himself is here at Hickory, as is the driver of the ASM #44 Busch East entry Caisse.  Former BES driver and current spotter for Earnhardt Charles Lewandoski is here walking through the pit area.  2007 BES Champion and Rookie of the Year Joey Logano is here supporting his friend and fellow BES rookie Chase Austin, driver of the #66 on the Busch East tour and in tonight's PASS South event.

Saturday, 5:26pm ET - Corey Williams, winner of the last three PASS South races, has been deemed illegal in post-qualifying tech.  PASS South Officials found the #47 machine to be too wide on the front fenders.  Williams will be fined, put on probation and will have to start at the rear of one of the four heat races later in the day.  He will not be allowed to use a provisional, as well.  That bumps Tom McCann into the Dash.

Saturday, 4:55pm ET - Anywhere there may be a Super Late Model show somewhere in the country, chances are Heath Hindman will be there.  Hindman has raced his #91 SLM in the Blizzard Series at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL and the CRA Super Series at Indianapolis Raceway Park (IN) in recent weeks, but all the travel is worth it as Hindman has set fast time for tonight's "Over the Mountain 150." 

Qualifiers one through eight will now enter the Dash race to determine their starting order.  The rest of the qualifiers are now entered into the Dash race to determine their starting lineup, while the rest of the order will be set by heats.

1.  Heath Hindman 14.796
2.  Corey Williams 14.798
3.  Dean Clattenburg 14.801
4.  Preston Peltier 14.806
5.  Ryan Lawler 14.906
6.  Lee Tissot 14.936
7.  Mark Gibson 14.941
8.  Zach Stroupe 14.970
9.  Tom McCann 14.971
10.  Perry Brown 14.974
11.  Cassius Clark 14.981
12.  Trevor Sanborn 14.989
13.  Darren Shaw 15.017
14.  Jason Hogan 15.023
15.  Tim Nooner 15.030
16.  Brian Royalty 15.035
17.  Ted Musgrave, Jr. 15.048
18.  Bradley McCaskill 15.057
19.  Brad Bischoff 15.079
20.  Allen Gordon 15.116

Saturday, 4:55pm ET - Qualifying has wrapped up and Heath Hindman has set fast time for tonight's "Over the Mountain 150."  Hindman, Corey Williams, Dean Clattenburg, Preston Peltier, Ryan Lawler, Lee Tissot, Mark Gibson and Zach Stroupe all locked themselves into the 150-lap feature tonight by qualifying in the top-eight.

Saturday, 3:44pm ET - The driver's meeting has concluded.  The qualifying procedure was the hot topic of the meeting.  The top-eight qualifers in time trials will be locked into the field and will start the feature depending on how they finish in the 15-lap Dash race.  From positions nine on down, the starting spots will have to come through heat races.  There will be four heats and the top-four finishers in each 15-lap heat will transfer to the feature.  All drivers who don't transfer through time trials or their heats will be entered into a last-chance feature.  The top two finishers in the last chance race will transfer to the main event, as well.  That leaves two provisional starting spots open, one of which can go to a PASS North driver if not already qualified. 

Saturday, 3:09pm ET - The second and final round of PASS South practice has taken the checkered flag, and as they say, when you're hot you're hot...Corey Williams, the winner of the last three PASS South events, was quickest in final practice.  PASS North young gun Trevor Sanborn was second-quick in the Jay Cushman-owned #29, while rookie Zach Stroupe took the #51 to a third-fastest lap aroung HMS.

That's it for on-track action until the driver's meeting at 3:25 and qualifying at 4pm.

1.  Corey Williams 14.883
2.  Trevor Sanborn 15.020
3.  Zach Stroupe 15.103
4.  Jason Hogan 15.114
5.  Ryan Lawler 15.115
6.  Cassius Clark 15.121
7.  Alex Fleming 15.140
8. Mark Gibson 15.152
9.   Spencer Wauters 15.189
10. Jimmy Doyle 15.234
11.   Mark Reedy 15.251
12.  Billy Wheeler 15.270
13.  Adam Crawford 15.276
14.  Bradley McCaskill 15.302
15.  Lee Tissot 15.320
16.  John Batten 15.335
17.  Chris Bowers 15.338
18.  Justin Wakefield 15.352
19.  Robbie Brown 15.364

Saturday, 2:13pm ET - Among the stout field of Super Late Models here at Hickory are a couple of young kids that are using PASS South as a stepping stone in their careers from the Legends Car ranks.  Kory Blevins, a regular runner in the Summer Shootout series at Lowe's Motor Speedway (NC), is making his Super Late Model debut here today in a bright-white #10 machine.  Another Legends graduate who worked his way up through the Aaron's Pro Challenge Series is 14-year-old Zach Stroupe.  Stroupe has competed on two occasions so far with the PASS South tour this year.

