Trackside Now: PASS South "The Howler 150"
Cassius Clark Takes The Victory
Saturday, 11:45 pm ET - The complete race results (unofficial):

1) #8 – Cassius Clark
2) #4 – Ben Rowe
3) #35 – Derek Ramstrom
4) #31 – Ryan Lawler
5) #47 – Corey Williams
6) #5 – Preston Peltier
7) #54 – Jeff Fultz
8) #76 – Gary Greenwood, Jr.
9) #2 – Mike Rowe
10) #09 – Randy Gentry
11) #22b – Perry Brown
12) #02 – Tim Nooner
13) #2x – Ralph Carnes
14) #91x – Heath Hindman
15) #0 – Strom Altman
16) #51 – Zach Stroupe
17) #53 – Brad Bischoff
18) #98 – Justin Wakefield
19) #09c – Dean Clattenburg
20) #42 – Tim Pinion
21) #29 – Allen Karnes
22) #14 – Clete Caywood
23) #32 – Randy Porter
24) #62 – Mark Gibson
25) #88 – Lee Tissot
26) #8x – Ed Surrett
27) #71 – Jimmy Doyle
28) #41 – Brian Payne
29) #10k – Kory Blevins
30) #80 – Shannon Mines

Saturday, 10:52 pm ET - Cassius Clark dethroned the weekend king Ben Rowe by passing him for the lead on lap 134, driving off from him and onto the victory in "The Howler 150" PASS South event.

Ben Rowe finished second with Derek Ramstrom making a late charge up to the third position.  Series points leader Ryan Lawler finished fourth with Corey Williams fifth.

We are going to go talk to the drivers.  The full field rundown will be coming up yet tonight.

Saturday, 10:42 pm ET - Just when everyone thought Ben Rowe was going to run off with it, here comes Cassius Clark.  Since the restart at lap 100, Clark has been hounding the back bumper of Rowe for the top spot.  Mere inches seperated the two for multiple laps as the two continue to distance themselves from the rest of the field. 

With 25 laps to go, Ben Rowe leads Clark, followed by Mike Rowe, Ryan Lawler and Corey Williams.

Saturday, 10:32 pm ET - 100 laps in the books as the caution comes out again for a spin in turn one by Allen Karnes.  With 50 laps remaining, Ben Rowe continues to show the way with Cassius Clark, Corey Williams, Mike Rowe and Heath Hindman rounding out the top five.

Saturday, 10:28 pm ET - Dean Clattenburg brings out the caution flag on lap 94 when he lost power on his car down the front stretch and couldn't make it back around to the pits, stopping on the backstretch.  This is a tough break for Clattenburg as he was fourth in series points heading into this event.

Top five: 1) Ben Rowe, 2) Corey Williams, 3) Mike Rowe, 4) Cassius Clark, 5) Ryan Lawler

Saturday, 10:19 pm ET - Ben and Mike Rowe led the field back down to the green flag, but the yellow came out again as Zach Stroupe spun in turn one.  Clete Caywood wasn't able to get stopped in time, running into the front left of Stroupe.

Caywood is being pulled off the track on the hook while Stroupe drove around to the pit area so the team can evaluate the damage.

Mike Rowe was able to beat Ben Rowe back to the yellow, so the two will restart side by side, but flip flopped.

Saturday, 10:14 pm ET - Caution has come out here on lap 81 for debris on the track between turns one and two.  The #51 of Zach Stroupe will be the lucky dog, and will get his lap back from the leaders.

During the yellow flag, Jeff Fultz gave up his sixth-place position to make a pitstop for an adjustment.

Top five: 1) Ben Rowe, 2) Mike Rowe, 3) Cassius Clark, 4) Corey Williams, 5) Ryan Lawler

Saturday, 10:08 pm ET - Cassius Clark is showing his muscle by moving up to the third position after starting 11th.  Lawler is currently fourth and Corey Williams has moved to fifth.  Jeff Fultz has been kicked to sixth with 70 laps on the board. The Rowe family still occupies the first and second positions with Ben in front of Mike.

