Trackside Now: PASS South "South Carolina Clash"
Time Trials In, but Rain Postpones Features Until Sunday
Some of the big news from Friday's open practice session included Hunter Robbins' motor issues that forced him to pull out of the "South Carolina Clash" event.  While he was disappointed he had to pack up early and leave, Robbins did tell that he is looking forward to competing in the PASS South event at Peachstate Speedway in July. 

PASS South Points leader Ryan Lawler also suffered engine woes in practice Friday, but his Lawler Motorsports team swapped the engine out of their backup car and put it in their primary car early this morning and are ready to hit the track from practice. 

We'll have more from Anderson throughout the day, so stay tuned.


Teams are busy unloading for tonight's South Carolina Clash at Anderson (51 Photos)
Saturday 1:00pm ET - Practice is underway for the Super Late Models, so far it has been incident free.   Several cars are still rolling through tech and their appears to be close to 30 cars in the garage area.

Saturday 11:50am ET - It's raceday here in Anderson, SC's Anderson Motor Speedway for round number-two of the PASS South Season - it's the second-annual "South Carolina Clash."

Teams are milling around, preparing their Super Late Models for the first PASS South practice session of the day, which is scheduled for 1pm.  The tech line has been the busiest place so far, as every one of the nearly 30 cars in attendance (an exact count and full roster will be available soon, once the teams have all unloaded from their trailers) has had to go through PASS South officials' fine-tooth combs before hitting the track.
First Round Practice Times
1. Gary Greenwood (15.927)
2. Ben Rowe (15.987)
3. Jeremy Rice (16.073)
4. John Batten (16.115)
5. Jimmy Doyle (16.122)
6. Ryan Lawler (16.166)
7. Tom McCann (16.217)
8. Teddy Musgrave Jr. (16.242)
9. Chris Dunn (16.379)
10. Dean Clattenburg (16.395)
11. Zach Stroupe (16.420)
12. Johnny Brazier (16.467)
13. Preston Peltier (16.509)
14. Tim Nooner (16.610)
15. Lee Hansard (16.632)
16. Brian Payne (16.645)
17. Jason Hogan (16.697)
18. Mark Reedy (16.758)
19. Allen Gordon (16.811)
20. Logan Dernoshek (16.873)
21. Tim Pinion (16.957)
22. Shannon Mines (16.986)
23. Joe Mattress (17.063)
24. Brandon Johnson (17.694)
Saturday 2:00pm ET - The second round of practice is now underway, and Greenwood Jr, has not been back on the track as of yet.  Several other drivers, including Ryan Lawler and Heath Hindman seem to be trying to find the short way around the 3/8th mile track, riding the white line around the bottom of the racetrack.

Saturday 1:40pm ET - The first round of practice for the Super Late Models is complete and a large portion of the cars in the field took time.  No cautions occured during the thirty minute practice and Gary Greenwood Jr, was on top.

Gary Greenwood Jr. didn't get much practice in yesterday as his car sat idle for most of the day, but that didn't stop him from topping the charts on Saturday.   (51 Photos)
Saturday 2:00pm ET - The second round of practice is now complete and Preston Peltier was the fastest in that session with a time of 15.829.  Legends Cars are out on the track now for their practice session.

Second Round Practice Times
1. Preston Peltier (15.829)
2. Ben Rowe (15.959)
3. Jimmy Doyle (15.984)
4. Ryan Lawler (16.055)
5. Tim Nooner (16.102)
6. John Batten (16.120)
7. Heath Hindman (16.221)
8. Tom McCann (16.243)
9. Teddy Musgrave Jr., (16.315)
10. Johnny Brazier (16.346)
11. Chris Dunn (16.358)
12. Lee Hansard (16.454)
13. Dean Clattenburg (16.474)
14. Jason Hogan (16.547)
15. Brian Payne (16.571)
16. Tim Pinion (16.784)
17. Mark Reedy (16.821)
18. Mark Gibsob (16.830)
19. Allen Gordon (16.958)
20. Joe Mattress (17.040)
21. Logan Dernoshek (17.101)
22. Shannon Mines (17.170)
23. Brandon Johnson (17.632)
The No. 5 of Preston Peltier has earned PASS poles before, Anderson could be another one.
Saturday 3:35pm ET - The final round of practice before today's South Carolina Clash is now complete. Ryan Lawler was on top of the charts.