Saturday, 1:42pm ET - The first PASS South practice session is in the books and Preston Peltier set quick time.  Of the 36 cars with registered transponders that took time, the top-34 were all within one second of one another. 

Allison Legacy practice is on the track currently, with the Street Stocks and more PASS South rounds to follow.

1.  Preston Peltier 15.091
2.  Ted Musgrave Jr. 15.118
3.  Trevor Sanborn 15.150
4.  Heath Hindman 15.182
5.  Ryan Lawler 15.186
6.  Alex Fleming 15.190
7.  Tom McCann 15.196
8.  Adam Crawford 15.283
9.  Cassius Clark 15.290
10.  Dean Clattenburg 15.304
11.  Lee Tissot 15.308
12.  Jimmy Doyle 15.324
13.  Bradley McCaskill 15.340
14.  Corey Williams 15.357
15.  Spencer Wauters 15.435
16.  Tim Nooner 15.440
17.  Perry Brown 15.461
18.  Mark Gibson 15.481

Saturday, 12:23pm ET - A quick glance of the Hickory Motor Speedway shows a stellar 41-car field for the "Over the Mountain 150."  Only 28 Super Late Models will take the green flag, meaning that today's time trials, heats and last chance feature will have a lot more drama as 13 cars will not make tonight's feature. 

Here's a list of the guys that are going for the crown in the "Over the Mountain 150."  You'll recognize several PASS North regulars, including Trevor Sanborn and winner of the inaugural Mason-Dixon Meltdown last November Cassius Clark, who has former NASCAR Busch North/East Series, PASS North and Busch/Truck Series driver Ryan Moore on hand helping him out today.

02 Tim Nooner
05 Alex Fleming
09 Dean Clattenburg
5  Preston Peltier
1  Wayne Bowen
3  Jon Michael
5  Spencer Wauters
8  Cassius Clark
10 Kory Blevins
12  Mark Reedy
14  Adam Crawford
16  Tom McCann
17  Darren Shaw
18  Bradley McCaskill
22  Perry Brown
24  Brian Royalty
26  Brandon Johnson
29  Trevor Sanborn
29  Allen Gordon
31  Ryan Lawler
41  Brian Payne

Saturday, 11:15am ET - Welcome to a bright and sunny Hickory Motor Speedway, "America's Most Famous Short Track," for the second-annual running of the PASS South Super Late Models' "Over the Mountain 150."  Upwards of 40 PASS South Super Late Models are on hand unofficially, as there are still several trailers yet to enter the infield here at Hickory.  Thirty-four SLMs hit the historic 4/10-mile on Friday for an open practice session.  A handful more are expected to show up today for raceday.  We'll have a full tally as practice time approaches at 12:30pm ET.

Today, there are the usual suspects from the PASS South ranks here and ready to go, including three-time PASS South winner already this year Corey Williams, the defending winner of this event from 2006 and this season's series point leader Ryan Lawler and Preston Peltier, who is still in search of his first PASS South victory, as well as Allen Gordon, Tim Nooner, Heath Hindman and more.

But there are also some invaders ready to steal the thunder from the PASS South regulars.  Among them are Jason Hogan, who is still considered an outsider despite his past PASS South victory, Adam Crawford (Truck Series driver Rick's son), Legends Car standout Cory Blevins, making his first-ever SLM appearance, and Spencer Wauters, whose father Richie is a noted SLM car owner (Steven Wallace, J.R. Norris among his drivers) and crew chief on the #15 Craftsman Truck Series entry. 