Saturday, 9:58 pm ET - Neither Jeff Fultz nor Mike Rowe care to run second as both drivers keep swapping the lead.  Each driver has been outdriving each other going into the corners, forcing the other up the track.  The lead has swapped five times in the last 15 laps.

Unfortunately for Fultz, he doesn't have a family member out on the track like the Rowe family.  Ben Rowe was able to move his way under Fultz, dropping him to third.  A lap later, Ben moved by Mike to take the lead.

Currently at 40 laps, it is Ben Rowe, Mike Rowe, Jeff Fultz, Ryan Lawler and Corey Williams in the top five.

Saturday, 9:44 pm ET - The green flag came back out on lap 15, but immediately the yellow flew again as Lee Tissot spun going into turn one and backed it into the wall.  Jeff Fultz took the lead during the quick restart from Mike Row, so he will lead the field back down for the green.

Saturday, 9:33 pm ET - The red flag is out for a horrific wreck on the front stretch.  The #80 of Shannon Mines slowed going into turn three and was slow through the corner.  Mines creaped his car down the front stretch along the wall past the flagstand.  Cars swerved to miss him as the caution was not thrown until the #10k of Kory Blevins slammed hard into the rear of Mines' car, sending Blevins up in the air and over, into the turn one wall. 

Thankfully both drivers were able to climb from their cars shortly after the scary incident. 

The cleanup from this incident is going to take quite a while as there is debris and fluids all the way down to turn one.

Saturday, 9:27 pm ET - Ben Rowe lead the first lap, but didn't hold that spot long as Jeff Fultz took the top spot at lap three.  However his lead was cut short as Mike Rowe jumped to the lead on lap five.

A caution almost came out when Justin Wakefield had trouble and stopped going into turn one.  He backed his car up through the front split in the wall.

Saturday, 9:25 pm ET - The green flag is out and we are racing at Greenville-Pickens.

Saturday, 9:19 pm ET - The turnout for tonight's "The Howler 150" was huge as the stands are packed and the back-stretch staggered hill parking is full of fans.

The PASS South cars just fired up their motors and are on their warmup laps.

Saturday, 8:25 pm ET - The local racing has completed and the PASS South drivers are now getting ready for their meet and greet.

Saturday, 7:52 pm ET - Scheduling sometimes doesn't work the way you would like it.  Due to a few issues throughout the afternoon and evening, activities are running just a bit behind here at the trak. 

The Late Model Stock 75-lap feature is currently on the track.  Once they take the checkered flag, the PASS South drivers will start to move their cars to the front stretch for a meet and greet with the fans as well as a "trick or treat" candy giveaway with the teams.

Saturday, 7:45 pm ET - The field is set for "The Howler 150" PASS South feature.  Normally the officials would start 28 cars, but since there are only two cars that can run that missed the show, they are giving them the option to start the race if they would like to.

Here is the starting order and how they got their starting position.

1) #4 - Ben Rowe  (Dash - 1st)
2) #54 - Jeff Fultz  (Dash - 2nd)
3) #2- Mike Rowe  (Dash - 3rd)
4) #31 - Ryan Lawler  (Dash - 4th)
5) #98 - Justin Wakefield  (Dash - 5th)
6) #47 - Corey Williams  (Dash - 6th)
7) #5 - Preston Peltier  (Dash - 7th)
8) #91x - Heath Hindman  (Dash - 8th)
9) #35 - Derek Ramstrom  (Heat 1 - 1st)
10) #88 - Lee Tissot  (Heat 2 - 1st)
11) #8 - Cassius Clark  (Heat 3 - 1st)
12) #09 - Randy Gentry  (Heat 1 - 2nd)
13) #09 - Dean Clattenburg  (Heat 2 - 2nd)
14) #32 - Randy Porter  (Heat 3 - 2nd)
15) #62 - Mark Gibson  (Heat 1 - 3rd)
16) #53 - Brad Bischoff  (Heat 2 - 3rd)
17) #0 - Strom Altman  (Heat 3 - 3rd)
18) #2x - Ralph Carnes  (Heat 1 - 4th)
19) #22b - Perry Brown  (Heat 2 - 4th)
20) #71 - Jimmy Doyle  (Heat 3 - 4th)
21) #10k - Kory Blevins  (Heat 1 - 5th)
22) #29 - Allen Karnes  (Heat 2 - 5th)
23) #76 - Gary Greenwood, Jr.  (Heat 3 - 5th)
24) #51 - Zach Stroupe  (Consi - 1st)
25) #8x - Ed Surrett  (Consi - 2nd)
26) #02 - Tim Nooner  (Consi - 3rd)
27) #41 - Brian Payne  (Provisional)
28) #80 - Shannon Mines  (Provisional)
29) #14 - Clete aywood  (Option - can start if chooses)
30) #42 - Tim Pinion  (Option - can start if chooses)
DNS) #54x - Rick Frenette  (wrecked in heat)