Third Round Practice Times
1. Ryan Lawler (15.951)
2. Gary Greenwood (15.989)
3. Tom McCann (16.028)
4. Tim Nooner (16.041)
5. John Batten (16.059)
6. Ben Rowe (16.077)
7. Mark Reedy (16.158)
8. Teddy Musgrave Jr., (16.167)
9. Jimmy Doyle (16.180)
10. Allen Gordon (16.180)
11. Zach Stroupe (16.236)
12. Dean Clattenburg (16.258)
13. Johnny Brazier (16.316)
14. Chris Dunn (16.457)
15. Lee Hansard (16.517)
16. Joe Mattess (16.601)
17. Shannon Mines (16.662)
18. Logan Dernoshek (17.075)
19. Jon Michael (17.084)
20. Brandon Johnson (17.261_
21. Brian Payne (18.073)
Ryan Lawler topped the speed charts in final practice.
Saturday 4:20pm ET - Qualifying for tonight's South Carolina Clash is now underway.  Stay tuned for a full qualifying report.

Saturday 4:10pm ET - The cars are beginning to line up for time trials which are scheduled to go off at 4:15pm.  There are currently 29 cars in the pit area who would attempt to take time, but it is being reported to that the No. 66 of Jon Michael will not take time.  That leaves 28 cars that will all get to race in the 28 car field.  26 of those spots will be set by time while two of those spots will be awarded as provisionals.  Tom McCann will be the first to take time. 
Saturday 4:53pm ET - Time Trials for the South Carolina Clash is over, and Preston Peltier has the pole.  These results will line the cars up for their heat races and the Dash, which will determine their starting positions for the South Carolina Clash.

Time Trial Results
1.  Preston Peltier - 15.606
2. Ryan Lawler - 15.653
3. Ben Rowe - 15.758
4. Heath Hindman - 15.761
5. Jeremy Rice - 15.774
6. Brian Payne - 15.809
7. Gary Greenwood - 15.857
8. Teddy Musgrave, Jr. - 15.880
9. Jason Hogan - 15.889
10. Zach Stroupe - 15.890
11. John Batten - 15.891
12. Jimmy Doyle - 15.914
13. Johnny Brazier - 15.919
14. Allen Gordon - 15.971
15. Tim Nooner - 15.991
16. Tom McCann - 15.998
17. Mark Reedy - 16.047
18. Logan Dernoshek - 16.054
19. Dean Clattenburg - 16.055
20. Lee Hansard - 16.061
21. Chris Dunn - 16.067
22. Brandon Johnson - 16.195
23. Mark Gibson - 16.214
24. Todd Schuler - 16.448
25. Shannon Mines - 16.551
26. Joe Mattress - 16.553
27. Thomas Stokes - 16.612
28. Tim Pinion - 16.657
The No, 5 of Peltier was fast again on Saturday at Anderson.  He claimed the top spot in qualifying.
Saturday 6:05pm ET - The remnants of Tropical Storm Barry were on a direct path with Anderson Motor Speedway Saturday, but all afternoon they seemed to be going astray and missing the track.  That changed shortly after practice wrapped up for the weekly divisions, when the skies opened up.  PASS South officials have made the call to call off the rest of the events for Saturday and try again on Sunday.  Every division that has time trialed, including the PASS South Super Late Models, will stand.  PASS heats and features for all divisions in attendance will resume at 2pm Sunday.

Pit gates open on Sunday at 12 noon, with racing to follow at 2pm, and the best news of all is that the forecast for Sunday in the Anderson area is picture-perfect.

Saturday 5:16pm ET - Practice for the local divisions is now over and the track is quiet until PASS South heats at 6pm.

Saturday 5:14pm ET - Qualifying for the 25-lap Redneck Racing Series feature is now over, and Kirby Allen has claimed the pole.  Fans are filing in, and the heat races for the PASS South Super Late Models are set to start at 6:00pm.

Qualifying Results
1. Kirby Allen - 18.838
2. Bobby Wallace - 18.973
3. Ken Deese - 19.097
4. Matthew Dillner - 19.291
5. Paul Sparrow - 19.554
6. Matt Drye - 19.598
7. Jerry White - 19.856
8. Chris James - 19.935
Kirby Allen's IMPACT.