We'll have more throughout the day here at Hickory on those drivers and more here on Trackside Now.  Practice will begin at 12:30, followed by a driver's meeting at 3:25, qualifying at 4:15 and feature events, including PASS South Heats, Dash and the "Over the Mountain 150," starting at 6pm.  Joining PASS South here at Hickory are the Allison Legacy Series and a special 50-lap open Street Stock feature. 

The teams and trailers wait to enter Hickory Motor Speedway Saturday morning.  (51 Photos)
PASS South Officials are busting their humps to get all 41 cars through pre-practice technical inspection.
Clear blue skies and a stellar field of Super Late Models should make for a great day at Hickory.
42  Billy Wheeler
42  Tim Pinion
47  Corey Williams
48  John Batten
51  Zach Stroupe
53  Brad Bischoff
54  Rick Frenette
62  Mark Gibson
66  Chase Austin
71  Jimmy Doyle
72  Ted Musgrave, Jr.
79  Chris Bowers
80  Shannon Mines
88  Lee Tissot
91  Heath Hindman
91  Joe Mattress
92  Jason Hogan
96  Mickey Wright
98  Justin Wakefield
99  Robbie Brown

19.  Darren Shaw 15.514
20.  Jason Hogan 15.535
21.  Mark Reedy 15.581
22.  Rick Frenette 15.625
23.  Zach Stroupe 15.660
24.  Justin Wakefield 15.679
25.  Kory Blevins 15.680
26.  Chris Bowers 15.709
27.  Billy Wheeler 15.740
28.  Brad Bischoff 15.740
29.  Brian Payne 15.745
30.  Allen Gordon 15.786
31.  Wayne Bowen 15.795
32.  Tim Pinion 15.860
33.  Shannon Mines 15.940
34.  Joe Mattress 16.063
35.  Brian Royalty 16.073
36.  Mickey Wright 16.408

Preston Peltier was quickest in the first PASS South practice.
Zach Stroupe is a Legends Car graduate with plenty of laps at Hickory.  He has competed with success here in Legends and Pro Challenge before.
20.  Brian Royalty 15.374
21.  Darren Shaw 15.412
22.  Kory Blevins 15.459
23.  Perry Brown 15.460
24.  Tim Nooner 15.479
25.  Tom McCann 15.491
26.  Wayne Bowen 15.554
27.  Jon Michael 15.582
28.  Shannon Mines 15.613
29.  Brian Payne 15.660
30.  Allen Gordon 15.753
31.  Tim Pinion 15.754
32.   Brad Bischoff 15.756
33.  Rick Frenette 15.787
34.  Brandon Johnson 15.869
35.  Joe Mattress 15.891
36.  Mickey Wright 16.246
37.  Dean Clattenburg 17.294
38.  Heath Hindman 32.104

Corey Williams set fast time in the final PASS South practice.
21.Spencer Wauters 15.117
22.Jimmy Doyle 15.123
23.Adam Crawford 15.123
24.Brian Payne 15.127
25.Chase Austin 15.151
26.Robbie Brown 15.201
27.Alex Fleming 15.212
28.Jon Michael 15.264
29.John Batten 15.271
30.Mark Reedy 15.276
31.Billy Wheeler 15.282
32.Kory Blevins 15.285
33.Brandon Johnson 15.360
34.Chris Bowers 15.418
35.Rick Frenette 15.462
36.Shannon Mines 15.547
37.Joe Mattress 15.593
38.Wayne Bowen 15.768
39.Mickey Wright 15.772
40.Tim Pinion 15.880

Heath Hindman set fast time in qualifying.
With Corey Williams' qualifying DQ, Tom McCann earned the final starting spot in the Dash race to determine the top-eight starters.
Ryan Moore (left) is here at Hickory helping out his Maine buddy Cassius Clark. 
Chase Austin was having a pretty darn good time during the autograph session, but not so much during his heat.
Spencer Wauters (left) has nothing but love for Jason Hogan (right), at least until the green flag drops tonight.
Robbie Brown's second-place finish locked him into the PASS South feature, his first-ever race in the series.
PASS South Point Leader and two-time Hickory winner Ryan Lawler will start from the outside of the second row in the "Over the Mountain 150."
Heath Hindman and his crew celebrate their first-ever PASS South victory at Hickory Motor Speedway.