Saturday, 7:25 pm ET - Zach Stroupe, who celebrates his 15th birthday tomorrow, took the lead from Ed Surrett at lap five and drove off, taking the victory in the last chance "Consi" event.  Tim Nooner, third in points in the PASS South season championship chase, had to race his way into the field, and by finishing third he did just that.

The field has been set.  We will have a full starting grid shortly.

Saturday, 7:17 pm ET - The last chance "Consi" is on the track, taking their pace laps.  Unfortunately, Rick Frenette couldn't make it out to the starting grid, so we will not see him race anymore tonight.

Saturday, 6:44 pm ET - Eight drivers are not locked into the race at this point (five positions left) and will race in the Last Chance race.  They are (in no order): Clete Claywood, Tim Pinion, Zach Stroupe, Brian Payne, Shannon Mines, Ed Surrett, Tim Nooner and Rick Frenette.  Frenette hit the wall pretty hard during his heat race and eventually coasted his way off the track, so his start is questionable. 

Another interesting development occured during the Dash race.  Heath Hindman had trouble in turn two, taking his car for a spin.  He was able to continue and limped around to the finish of the race in last, but the team has some work to do to get the car back up to speed.  They are currently working on his car in the pits.

Saturday, 6:34 pm ET - Ben Rowe easily took the checkered flag in the Dash race, putting him on the pole for the race.  Jeff Fultz crossed the line in second, putting him outside pole.  Mike Rowe started from the back and worked his way to the back bumper of Fultz on the last lap to finish third.  Ryan Lawler, Justin Wakefield, Corey Williams, Preston Peltier and Heath Hindman rounded out the field.

A total of 23 drivers have now been locked in the field (five from each heat, plus the eight in the Dash).  The last chance race will be coming soon, which will set the 28-car field.  First, some local division racing will take place, which will give the drivers time to get their cars right for their last attempt into the field. 

Saturday, 6:23 pm ET - A great battle for the top spot throughout the third heat race resulted in Cassius Clark nipping Randy Porter for the win.  Strom Artman, Jimmy Doyle and Gary Greenwood, Jr. rounded out the top five.  Clete Claywood and Tim Pinion ended up sixth and seventh.

The Dash race to determine the starting eight positions is now on the track for their race.

Saturday, 6:18 pm ET - Lee Tissot lead all the laps in the second heat to take the win. Dean Clattenburg crossed the line in second with Brad Bischoff and Perry Brown in the third and fourth positions.  Allen Karnes made the move on the last lap by Zach Stroupe to take the fifth position.  Brian Payne and Shannon Mines finished in the last two positions.

Heat race three is on the track.

Saturday, 6:12 pm ET - Derek Ramstrom beat Randy Gentry to the finish line, taking the first heat victory.  They were followed by Mark Gibson, Ralph Carnes and Kory Blevins. 

Ed Surrett, Tim Nooner and Rick Frenette rounded out the field in the first heat race.

The second heat is on the track with Lee Tissot leading the field to the green flag.

Saturday, 6:04 pm ET - The first heat race is on the track.  We will have updates throughout the heat race action.

