Trackside Now: PASS South "South Carolina Clash"
Ryan Lawler Is Champion of South Carolina Clash
Sunday 1:00pm ET - The rain showers that brought some much-needed rain to the drought-stricken Southeast Saturday have moved through the Anderson, SC area and are long gone today at Anderson Motor Speedway.  It's a bright and sunny day with temperatures in the mid-80's for the continuation of the PASS South "South Carolina Clash."

The PASS South competitors are on track now for a short practice session before the Dash and heat races roll off at 2pm. The starting lineup for this afternoon's 125-lap main event will be determined after those heats.  Also on hand are the Anderson weekly Legends Cars and Mini Stocks.  The Redneck Racing Series, who qualified yesterday, will not be back on Sunday due to prior commitments for many of the series' competitors.

Only one PASS South competitor did not make the trip back to Anderson for Sunday's race, the #42 of Tim Pinion.  In his place, the #05 of Alex Fleming has returned after having motor problems on Friday's practice day.  That makes for 28 cars for the 28 starting spots today.

We'll have full coverage of all the day's action here on "Trackside Now" from Anderson Motor Speedway.

The PASS South teams of Ryan Lawler (#31) and Ben Rowe (#4) unload their machines Sunday under bright and sunny skies.  (51 Photos)
Sunday 1:25pm ET - 14-year-old Zach Stroupe, making his Super Late Model debut, set the quickest time in final PASS South practice here at Anderson.  Stroupe bested Alex Fleming, Ted Musgrave, Jr., Johnny Brazier and John Batten.

Weekly series practice is on track for the remainder of the hour, with PASS South heats scheduled for 2pm.

PASS South Final Practice
1. Zach Stroupe 16.175
2.  Alex Fleming 16.183
3. Ted Musgrave, Jr. 16.201
4. Johnny Brazier 16.232
5. John Batten 16.262
6. Tom McCann 16.287
7.  Jimmy Doyle  16.316
8.  Dean Clattenburg 16.324
9.  Ben Rowe 16.363
10.  Logan Dernoshek 16.378
11. Mark Gibson 16.427
12.  Tim Nooner 16.453
13.  Ryan Lawler 16.457
14.  Preston Peltier 16.503
15.  Chris Dunn 16.544
16.  Joe Mattress 16.575
17.  Thomas Stokes 16.662
18.  Jason Hogan 16.663
19.  Lee Hansard 16.717
20.  Brian Payne 16.799
21.  Mark Reedy 16.967
22.  Allen Gordon 17.356
Zach Stroupe was the quickest of all the drivers in final PASS South practice Sunday.  (51 Photos)
Sunday 2:45pm ET - The heat races for the PASS South Super Late Models, and the Trophy Dash are over.  The winners of the heats were Jimmy Doyle, Zach Stroupe and Allen Gordon respectively with Ryan Lawler winning the Trophy Dash and the top starting spot.

Heat 1
1. Jimmy Doyle
2. Jason Hogan
3. Tim Nooner
4. Logan Dernoshek
5. Thomas Stokes
6. Chris Dunn
7. Todd Schuler

Heat 2
1. Zach Stroupe
2. Johnny Brazier
3. Tom McCann
4. Dean Clattenburg
5. Brandon Johnson
6. Shannon Mines
Heat 3
1. Allen Gordon
2. John Batten
3. Alex Fleming
4. Lee Hansard
5. Mark Reedy
6. Mark Gibson
7. Joe Mattress

Trophy Dash Results
1. Ryan Lawler
2. Preston Peltier
3. Teddy Musgrave Jr
4. Brian Payne
5. Heath Hindman
6. Gary Greenwood Jr
7. Ben Rowe
8. Jeremy Rice

Jimmy Doyle passed Jason Hogan for the heat race win.
Sunday 4:45pm ET - It's all over and Ryan Lawler is the winner of the second-annual "South Carolina Clash 125.  Stay tuned for more.

Sunday 4:17pm ET - Lap 100, 25 laps to go, and Lawler still leads the way, but lapped traffic is helping keep Gary Greenwood close.  Johnny Brazier still runs third, but nearly a half-lap behind the two leaders.

Sunday 4:17pm ET - Halfway lap 62 - Lawler still holding off Greenwood, while Brazier, Rowe and Hogan battle for third.