Saturday, 5:18 pm ET - The top eight drivers are the only ones "locked" into the race.  They will race in a 12-lap Dash to determine who will start in what position.  The remainder of the field will be set by 12-lap heat races, which are scheduled to start around the 6:00 pm time frame.

Saturday, 5:04 pm ET - Here are the full qualifying results:

1) #2  Mike Rowe (19.768)
2) #4  Ben Rowe (19.789)
3) #54  Jeff Fultz (19.862)
4) #47  Corey Williams (19.916)
5) #5  Preston Peltier (19.933)
6) #31  Ryan Lawler (19.980)
7) #91x  Heath Hindman (19.994)
8) #98  Justin Wakefield (20.027)
9) #09  Randy Gentry (20.074)
10) #88  Lee Tissot (20.134)
11) #8  Cassius Clark (20.136)
12) #62  Mark Gibson (20.152)
13) #09c  Dean Clattenburg (20.154)
14) #32  Randy Porter (20.182)
15) #35  Derek Ramstrom (20.184)
16) #53  Brad Bischoff (20.212)
17) #76  Gary Greenwood, Jr. (20.231)
18) #2x  Ralph Carnes (20.264)
19) #22b  Perry Brown (20.265)
20) #0  Strom Artman (20.301)
21) #02  Tim Nooner (20.307)
22) #29  Allen Karnes (20.325)
23) #71  Jimmy Doyle (20.364)
24) #54x  Rick Frenette (20.485)
25) #51  Zach Stroupe (20.514)
26) #42  Tim Pinion (20.582)
27) #8x  Ed Surrett (20.604)
28) #41  Brian Payne (20.805)
29) #14  Clete Caywood (20.852)
30) #10k  Kory Blevins (20.889)
31) #80  Shannon Mines (no time - wrecked coming off turn four coming to the green)

Saturday, 4:51 pm ET - All weekend Mike and Ben Rowe have been wicked fast, and they proved that again in qualifying as the top two qualifiers.  Mike beat out Ben by .021 seconds for the fast qualifier for The Howler 150.  

Full qualifying results will appear shortly.

Saturday, 4:15 pm ET - It looks like everything is back on target.  Tim Nooner will kick off the session.  Corey Williams will get to requalify, and he is currently lined up behind the field.

Saturday, 4:03 pm ET - Just as quick as qualifying started, it stopped. 

Timing and scoring did not pick up Corey Williams on either of his laps.  Officials are trying to determine why the system is failing.  It worked earlier during the practice sessions, but something went awry since.

The track is trying to hook up a system back up that they removed after the Late Model Stock qualifying, hoping that will get things back on track this afternoon.

Saturday, 4:00 pm ET - The PASS South cars are lined up on pit road and the first car has taken to the track.  Corey Williams will pace the field in qualifying.

Saturday, 3:25 pm ET - Randy Porter had problems in practice earlier today, so the team loaded up the car and headed back to the shop to make some repairs.  His hauler was parked outside the track waiting for the completion of the Late Model Stock car qualifying, and now that it has completed, the team has driven back into the racing facility so they can unload for qualifying, which will start in 35 minutes.

Saturday, 3:09 pm ET - The drivers and teams are getting their cars ready for qualifying, which will kick off at 4:00 pm.  The Late Model Stock drivers are lined up and ready to start their qualifying session.  Included in that group is Coleman Pressley, son of NASCAR racer Robert Pressley (1988 track champion at Greenville-Pickens).

Saturday, 1:54 pm ET - Some of the buzz happening this weekend has nothing to do with the cars on the track, but "The Howler 150" shirts being sold by 51 Designs in the infield (and later this afternoon in the grandstands area).  A track representative let us know that they have been flooded with phone calls and emails on how they can get ahold of a shirt since the design was released earlier this week online.  Even Randy Smith, the flagman for the PASS South series, has got into "The Howler" spirit by wearing the shirt on the flagstand during practice sessions. 

The driver's meeting is next, which will take place at 2:15 pm. 