Sunday 4:10pm ET - Finally a breather after a long green flag run on lap 61.  Early leader Ted Musgrave, Jr. brought out the yellow and has gotten the black flag for intentionally causing a caution after getting a flat tire in the fourth turn.  Ryan Lawler has been holding off Gary Greenwood through a ton of lapped traffic, but the Easter Bunny 150 winner eariler in the year still has the lead.  It's Lawler, Greenwood, Rowe, Johnny Brazier and Jason Hogan in the top-five.

Sunday 4:05pm ET - It's lap 50 and there's a familiar name in the lead of the "South Carolina Clash."  Ryan Lawler has the lead, but a local favorite Gary Greenwood, Jr. is hot on his heels.  It's Lawler, Greenwood, Musgrave, Ben Rowe and Heath Hindman in the top-five.

Sunday 3:49pm ET - Caution is out on lap 16 for the crashed car of Mark Reedy.  Reedy made contact with Tom McCann, forcing Zach Stroupe to take evasive action to get by.  The top five are currently Peltier, Musgrave, Lawler, Hindman and Gary Greenwood.

Sunday 3:34pm ET - We're working lap five and there have already been two caution flags, the first on lap three for the spun car of Tommy Stokes in turn two and the most recent for theh spun car of Brandon Johnson in turn three.  Ryan Lawler showed the way in the opening laps, but on the restart after the first yellow, Preston Peltier took the jump on the outside line to take the lead that he still holds over Lawler, Ted Musgrave, Jr., Brian Payne and Heath Hindman.

Sunday 3:23pm ET - The field has gotten the command to fire engines, after the competitors and fans honored a moment of silence to remember last year's "South Carolina Clash" winner Charlie Bradberry.  Plenty of "Charlie stories" have been shared throughout the pit area all weekend and everyone's racing with a heavy heart today.
Starting Lineup
1.  Ryan Lawler
2.  Preston Peltier
3.  Ted Musgrave, Jr.
4.  Brian Payne
5.  Heath Hindman
6.  Gary Greenwood, Jr.
7.  Ben Rowe
8.  Jeremy Rice
9.  Jimmy Doyle
10.  Zach Stroupe
11.  Allen Gordon
12.  Jason Hogan
13.  Johnny Brazier
14.  John Batten
15.  Tim Nooner
16.  Tom McCann, Jr.
17.  Alex Fleming
18.  Logan Dernoshek
19.  Dean Clattenburg
20.  Lee Hansard
21.  Thomas Stokes
22.  Brandon Johnson
23.  Mark Reedy
24.  Chris Dunn
25.  Shannon Mines
26.  Mark Gibson
27.  Todd Schuler
28.  Joe Mattress
Sunday 5:38pm ET - Ryan Lawler is now two-for-two on the year in PASS South, having scored victory in the "South Carolina Clash" 125-lap event at Anderson Motor Speedway.  Lawler held off the advances of local favorite and former Anderson Late Model Stock track champion Gary Greenwood, Jr. for his third career PASS South win. 

Johnny Brazier crossed the line third, while Jason Hogan and Ben Rowe finished fourth and fifth respectively as they slid across the start/finish line crashing in a spectacular wreck.  Both drivers were unhurt, but have significant damage to their cars.

1.Ryan Lawler
2.Gary Greenwood
3.Johnny Brazier
4.Jason Hogan
5.Ben Rowe
6.Dean Clattenburg
7.Chris Dunn
8.Tom McCann
9.Allen Gordon
10.Heath Hindman
11.Tim Nooner
12.Mark Reedy
13.John Batten
14.Todd Schuler
15.Preston Peltier
16.Brandon Johnson
17.Mark Gibson
18.Jeremy Rice
19.Ted Musgrave, Jr.
20.Joe Mattress
21.Thomas Stokes
22.Jimmy Doyle
23.Lee Hansard
24.Zach Stroupe
25.Shannon Mines
26.Brian Payne
27.Logan Dernoshek
28.Alex Fleming

Ryan Lawler went to Anderson's victory lane.  (51 Photos)
While Jason Hogan (red car) and Ben Rowe (yellow car) wrecked across the start-finish line ...