Saturday, 1:41 pm ET - Complete final round practice times:

1) #2  Mike Rowe (20.266)
2) #4  Ben Rowe (20.324)
3) #47  Corey Williams (20.435)
4) #98  Justin Wakefield (20.455)
5) #8  Cassius Clark (20.468)
6) #35  Derek Ramstrom (20.502)
7) #31  Ryan Lawler (20.548)
8) #54  Jeff Fultz (20.570)
9) #2x  Ralph Carnes (20.617)
10) #0  Strom Artman (20.630)
11) #5  Preston Peltier (20.668)
12) #88  Lee Tissot (20.696)
13) #10k  Kory Blevins (20.721)
14) #71  Jimmy Doyle (20.821)
15) #22b  Perry Brown (20.890)
16) #51  Zach Stroupe (20.913)
17) #62  Mark Gibson (20.934)
18) #53  Brad Bischoff (21.026)
19) #09c  Dean Clattenburg (21.045)
20) #02  Tim Nooner (21.129)
21) #54  Rick Frenette (21.322)
22) #42  Tim Pinion (21.339)
23) #41  Brian Payne (21.370)
24) #29  Allen Karnes (21.383)
25) #80  Shannon Mines (21.473)
26) #8x  Ed Surrett (21.608)
27) #09  Randy Gentry (39.873)
28) #14  Clete Caywood (no time)
29) #76  Gary Greenwood, Jr. (no time)

Saturday, 1:27 pm ET - The second and final practice session has concluded for the PASS South brigade.  The yellow was thrown three times for spins on the track.  Clete Caywood caused one of the three yellows when he spun and hit the wall in turn three.  The team is currently working on the car in the pits.

On the speed chart, Mike and Ben Rowe topped the list in the final session with Corey Williams, Justin Wakefield and Cassius Clark rounding out the top five.

The second round times will be up shortly.

Saturday, 12:55 pm ET - The PASS South gang are waiting at the exit of pit road coming off turn two for the completion of the local series practice so they can get back on track for their final 15 minutes prior to qualifying.  Teams were thrashing during the last hour making changes in hopes they will hit the right setup.

Saturday, 12:45 pm ET - We found out more on the Brian Payne backup situation.  According to Payne, his car was torn up pretty bad yesterday to where they think they will have to replace the front clip.  The backup car he is driving today hasn't seen a track since 2002, so the team has their work cut out for them today in the two short practice sessions getting it up to speed before qualifying.

Saturday, 12:42 pm ET - Complete practice times from Saturday's first round:

1) #98  Justin Wakefield (20.205)
2) #2  Mike Rowe (20.311)
3) #5  Preston Peltier (20.357)
4) #47  Corey Williams (20.418)
5) #4  Ben Rowe (20.431)
6) #54  Jeff Fultz (20.439)
7) #35  Derek Ramstrom (20.468)
8) #8  Cassius Clark (20.539)
9) #31  Ryan Lawler (20.639)
10) #88  Lee Tissot (20.655)
11) #22b  Perry Brown (20.680)
12) #0  Strom Artman (20.739)
13) #09  Randy Gentry (20.742)
14) #76  Gary Greenwood, Jr. (20.783)
15) #62  Mark Gibson (20.820)
16) #71  Jimmy Doyle (20.857)
17) #14  Clete Caywood (20.909)
18) #53  Brad Bischoff (20.925)
19) #91x  Heath Hindman (20.985)
20) #51  Zach Stroupe (20.998)
21) #2x  Ralph Carnes (21.003)
22) #09c  Dean Clattenburg (21.009)
23) #80  Shannon Mines (21.181)
24) #02  Tim Nooner (21.198)
25) #41  Brian Payne (21.274)
26) #8x  Ed Surrett (21.420)
27) #42  Tim Pinion (21.499)
28) #10k  Kory Blevins (21.640)
29) #29  Allen Karnes (21.827)

Saturday, 12:25 pm ET - The first of two practice sessions has concluded.  The only yellow during the 15 minutes was for Allen Karnes spinning out in turn two. 

Justin Wakefield topped the practice charts ahead of Mike Rowe, Preston Peltier, Corey Williams and Ben Rowe

Full practice times from round one will be posted shortly.

Saturday, 11:43 am ET - All the teams have made it through tech and are in the pits making final adjustments to their cars before the first of two practice sessions, from 12:00 to 12:15 pm.  The scramble will be on to get all they can get in a short time frame.

Saturday, 11:00 am ET - It is a great morning here at Greenville-Pickens Speedway in Greenville, South Carolina for the seventh stop on the PASS South 2007 tour.  Rain that had moved into the area this week has moved out, allowing for a full day of practice yesterday and bright sunny skies this morning.

Approximately 26 cars took to the track Friday for the five practice sessions throughout the day.  It was obvious we are in the full moon cycle as a few cars experienced mechanical issues, blown motors and contact with the wall, forcing them to head to the house.  Included in that list is the #41 of Brian Payne, the #5S of Spencer Wauters and the #05 of Alex Fleming.  Of those three cars, the only one to come back Saturday was Payne, who has a second car now at the track.

Although transponders were not used during the practice sessions, multiple stopwatches throughout the pit area had Ben Rowe as the fastest driver of the day, blistering around the track in his #4 machine.  Mike Rowe and Preston Peltier were also quick on the clocks.

Today, more cars have made it to the track to push the car count around the 30 mark.  Currently, the cars are going through the tech line, awaiting the first of two short practice sessions today.  Here is the daily schedule:

9:00amPit Gates Open

12:00 – 12:15pmPASS SLM
12:15 – 12:30pmLate Model Stocks
12:30 – 12:40pmSportsman
12:40 – 12:50pmChargers
12:50 – 1:00pmRenegades                      

1:00 – 1:15pmPASS SLM
1:15 – 1:30pmLate Model Stocks
1:30 – 1:40pmSportsman
1:40 – 1:50pmChargers
1:50 – 2:00pmRenegades 

2:15pmDrivers meeting

2:30pmLineup Late Model Stock Time Trials
3:00pmLate Model Stock Time Trials
3:30pmLineup PASS SLM Time Trials
4:00pmPASS SLM Time Trials
5:00pmSportsman heats (6 laps)
  Charger heats     (6 laps)
  Renegades          (6 laps)

6:00pm    PASS Super Late Model heats (12 laps)
PASS Super Late Model Dash (12 laps)
Sportsman feature (30 laps)
Charger feature (25 laps)
Renegade feature (20 laps)
Late Model Stock feature (75 laps)

Approx 8:30pmPASS Super Late Model “The Howler" (150 laps)

Justin Wakefield paced the first of two practice sessions Saturday afternoon.  (51 Photo)
Legends Car standout Thomas Hartensvield Jr helps out a friend and watches the action as he is making the move to bigger cars next season.   (51 Photos) 
Spencer Wauters looks over his heavily-damaged car. 
Brian Payne's crew looks at the mangled #41 machine after Friday's practice wreck, but they came back Saturday with another car.   (51 Photos) 
PASS South points leader Ryan Lawler and others get prepared to practice.   (51 Photo) 
Randy Smith, flagman for the PASS South series, is sporting a new "The Howler 150" shirt.  (51 Photo)
Clete Claywood's crew tends to his damaged car in the pit area after a turn three spin.  (51 Photo)
Ben Rowe has been fast all weekend.  (51 Photo)
Shannon Mines lost it off turn four coming to the green flag during qualifying, clobbering the end of pit wall.
Even the fans at Greenville-Pickens are getting into ""The Howler" spirit by dressing up.  (51 Photo)
Jeff Fultz and Tim Pinion on track.  (51 Photos)
Dean Clattenburg finished second in his heat race, transferring him to the feature.  (51 Photos)
Cassius Clark.  (51 Photos)
Tomorrow Zach Stroupe turns 15 years old.  Today, he won the last chance race, putting him in the show.  (51 Photos)
Shannon Mines (bottom left) got creamed by Kory Blevins (right) while he was almost stopped on the front stretch under green flag conditions.  Both drivers were ok.  (51 Photos)
Cassius Clark and his crew celebrate in victory lane.